Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake

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Melanie Martinez performs Strawberry Shortcake on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate

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Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake

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Cecilia Liu
Cecilia Liu Hace 14 horas
When the show is done if you don’t like this vid you will clean the stage.
Marlen Bravo
Marlen Bravo Hace 21 un hora
I just have a question for anyone who read this what make you fan
maya shengelia
maya shengelia Hace un día
Melanie martinez ruined her skin by putting tattoos on her body she looked alot nicer without her tattoos
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith Hace un día
Its absolutely absurd that girls have to live by a set of rules..... The song says it all "its my fault 'cause i put icing on top" "its not bad no one taught them not to grab" "got sent home 'cause my skirt was too short" and there's more rules that aren't mentioned in the song "too dressed up" "too dressed down" "shirt too low" and of course.... "ShOuLdErS" and "mIdRiFf" not to mention weight shaming......... Society, give girls a break!
LU SLZR Hace un día
I wish there was a real cake
humberto artica
humberto artica Hace un día
que fea chica , ella ejemplo de que? mal gusto en el video se le ve mejor
Nash00 Hace 18 horas
Si encuentras fea a una chica en ves de decirlo guárdate tus comentarios
Satan Clown
Satan Clown Hace 20 horas
Wtf man
Hollies May
Hollies May Hace un día
I am just watching this to remind me of when I went to her concert in December 💖
Mels M
Mels M Hace un día
What a stupid song. Welp another day another illuminati puppet. Wack.
Nash00 Hace 18 horas
JAHAHAHAAHAHS You're so stupid....
jenn walker
jenn walker Hace 2 días
CamilaMentona Hace 2 días
The Dancers be like: yeah let's just twerk in front of Melanie Melanie Martinez: Wtf
Mrs. Dumi Fox :/
Mrs. Dumi Fox :/ Hace 2 días
I really like that the fans don't talk/scream when Melanie is singing. (They do only when Melanie does a pause)
Little_Mango25 Hace 3 días
The girl on the right at 1:26 Meanwhile, my cartwheels look like I am in a cartoon and just got electrocuted.
stream k-12 by mm2
stream k-12 by mm2 Hace 3 días
pablc 98
pablc 98 Hace 4 días
She looks like a mix between halsey and fka twigs
Grace Keehn
Grace Keehn Hace 5 días
I dont like Melanie or most of her music but this is one of my favorite songs because its such a bop
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Hace 22 horas
Meid Hace un día
Una Neko
Una Neko Hace 5 días
I'm sad to watch her cause she'll not happy with her's looks like they shape her character...
- B L U E C H E R R Y-
- B L U E C H E R R Y- Hace 7 días
Ya’ll saying new fans are fake but most of us haven’t heard about her at all until one day it popped up on our recommended.
Next Caller
Next Caller Hace 5 días
Lol I’m not a stan but I have liked her for a while and the her fans are like viciously protective of her lol don’t mind them they can be wack 🤭😂
belen e
belen e Hace 7 días
Hot wax burns my skin
belen e
belen e Hace 7 días
I have to make sure my legs shine
Splashy Gacha
Splashy Gacha Hace 7 días
I’m surprised that the crowd was not loud this time
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas Hace 7 días
She is amazing.
Nicolás Márquez
Nicolás Márquez Hace 8 días
Lo mejor el corte manga del final
Mónica c:
Mónica c: Hace 8 días
This is awkward.
Sissy Fun
Sissy Fun Hace 8 días
I love her so much she’s not just a singer but she also dances and plus she made a film and let’s us watch it for free she’s my favorite artist
Audrey Shotland
Audrey Shotland Hace 9 días
“Got sent home to change cause my skirt was to short” Girl if that skirt is short, than what does a long skirt look like? Like seriously, what is wrong with the dress code? That is _not_ a short skirt.
Dwayne Reeves
Dwayne Reeves Hace 11 días
I love u me Melanie Martinez
Ember Shadow
Ember Shadow Hace 11 días
Im proud that Im not one of the fans that believed Timothy so I get to feel guilt-free watching this masterpiece
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola Hace 11 días
Plot twist: she is flying in the cake mold
jess Colson
jess Colson Hace 11 días
Melanie honestly is beautiful and nobody should treat her the way she has been treated!!!
Lucy Woodhouse
Lucy Woodhouse Hace 12 días
Who has been listening to Melanie since cry baby
Unsweetend Tea
