Melanie Martinez - Nurse's Office [Official Music Video]

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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Written and Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producers: Wes Teshome, Phil Botti & Ron Shapiro
Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Tyler Zelinsky
Co-Producer: Gergely Varga
Co-Director: Alissa Torvinen
Director of Photography: Josh McKie
Choreography by Brian Friedman
Production Design by Fernanda Guerrero
Costume Design by Christina Flannery & Melanie Martinez
Hair by William Blair
Key Make Up: Devan Weitzman
Special FX Make Up: Mo Meinhart
Edited by Niles Howard & Emilie Aubry
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Hodges
Post Producer: Seth Josephson
Music by Melanie Martinez & Michael Keenan
Casting by Anissa Williams, Zora DeHorter & Attila Mercel
Crybaby: Melanie Martinez
Angelita: Emma Harvey
Lillith: Kimesha Campbell
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Joey Steele
Joey Steele Hace 3 horas
But I love this song though and the movie
Joey Steele
Joey Steele Hace 3 horas
No I don't
I'M A BAD GUY DUH Hace 5 horas
*Me Doing Nurses Dance* My Sister Catching Me: MAMA, HER TOURETTES ARE KICKING AGAIN
Foxy and Kids
Foxy and Kids Hace 5 horas
There hair is blood😃
Irys Will
Irys Will Hace 5 horas
I l o v e t h i s s o n g 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
nuza Ccf
nuza Ccf Hace 8 horas
that thumbnail tho
Sophia Valenzuela
Sophia Valenzuela Hace 8 horas
melane love 😍
spinel Hace 9 horas
In the moment 2:49~2:50 One of the nurses has decadent hands After that when lilith used her powers she quickly put her hands straight
Makenzie Brown
Makenzie Brown Hace 9 horas
Me watching this with my headphones😌 Starts to like the song more RIP my ears🔊
Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez Hace 9 horas
Mini 8900 White Oh my God man in the you your bat
Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez Hace 9 horas
Mini Ironman and Nemo
Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez Hace 9 horas
You look in on my God
Bella_ Belle10
Bella_ Belle10 Hace 11 horas
Love the way she makes a horror video with colourful colours
Chiquita Coleman
Chiquita Coleman Hace 16 horas
Meh love this song.teacher can I seat this girl behind is cutting my hair
Clube dos cry babys UwU
Clube dos cry babys UwU Hace 17 horas
Sarah XCX
Sarah XCX Hace 19 horas
Keep going, creator, God bless you.
collin mongi
collin mongi Hace un día
Who remembers when this song was called pink slip the glod old days 🥺
Ella Mull
Ella Mull Hace un día
Honestly don’t come for me but Melanie is in need of help... like who makes a video like this
Elisiane Silva
Elisiane Silva Hace un día
Isobelle Footer. 4
Isobelle Footer. 4 Hace 13 horas
hyawii owo
hyawii owo Hace un día
Punch me
Scarleth Caceres
Scarleth Caceres Hace un día
Sketchie el Primero
Sketchie el Primero Hace un día
The Nurse’s Office looked so expensive to build-
lolanavin2 Hace un día
Real nurse :lemme help Twisted nurse:Dance
emokid with uncontrol able emoitions
emokid with uncontrol able emoitions Hace un día
This is me trying to be nice and just ignoring my actual feelings and emotion
emokid with uncontrol able emoitions
emokid with uncontrol able emoitions Hace un día
You just can't stop faking your actual feelings
That One Spinel Fan Named Juleka
That One Spinel Fan Named Juleka Hace un día
Relatable and I hate it...
danceinghamster Ameila
danceinghamster Ameila Hace un día
This is an low buget nurse office
Wendy Clarke
Wendy Clarke Hace un día
Looks lush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
DummieGacha Hace un día
This is SOO FAKE OMG!! They forgot the ice pack and Lavender Essential oils
That One Spinel Fan Named Juleka
That One Spinel Fan Named Juleka Hace un día
Mei Vi
Mei Vi Hace un día
1:14 the nurses walked like nurse from silent hills 😂😂
Lunaxuniverse Hace un día
This song hits different in quarantine
ItZ Freya
ItZ Freya Hace un día
Who else thinks melanie Martinez could also be great at ASMR videos
-_Dark_ Bloom_-
-_Dark_ Bloom_- Hace un día
Mel is the only person that can do the ‘O’ mouth without looking cringe XD (P.s i wish the nurse at school like this:’D)
Duru Pala
Duru Pala Hace un día
*please coming turkey ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The R.A.T OG
The R.A.T OG Hace 2 días
Me fell asleep at the end a two in the morning:😴😴 No one* Gatorade ad:NOTHING HELPS LIKE GATORADE
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez Hace 2 días
i was promised 3 minutes not 2 minutes and 59 seconds
Jadalizz Diaz
Jadalizz Diaz Hace 2 días
Salvatore Di Liberto
Salvatore Di Liberto Hace 2 días
Meme-w -Girl
Meme-w -Girl Hace 2 días
This isn’t real...! *The nurses didn’t give them a ice packs*
ItsyourwolfAkita UwU
ItsyourwolfAkita UwU Hace 2 días
the dancing is so cool 😂🤧💖
Duru Pala
Duru Pala Hace 2 días
Very good mel ❤️
ツGatįnho Hace 2 días
Andrea Manaois
Andrea Manaois Hace 2 días
*covid-19 has entered the chat*
Bengü Tura
Bengü Tura Hace 2 días
Cannot believe I am listening a song full with sneezing, snorting, taking off band-aids sounds and it sounds amazing
Summer Happy
Summer Happy Hace 3 días
Oh mah gawd (o.o) THIS IS SO FREAKING CATCHYYYYYYY AHHHHH (besides play date When I cant sleep I sing the song play date in my head I did it last night lol)
Ana Paula Sánchez Arellano
Ana Paula Sánchez Arellano Hace 3 días
Maria Roman
Maria Roman Hace 3 días
1:15 what was that vampire walk the nurse was doin XD good song tho
Claudiney Paiva
Claudiney Paiva Hace 3 días
bia gamerchan
bia gamerchan Hace 3 días
I'm love melanie
Lynn Who?
