Melanie Martinez The Voice Blind Audition - Toxic

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Melanie Martinez's Gingerbread Bear

Melanie Martinez's Gingerbread Bear

Hace 2 años

I don't own any of this, just uploading for those who are interested in how the little munchkin Melanie Martinez started her music career.
All rights to the owners and creators.

Melanie Martinez

Peruano Exquisito y lindo
Peruano Exquisito y lindo Hace 5 horas
2019and still listening.
Jessie Chyu
Jessie Chyu Hace 7 horas
*You have a bright future my dear*
Zhyjan Bello
Zhyjan Bello Hace 8 horas
Wow..better than the original..
inurdreamz Hace 13 horas
somehow I always come back to this video of baby mel :( I remember watching this on tv and I instantly fell in love with her
TehPinappleDude Hace 21 un hora
Her family at the end 🙌🏻💕💕💕
rando perso
rando perso Hace un día
"I Want A Gap In my Teeth Too" -Me 2019
Rusty Carlos Valdez
Rusty Carlos Valdez Hace un día
My teeth are like that anyway girl dont worry but on the bottom part
Lily&Lucie xo
Lily&Lucie xo Hace un día
she’s so cute🥺💓
Bianca F.
Bianca F. Hace 2 días
Christina didn't turn because she sang Britney 😅
cxxl dxde
cxxl dxde Hace 3 días
this is so good
Its_me_Coco !!
Its_me_Coco !! Hace 4 días
I have a big gap inbetween my big teeth :(
Vipe Jay
Vipe Jay Hace 4 días
Come on, we all know Christina did not turn around because it was a Britney song lol
Pizzaisbeautiful 347
Pizzaisbeautiful 347 Hace 6 días
Her tooth gap is EVERYTHING
Dusibry Hace 7 días
When cover is better than original
Enchantress Hace 7 días
Hayden Doggerton
Hayden Doggerton Hace 7 días
At 4:14... "And your amazing looking"
parisa Mousavi
parisa Mousavi Hace 8 días
Her mom : it's a gift She knows she gave birth to a legend
LoneWolf TV
LoneWolf TV Hace 5 días
Mercy brown
Mercy brown Hace 8 días
Ahhhhh sheessesese soooooo cuuutttteeee JUST REWATCHING A TONE OF melanie martinez vids because Billie and melanie are GOODDSSS
Chelsea Annetts
Chelsea Annetts Hace 9 días
Oof looking back at this now she doing so well
клубничный рулетик
клубничный рулетик Hace 10 días
everyone forgot this classic..... everybody's talking about k-12.....
Dog Person
Dog Person Hace 11 días
I wish she could’ve sang one of her own songs😩
Tea SPILLED Hace 11 días
She’s such a cutie
Ondra Žák
Ondra Žák Hace 12 días
She should choose Blake
sergio h
sergio h Hace 12 días
little did she know...🖤
Hedda Pinkhurricane
Hedda Pinkhurricane Hace 13 días
this made me 'awwwww'
Element Green
Element Green Hace 13 días
None of the audience expected that she would make a film 😗
jonald gobaton
jonald gobaton Hace 13 días
True to life harleu quin aura. Hahaha teens
Tin Gazellian
Tin Gazellian Hace 14 días
Damn you're sooo cuteeee
Gacha JuliannaTheUnicornnn U `w ` U
Gacha JuliannaTheUnicornnn U `w ` U Hace 14 días
Toxic - originally by Britney Spears Toxic - cover by melanie martinez
Cxrrupted Brxwnie ツ
Cxrrupted Brxwnie ツ Hace 14 días
People: I hate this song.. Melanie: *Hold my pacifier*
maggie Hace 15 días
i was trying to make my self not cry
ItsMeTos Roblox
ItsMeTos Roblox Hace 16 días
Remembèr the judge sayed "i Thing ur A star " Well ur right
Help Daddy
Help Daddy Hace 17 días
I knew it from the first she will be a superstar. Xtina hates her, cause she doesnt growl like her. She hates pure and creative artist, she likes screaming and roaring but not singing.
Mila Richard
Mila Richard Hace 17 días
“your amazing and... your amazing LOOKING”
syed altaf
syed altaf Hace 17 días
2:06 2:06 2:06 2:06 2:06 2:06 2:06 2:06 Free Replays Thank Me Later
