Michael Jai White: 2Pac Would Act "Gangsta" When Black People Walked In (Part 14)

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Part 15: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Sm3JIzYDsZQ.html
Part 13: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Z4rGqvW3-UA.html
Part 1: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-_x0KH_cAMT0.html
In this clip, Michael Jai White talked about his deep respect for fighters. Michael said he believes there's a certain social cache that pugilists walk around with, giving them the ability to captivate any room. He explained that this respect for fighters is the reason he puts them in movies with the hopes that it can spark a post-fighting career. Later, Michael Jai White discussed some of his upcoming film projects and how independent filmmakers are working around the COVID-19 shutdowns.
Michael Jai White went on to speak about his friendship with 2Pac and how 2Pac was able to let his guard down and be "goofy" with Michael when they would hang out, including playing pool. To hear more about Michael being a professional pool player and competing against celebrities with Rick James, hit the above clip.

Nile Porter
Nile Porter Hace 46 minutos
It’s funny how Tupac exposed jay z for being fake but jay z was really selling drugs. Tupac was the one being fake
Nile Porter
Nile Porter Hace 55 minutos
I believe him that thug life shit wasn’t him. He went to a all white school it was just a image that got him killed
nw 45
nw 45 Hace un día
He was a middle class kid who grew up in Marin county.
KILLSHOTS Hace un día
*actually other way around.*
masons production
masons production Hace 2 días
this guy is the king of name droppers smdh
Quinton Haygood AKA THE REAL DRIZZY DRAKE Hace 2 días
Are y'all serious stop feeding people bullshit rap is fake so is everything else with big companies behind them
Setem Fishing
Setem Fishing Hace 3 días
How the fuck is someone not going to recognize Tupac?
THE TRUTH Hace 3 días
Don't act like you don't know people like that
Daniel Valvasori
Daniel Valvasori Hace 3 días
2pac did more harm to his own people then good.
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Hace 3 días
It’s a Gemini thang
1clypse Hace 5 días
This man Tupac has been in everyone's Life that were in the 90's Damn Near.
MelloChello Hace 4 días
Shit I'm convinced even my mom met him and I'm a 2000s baby lol
lil Odawg Ozone M.i.alien
lil Odawg Ozone M.i.alien Hace 6 días
💯 2pac 4 eva ✊🏾 Smh stop tryna dirty up his name Stop it buddy str8 lyin u can tell...
EXCELL GFT records
EXCELL GFT records Hace 6 días
Aleem Gondal
Aleem Gondal Hace 6 días
I’ve hung out with a lot of black people. They act different when it’s just me and them, and when another black person joins us, they start acting way different. Like with me, they don’t say nigga that much, but as soon as another black person comes they start saying nigga after every sentence! It’s not only Tupac, I know plenty of people who change the way they act. And it’s not only black people who do this, I’ve seen it in every race!
Gambino Sorintino
Gambino Sorintino Hace 6 días
Thats the black communities problem a black man cant have his own identity they all have to be the same
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Hace 6 días
What’s really a gangster?? I need to know what gangster just grew up hard asf everyday all day his whole life the only niggaz who think that is niggaz who won’t never active bruh
Kinte Durrough
Kinte Durrough Hace 7 días
Pac was a Gemini
chuck breakfield jr
chuck breakfield jr Hace 7 días
Foster chance
Foster chance Hace 8 días
thats how fake people are they care so much what others think that they change there whole personality around people they want to impress
kitches Hace 8 días
jai revealed this cuz he kno he could take on the whole outlawz cliq if they tried to act offended lol
rudy2fat Hace 8 días
This guy a clown. Remember this is the same dude to claim he can beat up Bruce Lee. He just likes to talk about the dead instead of his shitty body of work
Chad Jackson
Chad Jackson Hace 8 días
🤦🏾‍♂️you dumb
TheGiantburger Hace 9 días
The image i get is aman whos easily influenced but yet has enough charisma to inspire. Like all kids in their 20s he probably didnt know who he really was yet.
