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Messiest Date Ever - Studio C. Someone get this woman some jelly!
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Cast: Dalton Johnson, Jessica Drolet, Austin Williams, Matthew Galvan
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Russ Kendall, Jim O'Doherty
Director: Adam Anderegg
Writer: Roger Carnow
Messiest Date Ever - Studio C

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Studio C
Studio C Hace un mes
Happy Valentine's Day! Tell us your top three life loves. ❤️ (Ours: Guy Fieri stew, tiny houses, and Ted Higgins)
Kristin Parks
Kristin Parks Hace 22 días
Studio c, JK studios, Jesus, God, and my family! *no of corse i didnt add two more*
escapist from hell
escapist from hell Hace un mes
My family, my dog and Tom Hiddleston
Combative gamer Eboy
Combative gamer Eboy Hace un mes
me myself and i
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Hace un mes
Studio c Studio c And.... Studio c
Karen C
Karen C Hace un mes
-Chocolate sale at Walgreens eve -my life -not McDonalds
Rachel theadventurer
Rachel theadventurer Hace un día
This is me but when I eat cucumber!!I'm a cucumber girl!!!!!!
Wizzard Man
Wizzard Man Hace 2 días
Mahbooty Beshakin’
Mahbooty Beshakin’ Hace 4 días
please bring the old cast back somehow
J Robbins
J Robbins Hace 4 días
Ohh mah gersh! I love this current cast and watching Jessica's many facial expressions in skits. She is always so animated and I can't help but think should would have been perfect for the Carol Burnett show! Dalton always reminds of that one friend that always gets everybody laughing when he enters the room!
Firefur11 Hace 5 días
This is a someone trying to be quirky gone wrong
Phantom Frivolity
Phantom Frivolity Hace 5 días
I would've thought that after Dalton's traumatic experience with the vegan guy at the funeral, he wouldn't want to go anywhere near a salad ever again.
holly gawel
holly gawel Hace 6 días
Season 9 is way better these actors suck unsubscribing
Puppet Boy
Puppet Boy Hace 11 días
you guys are very funny and are great actors
the red bearded fox
the red bearded fox Hace 15 días
I knew of someone who'd eat straight up butter or margarine.
Cutie Kittie
Cutie Kittie Hace 20 días
when she pulled out the donut I thought it was a human heart 😅
Elijah Kruse
Elijah Kruse Hace 21 un día
This made me want to vomit
HiroClaw Hace 21 un día
but did she eat a real jellyfish though
Shawn Pan
Shawn Pan Hace 23 días
The effort and dedication that is put into these sketches really surprises me
Emmi_17 Hace 24 días
I’m going to go watch JK studios....
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan Hace 28 días
Reminds me of WOWP, Alex Russo when she went crazy over Chocolate HAHAHA
Remind You of Who?
Remind You of Who? Hace 29 días
I failed to see the humor in this video. Should've gotten a peanutbutter guy.
Banceen Krieger
Banceen Krieger Hace 29 días
Omg omg it’s so gross
Ramsey Keranen
Ramsey Keranen Hace un mes
TheSassi42 Hace un mes
Please tell me that no jelly fish were hurt in this episode
Docleegb Hace un mes
Ian says, “grape jelly is my favorite.”
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Hace un mes
Y'all are so funny
Rydal S
Rydal S Hace un mes
It's so stupid
Jam Lym
Jam Lym Hace un mes
I always forget to specify how I want my meat cooked. I'm so embarrassed.
Jam Lym
Jam Lym Hace un mes
I'm not a jelly person, but I love raspberry jam. Or blackberry jam. Oh, and orange marmalade.
Addison Brownell
Addison Brownell Hace un mes
Mom dad and my brother
Ezequiel Placer
Ezequiel Placer Hace un mes
my favorite kind of jelly is... LOBSTER BISQUE JELLY!
Faolan Hace un mes
When she went for the jellyfish, all I could think was Jeffery Dallas' warning about never mixing up jelly + fish & jellyfish, OR YOU'LL DIE!
