Melanie Martinez - Show & Tell [Official Music Video]

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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Written and Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producers: Wes Teshome, Phil Botti & Ron Shapiro
Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Tyler Zelinsky
Co-Producer: Gergely Varga
Co-Director: Alissa Torvinen
Director of Photography: Josh McKie
Choreography by Brian Friedman
Production Design by Fernanda Guerrero
Costume Design by Christina Flannery & Melanie Martinez
Hair by William Blair
Key Make Up: Devan Weitzman
Special FX Make Up: Mo Meinhart
Edited by Niles Howard & Emilie Aubry
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Hodges
Post Producer: Seth Josephson
Music by Melanie Martinez & Michael Keenan
Casting by Anissa Williams, Zora DeHorter & Attila Mercel

Crybaby: Melanie Martinez
Ms. Penelope: Olga Kovács

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melanie martinezshow & tellshow and tellofficial music video

Elena Velazquez
Elena Velazquez Hace 16 minutos
Good job 3rd graders
Elena Velazquez
Elena Velazquez Hace 14 minutos
Nice puppet show
Elena Velazquez
Elena Velazquez Hace 15 minutos
You girls and boys are doing a good job on show and tell with your teacher
Salt Chocolate
Salt Chocolate Hace 19 minutos
The teacher is like a psychopath
Elisabeth Safar
Elisabeth Safar Hace 36 minutos
I watch half of this on tik tok
Hello_ImPeterson ?
Hello_ImPeterson ? Hace 47 minutos
Bro when i was little i cried myself to sleep thinking Melanie would never post another song and here i am
Arkenda Jordan
Arkenda Jordan Hace un hora
I love the song
{EdgyAngel} Hace 2 horas
Did anyone realize the part where Melanie smacked her own ass?
Chris P.
Chris P. Hace 2 horas
Imagine how awkward was this scene when they filmed it without music 😂
-Starlight Wolf Gacha-
-Starlight Wolf Gacha- Hace 2 horas
Who else is here before 15 million?
çiçek? Hace 2 horas
Kusurluyuz ama insaniz 😔
cintia Tita
cintia Tita Hace 2 horas
Novo álbum dela amei
Asira Flowers
Asira Flowers Hace 3 horas
Me encanta como los alumnos parecen retrasados
Michelle Key
Michelle Key Hace 3 horas
why are they going crazy? please explain
Icy sammie
Icy sammie Hace 3 horas
Is it just me or does she look so much like Sarah Hyland??
GachaFaveTime Hace 4 horas
totally random and weird but I love it! 😃👍
Nuno Miguel Do Rosário Lopes
Nuno Miguel Do Rosário Lopes Hace 4 horas
monse mondragon
monse mondragon Hace 5 horas
I like you
•karen cool •
•karen cool • Hace 7 horas
Cool :3
jhanny karla
jhanny karla Hace 7 horas
Gente sabe o machucado que a kelly fez sera que foi de vdd ??pq o machucado ta no braço dela !!!
Gacha Eve
Gacha Eve Hace 7 horas
I just love how cute Melanie is. All of her songs have a story behind them. She’s such an inspiration to me. She’s my idol! ♥️❤️♥️❤️
Aisse Togola
Aisse Togola Hace 8 horas
Laurinha de papi
Laurinha de papi Hace 8 horas
❤ 💖 💗 💕 💓 💞 💟 😄 Melhor detodos
The Haypuff Channel
The Haypuff Channel Hace 8 horas
Daffa Riandy.k
Daffa Riandy.k Hace 9 horas
I relly love your song melanie martinez dont ever give up
Raiane Rocha
Raiane Rocha Hace 9 horas
SawderGamer Hace 10 horas
i love yojuty}+ }}+´
XcX_50 Hace 10 horas
Con tutta sincerità... La pubblicità del tuo concerto ha rotto il cazzo!!!!!!!!!!!! Se sei italiano lascia like
Maria Angelica Gonzalez
Maria Angelica Gonzalez Hace 13 horas
Can Melanie do a colaboración Whit BTS 🤔 PLEASE
Captain K
Captain K Hace 13 horas
Melanie: Show and tell Caramel: School is hell Well, guess what i have a better one "LIFE IS HELL."
Halsey Lumen
Halsey Lumen Hace 14 horas
3:46 😢
Andriana Fissa
Andriana Fissa Hace 14 horas
You pull me by my hair so I don't go nowhere Tell me you love me, but you treat me like I'm never there You say the cruelest words, you used to break my heart 'Cause I'm over here working my ass off Why is it so hard to see? (Why?) If I cut myself, I would bleed (kill me) I'm just like you, you're like me Imperfect and human, are we? Show and tell I'm on display for all you fuckers to see Show and tell Harsh words if you don't get a pic with me Buy and sell (buy and sell me, baby) Like I'm a product to society Art don't sell Unless you fucked every authority You beg and cry for more, he had 'em on the floor There are strangers takin' pictures of me when I ask "No more" It's really hard for me to say just how I feel I'm scared that I'll get thrown away like a banana peel Why is it so hard to see? (Why?) If I cut myself, I would bleed (kill me) I'm just like you, you're like me Imperfect and human, are we? Show and tell (show and tell) I'm on display for all you fuckers to see (fuckers to see) Show and tell (show and tell) Harsh words if you don't get a pic with me Buy and sell (buy and sell) Like I'm a product to society Art don't sell Unless you fucked every authority Show and tell Why can't you fucking hear me? Show and tell, um Are you listening yet? Show and tell (show and tell, baby) I'm on display for all you fuckers to see (fuckers to see) Show and tell (oh) Harsh words if you don't get a pic with me Buy and sell Like I'm a product to society Art don't sell Unless you fucked every authority