C. Hill
C. Hill Hace 9 días
Tupac was also a Gemini ♊️
420 Everyday
420 Everyday Hace 9 días
Lmao look how Jai is lookin at Vlad @8:53-8:58
JJTOP SMILE Hace 9 días
Black kids who grew up to all sides of black do this I do to I sont hide from myself I just k kw when to turn it on and off even when I'm speaking with whites
Devin Williams
Devin Williams Hace 9 días
He was a actor. His life was scripted. Agent
Militantreturns Hace 9 días
Obviously pac. Wasnt a really a Gangsta ,he was just. Playing a part. To get paid period
R O W D Y R U S S E L L Hace 9 días
Check out my beats if any of y’all need some!!
LoverofYah Hace 9 días
03 said it first but y’all hated him for this
Charlydx21 Hace 10 días
Why are you guys surprised? Even Pac has said in interviews that he’s an actor first then a rapper. And that he had to create this character (like Bishop) to protect himself.
Abe Montalvo
Abe Montalvo Hace 10 días
Bet money it’s the rock lol
Daniel Rainey
Daniel Rainey Hace 10 días
Man he got some cool storytime Much cooler interview then lord jamar sprinkling salt on eminem
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Hace 10 días
I knew 2pac was just playing gangsta remember he was in digital underground before he became a "thug"
noneofyour business
noneofyour business Hace 10 días
What a sucker
Street Lava ENT
Street Lava ENT Hace 10 días
Tupac used the gangsta side out of fear an didnt really start doing so after he got his ass popped
Dan Stan
Dan Stan Hace 10 días
He's not lying 2pac image hurt bad ppl trust me
J Mack
J Mack Hace 10 días
Man I didn't even know that pac was close to a lot of people no one perfect tho
Dusty Crawford
Dusty Crawford Hace 11 días
Why is there some debate about Pac being a Gangster ??? The last words he was known to speak was when he told the police " FUCK U " if that ain't Gangster I don't know what is !!!
AiyoNova Hace 11 días
I’m not confused his telling the truth, I dnt think he knew pac like that
AiyoNova Hace 11 días
Tupac was mad goofy and he didn’t try to hide it or be something else
Alan Champagne
Alan Champagne Hace 11 días
The older I get and gain more experience, I'm seeing 2pac was just a good actor. That whole persona was fake af.
tommy_g35 Hace 11 días
Hewitt Lyre
Hewitt Lyre Hace 11 días
😂... when he was describing him & Rick James hustling pool games... Automatically goes to Dave... my era has been hard wired for this...🤣🤣🤣 “Charlie MuuuurPHY!!!”
See Jay
See Jay Hace 11 días
Michael wants to say hes a fighter so bad...
Mohamed *my last name is Ibrahim’s son*
Mohamed *my last name is Ibrahim’s son* Hace 11 días
I think we all knew 2Pac wasn’t really a “thug” or a “gangster” he was just loved by *actual* thugs and gangsters
cool dude
cool dude Hace 11 días
He is lagendary THUG LIFE
Benny Levine
Benny Levine Hace 11 días
Why is 100% of the effort spent talking about who shot Tupac when we know who shot him, but who killed Biggie is never mentioned?
DONQuon Hace 11 días
A real gangsta knows when to put the streets to the side and how to act in certain situations💯most niggas nowa days don’t get dat.
Kyng Symba
Kyng Symba Hace 11 días
Yung Chuchillo
Yung Chuchillo Hace 11 días
Nobody understands a Gemini
Mac Dre
Mac Dre Hace 11 días
Listen!!!!! PAC was a chameleon... You can’t put a box on a human like that!!! The layers of a man like that is inconceivable, unexplainable, n Unteachable, you either have it or you don’t... His leader ship is underrated and undeniable!! ✊🏼💯🎤💯✊🏼 To call him a “rapper” or “actor” is a disjustice to his message n Legacy!!! 💯✊🏼
GrandNoble Hace 12 días
why is the title of this video..... only about the last 20 seconds of the video??