Amy Gallier
Amy Gallier Hace 18 días
I always come and watch this audition. Just to see how far she has come. She was a 17 year old singing on the voice. And now she is a professional artist, with her own film. Many albums and millions of fans. I absolutely love Melanie 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kev'z Sab'z
Kev'z Sab'z Hace 18 días
She and Morgan Wallen are the only The Voice contestants that really become well known to this day. 😉😉
Slothboiclique Hace 18 días
She was 17? Frick. I’m 17.
Itz Weary
Itz Weary Hace 18 días
Y E L L O W C O W A R D Hace 19 días
No one: Adam waiting for him to get picked: ● \_________/●
Violet Ice
Violet Ice Hace 20 días
“Ugly duckling”? But she’s so beautiful 😩
No More lies
No More lies Hace 21 un día
I love the gap between your teeth, I love the riddles that you speak. -Taylor Swift. ☺️
No More lies
No More lies Hace 21 un día
I love the gap between your teeth, I love the riddles that you speak. -Taylor Swift. ☺️
John G
John G Hace 21 un día
ohhhmygooodddd she sings deliciously holy god
Melanie Martinez and BTS Army
Melanie Martinez and BTS Army Hace 21 un día
Adam: "Did I do that??" Blake: IT hurts and IT PISSES ME OFF
Melanie Martinez and BTS Army
Melanie Martinez and BTS Army Hace 21 un día
THEArinaza Fam
THEArinaza Fam Hace 21 un día
We have the same tooth.. tho.. But its ok its a reason to be positive! 🤍🤍🤍🤍❤❤
Lucy L
Lucy L Hace 21 un día
Her now K-12: 28 million views in 2 weeks
Julia xx
Julia xx Hace 21 un día
She got kinda famous...
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace 21 un día
Her tooth gad makes her look adorable
Yana Ragaza
Yana Ragaza Hace 22 días
Carrie Simpson
Carrie Simpson Hace 22 días
Who is here after the release of k-12?
Aïsha Geudens
Aïsha Geudens Hace 23 días
They say people with a tooth gap are the best singers
Dani Salomão
Dani Salomão Hace 23 días
Cristina Aguilera must have regret it
ayEpop Hace 24 días
Im so dumb i thought By when In the title it said toxic i thought it ment she was toxic.
Limerence Hace 24 días
2:06 Well that's very rude! (Backwards peace sign is the same as the finger in ireland)
Soviet Inspector
Soviet Inspector Hace 4 días
Well not everyone knows that
thj weeknd
thj weeknd Hace 24 días
She is amaizing
Try Guys Meme videos
Try Guys Meme videos Hace 25 días
Her gap is what makes her special and I love it!
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson Hace 25 días
her gap is cute and suits her personality and cute look I thought she wore it on purpose lol
Lu Rose
Lu Rose Hace 25 días
I got major chills💕
Ellie Hace 25 días
I love the song toxic and i love it even more now
Evelin Bonhardt
Evelin Bonhardt Hace 25 días
I was like : Did that blondie bitch forgot how to press that button 🧐
Micaila Thompson
Micaila Thompson Hace 25 días
I love that from the very begining she did the half and half with her hair and kept it as her style
Olga Pasternak
Olga Pasternak Hace 26 días
Guys stop giving melanie credit for this cover. Yael naim did it in this style first
Trang Diep
Trang Diep Hace 26 días
miru simpauco
miru simpauco Hace 26 días
2019? I really love mewanie omg 😭
Amy Phillips
Amy Phillips Hace 26 días
This girl went far
Sofia's Glitter Time TV
Sofia's Glitter Time TV Hace 27 días
I love how her family is so supportive. If I got in the voice, my would say good job ( typical Asian mom )
Martin Caunt
Martin Caunt Hace 27 días
me :D
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome Hace 28 días
Who’s here after show and tell song
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