Mexican & British People Swap Snacks

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"It's an allegory for life"
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Vector flag of Mexico. Proportion 4:7. Mexican national tricolor flag. Tricolor.
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The official flag of great Britain
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Jell 1
Jell 1 Hace un hora
Don’t invite that British guy ever again
Mike C
Mike C Hace 4 horas
Why does no one really say they are American, they always say where their parents or grandparents are from
Francisco Magdaleno
Francisco Magdaleno Hace 11 horas
Alright I’ve gone into the video long enough to know they are not showing ACTUAL Mexican snacks.
Francisco Magdaleno
Francisco Magdaleno Hace 11 horas
Takies? Really. You’re going to put takies as a Mexican snack? Really. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is already going in a bad start.
Erika Mussaw
Erika Mussaw Hace 13 horas
Communian gushers
Carlos Barragan
Carlos Barragan Hace 14 horas
I love everything Mexican 🍋🌮🍤🌯🍲🍞🍛🌶️🐇💨
Fernanda Cobain
Fernanda Cobain Hace 15 horas
Oh my god the English dude is not trying at all! I would be annoyed at him as well. Mexican candies are delicious, I imagine like being a child in Britain most be horrible!
jongup guppie
jongup guppie Hace 16 horas
Idk if its cause im a mexican female cause i did not like the mexican girl 😂 she was just ugh lol
Angie Malone
Angie Malone Hace 16 horas
I love Takis Fuego
jongup guppie
jongup guppie Hace 16 horas
Im mexican i hate takis, like i will eat them but never pick them if i had too, hot chips all day
Capt Shorty
Capt Shorty Hace 17 horas
When he said we put lime and chili on everything, he isn’t lying XDDD
Daniel Dunn
Daniel Dunn Hace 17 horas
Mexican is a nationality. Stop misusing the word. You can't be an American and Mexican at the same time.
Jesus Cuellar
Jesus Cuellar Hace 17 horas
Que carajo es esto? Puros pinches guerros comiendo y platicando de que rico sabe verga....
Orbit-Explosive Hace 18 horas
I'm sorry I'm Hispanic or Mexican but I do not have anything against gays but Hispanic gays I cant stand them I'm sorry
Biglambo0123 Hace 19 horas
Takis are like 300% American
Es-Cada Dia-Bro
Es-Cada Dia-Bro Hace 20 horas
No Mazapanes or Duvalines or Gansitos 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m disappointed
landon chrislip
landon chrislip Hace 21 un hora
Why is the Mexican girl not from mexico
Ana P
Ana P Hace 21 un hora
The Mexican girl is annoying!
Saul Benitez
Saul Benitez Hace 21 un hora
Wish they put some real mexicans and not those Tacobell mexicans 😂😂
Moshi Hace un hora
Stop gate keeping
Josias Ajvix
Josias Ajvix Hace 11 horas
Saul Benitez some white washed Mexican smhhhh
Adan Gallardo
Adan Gallardo Hace 21 un hora
Call crisps chips, fake British.
Maira Garcia
Maira Garcia Hace 22 horas
Pinchi fresa🙄.
christian Bagger
christian Bagger Hace 22 horas
i can´t be the only one that does not want to lick my palm?
Some Hace 21 un hora
Bryan Rodarte
Bryan Rodarte Hace 22 horas
SPONCH?!! no mamen
Brooklynn Tyminski
Brooklynn Tyminski Hace 22 horas
I’m obsessed w Takis 😌🤤
Glampire XO
Glampire XO Hace 22 horas
The video was over when he said the pop looks like a deep-fried chicken
D L Hace un día
Switch with Norway next time
Jorge Cortes
Jorge Cortes Hace un día
I hate takis too
xxGALACTIKWARxxBEATSxx Hace un día
British dude and Mexican chick are way too biased but the the other group is awesome
M G Hace un día
If its gona be mexican, please bring Mexicans in not chicanos.
Nulo Hace un día
Ernie Carrillo
Ernie Carrillo Hace un día
The Mexican guy wants spicy dick
TJ The Entertainer
TJ The Entertainer Hace un día
I grew up in California, so it wasn’t uncommon to find Mexican treats along with the usual snacks at the local 7/11
joselathario Hace un día
How do we not have woustichire, whatever, sauce chips in america!? Wtf!?
Aarón Maldonado
Aarón Maldonado Hace un día
"we dont roll rancid fruit in México" Me: what about Tepache? :O
H20deezguts5 Hace un día
I like how us Mexicans growing up eating all the spicy candies thinking everyone will like them and that they’re not spicy😂
lil_leo Hace un día
Bruh what? Doesnt like takis but wants chili and lime on the plain chips?
Frank S
Frank S Hace 2 horas
I get it. Takis feel like they'll burn a hole through your stomach because all of the acid. If I want to enjoy my spicy chips, and takis ain't it.
FC15 Hace un día
If you guys are going to get “Mexicans” can you guys like actually get real Mexicans next time? And not Mexican Americans.
Erick Acosta
Erick Acosta Hace un día
A blow pop in the Lucas powder is so gooooodd!!