Lynn Who? Hace 3 días
When i sang this at school the nurse thought i was dissing her or something ●_●
Cxtton Cuddles
Cxtton Cuddles Hace 3 días
Hi, if your seeing this, cool! So I’m doing something for each Melanie Martinez song where people write in the comments ( of my comment section :) ) about what this song means to them. Write about how you can relate to the song, how it makes you feel and what you think it’s supposed to be about. There is no right or wrong answer here, just say it truthfully. Look out for this comment in other Mel songs. I hope you have a great day!
Remzije NdrukajwayujdNdrukajwayujdNdrukajwayujd
Remzije NdrukajwayujdNdrukajwayujdNdrukajwayujd Hace 3 días
You muzic is so përfekt
rougy gamer
rougy gamer Hace 3 días
the rythm kinda sounds like copycat i still like both songs they're amazing u-u
Alicia DeGuzman
Alicia DeGuzman Hace 4 días
the boy who sneezes at the begginning: me: cOrOnAViRuS
Brandon Farrow
Brandon Farrow Hace 4 días
💢*People Dying* Me:The Nurses Be Half Coffin DANCING Them To Their Death AlSo Me: V 💢 ○ ○ ^ Editing:Who Else Can Make That Face? Show Me In The Comments In The Comments ThInG
babs Hace 4 días
Honestly I would’ve just put her in rice
ღ lovely chan :3
ღ lovely chan :3 Hace 4 días
Que orrendo no me gusto para nada es muy fea
Benjamín Mella
Benjamín Mella Hace 4 días
Tu también debes ser muy fea en la vida real y nadie dice nada
Alana Rahim
Alana Rahim Hace 4 días
Omg i love how the nurses are dancing 😂
Adriana X
Adriana X Hace 4 días
2:01 me laughing on a stupid meme at 3 am
Faith is tired
Faith is tired Hace 4 días
These are the ladies we need to stop Coronavirus 😳😂
Lila Simon
Lila Simon Hace 4 días
FRENCH LYRICS OF THIS SONG Ne me coupe pas, me frappe pas Laisse juste moi aller dans le bureau de l’infirmière Ou je vais m’envoler loin Je suis aussi pâle que *work in progress*
Isobelle Footer. 4
Isobelle Footer. 4 Hace 13 horas
Aaron Zammert
Aaron Zammert Hace 4 días
Her:I want to go home ME:I want to die it’s to much pain
Roseta Blanco
Roseta Blanco Hace 4 días
SGS SGS Hace 4 días
SGS SGS Hace 4 días
duusk Hace 4 días
milkkuen ・ᴗ・
milkkuen ・ᴗ・ Hace 4 días
💖💖👏🏻👏🏻Soo good
Ricardo Rijos
Ricardo Rijos Hace 5 días
Mi canción favorita de K-12... El comentario en español que estabas esperando
Roselyn 1
Roselyn 1 Hace 5 días
Nurses go off off off xD I love that part
*•Gacha Ice Kitty•*
*•Gacha Ice Kitty•* Hace 5 días
Ugh all Melanie needed was an ice pack dude 🙄
maria martinez
maria martinez Hace 5 días
Me: sitting there having a heart attack My: nurses at my school should be : calls a doctor My: nurses reality: here have some ice Me: BRO HOW IS THAT GONNA HELP ME STOOPID >:) My: friend: walks in * My: friend: Oki I'd rather though up than go to nurses office Other people: sees me dying slowly * Them: oki bye guess this is ur last day on earth Me: CALL A AMBULANCE Them:walks out of room * Me: oki bye people My stupid mind:dang it
ariana cisneros
ariana cisneros Hace 5 días
Coronavirus xd
Xitlali Valente
Xitlali Valente Hace 5 días
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