Melanie Martinez - Show & Tell [Official Music Video]

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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Written and Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producers: Wes Teshome, Phil Botti & Ron Shapiro
Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Tyler Zelinsky
Co-Producer: Gergely Varga
Co-Director: Alissa Torvinen
Director of Photography: Josh McKie
Choreography by Brian Friedman
Production Design by Fernanda Guerrero
Costume Design by Christina Flannery & Melanie Martinez
Hair by William Blair
Key Make Up: Devan Weitzman
Special FX Make Up: Mo Meinhart
Edited by Niles Howard & Emilie Aubry
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Hodges
Post Producer: Seth Josephson
Music by Melanie Martinez & Michael Keenan
Casting by Anissa Williams, Zora DeHorter & Attila Mercel

Crybaby: Melanie Martinez
Ms. Penelope: Olga Kovács

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melanie martinezshow & tellshow and tellofficial music video

Gledek Gaming
Gledek Gaming Hace un hora
Yg lagunya play det tuyu itu apa ya judulnya
ugandiano 300
ugandiano 300 Hace 3 horas
I only say UwU
Margarita Genestar Calderón
Margarita Genestar Calderón Hace 5 horas
i love this song :3
Maxs Life
Maxs Life Hace 5 horas
You are qween
GriffonGaming Hace 5 horas
I really like this song. Just became a fan and this is the reality of a great artist. If you love her music you'll be respectful.
Katia Cristina De Souza De Souza
Katia Cristina De Souza De Souza Hace 11 horas
adoro voce nao perco ninhum a musica amo seus quilpes voce canta muito bem melanne sou sua fan 😍❤💖💎
cecilia Cristobal
cecilia Cristobal Hace 13 horas
me gusta mucho
Armando Soto
Armando Soto Hace 13 horas
i think this song is the friggin BEST
Natalia Mendoza Ramirez
Natalia Mendoza Ramirez Hace 13 horas
Muy linda es
Nice Sario
Nice Sario Hace 14 horas
We stan a queen 👑🦋
【•Nënë Yûgī•】
【•Nënë Yûgī•】 Hace 14 horas
I need a custom dress side like this for me y'all it's so pretty!
Virginia Flores
Virginia Flores Hace 15 horas
Rvcfcwd wscwqc qqcfccqs wqcveqccecqqcxqs edcqcdvefcwwccewcvewdcedcdd ddcdxcddc ff
Virginia Flores
Virginia Flores Hace 15 horas
Ffcec scrvxqx e da. Qscrvcwvjn. Gdx sx x sax sax wct xq r xaxcd vgsax cdc ff vgvv Fx sz sax h.
MrRamirez85 Hace 15 horas
I love how there crazy about it xD
Aixah Soto
Aixah Soto Hace 16 horas
me: I try the choreography in my room at 3am the demon in my room: BRUTAL
mikeyla colon
mikeyla colon Hace 16 horas
Alan Ferias
Alan Ferias Hace 16 horas
Omg i like your vidio so súper biutefol
Elisiane Silva
Elisiane Silva Hace 18 horas
ItsyourwolfAkita UwU
ItsyourwolfAkita UwU Hace 19 horas
jasi Hace 19 horas
0:08 when you're teacher sees a good grade
Dipstick Hace 19 horas
I like how the video has 35 million views but the channel only has 11 million subs
Emmery Parkes
Emmery Parkes Hace 21 un hora
I like how most of her songs are about how she feels
Arwa Alkahli
Arwa Alkahli Hace un día
This is my favourite song!!!!!
Farzana Nadeem
Farzana Nadeem Hace un día
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Hace un día
Tanya Cottee
Tanya Cottee Hace un día
Melanie should be the queen of the world bc of her uniqueness and kindness 😘
Mäh Kawaii
Mäh Kawaii Hace un día
I really wanted to studet K-12 😔
Ali Istiak Chowdhury
Ali Istiak Chowdhury Hace un día
Love you I subscribe to you
Pavlina Boneva
Pavlina Boneva Hace un día
Shelfish love, the beat is almost the same😛🤯
bunsen1971 Hace un día
she is speshle selfish
Bøøtífül Pøtâtøēs
Bøøtífül Pøtâtøēs Hace un día
I just love it how *some people* say how Melanie gets attacked by fans but yet half of those people also attack her like the Crazy fans- This isn't directed at anyone
ghizlene Vega
ghizlene Vega Hace un día
I fell bad for her I think this is about her fans I mean being a celebrity is kinda hard well not kinda more like hard but I love how she still does what she wants to do and she is hella pretty don't know how God didn't make me pretty anyways have a blessed day 🙏😇😇❣️❣️🙏😇❣️❣️❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Gonzalo Belmonte
Gonzalo Belmonte Hace un día
Alguien Abla español? ;-; . 100,000 likes para que Melani Martines
Kevin Jesus Martinez Sanchez
Kevin Jesus Martinez Sanchez Hace un día
Yo hablo español y amo a Melanie💙
Marilyn Escobar
Marilyn Escobar Hace un día
I can tell its hard to mack
Kamallast _
Kamallast _ Hace un día
Alternative-pop Perfection, if you're listening to these artists your taste is 💎. - Billie Eilish - Melanie Martinez - AURORA - Lorde - Au/ra - Lana Del Rey - Allie X - FKA Twigs - Halsey - Marina Diamandis 💙
