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Dancerlula345 Najera
Dancerlula345 Najera Hace 17 horas
This was the best movie ever.❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰 This was so good
a girl from jupiter
a girl from jupiter Hace 17 horas
Nathan Davila Toro
Nathan Davila Toro Hace 17 horas
3:50 - 7:23 Wheels On The Bus/12:19 - 13:28/ 15:40- 18:15 Class Fight 20:49 - 23:42 The Principal 24:36 - 28:06 Show And Tell 28:57 - 31:57 Nurse's Office 34:57 - 38:38 Drama Club 40:22 - 43:21 Strawberry Shortcake 46:23 - 49:00 Lunchbox Friends 50:58 - 54:23 Orange Juice 56:10 - 1:00:10 Detention 1:01:39 - 1:05:38 Teacher's Pet 1:06:34 - 1:11:41 High School Sweethearts 1:17:32 - 1:21:20 Recess 1:27:51 - 1:32:06 Fire Drill. this is also a copy from 3 comments so thanks since i just wanted the songs this is just a really creative idea so decided to copy and paste its really helpfull people spend so mich time on these so i always say when i use sombodys comment
Fake Egg
Fake Egg Hace 17 horas
Wow I didn’t realise this would be as triggering at it was
Curiouzity Hace 17 horas
K-12 Songs (in order) Melanie Martinez Wheels on the Bus: 3:55 Class Fight: 15:29 The Principal: 20:48 Show & Tell: 24:26 Nurse's Office: 28:57 Drama Club: 35:04 Strawberry Shortcake: 40:23 Lunchbox Friends: 46:22 Orange Juice: 51:04 Detention: 56:11 Teacher's Pet: 1:01:42 High School Sweethearts: 1:06:34 Recess: 1:17:33 Correct me if I'm wrong, thank you!
Cerveza J.R.
Cerveza J.R. Hace 17 horas
Todo este tiempo inactiva lo ha valido :3
Overanalyzingismyhobby Hace 17 horas
When a girl takes your man so you take her life
Talia Reinstein
Talia Reinstein Hace 17 horas
She really cares for international fans like me.🥳 good Job Melanie was an awesome movie!!
coisa bisara
coisa bisara Hace 17 horas
Alguém do Brasil? Assistindo essa diva.
Sienna Bills
Sienna Bills Hace 17 horas
2:35 in the background is the Sim City sound when you click on the education specialization wow I have been playing too much sim city
Nuzhat plays roblox
Nuzhat plays roblox Hace 17 horas
I've just heard all those bad words and I'm still in primary school but I really like her style and her singing she is soo inspiring and I love and I mean to love by really love her hairstyle and the movie
Claudia Telles
Claudia Telles Hace 17 horas
melanie what a good movie I watched three times
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris Hace 17 horas
Ayyyy my name is Angelina sksksksksksksksksksksksksk
Angel The Cat
Angel The Cat Hace 17 horas
Who had a better move in Class Fight? Comment K for Kelly C for Crybaby
Ginevra Eilish
Ginevra Eilish Hace 17 horas
Ok... I WANT K-12 2 NOW
Antonio Cabrera
Antonio Cabrera Hace 17 horas
Trash Hooman
Trash Hooman Hace 17 horas
Can someone explain the orange juice song I'm kinda oblivious to what's going on with the oranges
The Queen Mimi
The Queen Mimi Hace 17 horas
i dodnt know her before this ... ive heard of this and wanted to watch it .. now im in love with melanie and this is the best thing ive ever watched , i can die peacefully now
TʜɪRᴛᴅᴅʏ Hace 17 horas
Les sous-titres fr svp
freakshow everything
freakshow everything Hace 17 horas
I understand all the songs
Gaia Bologna
Gaia Bologna Hace 17 horas
All I can say is WOW so many topics in once,you got it girl💘😻
The Queen Mimi
The Queen Mimi Hace 17 horas
i didnt sneeze but thank you for blessing me
Phumlani Mlotshwa
Phumlani Mlotshwa Hace 17 horas
I don't like the fact that she smokes coz she's contributing to destroying the planet which is already dying
xox tourmalinexoxo
xox tourmalinexoxo Hace 17 horas
She hasnt just blessed us with a movie shes blessed us with so many more songs! Xx
100 Marissa
100 Marissa Hace 17 horas
Omg guys go back to melanies mad hatter mv and at 0.59 the same girl that plays Angelina (Melanies friend) in k-12 is in the mad hatter mv I just figured it out
kaylee ramirez
kaylee ramirez Hace 17 horas
Maeva Anglio
Maeva Anglio Hace 17 horas
Why detention is so undergroud in the comments ? *insert* I don't understand meme
Dancerlula345 Najera
Dancerlula345 Najera Hace 17 horas
I love this so much❤️❤️
Jess Egerton
Jess Egerton Hace 17 horas
This is a perfect work of art and everyone needs to see it
valeria dumitrascu
valeria dumitrascu Hace 17 horas
What happened to Kelly at the end?
Timorian Hobbs
Timorian Hobbs Hace 17 horas
She looks like azzy from azzyland
xox tourmalinexoxo
xox tourmalinexoxo Hace 17 horas
Billie eillish: im a bad guy Melanie: im not a bad guy...
