Mike WiLL Made-It - 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J (Official Music Video)

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Hace 6 años

Download Mike WiLL Made-It “23” ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J
Director: Hannah Lux Davis and Michael Illiams
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Music video by Mike Will Made It performing 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J. © 2013 Interscope
#MikeWiLLMadeIt #23 #Vevo #HipHop #MileyCyrus

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Daniella Lusala
Daniella Lusala Hace 9 segundos
Still can’t believe this was made 7 years ago, I’m so old😳
bE qUieT mOtHer fUcker TR TR TR
bE qUieT mOtHer fUcker TR TR TR Hace 50 minutos
200k yorum var kimse mal olduğumu görmiycek lol
furious gaming yt
furious gaming yt Hace 3 horas
K pop is trash to this
furious gaming yt
furious gaming yt Hace 3 horas
Rip kobe # 23 and those 8 more
furious gaming yt
furious gaming yt Hace 3 horas
This 3 artist are classical and wiz is the man he is the dope man smoke weed everyday nigga
aka V-S
aka V-S Hace 4 horas
Line ID : akav-s
Berhanu Tsige
Berhanu Tsige Hace 9 horas
What is name of high school? This is my funeral
Evelin Sousa
Evelin Sousa Hace 11 horas
someone listening in quarantine?
pepe junior
pepe junior Hace 13 horas
Alguien mexicano🇲🇽
pepe junior
pepe junior Hace 13 horas
March 2020
Brittany Hendershot
Brittany Hendershot Hace 14 horas
I got me a pair of J's and there red, black and white I'd be rockin them to
diix Hernandez
diix Hernandez Hace 16 horas
Miley Cyrus ft Farina 💥🧨✨✨✨✨
Iconic Hoe
Iconic Hoe Hace 16 horas
*a cultural reset*
Randy Chasse
Randy Chasse Hace 17 horas
I love you 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Angelo Sánchez
Angelo Sánchez Hace 18 horas
Manta-Ecuador, 03 de abril/2020, 14:14 p.m
AgarWorstPlayer Hace 22 horas
Record company: Wiz, start your recording for the new album Wiz: .... Record company: sing someting Wiz:..... Record company: rap something Wiz: ........ Record company: Wiz, you are the best rapper of 2020! Wiz: HAhaHahaha Record company: Nice! First song is finished, let me get more jokes for you.
Talha Toklu
Talha Toklu Hace 22 horas
i just passed by there
i just passed by there Hace un día
Willie Barrow
Willie Barrow Hace un día
She ain't got no butt not tryin to be rude
Cunnac Gaetan
Cunnac Gaetan Hace un día
Lil Wayne
Prez Moore
Prez Moore Hace un día
DAVID Fdez Hace 2 días
Wenona Timmons
Wenona Timmons Hace 2 días
Eeemmmmmm Miley really?
carl h ward
carl h ward Hace 2 días
my girlfriend Miley Cyrus i know songs by she party in the usa and the climb
Colin Hanes
Colin Hanes Hace 2 días
Every time Wiz laughs I feel like shoving my foot in his ass.
Sol Andre Raz Somoza
Sol Andre Raz Somoza Hace 2 días
chineese rich still waters runs deep
jra •
jra • Hace 2 días
I remember I was 15 and popping pills with my mates while that song was playing in the background
Daniel Casafus
Daniel Casafus Hace 2 días
2020 😎
البراء الزناتي
البراء الزناتي Hace 2 días
بما ان الحب غرامة بما ان العشق ندامة 😂😂🤣
Daniel Justice
Daniel Justice Hace 2 días
can't believe this is what we call nostalgia now... fuck ...time flies..
7B شيخ
7B شيخ Hace 2 días
Lostann Lonely
Lostann Lonely Hace 2 días
ha ha ha
Autumn Friday
Autumn Friday Hace 2 días
I am the only one watching this in 2020
Jesse Lenix
Jesse Lenix Hace 3 días
God, this is awful.
Hb plays
Hb plays Hace 3 días
