Mike Schur Explains How The Good Place Was Created - Paley Center Special 2019

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The Good Place

The Good Place

Hace 28 días

Watch Mike Schur and the cast of The Good Place talk about how the show came into existence during "The Paley Center Salutes The Good Place."
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NBC’s The Good Place follows Eleanor Shellstrop, Chidi Anagonye, Tahani Al-Jamil, and Jason Mendoza as they seek redemption in the afterlife, aided by Good Place Architect, Michael, and a human-esque repository for all of the knowledge in the universe, Janet.
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From creator Michael Schur (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Master of None”) comes a unique comedy about what makes a good person. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, “House of Lies,” “Veronica Mars”), an ordinary woman who enters the afterlife, and thanks to some kind of error, is sent to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place (which is definitely where she belongs). While hiding in plain sight from Good Place Architect Michael (Ted Danson - “Cheers,” “CSI” - in an Emmy Award-nominated performance), she’s determined to shed her old way of living and earn her spot.
Mike Schur Explains How The Good Place Was Created - Paley Center Special 2019
The Good Place

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cat lover
cat lover Hace 5 días
Jameelas audition is my favorite "An even sillier hat" 😂 And I don't know what to say about Manny's 😂. Too adorable
Gary Turbo
Gary Turbo Hace 7 días
The guy playing Chidi reminds me of Dave Chapele from Nuty Professor
Axel Gerard
Axel Gerard Hace 8 días
I love Mike
blake friday
blake friday Hace 15 días
mike schur is the architect of the television industry
Sara Rojas
Sara Rojas Hace 16 días
The Bad Place spin-off?
John Pajestka
John Pajestka Hace 17 días
I just started watching this show on Netflix. Can't believe it's on a network. It's actually good!
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace 24 días
Best TV show of all time.
Ian Hinkle
Ian Hinkle Hace 25 días
Just before watching this watched getting even with dad for first time in years!, great movie an this is 5 star show!!!
Sam S
Sam S Hace 25 días
Learning about this casting process after the first two main characters is just fascinating. It really shows how they were picked - and how talented the whole cast fits the roles they were selected for. They are ending it at the right time, however, before the idea gets stale. Season 4 looks like a good finish for a funny series.
Birdsong Hace 25 días
My favorite show😀👍
Naitri Patel
Naitri Patel Hace 25 días
I love how down to earth Jameela and Manny are in real life
Philip Alexander Hassialis
Philip Alexander Hassialis Hace 25 días
Okay I know its better to burn the way you want than slowly die fizzling out but I would gladly watch another 4 seasons of TGP. Like... gladly.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace 24 días
Think of the final six seasons of Seinfeld. Or the final ten seasons of MASH
Daisy Schopmeyer
Daisy Schopmeyer Hace 26 días
"I wasn't a failed DJ, I was pre-successful." ~Jason Mandoza
Tardisin221B Hace 26 días
Michael Schur is going to go down as a legend of our times. He has so many amazing show credits to his name. What a visionary. Edit: something that really impresses me about Mike Schur in the Good Place is the twists. He's not afraid of mixing things up and you see it a lot in tv shows where they'll make these incredible season cliffhangers and take it back within the first minutes of the next season. Hes not afraid of 180 degree shifts
Sara Fernandes
Sara Fernandes Hace 26 días
'I wasn't a failed DJ, I was pre successful' 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lynn Lai
Lynn Lai Hace 26 días
The Good Place has easily become one of my all time favorite shows right up there with Parks & Rec
Thomas Moir
Thomas Moir Hace 26 días
Ona Hace 26 días