Unsweetend Tea Hace 13 días
Mic quality really did her dirty
Jungkook is my bunny
Jungkook is my bunny Hace 14 días
I am not a feminist but this song is good. It is saying how some men ( in her experience) do not respect her boundries about her body
Cydney Chanelle
Cydney Chanelle Hace 14 días
every song on her album had actual meaning, I love it. a lot of artists don't have meaningful music so I appreciate her
Cydney Chanelle
Cydney Chanelle Hace 14 días
I love her and the message
nseet esmy
nseet esmy Hace 16 días
Me acting like i am melanie martinez in my room 1:22
iicrybaby briii
iicrybaby briii Hace 16 días
It’s my favourite song from the album🥺🥰💕💕 I love Mel so much and she also can dance because well she also dances on her free time if u didn’t know.
Sofia Nerea
Sofia Nerea Hace 17 días
Melanie: 🧚🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ The dancers:🤸🏻‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️👣🕺🏻
Arianna De La Torre
Arianna De La Torre Hace 19 días
Can we just a appreciate how BOOTIFUL Mealine is Like if u Luv her I LUV HER SOOOOOOO MUCH COMMET YESSHHHHH IF SHE IS SO CUTE ♡♡♡♡♡♡ mealine pls reply ♥︎♥︎
Arianna De La Torre
Arianna De La Torre Hace 19 días
Oxiclea N
Oxiclea N Hace 19 días
Everyone else: “what’s wrong with the floor?” Me: how the hell did she get up there
Min Suga
Min Suga Hace 20 días
I’m so happy to be fan of her since her debut
Amme Jayne
Amme Jayne Hace 20 días
Melanie is amazing and she will always be my favourite artist
Little nugget !
Little nugget ! Hace 20 días
Her live voice is amazingly good
Froggy Teehee
Froggy Teehee Hace 20 días
Am I the only one who loves how she says “Cake?” I don’t know why-
Aniyah Hall
Aniyah Hall Hace 20 días
Look at the asain girl in the thumbnail 😂
piglet sings
piglet sings Hace 21 un día
Is a child friendly vid
piglet sings
piglet sings Hace 8 días
Piano Impro
Piano Impro Hace 22 días
Can someone tell me why she used to be hated? Im new
Stranger Anus
Stranger Anus Hace 17 días
Someone accused her of sexual harassment (that is false)
Id Rk
Id Rk Hace 22 días
Tegonie Hace 22 días
I only started listening to Melanie after her k-12 album came out, Ive never been a huge fan but that album is really good and got me into her more. I would never call myself a hardcore fan because there people out there that’s deserve that title but she truly is a stunning artist
ᗪιαиα ᑕяσѕѕιиg
ᗪιαиα ᑕяσѕѕιиg Hace 22 días
*when dancers pop out of your skirt*
Paper Straw
Paper Straw Hace 22 días
I got confused for a second when she bleeped herself lol
i r i d e s c e n t
i r i d e s c e n t Hace 25 días
0:57 oh yes, what a short skirt.
Aimeekay702 Hace un mes
I love how she uses barley any auto tune
Ceylin Akgül
Ceylin Akgül Hace un mes
the video is out of this world
The CB Channel
The CB Channel Hace un mes
3:27 Me: when there is a bad driver on the road Wife: Honey, we have kids in the car!
{ peachytea }
{ peachytea } Hace un mes
I freaking love her so much she has helped me get through things and I hate to see her in pain the first song I found was dollhouse then I would just watch the music videos but I loved the music now I have grown to love it
Tuliv Hace un mes
"But I never really cared about **silence** before" I'm sorry I just laughed so much xD I know she is censoring xD
Madlii Hace un mes
La verdad es que le hace falta controlar su voz, quiero decir canta bien, pero ni siquiera se está moviendo y parece que le faltará el aire, ni siquiera está bailando.
Ellie Marshall
Ellie Marshall Hace un mes
She’s so pure 🥺💖
S u n n y y x R a i n
S u n n y y x R a i n Hace un mes
Strawberry shortcake by Melanie Martinez Ft the floor.
Cool Whynot
Cool Whynot Hace un mes
Im just thinking about how awkward it must have been for the backup dancers waiting for their cue under her dress
Krystabel Cotton candy
Krystabel Cotton candy Hace un mes
I'm glad shes getting the attention she deserves and I'm glad shes happy again
Renan mendes
Renan mendes Hace un mes
Linda sou sua fã numero 1
Elisa Vale
Elisa Vale Hace un mes
ugh stop scream!
avīci Hace un mes
captions: stuffing my brother my best
『KensaEight』 Hace un mes
2:21 Oh hey, Thats Maya from K-12!
Erika Tainá
Erika Tainá Hace un mes
Bro Peep
Bro Peep Hace un mes
rebeka cry baby
rebeka cry baby Hace un mes
i love melanie
Tia Hace un mes
2016: *everyone burning her merch* 2020: *everyone:* we Stan a queen I’m a loyal fan Melanie:it’s funny how bitches turn into my fans
JordanIsWeird Hace un mes
What an angel
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