When I first heard this song I'm like damn that's dope and now when I first saw the video with wiz kahliffa I'm like what why'd he put dreads in his hair
Ana Kristina
Ana Kristina Hace 3 días
I spent 10% of the time listening and 105% of it taking screenshots of Miley
Yowgen Dee
Yowgen Dee Hace 3 días
I always wait wiz Khalifa laughing ahahahaha! 😆😂
Emrah Uykur
Emrah Uykur Hace 3 días
Koskaca 6 yıl gitmiş oysaki daha dün gibiydi, Parçayı tekrara verip saatlerce Dinlerdim bee .🔈🔉🔊🎧💆‍♂️
Ксения Алтуфина
Ксения Алтуфина Hace 3 días
Hi, guys! Am not from USA. My English is not good enough and I can’t understand some of words in this song...but I have a main question: what does 23 (the name of song) mean??????!?! Please, can someone explain?
Ксения Алтуфина
Ксения Алтуфина Hace 2 días
Jesus Aguilar thank you so much!
Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar Hace 2 días
Micheal Jordan's number
Moonlight Cyrus
Moonlight Cyrus Hace 2 días
It's the number of famous basketball player
Adelin Evrard
Adelin Evrard Hace 3 días
Si You Like me ?
Valería Angles
Valería Angles Hace 3 días
Soy la unica latina que lo escucha??? 😂
Maria Reina
Maria Reina Hace 2 días
No amiga, ah mi me encanta
Cap. Medic
Cap. Medic Hace 3 días
2020 and still lit
Generic Name
Generic Name Hace 4 días
2013 really a throwback now ...... wtf man
Ana Ana
Ana Ana Hace 4 días
I love and hate this song
Derrick Lee
Derrick Lee Hace 4 días
Everybody used to hate on this cuz of miley cyrus, but this sound better than half the shit we listen to now😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Derrick Lee
Derrick Lee Hace 4 días
What brung me here?
Stivia Assegue
Stivia Assegue Hace 4 días
Gxnlcz Hace 4 días
Cem bas
Cem bas Hace 4 días
beste track
iam me
iam me Hace 4 días
Im not listening just quaranteen fantasizing
Florent Accolla
Florent Accolla Hace 4 días
Je t’aime
Lostann Lonely
Lostann Lonely Hace 4 días
And if you want some hit me up $$$ it cat be bought only learned, manners and respect are free
Lostann Lonely
Lostann Lonely Hace 4 días
High on info. The best
LaZaria McClellan
LaZaria McClellan Hace 4 días
Like her outfit
Anthony MSA
Anthony MSA Hace 4 días
Isn’t It A coinsidense that “Swish Swish” video is With Katy Perry with Short and Blond Hair, and its About BasketBall , and This Video Is with Miley with Short and Blond hair, and its about BasketBall
Hanie love
Hanie love Hace 4 días
2020 anyone 🙋
Alexis Joyce
Alexis Joyce Hace 4 días
kim MSP
kim MSP Hace 4 días
when I hear this I realize we're 2000's babes :)
majde Al hawatmhe
majde Al hawatmhe Hace 5 días
يالبيييهههه دشرت الاغنية سرحت بيها #ستايلي 😁
Jorge Wakfie
Jorge Wakfie Hace 5 días
Wish girls walked around half naked in my school
MeGhaN AleJandrA
MeGhaN AleJandrA Hace 5 días
*2020* 😎
Jean Chong
Jean Chong Hace 5 días
Miley: saying that she’s wearing j’s Also Miley: not even wearing j’s
Q. Topia
Q. Topia Hace 5 días
Quarantine made me realize how miley is just a legend,, gonna keep listening to her
Hola Que tal?
Hola Que tal? Hace 5 días
This is music.
BlackHero HDツ Subscribe
BlackHero HDツ Subscribe Hace 5 días
dast ist jordan sponsored
What Is This ?
What Is This ? Hace 5 días
Still wonder how juicy j became such a successful rapper
Syavigny Hace 5 días
3:10 hAHhaHaAhHAhHaaHahHAah
Elina Igelskaya
Elina Igelskaya Hace 5 días
who’s after courtney’s story?
Daphne Brittany
Daphne Brittany Hace 6 días
Pero tengo carácter fuerte
Mariane Espinosa
Mariane Espinosa Hace 6 días
am i the only who forgot about this song?
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