Not Your Dad
Not Your Dad Hace un día
I bet the brit dude think mayo is too spicy
Karina San
Karina San Hace un día
They really had no variety. They literally lumped all the spicy snacks. There are do many different ones. They even have ones that literally taste like the body of Christ. Lol
mad max
mad max Hace un día
No offense to everyone who likes Mexican candy but I hate it. Not because it's too spicy but its sweet, salty, and spicy
George Elias
George Elias Hace 20 horas
mad max you have a right for your opinion and I respect it. 👌🏽
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Hace un día
Sponch used to come with jam in packets :,) better days
Blanche Konieczka
Blanche Konieczka Hace un día
The name spotted dick brings out the adolescent in everyone! Sounds like an STD! "I'm sorry sir, but you seem to have contracted spotted dick. We'll need the names of all you recent sexual partners."
Death Boi
Death Boi Hace un día
How people who born in usa are mexican???
Blanche Konieczka
Blanche Konieczka Hace un día
In the U.S. the flying discs were filled with little candy pills. We'd buy them, pry them open and use the "pills" for doctor games and the wafers for playing communication!
kronos 96
kronos 96 Hace un día
Hi I'm joe I'm American
Blanche Konieczka
Blanche Konieczka Hace un día
Worcestershire sauce isn't made with rancid ingredients. It's fermented vinegar, anchovies, tamarind, onion, garlic and spices. Hugh difference between rancid and fermented! 🤣
*spilt tea*
*spilt tea* Hace un día
Why was the first snack Takis???
David Hace un día
Julie seems like a b!
ItsBanks Hace un día
California...Mexican? Hispanic is right
Vivek Hace un día
Always spotted dick .... Sigh...
Ashley Godfrey
Ashley Godfrey Hace un día
I think he means a Pixie Stik...not sherbet. Lol I mean, in the US, we call it Pixie Stik.
jamal robinson
jamal robinson Hace 2 días
I'm from Cali and Mexican food is my favorite but I find the Mexico does not do candy well sorry guys
B-Conn66 Hace 2 días
Lucas candy =flavored salt. If that counts as candy where you're from I'm sorry.
JKnight Hace un día
Much better than bland disks of sugar. You probably think black pepper is exotic
Samuel Kay
Samuel Kay Hace 2 días
Flying discs??!! What kind of childhood did that guy have? It’s flying saucers you absolute danger!!
Chronix Hace 23 horas
He’s been Americanised 😨
C D Hace 2 días
I don't really find it interesting when people are rolling their eyes like they are forced to sit there and try different things. It's annoying to see annoyed people on such an interesting topic.
ninja boyz98
ninja boyz98 Hace 2 días
British guy: licks lollipop.... that is not nice 😂
chillchillpill Hace 2 días
That Mexican girl is really cute!
diego amador
diego amador Hace 2 días
Maggie Siff seems to enjoy Mexican candy.
Silvercats Matias
Silvercats Matias Hace 2 días
This mexicans look like mexican americans or is it just me
Berlin Lopez
Berlin Lopez Hace 16 horas
They’re definitely pochos
Saul Benitez
Saul Benitez Hace 21 un hora
That girl looks like 10% mexican and just found out on ancestry 😂😂😂
Daniel Puttkammer
Daniel Puttkammer Hace un día
Silvercats Matias they are Mexican American and it shows.
Mr. Cola
Mr. Cola Hace 2 días
Omg have you ever had a bubu lubu there so good
xXErickXx Hace 2 días
Spotted Dick
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez Hace 2 días
That girl is anoying and she have no idea what being a mexican is , what a shame dude i feel sorry for all my people who is watching this
Alacia Davis
Alacia Davis Hace 2 días
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican candy! I grew up in California and loved the mix of candy I would get for Halloween. It’s genius to put chili on fruit. I love it
Kat T
Kat T Hace 2 días
That British dude is so annoying!!
Slumped Trash
Slumped Trash Hace 2 días
The first Mexican is making us look bad🤦🏽‍♂️
Boy Gorgeous
Boy Gorgeous Hace 2 días
Why is there always a gay guy?
Joccs Benitez
Joccs Benitez Hace 2 días
Esa mexicana es una mamona! Try out again with other girl
Jorge Damian
Jorge Damian Hace 15 horas
Hay unos que si son buena honda con la familia pero esta se le nota la falta de educacion con la gente agena a nuestra cultura
Alberto Aztrea
Alberto Aztrea Hace 15 horas
@Jorge Damian Es pocha, los “ mexicanos ” más mamones que hay, a nadie en México le caen bien los pochos jajaja
Jorge Damian
Jorge Damian Hace 18 horas
Ni creo que sea mexicana, es probablemente una de esas que es mamona con sus primos mexicanos por ser de EEUU
luisgd23 Hace 22 horas
Lo mismo pensé hahaha
EcHoTrickzzz Hace 2 días
WheRe ARe ThEM JaFfA CaKEs
James Yanez
James Yanez Hace 2 días
“No one likes a cold, spotted dick.”
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