Charles Hardy
Charles Hardy Hace 12 días
Napoleon exposed this clown. White got mad cause Pac clowned him. He still salty AF.
PatsFan89 Hace 12 días
You should never be ashamed of being a highly intellectual man
fujinski Hace 12 días
Sounds like he rubbed Johnny Gill the wrong way
David Goodtime
David Goodtime Hace 12 días
That's how most cats are from the streets....cant be too gangsta around grandma
JV 83
JV 83 Hace 12 días
I feel like the term of being a gangster is to thrown around a lot that people will shoplift and consider themselves a “gangster” growing up for me it wasn’t a negative OR positive term it was just a term someone called themselves when you had to do certain things in your everyday life that most wouldn’t ever have to worry about just to be able to love to see the next day, and because of that you had certain mannerisms and certain behaviors that people would call “gangster” that’s all, not negative or positive just a label of how you lived, what you had to do, and your behavior. It didn’t mean you were disrespectful, or you went around treating people like shit though I’ll be the first to say there’s a lot of people that do that stuff that think they’re “gangster” when they’re really just punks because they’ll let do it to the people they know they can get away with it with, but will cower as soon as a real “gangster” comes in, gangsters had and gave respect they just got the label from what they went through.
Christopher Nelson
Christopher Nelson Hace 12 días
How do you know how you speak and how you sound or know street or so? Who told you? How then can you Judge him. Dude was a Rocket. Str8 up! It’s sad to talk shit when he gone?
MaD LiFe
MaD LiFe Hace 12 días
Man... who didnt hang wit Tupac. So many stories of who was wit him b4 he died
c J
c J Hace 12 días
Soulja slim one of the most friendly nicest people you would meet down to earth fun loving humble guy
Diego Delgado
Diego Delgado Hace 12 días
Why do ppl act like having a black voice and a white voice is dynamic thats called just being fake be yourself 100%
Milton Campbell
Milton Campbell Hace 12 días
Rick james & that Buffalo game
Myles ZIZ
Myles ZIZ Hace 12 días
The way he says Snooker 😂😂😂 awful
ElChapoSon 567
ElChapoSon 567 Hace 12 días
He still relevant bc his character was way ahead his era , if you grew up in the 80s/90s then you’d truly understand why he stood out , plus for everyone saying he wasn’t “gangsta” imagine watching the police do you , your friends , and ya momma dirty your whole life AND doing time on the yard plus catching bodies .. y’all clearly don’t understand nobody is born that way but real life circumstances can force you to that lifestyle.
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane Hace 12 días
People just wanna hate
Iam 2winNation
Iam 2winNation Hace 12 días
Tupac is a Gemini which is a mutable sign. He can adapt to his surroundings like a chameleon
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane Hace 6 días
U beautiful girl
Iam 2winNation
Iam 2winNation Hace 8 días
@SkankHunt42 nooooo you wasted time to comment on it instead of scrolling.
SkankHunt42 Hace 8 días
Nooooo she brought up astrology😂😭
White Neanderthal
White Neanderthal Hace 11 días
Nah signs don’t make you code switch. Struggles do. Forget about those made up
Sirius Hace 12 días
Biggie on seeing 2Pac for the first time since their beef began: "“I looked into his eyes and I was like, Yo, this nigga is really buggin’ the fuck out. I was, like, ‘That’s Bishop!’ Whatever he’s doing right now, that’s the role he’s playing. He played that shit to a tee. He had his little goons with him, and Suge was with him and they was like, ‘We gonna settle this now.’”
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Hace 13 días
Is this MJW or Steven segal busta😄😄
Haja Kabba
Haja Kabba Hace 13 días
Tupac said you ask 10 different people about me you get 10 very different answers
6 God
6 God Hace 13 días
Is it me or this Lame always criticizing The greats smh .. first of all nobody watches his movies or shows lol 🤣
Quinton Lewis
Quinton Lewis Hace 13 días
Lesane Crooks isn’t who you think
I'm Noctin
I'm Noctin Hace 13 días
True, cause people test realness all the time. Being fake is counter-productive if you act with certain behaviours.
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