Mike Posner - Look What I've Become ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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Directed by Jon Jon Augustavo
Edited by Christopher Thomas
Produced by Adam Leeman
Walked across Ohio;
Took me 50 days.
I talked to the stars;
They were happy that I came.
Some days I'm a genius;
Others I'm insane.
There is something gorgeous
Underneath the pain.
I can feel it lifting. (Woo!)
I'm feeling good.
I'm thinking 'bout David
from my old neighborhood.
A warm and perfect white light
in each of my cells.
I used to be a pop singer;
now I am myself.
Take a little time right now just to count my blessings, count my blessings. (x2)
Okay, even when I'm falling
there's something underneath;
Something that is perfect,
it’s almost like a dream.
I know Vincent Van Gogh,
I know Princess Di.
And David Foster Wallace,
he calls me all the time.
If I think 'bout paradise,
I'd imagine this.
No drugs, or no alcohol, cuz
I'm high as it is.
And I don't want your money;
I am simply done.
I just walked away,
Look what I've become.
Look what I've become (woo, woo). (x3)
Look what I've become.
[Ty Dolla $ign]
Rollin’ through South Central, better watch your ass.
Bars all on my windows,
Pistol on my bed stand.
To live and die in L.A.
Couldn’t make it off of minimum wage.
I had to get the big body Mercedes.
Cop a Rollie, plus one for my lady, my lady.
I always knew I’d be a legend, saw it in my dreams.
I had to keep one eye open, I could barely sleep.
I had to kill them with success like they’re the enemy.
Murder, murder, murder, Lord mercy me.
I stopped smokin’ last year, fuck that started back again.
God don’t make no accidents.
Look what I’ve become, yeah.
Look what I’ve become.
Post CD: Hieronymus
Editor: Austin Rauterkus, Cutters
Color: Moises Tavara, Cutters

Music video by Mike Posner performing Look What I’ve Become. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Marcus Ray Flora
Marcus Ray Flora Hace 5 horas
oof no ads
Dipset 23
Dipset 23 Hace 12 horas
Great son bro.....
Mason Stoup
Mason Stoup Hace 12 horas
1:30 and on was filmed on my street‼️🦹🏼‍♂️
Finn soul surfer
Finn soul surfer Hace 23 horas
Anyone August 2019?
linop412 Hace un día
Then Ty came in and completely ruined the song 🤦🏻‍♂️. Posner was on some real deal finding yourself heat and then Ty comes with the same ole bullshit. Should have made this song himself.
Adam Rosagrata
Adam Rosagrata Hace un día
Ben Foster can really sing
Angel Cole
Angel Cole Hace un día
*Diversity left the chat*
jenna hren
jenna hren Hace un día
when he said "im thinkin bout david from my old neighborhood".... god dam i felt that. This music saved my life. Thank you mike.
Briz Nest
Briz Nest Hace un día
I love this guy his smile and eyes can light up a room. And this song helped with my depression I'm on a spiritual journey myself and it's been extremely hard. To have someone who's just a year younger then me looking for an awakening and knowing that were not here just to make money on this earth it's about something so much deeper.
Thug Life
Thug Life Hace un día
Iv gt mental health problems and this makes my day helps u so much from him partying all the time too beein a peaceful man is inlighting
Giovanni Velasquez
Giovanni Velasquez Hace 2 días
0:06 in music video.bow chika wow is here now what the fuco
Arnab Chhetri
Arnab Chhetri Hace 2 días
Too Genuine❤
FlankyFrankie Hace 2 días
Fucking autotune
Becca A
Becca A Hace 2 días
who else noticed the colourful nail polish on ty Dolla $ign's fingers
KAPX Hace 3 días
Singgih Tralala
Singgih Tralala Hace 4 días
Remember me to forrest gump...
Sam Cook
Sam Cook Hace 5 días
So good
Cynane Hace 5 días
Make Mansionz 2 bruv
yimmiechar Hace 5 días
1:31 the people in the back as cringe af
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna Hace 6 días
I don't know why but the only thing I can think of when I hear you on the chorus is elmo lmao
Noel Martin
Noel Martin Hace 6 días
This is inspritional, but there is a but, he has the finincial freedom to do what makes him happy, most ppl would love to follow the mind, there dream, there creativity but unfortunately I think a big part of it is to be financially free, we would all love to get there
That1GuysPage Hace 6 días
He walked right by my house in Illinois.
Higuma Daddy
Higuma Daddy Hace 6 días
0:29 he looks like a skinny Alan Garner from the hangover series.
Ceirra S
Ceirra S Hace 6 días
Awesome man do you be yourself that's the cool you 😌💞
Mahmoud Tabir
Mahmoud Tabir Hace 6 días
You become paralysed from a snake bite.
iDangerousx33 Hace 6 días
"this video was shot on day 26" "walked across ohio, took me 50 days" :thinking:
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander Hace 2 días
Video was shot on day 26,audio recorded later
Phatu xoxo
Phatu xoxo Hace 4 días
The intro was shot after
wellsbxox Hace 5 días
iDangerousx33 right! Makes no sense
nick p
nick p Hace 7 días
Damn hippies lol jk i didnt expect his voice to picture his persona
Alliswell Hace 7 días
Can't make it on minimum wage FACTS
KayLynn Gorr
KayLynn Gorr Hace 7 días
2019 Forrest Gump 😂🥴
Bijoy Sarkar
Bijoy Sarkar Hace 7 días
Listening it repeatedly! Already 10+...
