Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake

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Melanie Martinez performs Strawberry Shortcake on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate

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Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake

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Hamzh Fatani
Hamzh Fatani Hace 11 minutos
This is boring
Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog
Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog Hace 5 horas
I gotta say Melanie looks so beautiful
jaime ewart
jaime ewart Hace 7 horas
I teach 13 year olds to sing and write songs,. They are all 1000 times better than this Crap,. Still people think this girl is so great,. Lord Please,. If this constitutes entertainment, then any one could get up there and do it,. So much money pumped into this puppet,. Just Awful,. 👎👎👎
Kadir Jarmon
Kadir Jarmon Hace 13 horas
is that colleen ballinger playing the harp?
RedPanda Gxcha
RedPanda Gxcha Hace 16 horas
Melanie does not use auto tune for her voice She uses it to cut out the echo and the background noise
junior dexter
junior dexter Hace 20 horas
Ella The Killer
Ella The Killer Hace 22 horas
She is so sweet and beauty ❤️💗💗💗💗doll heart 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Slytherinsadie 101
Slytherinsadie 101 Hace 23 horas
Melanie: throws up the finger Crowd: *cheers*
Sudenaz Martinez
Sudenaz Martinez Hace un día
Bu kadına aşığım 😍
uwu Hace un día
I'm so happy that Melanie is so successful, I been a fan of hers for so long and stuck by her side even when she was accused a year ago.
Dara &Indomie
Dara &Indomie Hace un día
Not eeee make up:)
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace un día
This is how many 60 year olds were in the group judging her
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 17 horas
Ik that’s exactly what I was saying lol
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Hace un día
Big Chungus You gotta say though- 60 year old people are from a completely different generation and they have different point of views than us younger people. It's hard convincing them different because they grew up with that mentality that gays are wrong and girls are fault. I'm not justifying it but just stating the realistic truth.
Shay Baby
Shay Baby Hace un día
Why did her voice sound strained?
Lily&Lucie xo
Lily&Lucie xo Hace un día
she’s perfection
Nina Wood
Nina Wood Hace un día
I saw he in concert in 2016
Stan BTS to gain braincells
Stan BTS to gain braincells Hace 2 días
she has tattoos?? i didn't know bout that 😅😂
Melissa Copeland
Melissa Copeland Hace 2 días
she is absolutely angelic. having the harp in the background of almost every song was amazing and her voice is perfect 🥰🥰🥰🥰😻😻
Tanisha Suman
Tanisha Suman Hace 2 días
She is such an inspiration and a great singer I love her voice so dang much😄😂😍😘
Khai Kuma
Khai Kuma Hace 2 días
Love the ending 👆💕
Jazmine Davidson
Jazmine Davidson Hace 2 días
I saw this on my tv but my grandma asked what are you watching and she turned it off :(
ashly Hace 3 días
the dancers went tf off
A spoon full of Suga
A spoon full of Suga Hace 3 días
I remember finding out about melanie through some nightcore of dollhouse back in 2015. I thought she was the best musical artist in the world, I wanted to be just like her and now that K-12 is released, i'm so proud of her. She's a wonderful inspiration. Love you Mel!
namjesus loves us
namjesus loves us Hace 3 días
Y'all mel out here hitting the woah better than I ever could lol
Idk what to put here
Idk what to put here Hace 3 días
"Cause its how I look and not what I think"
Smurkle God
Smurkle God Hace 3 días
I just wish everybody knew about the storyline of crybaby before watching k-12 because some ppl don’t know that all her music videos from the crybaby era are connected 🤔
Mason Nganyiep
Mason Nganyiep Hace 3 días
My sister was like " the boys like girls with a small waist well sorry I got a thicker which makes me not a strawberry shortcake but a strawberry THICKcake
Emily Nicole
Emily Nicole Hace 3 días
She should really perform * Class Fight*
Soufou Boultif
Soufou Boultif Hace 3 días
I love her confidence the most
Liah Gizycki
Liah Gizycki Hace 3 días
A voice like an angel ❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇
Gacha Ari
Gacha Ari Hace 4 días
She has a spinel tattoo 00:59
Phillip Hace 4 días
Damn girl what else gon come out that dress? Got any chicken nuggets in there?
ffoxymaster Hace 4 días
“No one taught them not to grab” ... 😔😔
CokeTitty Hace 4 días
3:14 is so faking cuteeee
Zaddie NOTVEVO Hace 4 días
Her setlist is literally just the album in order like the Cry Baby your but I think she should at least add some songs from Cry Baby in there 😢
U n n a t u r a l
U n n a t u r a l Hace 4 días
Take that Timothy heller
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl Hace 4 días
Melanie’s created K-12 and the people who burned her merch are now calling themselves her fans. I’m confused. Melanie’s so good at singing they must have forgotten she doesn’t use auto tune. Like if u agree.
TheFoxyFNAF Lps
TheFoxyFNAF Lps Hace 5 días