Mills Films
Mills Films Hace un mes
Funny but more disgusting🤢
Kay Tournay
Kay Tournay Hace un mes
Girl, u r the best actress ever!
spider boy the distroyer
spider boy the distroyer Hace un mes
I'm done let me just take a picture so my room mates dont think I'm lying
Cute Woofy :3
Cute Woofy :3 Hace un mes
Jam Lym
Jam Lym Hace un mes
I have a theory that she only does this when she doesn’t like the guy she’s with. When the second guy came along, she started acting normal. But then when he started eating the tarter sauce, she instantly went back to the jelly fish.
musicmansuperman Hace un mes
But don’t eat a real jellyfish, OR YOU’LL DIE! Right Julian Smith?!?
Corinne Moreno
Corinne Moreno Hace un mes
this honestly looks like they're trying to force a fan inside joke... literally
Brandt Gibson
Brandt Gibson Hace un mes
My favorite is grape jelly
Squishies Pets
Squishies Pets Hace un mes
Hahaha. They set up and air stone on the fish tank and it’s not even working correctly
Elise Skinner
Elise Skinner Hace un mes
Probably one of the most disturbing studio C videos I have ever watched...
Sylvia Maike
Sylvia Maike Hace un mes
How, how, HOW did she not break when she ate the jelly roll?! This was a feat of deadpan humor.
concretehill Hace un mes
Im ready to murder this lady
Ultimate Origami
Ultimate Origami Hace un mes
Hopefully the Tartar sauce was just super white pancake mix.
Lol Wha
Lol Wha Hace un mes
This is just a copy of the sketch where Whitney eats the whole cake
GOLDEN ANGEL Hace un mes
Oh my Goodness 😳😂😂😂
GOLDEN ANGEL Hace un mes
This was so Amusing 😳😅😂😂😂😂
Kendrick Taylor
Kendrick Taylor Hace un mes
Kendrick Taylor
Kendrick Taylor Hace un mes
I love jelly, but this makes me want to throw up.
Ajturnz26 Hace un mes
where is the go cast???
dnlstomper137 Hace un mes
I think I speak for everyone, we need more SCOTT STERLING!
Jiamin Zhu
Jiamin Zhu Hace un mes
who pays for the T-bone?
ella sands
ella sands Hace un mes
Benny T
Benny T Hace un mes
Oh man, the obvious fake laugh tracks are absurd
Audrey Brien
Audrey Brien Hace un mes
414 comment!!
Jam Lym
Jam Lym Hace un mes
"Just eating the jelly." "Yes, you are."
puppy warrior
puppy warrior Hace un mes
R.I.P Ed...
The AViator
The AViator Hace un mes
I imagine this is how some world record holders for most (sauce) eaten in (time) feel.
Owen Tracy
Owen Tracy Hace un mes
"I'm a jelly girl" lol
Laura Demagall
Laura Demagall Hace un mes
So I’m not the only one who eats the jelly packets at restaurants?
Rochel B
Rochel B Hace un mes
that jelly is nauseating
Nicholas Ward
Nicholas Ward Hace un mes
I mean all these sketches are hilarious and I always enjoy them but I feel like they'd be even better without the background laughter or applause
Ethan Slifka
Ethan Slifka Hace un mes
I love it how you guys are doing a lot of live shows! Keep it up!
Jam Lym
Jam Lym Hace un mes
Raspberry all the way. With seeds.
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul Hace un mes
Bad idea.. Very bad idea watching this while eating.. omg why
Pine Boat Gaming
Pine Boat Gaming Hace un mes
Please shut up about the old cast.
Ovaltine Jenkins
Ovaltine Jenkins Hace un mes
Ed has tastebuds of steel!
Peyton Wright
Peyton Wright Hace un mes
jelly lady: you need some help Me:you need some help look at u ur eatting the poor little jelly fish!
Peyton Wright
Peyton Wright Hace un mes
home school musical Dora the middle aged explorer and tiny house
Lincoln McQueary
Lincoln McQueary Hace un mes
Anastasia Wasylinko
Anastasia Wasylinko Hace un mes
What a fishy situation.... They really were in a jam!
Red Dead Journals
Red Dead Journals Hace un mes
Plays "Bring it Down to Jelly Roll" by John Fogerty.
Nate S
Nate S Hace un mes
Sigh. I really want to give the new guys a chance, and they're good actors, but the writing on the new sketches is so ...meh
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