“Oh the Jewish” KILLS ME
Heleve Joergon
Heleve Joergon Hace 26 días
The Good Place made me realize how sci-fi religion kinda is. I mean, everything about our existence is greater than any sci-fi story when you think about it. Shur should do a show about *simulation theory* that would be forking amazing!
Devmarta Hace 26 días
This is amazing and I must consume more content like this
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Hace 26 días
god hes so hot and smart
darkfarie94 Hace 26 días
This is such a great show
bela sharma
bela sharma Hace 26 días
Mike Schur is a genius. I am obsessed with all his shows
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Hace 27 días
Its Mose
Jari Fuller
Jari Fuller Hace 27 días
LV Adams-Flores
LV Adams-Flores Hace 27 días
Release the casting tapes!!
KarenInCalif Hace 27 días
Do a Veronica Mars, Mike! Drop a TGP episode early!
idk haha
idk haha Hace 27 días
i watched these series four times already and it's always soo amazing and funny!
Jocelyne price
Jocelyne price Hace 27 días
When he said “Once you have Ted Danson and Kristen Bell in your show you can do whatever you want.” 🥺🤩🤩
Thomas G
Thomas G Hace 27 días
4:34 "It means he's afraid of Santa Claus." "HO HO HO!" "Eleanor, stop it! You're scaring him!"
Anna Carolina
Anna Carolina Hace 27 días
I LOVE MIKE SCHUR SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fleeting Shadow
Fleeting Shadow Hace 27 días
C'mon you cowards, release the full tapes.
Andrew Higgs
Andrew Higgs Hace 27 días
Holy mother forking shirt balls ;) the god place is ending 😭
Kirsten S.
Kirsten S. Hace 27 días
The prize...is an even sillier hat!! 😂
Joshua Kawase
Joshua Kawase Hace 27 días
Aww nostalgic :///
John Beniedict Santos
John Beniedict Santos Hace 27 días
My favourite show he created was parks and rec
FreshGirl 3000
FreshGirl 3000 Hace 27 días
The. Posters. In. The. Background..!! How can one guy be such a *massive* part of the whole entertainment industry... everything he touches turns to gold✨
Allamuylejos Hace 27 días
I'm sad that the show will end... I'll miss them all !!!
Elvia Sanchez
Elvia Sanchez Hace 27 días
Mani could be the only Jason! Without his I feel like people would have hated the character but he brought so much sweetness
Lynx Tom
Lynx Tom Hace 27 días
Mose has come so far!!!
schnadee Hace 27 días
William jackson harper coming into audition looking like a gap model to land a philosophy professor role
Joshifer Everlark
Joshifer Everlark Hace 27 días
I can't look at Mike Schur and not see Cousin Mose
M. Emmanuel López
M. Emmanuel López Hace 27 días
It's so weird to see Mose Schrute talking normal and being a showrunner...
marie bee
marie bee Hace 27 días
oh my god i love manny jacinto 4eva
TJ Adams
TJ Adams Hace 27 días
It will be sad when this series ends. With that in mind, what show should I start watching that is similar to The Good Place?
TJ Adams
TJ Adams Hace 24 días
@Hans Hanzo I will look at these shows in my free time, thanks.
Hans Hanzo
Hans Hanzo Hace 27 días
Black orphan, its about clones and identity basically, with one actress playing all female clones, who are a lot. Angel?
Hans Hanzo
Hans Hanzo Hace 27 días
Russian doll? A hoggroundday charcter study. Person of interest is a different genre, but smart in building up characters with engaging relationships, and very smartly written by the nolans. The most interesting character is actually the super-ai called the maschine and a lot about redemption and becoming better people and a family. And they made a non cooperal maschine an interesting character you care for. Its very batmaney because its pre batman nolan written, but a more realistic batman than his batman movies, and he is called "man in a suit" and an ex secret agent.
Badis Somethin
Badis Somethin Hace 27 días
Being in love with a scarescrow really helped Moses. I'm really happy for him
JayZisawesome Hace 27 días
Perfect casting
TJ Adams
TJ Adams Hace 27 días
