Quality Control, Migos - Stripper Bowl

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Music video by Migos performing Stripper Bowl. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris Hace un minuto
Lie lie ya'll know theses rapping an't out here hustling how the hell u hustling u in a studio record a song
tori the cool gamer
tori the cool gamer Hace un hora
sounds like lil pump
tori the cool gamer
tori the cool gamer Hace un hora
why would you spend 500k on 1 night
Riley Banks
Riley Banks Hace un hora
When you nut but she keep suckin 2:17
Kong King
Kong King Hace 2 horas
Quavo Merda this one ☝🏿🔥
Brooke Addison
Brooke Addison Hace 3 horas
This Flow is Fire
C Wardlaw
C Wardlaw Hace 3 horas
Best beat ever
Colby Basque
Colby Basque Hace 3 horas
I really fuck with this song for some reason
Lance Hale
Lance Hale Hace 5 horas
Captain Machedah
Captain Machedah Hace 5 horas
in 254 no place like dat fireeee
Young Tufts
Young Tufts Hace 6 horas
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DLE From The CLE
DLE From The CLE Hace 7 horas
This shit hard as fuck!!
Clutch handla
Clutch handla Hace 7 horas
this lit man im trying to gain a fan base, anyone interested ? ~ clutch handla
MMM Gabe
MMM Gabe Hace 8 horas
I'm not disliking because its ass, but this was not necessary
CaribbeanBoy Hace 8 horas
This SH*T is lit 🔥
Rakan Musharbash
Rakan Musharbash Hace 8 horas
Woooh woooh woooh ! Woooh wooh wooh ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lukas LC
Lukas LC Hace 9 horas
quando sai o culture3?
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez Hace 9 horas
swae lee: adorable Lil Pump: drug addict Bruno mars: flex Migos: cash...cash...and moooooore cash
Kendall Sanchez
Kendall Sanchez Hace 10 horas
1:40 2:20 mjm$$
Oleg Magic
Oleg Magic Hace 10 horas
Take off killed it, as not everytime, but usually. MIGO !!!!
ntokozo shamase
ntokozo shamase Hace 11 horas
Offset is a reak gangster
Trap On Demand
Trap On Demand Hace 12 horas
This music would blow more if they´d named it "wooh"
Arion Hace 14 horas
You know how many kids you could have fed with that money. why strippers they dont need it. How about helping the poor with 500,000 dollars.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 14 horas
Every dads worst nightmare
Noah Crocker
Noah Crocker Hace 14 horas
"get on my knees start crappin"
AR Rayan
AR Rayan Hace 14 horas
People : Who is the Best Rapper now? Me : Not 1 person, they are 3 Rapper => "Migos ATL"
Zero Ultimus
Zero Ultimus Hace 14 horas
This song remember me Versace
JOSHUA W GRIFFIN Hace 15 horas
Takeoff took off quavo ligit sleeping on this track
Aditya Purohit
Aditya Purohit Hace 16 horas
3.25 whoo whoo whoo
Samkelo Lusaseni
Samkelo Lusaseni Hace 16 horas
Note. The moment I realized Quavos verse was a story of how hes comparing what HE does(how he gets it done) to a kid/s thats testing or at least trying to, in the streets. Or the media, who knows......
Plummer Squad
Plummer Squad Hace 17 horas
Well well well look who we have here! The one who stabbed xxx
xoAngelicaF Hace 17 horas
Quavo went off and I love how the way they flow be so different 😍😍
can ergen
can ergen Hace 17 horas
mesele çok paran olupta rap yapmak değil. asıl mesele paran olmadan rap yapmak. o götleri gösterme bakalım 2 milyon izlenecekmi videon
gargya gargya
gargya gargya Hace 18 horas
Takeoff was the best. The other two were average.
Sircam05 Hace 6 horas
Takeoff went hard but quavo part was also good
Lord Squeeb
Lord Squeeb Hace 18 horas
Just as shit as everything else in this genre, at least they consistent
Sandy Jimenez
Sandy Jimenez Hace 18 horas
Ready for war
Ready for war Hace 19 horas
Garbage. Rappers are a disease, unintelligent, ignorant, just stupid. Listen to this dumbass shit. They're bad influences to their own people. #boycott rap
Gary Sparta
Gary Sparta Hace 19 horas
jashan0singh Hace 19 horas
2:17 The owl outside my window at 3am be like
Rascoe Pea
Rascoe Pea Hace 20 horas
Boy meets 🌎 no sapangga...
Solomon Crigler
Solomon Crigler Hace 20 horas
I live in Atlanta
kinems.c 312
kinems.c 312 Hace 21 un hora
Akhir dunia
Doc Gray
Doc Gray Hace 21 un hora
The first 2 mins of this track are crap(and some other parts) ...not gonna pretend like it's fire just cuz the rest of yall nut jockeyin. I fucks with alot of migos tracks but most of this one nope. This will be one of those tracks I always skip when it comes on. But to be clear, I won't give it a dislike. Nor will I give a like.
Jonny Random
Jonny Random Hace 22 horas
. Uhhh. Ayyy. Beeeee. Ceeee. Dee. Eeee a e i ou
Joel Villarreal
Joel Villarreal Hace un día
Sound like this came out in 2010
Hanz Flackshnack
Hanz Flackshnack Hace un día
Do people subconsciously gravitate towards this genre of rap because they like to see people with zero talent and work ethic succeed? Deep down it makes people feel better to think they can still have a decent life even if they're mentally handicapped?
Christopher Landfair
Christopher Landfair Hace un día
He killed this songs
MyLifeAsNyy Hace un día
Any small youtubers scrolling threw the comments tht will like to support each other pls subscribe 💞😪
Doria Souames
Doria Souames Hace un día
Migos fans =Like
geovani hall
geovani hall Hace un día
Takeoff kill this shit🔥🔥🔥
FluffyWare Hace un día
the worst music I've ever watch
Ketlin Costa
Ketlin Costa Hace un día
Carolina Nassar
Carolina Nassar Hace un día
As always, MIGOS delivers.
COPS Hace un día
Who was here before they changed the name?
acidtone Hace un día
Cristobal CorteZ# saiyan
Cristobal CorteZ# saiyan Hace un día
Ian Hatchard1511
Ian Hatchard1511 Hace un día
They need that supreme money gun
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez Hace un día
Why this nigga off set changed after Cardi b all them hand gestures fruity ass nigga looking like a worm
GuRUCLANdotcom Hace un día
wo wo wo wo wo wo GARBAGE
Dario Fuego
Dario Fuego Hace un día
Plexy347 Hace un día
This is 🔥 garbage
Gean Hace un día
Algum Br Da like
living with the Lopez's living with the Lopez's
living with the Lopez's living with the Lopez's Hace un día
Idrc what anyone says there all amazing n r just such a great trio
Kevin B Lott Jr.
Kevin B Lott Jr. Hace un día
What's Sup!
Clutch handla
Clutch handla Hace un día
aye its ya boi ,this song fire but please give me an opportunity to promote my channel , music and videos, I'm trying to make a small lane in this game , give me a chance please , i would love a like , positive comment , share and a subscribe we here man lets rock peace and blessings , ~ clutch handla
Mudiwa’s Yy
Mudiwa’s Yy Hace un día
Worst song from the Minos and I have to be the biggest fan lmao
Rotich Enock
Rotich Enock Hace un día
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-TCZvvuLOIcM.html #MIGOS
JusThatNibba Hace un día
this song hit harder then my life line
Legionz99 Hace un día
Cem Arslan
Cem Arslan Hace un día
adamlar isi biliyor
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