Memphis May Fire - No Ordinary Love (Official Music Video)

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Hace 6 años

Here I stand,
nothing more than a broken man starring death in the face.
All my mistakes have got a hold on me again.
Here we go,
another day, another fork in the road.
I never know who to trust,
will someone just tell me which way to go?
I need a sign.
I need a miracle!
I need to know that this is possible.
I've just failed so many times,
is there any way that I could make it right?
God, if you're there I need to hear you now!
Come back to me love, I forgive you.
Oh how I've missed you!
Just know every time you run I'll be right here waiting!
This is no ordinary love.
Listen up, Listen up!
This is no ordinary love.
Listen up this is unconditional!
I'm so afraid to admit that you're real
cause I'm afraid of what I might feel
when your words start to come to life
& it brings my demons into the light but I know you're here.
I shiver as you whisper in my ear, "Child have no fear".
Come back to me love, I forgive you.
Oh how I've missed you!
Just know every time you run I'll be right here waiting!
Come back to me love.
I hope you know I'm always with you.
I forgive you!
We lose faith in things unseen,
unsure of what to believe,
just dying to be loved when love's right in front of us.
We give up on our hopes & dreams, & let doubt take everything.
The door will open when we realize we don't hold the key.
I tried to save myself but I failed!
Come back to me love, I forgive you.
Oh how I've missed you!
Just know every time you run I'll be right here waiting!
Come back to me love.
I hope you know I'm always with you.
I forgive you!
Directed by Maria Juranic

