Mexican & British People Swap Snacks

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"It's an allegory for life"
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Vector flag of Mexico. Proportion 4:7. Mexican national tricolor flag. Tricolor.
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The official flag of great Britain
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hi but newer
hi but newer Hace un hora
Those arent traditional Mexican treats.....
ezzwhitezombie666 Hace un hora
The british guy is too polite for his own good, he should be the next james bond or something
Street Corner Memories
Street Corner Memories Hace 2 horas
I had that mango pop and it was nasty! hehe.. I didn't even wait to get to the sweet part. It pop was like covered in pure salt and Cheyenne pepper! Yuch! lol
TheRealDaPug Hace 3 horas
Ok wth that Mexican guy doesn’t like the Chile powder on the loli pop or TAKIS🤣🤣🤣 is he even Mexican?!?
Nailah Aikens
Nailah Aikens Hace 4 horas
All of these comments talking about the Mexican lady but I found nothing wrong with her. She might’ve been nervous but she was so funny with that guy and was definitely joking with him. She was open to trying it.
cristhianzerimar Hace 6 horas
The most unmexican people ever. Smh...
Drana Barajas
Drana Barajas Hace 6 horas
That “ Mexican “ girl is annoying .. ¡ FUERA !
Abraham Iraheta
Abraham Iraheta Hace 7 horas
I love sponch
Daphne Larra Cayabyab
Daphne Larra Cayabyab Hace 22 horas
Omg I love takis even tho I’m not Mexican I love ❤️ takis yum 😋
Ethan Hardy
Ethan Hardy Hace 23 horas
Takis are Mexican what is my life anymore
Wolfi e
Wolfi e Hace un día
Love the British girl and Mexican guy they made the video better just good vibes
Nutella Tasty
Nutella Tasty Hace un día
I think the forgot the dulce de Leche here. some borachitos and paleta Payaso.
Absolutely Not.
Absolutely Not. Hace un día
She ain't from Mexico GET HER OFF STAGE.
Esiah Castillo
Esiah Castillo Hace un día
The Mexican girl is sooo bias
Netnothings Gaming
Netnothings Gaming Hace un día
If she is an actual Mexican she better know who the coyotes are everybody does
Netnothings Gaming
Netnothings Gaming Hace un día
Here is a recipe for lucàs chicken or those candy spicy hot sweet bottled things 1 chicken breast let rest in like warm water for 30 mins take slap ya moma put on 3 layers take ur lucàs put 7 layers and heat for 30 mins to 1 hour bam and you say white people dont like spice and can’t season
Katy Devereux
Katy Devereux Hace un día
These are fake British people. He really called them flying DISCS and she called it a CANDY STORE.
Katie Kay
Katie Kay Hace un día
The lady with ombré hair may not have lived in the UK long as she called the sweet shop a candy shop.
Xaid Kam
Xaid Kam Hace un día
I thought the British guy was Johnny sins
Daisyloves noodles
Daisyloves noodles Hace un día
most lucas candy is not good tbh coming from a mexican-american
mynamewhatis Hace 2 días
Why does everyone hate the Mexican lady.. I hate that British dude, he's so rude about how awful he thinks it is.
Cindy Perez
Cindy Perez Hace 2 días
When the British man said the mango paleta looked like a deep fried chicken on a stick I was like we have a paleta like that though
Josh the Gamer
Josh the Gamer Hace 2 días
a real mexican will always go on its own side but the "mExiCAn" woman nahh
Kakyoin’s Hierophant Tea
Kakyoin’s Hierophant Tea Hace 2 días
with like a... *L e A m U u N* flavor
D3athuf0YT Hace 2 días
The British woman is more Mexican than the other "Mexican" woman.
Stephanie Torres
Stephanie Torres Hace 2 días
Did she really say what is sherbet?🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂 just made me laugh
SilverMillennium Kaguya
SilverMillennium Kaguya Hace 2 días
They crazy, wine gums are the best gummies by far. I much rather eat a whole bag of wine gums than try my luck with that dangerous spicy rough mango sucker. 😂
bettybiskit Hace 2 días
I love sponch and the paletas in the shape of a rotisserie chicken lol those are bomb!
Shannon De Verteuil
Shannon De Verteuil Hace 2 días
I love how the two pairs always choose the opposite thing
Jacks Yagami
Jacks Yagami Hace 2 días
What’s wrong with the Mexican girl that everyone disliked her?
Okapi Person
Okapi Person Hace 3 horas
She had a very bad attitude, tbh. But I also think the guy did too. But maybe most people will be like that when the other persons being somewhat rude.
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Hace 2 días
It all looked like prison food.