Jimena Valles
Jimena Valles Hace 12 horas
Alec Benjamin?
Lorenza Cry baby
Lorenza Cry baby Hace un día
9 meses treinando a ms musica ♡
NotAHuman NoHumansHere
NotAHuman NoHumansHere Hace un día
UrLocalTomboi Hace un día
This song makes me happy because there's too many people that compare musicians for their benefit it's sickening. Like you wouldn't compare two people you know so why tf do you compare people you don't?
Yeilis Avila
Yeilis Avila Hace un día
love this music
Kârrië Gacha
Kârrië Gacha Hace un día
pinches locas que se pintan el pelo son horribles que se creen :V
S.A GAMER Hace un día
Poor this doll i hope later someone fix her :
الفضائيه _ليسا UvU
الفضائيه _ليسا UvU Hace un día
ذس از طرب
salomey donkor
salomey donkor Hace un día
Wow she has good bones how dose she move it like that?
kyra clarizio
kyra clarizio Hace un día
Your songs are amazing😘🥰😍😇
Deep Lilac
Deep Lilac Hace un día
Shes an imperfectly perfect queen
Arely Jiménez
Arely Jiménez Hace un día
Amooooo tus videos sos la mejor 💖
Byeon Sunghae
Byeon Sunghae Hace un día
Essa é a infeliz realidade de muitos Cantores famosos, todos querem que vc seja perfeito é vc não pode mostrar oque realmente sente,e nunca tem privacidade,não pode ter uma vida normal. Eu adoro quando cantores,rapers,falam disso em suas musicas,dá pra sentir que eles estão falando a verdade,e que dá um alívio para eles falarem isso.
borbilicious freefly
borbilicious freefly Hace un día
peep: ( these short girls with glasses who never open their eyes are so obsessed with my friends! i never flirt with them or hang out with them only academic purposes or mystery solving!!! )
I luv cats so much
I luv cats so much Hace un día
If you think about it and really listen to the lyrics it's so deep and important, like someone's controlling you when you want it to stop. Like as if cry baby is a marionette with strings and the person is making her what they want her to do, (which is obviously what the teacher is doing to cry baby in the video)
Nayane Silva Melo
Nayane Silva Melo Hace un día
i love you
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Hace un día
Россия 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Olivia dawsey
Olivia dawsey Hace un día
I'm 7 WOW and I'm watching this
Dulce & Hikari
Dulce & Hikari Hace un día
hello melanie martines no one mexic
Yoshka Labrador
Yoshka Labrador Hace 2 días
Can someone make a mashup with Irene & Seulgi's Monster because I think they'd sound so good together
Cxtton Cuddles
Cxtton Cuddles Hace 2 días
Hi, if your seeing this, cool! So I’m doing something for each Melanie Martinez song where people write in the comments ( of my comment section :) ) about what this song means to them. Write about how you can relate to the song, how it makes you feel and what you think it’s supposed to be about. There is no right or wrong answer here, just say it truthfully. Look out for this comment in other Mel songs. I hope you have a great day!
MOON SUN Hace 2 días
1:28 also ITZY's song Wannabe's dance😑 (they copied to Melanie:/)
Евдакова Екатерина
Евдакова Екатерина Hace 2 días
Ну кто-то же зашло на видео из русских?🥺🗿
Amy Somers
Amy Somers Hace 2 días
Your so cute!!!!😍😍
thefcknviking Hace 2 días
Love this song. So catchy. But I do think celebrities should be thankful and grateful that their fans made them all their money and fame and even want to take pictures with them or get autographs from them.
Mica Bautista
Mica Bautista Hace 2 días
She was aware of her fans, well, she’s Melanie! She can do anything perfectly uwu
Lieyneeth Remigio
Lieyneeth Remigio Hace 2 días
Billie eilish: show not tell. Melanie Martinez: show and tell. Me: school is hell.
꧁Nylah 11.11.11꧂
꧁Nylah 11.11.11꧂ Hace 2 días
Me 8 sings song at night so i can sing this song
siham giwargis
siham giwargis Hace 2 días
When I bring gum into the classroom and the first thing I see: 3:14
Santiago Gaynor
Santiago Gaynor Hace 2 días
Perfect :D
Chris Hague
Chris Hague Hace 2 días
I had show and tell the other day on my vurtalized classes and u were in it moipla
Tia Lps
Tia Lps Hace 2 días
Demon Skin
Demon Skin Hace 2 días
Sixs omgs
Nadia Cedeño
Nadia Cedeño Hace 2 días
Nadia Cedeño
Nadia Cedeño Hace 2 días
Anyone else been practicing this dance at 3 am during quarantine
Kirsty O'Connell
Kirsty O'Connell Hace 2 días
It is not fair how she is treated tike she is nothing but a object she is honest she is kind the people who hate her are jealous
Ariana Yazuri Tinoco
Ariana Yazuri Tinoco Hace 2 días
amo tus canciones y tu forma de ser melanie gracias por ayudarme y consolarme en mis problemas :3
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