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Yo !
Yo ! Hace 13 días
Meu clipe favorito de qualquer época! A forma como reafirmam a confiança que se deve ter naqueles que realmente se importam conosco é sensacional! Letra e banda não deixam a desejar em nada. O conjunto de todos os detalhes é simplesmente incrível!
spacebug gaming
spacebug gaming Hace 15 días
mesut ozil
Azzair Azzir
Azzair Azzir Hace 18 días
12 old vibe👌
kanokporn pewkhaw
kanokporn pewkhaw Hace 19 días
Jaxtin Beers
Jaxtin Beers Hace 25 días
I like this song all of your song break the cycle
slanderous crows
slanderous crows Hace 26 días
2020 my friends \m/
pWgonzo2821 Hace 28 días
Their new style is so much better
Kenneth Alvarado
Kenneth Alvarado Hace un mes
2020. NICE
Totpogi Pogitot
Totpogi Pogitot Hace un mes
E Hace un mes
Powerful song guys makes us realize the dad represents someone in our life that loves us unconditionaly and will be there to help pick us up when we are lost, angry, depressed or other feelings that will destroy us.
Zodiac Consumer
Zodiac Consumer Hace un mes
I remember going to their concert with crown the empire.. fuck nostalgia has me fucked up...
kaleb Reid
kaleb Reid Hace un mes
Here for the video 2020
Halfbakedcoin 17
Halfbakedcoin 17 Hace un mes
The kid didn't get hit that hard because his bennie didn't fall off.
Fear PX
Fear PX Hace un mes
2020 gang turn up
Daniel George
Daniel George Hace un mes
Bitches ain’t shit
Colby fincvam
Colby fincvam Hace un mes
Your my angels o k I know it he gave toooo me
Neal Hace un mes
Teddie Prine
Teddie Prine Hace un mes
Awesome band, love this song. 🎶🎶🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️☢☢🥁🥁🎧🎧
Colby fincvam
Colby fincvam Hace un mes
William Mbongolwane
William Mbongolwane Hace 2 meses
This has to be my favourite iteration of the prodigal son.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aleah B.
Aleah B. Hace 27 días
William Mbongolwane yes!!
Cort Woovil
Cort Woovil Hace 2 meses
I watched this video when I got my first tattoo. Never be forgotten. :)
Braizin 420
Braizin 420 Hace 2 meses
I havent heard this song in like 3 years, holy shit memory lane. I came back because this plays at the end of machines
Robby Everly
Robby Everly Hace 2 meses
Check out my drum cover of this song!
_ Ghxuls
_ Ghxuls Hace 2 meses
Had the urge to here this in 2020
A pro sniper 1
A pro sniper 1 Hace 2 meses
The kid reminds me so much of who I was but also with the father being there for me no matter what, will always be my most favourite songs
The Rooster Protocol
The Rooster Protocol Hace 2 meses
Ronilo Gutierrez Jr
Ronilo Gutierrez Jr Hace 3 meses
Philippines ? 2020 ?
AdrenalineFreakz Hace 3 meses
2020 still rocking it!
Ashlee Ramey
Ashlee Ramey Hace 3 meses
Definitely my favorite metal band, then crown the empire
Aoi Nightcore
Aoi Nightcore Hace 3 meses
I love this song !!!!!! Omggg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Colby fincvam
Colby fincvam Hace 3 meses
Caleigh R
Caleigh R Hace 3 meses
For the first time ever I decided to watch the video. Gives a whole new meaning to the song.
AJ Castelar
AJ Castelar Hace 3 meses
give me one good reason to commit suicide: Me: Despacito = 6.561.041.807 of views Memphis May Fire - No Ordinary Love = 12 millions of views
Thisis Arandomname
Thisis Arandomname Hace 4 meses
My goal is to always be a king of hearts to my son.
S cRimE
S cRimE Hace 4 meses
Alan James
Alan James Hace 4 meses
I tried to save myself but I failed :(
Stephanie Mtz
Stephanie Mtz Hace 4 meses
I remember when this came out it had me CRYING
John Zabat
John Zabat Hace 4 meses
See? Hoes ruin daddy-son relationships.
Juan Arnesus
Juan Arnesus Hace 4 meses
Reminds from the song : Leave a Hoeee & Respect your Father, but there that man rebel his Father but how bad kids Father/Parents always forgive
griffisjm Hace 2 meses
Right but more so how god is always there for us no matter how bad we mess up to help pick us up
RIPBRXNDON Hace 4 meses
I still luv this song in 2019
King Truly
King Truly Hace 4 meses
I need a Judas priesting miracle too I need to use my god given talent playing drums and bass and writing lyrics to actually make some real fucking music with some actual real musicians instead of these Californian burnouts that keep dicking me off fuck it its protools and RAP ALL THE WAY bY MYSELF
chandra eri
chandra eri Hace 5 meses
This song will forever be my anthem. I hope someday when I have a kid of my own I'll be able to make them hear this music, the beauty of its lyrics, and the heartbreaking scenes of its video clip. And there I'll be sitting with my kid, telling them a good J.R.R Tolkien's story. Life is good.
Only One Storm
Only One Storm Hace 5 meses
The screams😍🤘💜🤘
Brigitte Bonilla
Brigitte Bonilla Hace 5 meses
Well I’m old now...
Ashlee Ramey
Ashlee Ramey Hace 6 meses
Definitely my favorite song 😍
MBrooks Hace 6 meses
October 2019!
Herrera Rafael
Herrera Rafael Hace 6 meses
Legends says: "The milk is still there."
William Stephan
William Stephan Hace 6 meses
Bandicot Oleng
Bandicot Oleng Hace 6 meses
I love this song😍
Juliet Had
Juliet Had Hace 6 meses
2019 💗
James Myatt
James Myatt Hace 6 meses
2019 gang
Felix Uhlig
Felix Uhlig Hace 3 meses
2020 gang ma boi
evemoonlight Hace 6 meses
the guy in this video isnt the one that appears on the arcade fire music video Afterlife?
Damtea Chhangte
Damtea Chhangte Hace 7 meses
God is love.. He always waiting for you..
dr mihoubi
dr mihoubi Hace 7 meses
Well i didn't expect that 🔥 🔥
Sarut Thavornrat
Sarut Thavornrat Hace 7 meses
You hear the screaming. We hear the meaning.
Tom Ace
Tom Ace Hace 7 meses
Austin Bailey
Austin Bailey Hace 7 meses
What happened to them, used to be hard
Ghibranmaulana _
Ghibranmaulana _ Hace 7 meses
I'm late
FaMiLyToo Bros
FaMiLyToo Bros Hace 7 meses
To those of you that think the song is sad... is it? Are you the child OR the father? God IS. Have you lost your way?
BeN00bly101 Hace 7 meses
0:00 Yeah okay Robert Downey Jr's Son... Staring at me like that.
José Márquez
José Márquez Hace 7 meses
Mi virgencita:'c 3:35
kevin bueso
kevin bueso Hace 8 meses
Excelente banda.. buena letra... !!
Cameron O'Hair
Cameron O'Hair Hace 8 meses
Clearly a beautiful retelling of the Prodigal Son story from the Bible. That story can easily be seen throughout the world and history in our own lives.
Cristina Pena
Cristina Pena Hace 8 meses
Listened to this at the gym and i cried 😥
Wishes WicKed
Wishes WicKed Hace 8 meses
2019! Still a fucking banger
Garett Chamberlin
Garett Chamberlin Hace 9 meses
This is absolutely beautiful
VEZJ Hace 9 meses
Acoustic version pls
Madelinne Jensen
Madelinne Jensen Hace 9 meses
“Come back to me love, I forgive you”
the grasshoppers
the grasshoppers Hace 9 meses
silas silva ferreira
silas silva ferreira Hace 9 meses
Deus nos fala através de suas letras. Filho eu estou aqui. Me deixa guiar os seus passos. Não mais você é o ´´Dono´´ da sua vida. Mais eu sou o Senhor da sua vida.
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