Sean White
Sean White Hace 7 días
*Inhale* Ahh...this beat is fresh and what makes the track vibe. Reminds me of how a lot of hip hop was 7-8 years ago. Ty throws the cherry on top.
The Singing Guitar
The Singing Guitar Hace 7 días
your new work truly is your best work bro! love this!!!!!
Declan Schliesmann
Declan Schliesmann Hace 7 días
Ty makes this song imo
Lexy Hace 8 días
Who else is here before 2m views I I I V
anna keller
anna keller Hace 8 días
Love love love!!!!!! his lyrics touch the soul! art at its finest!!!
Bella novia
Bella novia Hace 8 días
You should make a youtube channel
Lexie Bemis
Lexie Bemis Hace 8 días
You’ve always been such an inspiration to me.. to see what your accomplishing and doing it for yourself.. I’m so proud of you. Can’t believe this was filmed in my home state. Can believe I’ve been in the same building as you.. it’s crazy I hope you continue to make improvements in the hospital
Mario Meza
Mario Meza Hace 8 días
What up doe....stupid white guy trying to sound cool. Smfh. Gtfoh
6 6 6 ‡
6 6 6 ‡ Hace 8 días
Quick recovery homie.
Ari Guru
Ari Guru Hace 8 días
My G took too many pills in Ibiza 😂
Panty Raid
Panty Raid Hace 9 días
i took a bite in Omaha...
6 6 6 ‡
6 6 6 ‡ Hace 8 días
Matthew Bo
Matthew Bo Hace 9 días
Took me 50 dayyyyysss... then got bit by rattle snakeeeeee...probably shoulda eased uppppppppp... on the aciddddddd.
Kevin Hace 9 días
I don’t understand. Says he used to be a pop singer, but now he is himself... while singing a pop song.
Darreal Donuts
Darreal Donuts Hace 9 días
Justin Ernsberger
Justin Ernsberger Hace 9 días
Hope your feeling better from the snake bite!
pie pie
pie pie Hace 9 días
Get well Posner 👍
Yosuf Al Quba
Yosuf Al Quba Hace 10 días
Pierre LOUX
Pierre LOUX Hace 10 días
Knew him with I took a Pill on Ibiza, I rediscovered him with this sound
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott Hace 10 días
I’m glad you found yourself😘😘
PUR3C0UNTRY Hace 10 días
I love it....
Vince White
Vince White Hace 10 días
Damn Forest Gump can sing!
Alexander Clarke
Alexander Clarke Hace 10 días
If any of y’all don’t know what happened to Posner, our man got bit by a “Rattle Snake”. He’s recovering but went from walking 25 miles a day to using a walker. Stay strong Mike!!
Ally Hace 10 días
Hope you heal soon! Feel better bro!
Simply Empath
Simply Empath Hace 10 días
This song is great 😍😍💞 haha goals “ I talked to the stars, they were happy that I came “ ✨✨💫
Marcela Machado
Marcela Machado Hace 10 días
lol cool😄
Vincent Vader
Vincent Vader Hace 10 días
What horrible music
Dri Ft
Dri Ft Hace 10 días
I think he discovered acid
ARI Hace 10 días
Bro this shit is hard
Isabel Rose
Isabel Rose Hace 11 días
So inspiring. Thank you. For being strong for all of us. Finding yourself and peace of mind.
Zeyn Zone
Zeyn Zone Hace 11 días
No puedo creer los dislikes, la canción, el video y la intención simplemente es PERFECTO 👌
itsExplicit Hace 11 días
Serge Alexandre
Serge Alexandre Hace 11 días
2K people don’t understand the song . God bless these two men. I amend Mike Posner for turning his life around and going the smart way for his music 🤯
Luke Cage
Luke Cage Hace 11 días
He got bit by a snake.
Victor Trusthen
Victor Trusthen Hace 11 días
Michael Olajuwon
Michael Olajuwon Hace 11 días
Two different mind sets here ☝🏾
Harris garage and exhaust center
Harris garage and exhaust center Hace 11 días
More songs with ritz
Jorge Varela
Jorge Varela Hace 11 días
He is a fighting mental illness 💪 Didn’t let it break him down. Inspiration 🙏🏻
mattmilladb8 Hace 11 días
White people rap video. Haha...
DonaldTrump Hace 12 días
Wierd al yancovich would have been dope on this. Should do a collab.
Tojo Hace 12 días
his music is so different now... it used to be so poppy a
Paul Athoe
Paul Athoe Hace 12 días
Listen...Ty Dolla $ign is one of the most accomplished singer/song writers on God’s green Earth. Yet...Posner BODIES HIM on this record.
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