Mike Posner - Look What I've Become ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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Listen to ‘Look What I’ve Become,’ out now: IslandRecs.lnk.to/LookWhatIveBecome
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Directed by Jon Jon Augustavo
Edited by Christopher Thomas
Produced by Adam Leeman
Walked across Ohio;
Took me 50 days.
I talked to the stars;
They were happy that I came.
Some days I'm a genius;
Others I'm insane.
There is something gorgeous
Underneath the pain.
I can feel it lifting. (Woo!)
I'm feeling good.
I'm thinking 'bout David
from my old neighborhood.
A warm and perfect white light
in each of my cells.
I used to be a pop singer;
now I am myself.
Take a little time right now just to count my blessings, count my blessings. (x2)
Okay, even when I'm falling
there's something underneath;
Something that is perfect,
it’s almost like a dream.
I know Vincent Van Gogh,
I know Princess Di.
And David Foster Wallace,
he calls me all the time.
If I think 'bout paradise,
I'd imagine this.
No drugs, or no alcohol, cuz
I'm high as it is.
And I don't want your money;
I am simply done.
I just walked away,
Look what I've become.
Look what I've become (woo, woo). (x3)
Look what I've become.
[Ty Dolla $ign]
Rollin’ through South Central, better watch your ass.
Bars all on my windows,
Pistol on my bed stand.
To live and die in L.A.
Couldn’t make it off of minimum wage.
I had to get the big body Mercedes.
Cop a Rollie, plus one for my lady, my lady.
I always knew I’d be a legend, saw it in my dreams.
I had to keep one eye open, I could barely sleep.
I had to kill them with success like they’re the enemy.
Murder, murder, murder, Lord mercy me.
I stopped smokin’ last year, fuck that started back again.
God don’t make no accidents.
Look what I’ve become, yeah.
Look what I’ve become.
Post CD: Hieronymus
Editor: Austin Rauterkus, Cutters
Color: Moises Tavara, Cutters

Music video by Mike Posner performing Look What I’ve Become. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


FLYERBEK Hace 18 horas
His voice is calming me down
Kyle Kyosium
Kyle Kyosium Hace 20 horas
You are an inspiration man. You make me want to get out in the world and just live life to the fullest.
victor njuguna
victor njuguna Hace 5 días
Maaaaaad beat!!!!🔥🔥🔥
maurice arelisky
maurice arelisky Hace 8 días
This song is on repeat when I wake up 👌🔥
Neha Negi
Neha Negi Hace 9 días
Thank you. Hands folded.
randomnights Hace 9 días
2009s Mike Posner :- " you should be my drug dealer girl" 2019s Mike Posner :- " I stopped smoking weed a year ago "
Hannah Sharp
Hannah Sharp Hace 11 días
Yeah Dolla Sign is telling a different story than Posner haha
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar Hace 12 días
I love Mike from the beginning. Good connection with myself.
VendingNationTV Hace 12 días
dude on god, you give me hope for society
Tatum Oxford
Tatum Oxford Hace 12 días
Such an inspiration. So proud of you and most of all, happy you're happy. ♥️
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta Hace 13 días
Mike Posner as a person is special
DykeStrad X Sativar Music Records
DykeStrad X Sativar Music Records Hace 13 días
No drugs Ty still smoking a blunt tho lol
Robert Moffatt
Robert Moffatt Hace 13 días
He sounds a bit like mc Miller
Mateo Cruz
Mateo Cruz Hace 13 días
You are an inspiration I wish I could meet just for a conversation
Ohhh..... you started from here . Respect for not giving up man. Big respect.
RAW STAR Productions
RAW STAR Productions Hace 14 días
Rattle snake bit me 2 months ago while filming a music video. Now I am Back !!! Thanks King !!
Kaya Ryan
Kaya Ryan Hace 14 días
Thank you for the pick me up!!!! You're perfectly imperfect!!! Inspirational to say the least!
Dustin Cook
Dustin Cook Hace 14 días
Great song! Love the two different contrasts from Mike to Ty. Well done guys👍
Cameelah Carter
Cameelah Carter Hace 14 días
If you know mike posner was a rapper first.
Marci Jolley
Marci Jolley Hace 14 días
Gripstress 451
Gripstress 451 Hace 14 días
Ok but ty gotta point 🔥
mateo mat
mateo mat Hace 14 días
I love this guy..honestly his song that i love the most is the bow chika wow..then i didnt hear from him then i took a pill in ibiza came out..then i found out that lots of thinga happen to him..and wow..just wow..he set a walk out to accomplish something..in life..despite of all the struggle..nothing but positivty and happiness..he dont need no money or fame anymore..he just wanna go out there and live
Ultra Life
Ultra Life Hace 14 días
Ty Dolla Gave Mike Posner Weed 😂😂😂 . But I Still Like The New Him Thou ..
nessquiknails Hace 14 días
I've unexpectedly become a fan of your music but even more so of the human you have become
Ken Be
Ken Be Hace 15 días
I love your soul ❤
Wesley Lamkin
Wesley Lamkin Hace 15 días
My man is blessing the world with his art and vision.
