Milan 4-2 Juventus | Rebic Leads Rapid Recovery To Stun Serie A Leaders | Serie A TIM

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Serie A

Serie A

Hace 16 horas

Juventus missed the chance to move 10 points clear at the top of Serie A as they incredibly let a two-goal lead slip to lose 4-2 at Milan after a remarkable second half on Tuesday | Serie A TIM
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art_babki Hace 6 horas
Отличный договорняк
İbrahim Açıkgöz
İbrahim Açıkgöz Hace 6 horas
Hidra sikmiş
Азиз Османов
Азиз Османов Hace 6 horas
Ahmet Karaboğa
Ahmet Karaboğa Hace 6 horas
Çalhanoğlu is milan atack organization
Saalim Pato Digital
Saalim Pato Digital Hace 6 horas
The one only team power ac Milan forza Milan
HrveyDnt Hace 6 horas
Nobody: Serie A cameraman: *zooming into people's eyes*
Argjentina Kazheli
Argjentina Kazheli Hace 6 horas
Milan destroy Juventus!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 WELL DONE MILAN👌👏
Football Fan
Football Fan Hace 6 horas
Forza Milan!!!!!
BrlnSpezial Hace 6 horas
Forza Milan
Bay parking
Bay parking Hace 6 horas
Who else feels relieved to see Ronaldo losing
Genevi Infimate
Genevi Infimate Hace 6 horas
Zaltan fans here
Fad Kacak
Fad Kacak Hace 6 horas
juve has awful defenders and goalkeeper
Pug Csm
Pug Csm Hace 6 horas
DNA eropa 😁
Geovani. Hace 6 horas
Forza Milan today and ever.
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Serie aaaaa
Anas abdu
Anas abdu Hace 6 horas
Apostolos Hace 6 horas
Classic Sarri match so bad defense we now it in Chelsea very well
Metin ÜNAL
Metin ÜNAL Hace 6 horas
Jura Kez
Jura Kez Hace 6 horas
ibra has 3 goals 3 assists vs top4 teams this season. he will turn 39 in 3 months! 5 goals 3 assists in 11 games. he brought a struggling ac milan back to europa league place after they were back about 10 points behind 5th place. simply legendary player
Nihayet Özyılmaz
Nihayet Özyılmaz Hace 6 horas
Juventus should demiral
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Juve defineci 🎈🎈
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Juventus dedenle 🤣🤣
Xaxa Tv
Xaxa Tv Hace 6 horas
hello I like your channel, drew my attention, support, support, watched your video, like, gave, achievements (will you come to my last video *
Lance cosmo
Lance cosmo Hace 6 horas
tell me a reason they put buffon on bench
Dicky Gumelar
Dicky Gumelar Hace 6 horas
Juventus defending social distancing🤣
Саидаброр Бурханов
Саидаброр Бурханов Hace 6 horas
Милан Форзе Ассалому алайкум из Узбекистана
Farhan Fadli
Farhan Fadli Hace 6 horas
Forza milan🔥
Şahmar Hüseynov
Şahmar Hüseynov Hace 6 horas
Ribamar Santarosa
Ribamar Santarosa Hace 6 horas
Juventus has an incredibly team: they dare to always play at least with two less in the pitch: Bernadeschi and Betancourt.
Mustafa Günce
Mustafa Günce Hace 6 horas
Merih Demiralll...
Banyak Pemakaman
Banyak Pemakaman Hace 6 horas
Ronaldo ada apaaaaaaaa
Samed Nergis
Samed Nergis Hace 6 horas
Ronaldoyla İbra şöyle bir 4-5 gol atsalardı da izleseydik doya doya :)
naylasyandana nuraisha
naylasyandana nuraisha Hace 6 horas
fikri eka
fikri eka Hace 6 horas
Easy so easy
asep jamaludin
asep jamaludin Hace 6 horas
Milan is back
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Hakan great
Football Highlights
Football Highlights Hace 6 horas
This match is a prove for all of them who think that Juve can win the UCL😂
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Zlatan is the Monster
Dương Lê Vĩnh
Dương Lê Vĩnh Hace 6 horas
Forza Inter 💙🖤 Forza Milan❤️🖤
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan Hace 6 horas
Ronaldo is the goat
Aro Hakobyan
Aro Hakobyan Hace 6 horas
We are greatest🔴⚫
Rosie `
Rosie ` Hace 6 horas
Everyone's talking about Juve's defence like Milan's is supreme 😂👌🏻
Mladebn Subotić
Mladebn Subotić Hace 6 horas
Laurant Korça
Laurant Korça Hace 6 horas
Grandee milann bravooo juvee ciaaoooo
Pippa Hayes
Pippa Hayes Hace 6 horas
And I though our defence was bad
Sasa Ibraimovic
Sasa Ibraimovic Hace 6 horas
Bravo Ibrahimović
Requiem Hace 6 horas
2:20. Defending folks..
TheMasterpiecePD Hace 6 horas
Juve isn't an italian club anymore
Marius Bobina
Marius Bobina Hace 6 horas
Last 20 H2H games: Milan won 4 and Juve won 13.
Malvici Hace 6 horas
GOAL tv Hace 6 horas
Bendhu 26
Bendhu 26 Hace 6 horas
Legend comeback
Jan Zieleniewski
Jan Zieleniewski Hace 6 horas
Szczęsny 🤦🤦🤦
agam romin
agam romin Hace 6 horas
Milan fans be like...yo we had a great comeback we r back .... Juve fans be like AAPNA TIME AAYEGA......
Abdulkadir Mohamed
Abdulkadir Mohamed Hace 6 horas
""Ronaldoo easy So easy""
yılmaz gözüacık
yılmaz gözüacık Hace 6 horas
Mercato express
Mercato express Hace 6 horas
della ardhani
della ardhani Hace 6 horas
Dai ragazzi
mud Hace 6 horas
This is what duniya,,,,so many people died and resting in thier grave,,but this world continues to live,,,
Diego Esposito
Diego Esposito Hace 6 horas
Like usual the only time I need juve to win, they lose
merymy merymy
merymy merymy Hace 6 horas
Bravo Milan🔝🙋‍♀️👍
ale-ksej Hace 6 horas
Ronaldo was praised.
RG ML Hace 6 horas
Rabiot the best
Nanda Irawan
Nanda Irawan Hace 6 horas
Where nedved?😂
Mehmet Arğun
Mehmet Arğun Hace 6 horas
Aga ismayilov
Aga ismayilov Hace 6 horas
Yenə satılmış oyun
Freud Hace 6 horas
no demiral no defense
Anis Irani
Anis Irani Hace 6 horas
Defenders practicing social distancing!!!
Davide Visintini
Davide Visintini Hace 6 horas
Everybody judging juve for defensive mistakes but nobody is talking about milan playing a perfect game
Chris Antony
Chris Antony Hace 6 horas
This juve side against a well coached team would suffer a lot will be a suprise they get past Lyon
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