Sandra Patino
Sandra Patino Hace 2 días
i didn’t think she was that bad tho.. just a lil stiff on camera yk
Miguel Soliz
Miguel Soliz Hace 3 días
Here is a odd comparison. I had been buying this cooking magazine that has great recipes. It was kinda lacking in flavor for me personally and one day I made the connection that I’m the southwest and the magazine is made in the northeast. Taste buds are different where you grow up, so I amped up the spices and added a few and the same recipes that “lacked flavor” were great. 👍
MrSuperrajab Hace 3 días
top gear ptsd XD
im a weirdo
im a weirdo Hace 3 días
love l all the mexican snacks and im mexican -_-
Sand Hace 3 días
Better than American Lunch
ViperVenom 2926
ViperVenom 2926 Hace 3 días
On behalf of Mexicans i will like to give this rude mexican to the Chinese.
Alexis Alvares
Alexis Alvares Hace 3 días
I didn’t like that mexican lady she’s so rude. From part of the Mexican community we don’t want her, we pass her on.
Liu Kang
Liu Kang Hace 3 días
When the mexican chick isn't mexican
Mexican Burrito
Mexican Burrito Hace 3 días
shes not even mexican
Looksbylauralw Hace 3 días
I don’t think Julie had a bad attitude in this video :)
lil ray 58
lil ray 58 Hace 3 días
Broo this video was coo n everyone but one person wasn’t n to Clarify something like you saw in the video not all Mexicans are like that girl you saw in this video aight this girl js wasn’t Meant to be in this video next time you make a video of trying out Mexican food or snacks part 2 don’t bring this Mexican lady again bring someone else but her other than that everything is all good n que viva Mexico 🇲🇽 n much love to the British people 🤝
Crystal Ledford
Crystal Ledford Hace 4 días
I was eating Takis while watching this lol😂😂😂
Devil Animation
Devil Animation Hace 4 días
the mango lollipop is my favorite!!!!
Mercedes Garcia
Mercedes Garcia Hace 4 días
He's not the only Mexican who doesn't like Taxis, probably spelled it wrong but oh well
Forty Six
Forty Six Hace 4 días
I wouldn't eat anything named "Spotted Dick" or "Sponch."
shutupshmuck Hace 4 días
Im from britain wth is a spotted dick
Dunny2k Hace 4 días
That girl is American not Mexican smh
Catherine S
Catherine S Hace 4 días
who tf eats Worcestershire sauce crisps
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches Hace 4 días
I say this as someone who's into tequila That Lucas sounds like a really good shortcut for the lime and salt
eduardo42897 Hace 4 días
Tom is hella fine
Suitedcoma L
Suitedcoma L Hace 4 días
I don’t understand why everyone thinks the mexican lady was rude, she was literally fine through the entire video
dicA Clan
dicA Clan Hace 5 días
I dont really like Takis they're not hot they just taste nasty. I'm more of a hot cheeto, hot Doritos, hot funyon(i think thats how its spelt) guy
Schmeckel Knight
Schmeckel Knight Hace 5 días
Y’all are tripping she ant even rude tho she just playing y’all a whole buncha snow flakes.
Commissioner Badgeface
Commissioner Badgeface Hace 5 días
Oh and they called white people racist?
Parker Hernandez
Parker Hernandez Hace 5 días
I wish they had the de la Rosa
ZombiePunk Hace 5 días
Worcester sauce is not rancid chutney 😂
Julie Massina
Julie Massina Hace 5 días
The Mexican lady was just fine as a taster.
Bc.XAVI.1k -
Bc.XAVI.1k - Hace 5 días
That Mexican girl is the type of girl who thinks chipotle is Mexican food. Smh
Marco Tamayo
Marco Tamayo Hace 5 días
I just want to see the Mexican lady reading the comments
rhea Hace 6 días
not gonna lie did us dirty with those snack choices...
Brenda Zepeda
Brenda Zepeda Hace 6 días
Show the good Mexican treats
Collin Hace 6 días
No way did these people grow up with Takis
Chandrakanth Sangewar
Chandrakanth Sangewar Hace 6 días
the British retain their accents
Sophi Peebles
Sophi Peebles Hace 6 días
Who else’s mouth was watering when they ate the takis
qrtr.fn on ig 🖤
qrtr.fn on ig 🖤 Hace 6 días
what’s with Mexican guys named Oscar being gay
Montrous 396
Montrous 396 Hace 6 días
Remainers should be publicly executed
Adam Ghoname
Adam Ghoname Hace 6 días
the "Mexican" lady wasn't even Mexican, they just paid a random lady that they found in taco bell to act like a Mexican
William Jordan
William Jordan Hace 6 días
The Mexican-American girl doesn't know about sherbet?
William Jordan
William Jordan Hace 6 días
Most Americans pronounce Worcestershire sauce like the British guy.
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