WOLF HALL Hace 15 días
Craig Naert
Craig Naert Hace 16 días
No drugs or alcohol and now I’m higher then ever
Tina Carson
Tina Carson Hace 16 días
Very good looking. Such a positive happy person, one of those who would be so cool just to hang with.
poe notes
poe notes Hace 16 días
Needed the Positive words today thank you Mike
Somber Mood
Somber Mood Hace 16 días
Hriata Khawlhring
Hriata Khawlhring Hace 17 días
Yo,u r just amazing...u made me to face the world against me.
pempho maliwa
pempho maliwa Hace 17 días
@ #3:03
psycho Sid
psycho Sid Hace 17 días
"God don't make no accidents look what I've become" this is a POWERFUL line by Ty Dolla it has changed me....I now appreciate myself thank u guys for this song with love all the way from Zimbabwe
UptonEC Hace 17 días
Love the new Mike Posner , spreading the message you don't need to be high on drugs and alcohol you can be content and high on life without it
TheAlmightyPanda78 Hace 17 días
One of the most underrated songs of 2019 I’m mean c’mon sh*t is 🔥
Danny jaxx
Danny jaxx Hace 17 días
Mike why don't u tour to India..we will love it😊🤘🤘✌️
esther gangte
esther gangte Hace 18 días
Forest gump was running so why are you walking??
giallo one
giallo one Hace 18 días
Peace great man💯👉
Balaji Kannan
Balaji Kannan Hace 18 días
Mike posner ft J.Cole wud be beautiful
Dextral world
Dextral world Hace 18 días
brother big fan from india love from india
Christopher Leong
Christopher Leong Hace 19 días
didn't know he had hair...
jayy Hace 19 días
I’m so amazed to his transformation,he made the original pop music,stuff that would make hits but now he makes what he wants and doesn’t give a fuck,and I fucking love it
TKO Warmaster
TKO Warmaster Hace 20 días
Why there is so many dislike? If we can't love this beautiful soul then whom should we love? Huh!
Ansul Joshi
Ansul Joshi Hace 17 días
Few people dislike just for the sake of it ! And call it freedom of expression !
Kreg Sieger
Kreg Sieger Hace 20 días
Such a good thing that he didn't ended up like the other artist that falls in addiction after a devastating pain. Now who's cooler than him
pyro bandit 310
pyro bandit 310 Hace 23 días
Cyril Junior Dim
Cyril Junior Dim Hace 23 días
This song hypes me up on so many levels
RJ Hace 24 días
Self-promotional dbag. Who the fuck has the energy or time to make music videos while they are walking across America to explore some deeper purpose of life after family and friends deaths (as he so claim) This dude is a clown just looking for a way to get attention.
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz Hace 26 días
I'm from Venezuela and I wanna do same thing, I wanna across trough Venezuela but sometimes I realize than I could get murderer and assault and the feeling just went off lol
Libra Angel
Libra Angel Hace 26 días
Dollar sign, ZERO.. you lost me here bro. #nolongerafan
APPLE APPLE Hace 28 días
Check out my chanell
Bang!Gae Hace 29 días
Melody of the year.
Roman Raines
Roman Raines Hace 29 días
2.68 M Subs he don't have to work , he can just act like he is homeless it all money ! He's making a ton of it!
Roman Raines
Roman Raines Hace 29 días
Damn Mike ..... that was great ..... loved it !
GaMi Mishra
GaMi Mishra Hace un mes
Hello my name is Gaurav Mishra I don't know how to say this. I even don't know that you read every comment of your fans or not.. I'm from India and I request you to please visit India once🙏 I want meet you once in life .. Please also thought me how to sing... I hope if I could join you in American walk.. Even I don't know you would answer me or not... Still missing Avicii and Chester too much I request you to please don't ever go like Chester...
Sam ovo08
Sam ovo08 Hace un mes
Even when im falling theres something underneath ! 💯 favorite part
Jordan's Channel
Jordan's Channel Hace un mes
Cuz Ty's intro sounded Post AF and it sounds good
Realist Hace un mes
This is the kinda song i wouldnt ad to my playlist because of the intro.... but then the alternative i add would get banned for copyright soon after.
Realist Hace un mes
When i see Mike now... I just feel like he looked at Ed Sheeran & thought he'd take that fugly ginger look to another level.
Ashank Yadav
Ashank Yadav Hace un mes
Love you Mike! Keep inspiring us :)
Jeferson Posseidom
Jeferson Posseidom Hace un mes
*Mike Posner*
Spag Ootter
Spag Ootter Hace un mes
If you think about it from his POV, he made this entire mixtape for himself as his own pump up album when he was feeling down, this shit slaps. You know all the best pump-up songs have those trap trash Dr Seuss lyrics, but have that beat that's making all the suburban housewives whip and or ne'ne' on their way to drop Little Jimmy off at Kindergarten.
Dancing Souls
Dancing Souls Hace un mes
The real goats in this vid is mike an the dude with the third eye 👁 glasses✨
strawberry banana
strawberry banana Hace un mes
Felt that 💕
Laura Alejandra Manchola Rojas
Laura Alejandra Manchola Rojas Hace un mes
This guy's journey has been amazing.
xACJk Hace un mes
This song frees my soul
AY- B Hace un mes
wow what a transition from when he was making music with 2 chainz and his pop songs
Little Mook
Little Mook Hace un mes
Mike is so inspiring! Got his mind right and said forget all the drugs, women and money. Man, I swear I'm going to travel and clear my mind. I'm so sick of the city life!! I'll buy some land and make it my own and invest in it I promise to myself ❤
Canberk Demirel
Canberk Demirel Hace un mes
Julianna Axworthy loves this song so much!
Yandiswa Mqwala
Yandiswa Mqwala Hace un mes
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