Syane Indriani 27
Syane Indriani 27 Hace 15 horas
Ken Bray
Ken Bray Hace 16 horas
Melanie is awesome !
Luna Cyrus
Luna Cyrus Hace 17 horas
It’s amazing how Melanie could turn things as simple as school into meaningful (and sort of creepy) songs
Luna Cyrus
Luna Cyrus Hace 17 horas
Itchi and levi
Itchi and levi Hace 17 horas
Anybody else know who this song is for? Its for us cause there is some toxic fans out there and just get mad for no reason witch i dont get
cupcake explosion
cupcake explosion Hace 18 horas
Can you sometime go on tour in Washington Lake somewhere in Lake near Puyallup cuz I'm a big fan and I live near there
Yuri Jaramillo
Yuri Jaramillo Hace 20 horas
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Hace 20 horas
Park Lenangel
Park Lenangel Hace 21 un hora
A R T E ✨
Tema The galaxy kitty
Tema The galaxy kitty Hace 21 un hora
I bet her first fan will be so proud..
i'm quaking
i'm quaking Hace 21 un hora
this song live >>>
LSA Sisters
LSA Sisters Hace 21 un hora
This video shows a great message Melanie worked 2-4 years on this and I love it!!!!
Yer Yang
Yer Yang Hace 21 un hora
I dont like the girl face it looks weird...LOOK AT THE HER FACE SEE THAT 😁🤨
Pee wat Buttman
Pee wat Buttman Hace 21 un hora
Show and T-pose
Vinícius gacha
Vinícius gacha Hace 21 un hora
She has a cut on her arm
L U N A _ M O O N A
L U N A _ M O O N A Hace 21 un hora
This was posted on my birthday 🍰
Clumsy •
Clumsy • Hace 21 un hora
You could fit the Great Wall of china in between her teeth
BlackMambaZANE Hace 19 horas
You really couldn't
JG - 06KP - Calderstone MS (1435)
JG - 06KP - Calderstone MS (1435) Hace 21 un hora
I love melanie but there should be a warning for epilepsy on this. The flashing lights part could have been serious, But whatever. *Please don't hate*
Paul Hace 22 horas
Hi Melanie I'm actually your biggest fan! And I'm just on my Dad's account! My real name is Lily and I live in Canada! So can you performe in Canada? If you can I would actually cry...I know your not reading this but I love you so much! ❤
Simon Espino
Simon Espino Hace 22 horas
Who like melanin Martinez because I do if you don’t I’m so disappointed but that’s fine
S y
S y Hace 19 horas
Simon Espino Melanie*
Sofia Sánchez
Sofia Sánchez Hace 22 horas
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: El chino:AAAAAAAH AJAJAJAAJA AAAAAAAH D:
maritza trinidad saldias godoy
maritza trinidad saldias godoy Hace 22 horas
Alguien vio la cortada que tiene melany en su brazo izquierdo creo no se si sea el derecho
Marlene Aguilar
Marlene Aguilar Hace 22 horas
Am I the only one who knows the true meaning of this song?
Indira Solis
Indira Solis Hace 4 horas
Nezquiick Hace 15 horas
Marlene Aguilar no
Jennifer Crooks
Jennifer Crooks Hace 23 horas
Why are they so happy did the teacher slaughter Melanie and made her a doll!
Luna Shadow
Luna Shadow Hace un día
I know what all the songs mean. I'm sorry Melanie I understand how you feel :(
Lalasinha E vc
Lalasinha E vc Hace un día
what stop live playback
Natalie i like pizza
Natalie i like pizza Hace un día
Some reason, I want a crossover with you and creature feature.
João Dollfy
João Dollfy Hace un día
I love show and tell
stefany rodrigues
stefany rodrigues Hace un día
Quem é brasileiro curte
blomey kid
blomey kid Hace un día
She has a cit on her hand
Jynx Mask
Jynx Mask Hace un día
I think this song is about how people treat Melanie like just a form of entertainment and not a living thing with passion and a personality the way people forget she has boundaries and takes pictures without her permission how people look at her like an object and how she feels trapped in performing on stage and people just looking at her with no care in the world.
Indira Solis
Indira Solis Hace un día
that's exactly what it's about
EarthWormSallys Sister
EarthWormSallys Sister Hace un día
im so happy that i got to watch it before you had to pay for it, btw IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! queen👑💜🖤
Alexandra Terry
Alexandra Terry Hace un día
Dose anyone here her call out her fans how rude i was a fan until this video
Indira Solis
Indira Solis Hace un día
its not about all her fans. it's about the toxic ones and how they treat her like she's an item and not a person.
Itz Gacha Isa
Itz Gacha Isa Hace un día
Melanie: *Is A Doll* Class: *Mental Breakdown*
Browniecake Lover11
Browniecake Lover11 Hace un día
I know school is HELL
Grammy Norma
Grammy Norma Hace un día
“Harsh words if you don’t get a pic with me” Me: *yeahhh... im pretty sure it’s about her fans*
Dwaine Breyer
Dwaine Breyer Hace un día
Do any of you see the cut on her arm from “Class fight” I think that’s the song.
tm 69
tm 69 Hace un día
# Billie Eillish feat. Melanie martinez
tm 69
tm 69 Hace un día
# Billie Eillish feat. Melanie martinez
tm 69
tm 69 Hace un día
# Billie Eillish feat. Melanie martinez
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