The best part of this show is all the theories! Some people think Micheal is the devil, some people thinks he is the archangle, and some people think it's a final test in purgatory for everyone. So many possibilities for the finale!
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace 24 días
The best final episode ever is Newhart. I can't wait for what Schur has in store for us
WhiteG60 Hace 25 días
My idea is that its Michael who's in 'the bad place' unbeknownst to him.
Lucifronz Hace 26 días
And, brilliantly, any one of them could be right. After the first season, I make no assumptions anymore.
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon Hace 27 días
Mike Schur legend behind The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine and of course The Good Place!
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon Hace 12 días
@bob down - True although I really do love his comedic appearances as Dwight's cousin Mose.
bob down
bob down Hace 23 días
Let's not give him The Office. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant own that title.
Robyn Pucay
Robyn Pucay Hace 27 días
Cousin Mose?
Francis Vincent Ong
Francis Vincent Ong Hace 27 días
thats actually a better way to audition people, don't use the script but rather write up a monologue that showcases the emotions and quirks your looking for in the role.
Hans Hanzo
Hans Hanzo Hace 27 días
Agents of shield did that too, making scenes relevant to the character dynamic and chemistry, but about something else. Its better to capture a cast full of chemistry it seems. Or doing an additional chemistry test like it.
AnnLynnxX Hace 27 días
Oh, and look! My arms end in stupid little sticks!
Stephanie Johns
Stephanie Johns Hace 27 días
I didn’t even think of it like that
Kelly Van Fossen
Kelly Van Fossen Hace 27 días
Wow I can not explain how much I love this show.
Davealpr Hace 28 días
This is the smartest, funniest and well produced show I’ve seen. I’m so glad it had the reception it received. I’m a big fan from Puerto Rico. Also, making a request here, NBC Universal, Mike Schur, please release the soundtrack of the series! 🙏
Eli :D
Eli :D Hace 28 días
My four favorite shows in the background
veritush Hace 28 días
best show on earth. and the afterlife
isaacisbored Hace 28 días
Oh I love jameela
ry4ncl48ke ar
ry4ncl48ke ar Hace 28 días
aaaaaaah i love it
Md. Imamul Islam
Md. Imamul Islam Hace 28 días
All I see is Mose.
icky thump 800000
icky thump 800000 Hace 28 días
Mike is just the best
ThatOneGirl Hace 28 días
Greatest freaking show, it sits right next to and as high as Frasier and Parks and Recreation. Fabulous job to everyone involved
Lucas P
Lucas P Hace 28 días
D'Arcy is so cute in both this show and Barry, it's amazing
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace 24 días
I know. She's adorable.
Lucas P
Lucas P Hace 28 días
This show ending gives me Breaking Bad vibes, in the sens that I feel there's more stories to tell (at least I want them to exist) but I also want the showto end before the quality decreases.
Lucas P
Lucas P Hace 28 días
Chidi with that haircut looks crazy and I love it
Travy Doyodirt
Travy Doyodirt Hace 28 días
This show could be a video game
Mitchell Ries
Mitchell Ries Hace 28 días
It's so sad to see this show no more aft this season. But at least we still have Brooklyn Nine Nine.
steph g
steph g Hace 28 días
i love how the point system is messed up in the good place, it adds a nice twist to the story, cant wait for the final season
Hans Hanzo
Hans Hanzo Hace 27 días
And like any good twist forshadowed since season 1.
L Loo
L Loo Hace 28 días
35th comment
elizabeth esc
elizabeth esc Hace 28 días
i adore this show so forking much 💕 the entire cast and crew, Michael, all made this such a touching show. i will miss the good place, let’s go season 4 !!!
Juan J Guzman
Juan J Guzman Hace 28 días
It is weird to watch "mose" being a grow up, and talking normally.
Nicole Falvey
Nicole Falvey Hace 25 días
Omg!! I feel silly!! Mose from the office...whoops lol I was confused at first
ApeniGirl Hace 27 días
Juan J Guzman i know right
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