Rigoberto Jacinto
Rigoberto Jacinto Hace 17 horas
I want that melanie martniez to make anothor movie part 2
IVORY Williams
IVORY Williams Hace 17 horas
Carolyn Musick
Carolyn Musick Hace 17 horas
I wish this was a movie!!
xox tourmalinexoxo
xox tourmalinexoxo Hace 17 horas
Melanie is so amazing first she made a film that took so much effort,money and time and she put it on youtube for free and she made a song about oranges and still made it sound amazing
Gacha Heart
Gacha Heart Hace 17 horas
This was awesome to watch and definitely kept me entertained, which is rare for me! Thank you so much for making this movie!
Dancing Doodle
Dancing Doodle Hace 17 horas
Every time I watch this. I will leave a comment.
Rachel Marsh
Rachel Marsh Hace 17 horas
42:52 Goku who ???
eli red
eli red Hace 17 horas
Melanie is an real artist and a PHILOSOPHER
Nathalia Carvalho
Nathalia Carvalho Hace 17 horas
Não me canso de ver, é simplesmente fantástico todo seu trabalho... Amo muito 😍😍😍😍
Julianah Ajayi
Julianah Ajayi Hace 17 horas
58:56 did they just rub their...
《《 Dada 》》
《《 Dada 》》 Hace 17 horas
OMGG this film is my new favourite💕
rayzando Hace 17 horas
Divaaaa , falou tudooooo amo essa garota meu DEUS
Miriam RM
Miriam RM Hace 17 horas
Ame la película,ojalá esté en cines tambuen
Supbitch Hace 17 horas
I love this
AnuShKa GaMiNg
AnuShKa GaMiNg Hace 17 horas
What you are finding 20:47
Gamer YsabelleFaye
Gamer YsabelleFaye Hace 17 horas
I wish she could make a sequel kinda thing where their on their second life and their all somehow connected and they all would have another school named K-Bye. LOL😂
Tesia Mazu
Tesia Mazu Hace 17 horas
I love this film💗💗💗🖤💗💗💗OMG
Mangamy _
Mangamy _ Hace 17 horas
42:40 Rick is it you?
justabandlover x
justabandlover x Hace 17 horas
I'm so proud of her♡ She even gave us a free song at the end, just like that. She owns the most beautiful, talented soul. I loved the movie so much Mel, thank you for everything 💗
Kyrell Hace 17 horas
Me here trying to blinking my eyes off trying to see if i have the "ability"😂
xox tourmalinexoxo
xox tourmalinexoxo Hace 17 horas
What age is this movie?
joedefranco Hace 17 horas
its just not cool
kc REYES Hace 18 horas
I just noticed that her tattoo's are gone... LOL
chivis miron
chivis miron Hace 18 horas
En mi difinicion es una excelente película no tiene errores los efectos especiales se ven realistas y esmuy interesante te envuelves en la historia. MELANIE MARTÍNEZ es la MEJOR ataría hermoso que diera a conocer la segunda parte,
Nicole Yao
Nicole Yao Hace 18 horas
Why is no one talking about how fucking conceptual this movie is. How she's in a world where it is totally fucked up by just average toxic people. Crybaby, is different and she is trying to embrace this shitty world, but she is different. Like its just weird cause its just an exact an representation of highschool reputation in my life. Popular kids are stuck in a stigma to be pretty perfect, but their friends actully dont give a fuck about them. and as soon as some of these sheep who are caught alone with real people, like at school parties. When they get so drunk, they legit break down, because they dont feel accepted in their own group and just breaking down to a person who is different. They recieved so much comfort, much more than their group of friends they hang out with. Its just a bit different in K-12 the outsiders join Cry Baby, but in my life. Its more like a mental respect for each other as we both stay in our different groups. I never really listened to Melanie, but like there is so much more to this movie and i have only watched it once, but it just talks about so much issues about growing up at any stage of life. There needs to be more apprecation about how fucking conceptual this is. She is speaking with her mind, voice and body. There is honestly too much too say about this gahhh it is amazing, honestly.
Yolan M’foukh
Yolan M’foukh Hace 18 horas
Bushy and Katiee
Bushy and Katiee Hace 18 horas
yall can we appreciate how the song "The principal"is a subtle diss on trump XD! omg I love melanie this movie is so good wth
Taylays Tay
Taylays Tay Hace 18 horas
Her tour is like 40 minutes away from me
Wicked Widow
Wicked Widow Hace 18 horas
I don't know how to feel except cry with joy and scream because this is a gift that I never knew I needed. Thank you melanie omg the wait was worth it
Migz Kc Mikylo Genilo
Migz Kc Mikylo Genilo Hace 18 horas
She’s litarally the living embodiment of art
alluringlyrics Hace 18 horas
Im not a fan of melanie but she really outdid it with this. amazing. also i love how appreciative this fanbase is :)
TheMystical Unicorn!!!
TheMystical Unicorn!!! Hace 18 horas
IF ANYONE IS FROM TIK TOK, THE SONG STARTS AT 46:23. U can thank me later
K Drive
K Drive Hace 18 horas
Wait. So that was like, an actual giant cake they used? Not like, a prop or something. JESUS CHIRST THATS A HUGE EFFING CAKE
Hana Aganbegović
Hana Aganbegović Hace 18 horas
FireAspect 12
FireAspect 12 Hace 17 horas
Hana Aganbegović How do you get that font?
ayse gcl
ayse gcl Hace 18 horas
why isnt she in a Tim Burton movie already
Adonai Gomes
Adonai Gomes Hace 18 horas
Pra quem é BR e curte essa mina pra c@# mas não entende o mínimo de inglês... É só ativar as legendas, tem português
Catherine Mernin
Catherine Mernin Hace 18 horas
Brava! That was a great movie! Underrated star imo!
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore Hace 18 horas
*Tries to dance like them, but looks like a fish having a seizure*
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