Minute 3:31 WTF, I Love Melanie Martinez... She is realy Happy😆. I'm from polish, mój angielski jest słaby😂 (WIEM)
Hey Mama
Hey Mama Hace 5 días
When people came out from the big skirt thing I was like O.o
lauren bean
lauren bean Hace 5 días
“not looking like a barbie” **looks like a barbie cake** “skirt’s too short” **wears a skirt taller than a person standing on somebody’s shoulders**
Side_of_Sour _Grapes
Side_of_Sour _Grapes Hace 3 días
Lol that be dress codes
watermelonlyn mark lee
watermelonlyn mark lee Hace 5 días
Imagine urself dancing with baby clothes hahaha
Lauren W.
Lauren W. Hace 5 días
*i remember when i was in MIDDLE SCHOOL, and they asked me not to wear a tank top to gym because it was considered ”too distracting”* 🙄
Møøn Ëclipsë
Møøn Ëclipsë Hace 5 días
The girl dancers look naked on the bottom ;-;
NhINo CoOl
NhINo CoOl Hace 5 días
Those dislikes are from the strawberry shortcakes that Melanie Martinez ate and those last year haters
Lenin Meneses
Lenin Meneses Hace 5 días
Melanie Martinez and Autotune dont know each other. And they will probably never do
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest Hace 5 días
Bought my Boston tickets. Pumped.
ARMY. BLINK.ONCE. Hace 5 días
-Llama Queen-
-Llama Queen- Hace 5 días
Am i the only one who just wants to watch show and tell on repeat MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMOROW
XxitzlunaxX Hace 5 días
Melanie: got sent home to change cause my skirt was too short Me: bruh, your skirt is literally a giant cake
Carley rose
Carley rose Hace 5 días
people are so fake it’s funny they weren’t on her side when she was accused for raping her best friend and used that against her but when all the sudden she makes a good album they love her again (btw all her albums were good)
Pumpkinspice 🎃
Pumpkinspice 🎃 Hace 16 horas
Naomy Suarez omg yas
Pumpkinspice 🎃
Pumpkinspice 🎃 Hace 16 horas
Tukya Taro same here
Tukya Taro
Tukya Taro Hace 2 días
Since she dropped her film on YT I was obsessed with her music and discovered her crybaby album. I didn't know she was acusted of raping someone.......well it is dificult to get in touch with it in Germany XD. I don't believe this girl because her behaviour was weird. Nobody would tweet about her rape instead oft going to police. It's a shame that this has damaged her carreer drmaticly
Naomy Suarez
Naomy Suarez Hace 3 días
Carley rose they really are fake (i’ve loved her since the voice and i didn’t believe the rape she wouldn’t do that)
savgegirlqueen123 marquez.
savgegirlqueen123 marquez. Hace 5 días
i love melanie martinez
Jannyne Graziely
Jannyne Graziely Hace 6 días
Segway_dinos Plays
Segway_dinos Plays Hace 6 días
Those boys were twirling on the floor like they were having a seizure
Alina Nered
Alina Nered Hace 6 días
Кто из России?)
Поеботина с подворотни
Поеботина с подворотни Hace 5 días
Опа, я нашел тебя хд
Mat_GachaPlayz Hace 6 días
Melanie: **sings and dances normally** Backup dancers: **dances like crazy** Floor: *eEkKk eEkKk oUcH*
Bubu Hace 8 horas
Thanks now I hear the floor
scrawny rawny
scrawny rawny Hace 6 días
all to iconic
Smoll potato :3
Smoll potato :3 Hace 6 días
2015:I’m not a piece of cake 🎂 2019:strawberry shortcake Like if Melanie Martinez version is better(both are very good ,they worked hard to right their songs) | | ⬇️
Poppy Worsley
Poppy Worsley Hace 6 días
Her dress is massive and her top is tiny
Jen Sanaa
Jen Sanaa Hace 6 días
I’m going through all the ways they could’ve got her in that thing.
Spooky Spaghetti
Spooky Spaghetti Hace 6 días
What a queen, Crybaby is! I've been a Crybaby ever since Dollhouse first came out. She's not only a talented singer and dancer, but she also isn't afraid to address important issues, like in this song, sexual assault and body shaming. I love her so much 😊
nissou83 Hace 6 días
I love you Mélanie !!!
Matt Scott
Matt Scott Hace 6 días
Got sent home cuz my skirt is too short She has a 10ft cake dress
S u g a r l i c
S u g a r l i c Hace 6 días
Please let's talk about the dancers
The Lilah Diaries
The Lilah Diaries Hace 7 días
S O N G : Melanie: sent home to change because my skirt was too short 0:54 R E A L I T Y : sent home to change because MY SKIRT WAS TOO GIANT AND PEOPLE WERE COMING OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF MY SKIRT 😂
Im google siri Siri google I’m
Im google siri Siri google I’m Hace 7 días
Meanaline with no auto me with no auto JejwolKdhkLsh :)
#NameLessMofo Hace 7 días
Middle fingers for everyone!!
Ash Maldonado
Ash Maldonado Hace 7 días
Soy la unica que piensa que la Mel tiene la voz un poco lastimada?
Reesha Aldan
Reesha Aldan Hace 7 días
I love. The music she made in the movie it was was all about problems within the school life and problems kids go through in their mental and physical life. It also talked about body shaming. I cried because I go through body shaming at shool.
Cry Baby
Cry Baby Hace 7 días
bottle_of_tearz Hace 7 días
dang did y’all see those dancers they really got into it
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover Hace 7 días
No one: The Dancers: *aLrIgHt lEt'S dO tHe eArThWoRm wObBlE dAnCe*
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