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melanie martinez

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Nghi Vo
Nghi Vo Hace 3 minutos
this movie is great 1 like
Evie Dream
Evie Dream Hace 5 minutos
When the cleaner clean up the principal's limbs: eh happens everyday
cheese burger
cheese burger Hace 44 minutos
if have a gap like melanie martinez gurl im here for u melanie i alwase get bullied roo ur not the only one who has a gap im here for u guyrl
Viki Zaharieva
Viki Zaharieva Hace 48 minutos
I LOVE YOUUUUUUU😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💛💛❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💛💖💛💖💛💗💗❤💗❤💖💓💓❤❤💛💜💜💜💜💜💜
Meme person
Meme person Hace 54 minutos
Melanie : how do we destroy this place My Minecraft mind : TNT it
Haniyah Ahmed
Haniyah Ahmed Hace 59 minutos
Love it!~
Gavin’s_ Grave
Gavin’s_ Grave Hace un hora
9:27 me and my best friend be like
• Ariana Gaming •
• Ariana Gaming • Hace un hora
I love all the girly stuff 💗💗💗
coffee tube
coffee tube Hace un hora
Like it if u think school is a piece of shit
cheese burger
cheese burger Hace un hora
do i notice thats her dancers with this vid is desame people ;me huh
Anaya Period
Anaya Period Hace un hora
I can’t even tell you guys how many times I have seen this movie
Anaya Period
Anaya Period Hace un hora
I love you Melanie I hope you reschedule your tour soon I really wanna see youuuuu!!
sîmpłÿ Çhłøe
sîmpłÿ Çhłøe Hace un hora
Hug_Master Hace un hora
I watched this like 1000000000 times
Takipçisi Eksilen Başar
Takipçisi Eksilen Başar Hace un hora
tember white
tember white Hace un hora
Darnit a cliffhanger
Julie Saldaña
Julie Saldaña Hace 2 horas
Wait is she making a second one tho you can't leave us hangingggg 😫
Lily-jayne Parker
Lily-jayne Parker Hace 2 horas
Ahmed ELAMIN Hace 2 horas
I can watch k-12 1,0000 and not get bored
ToXy Hace 2 horas
I love it omg
є๓๏รเкค Hace 2 horas
kocham to (tak wiem polski język XD)
Alexia Toledano
Alexia Toledano Hace 2 horas
Legend has it the school is still flying
Fujoshi Life
Fujoshi Life Hace 2 horas
It's an Open ending :0
• Haeniix-kun •
• Haeniix-kun • Hace 3 horas
Melanie : "Felipe!" Me: *wait what-*
RainyCloud 147
RainyCloud 147 Hace 3 horas
i have watched dis alot 😆
Gina Matibag
Gina Matibag Hace 3 horas
The 47k dislike are from people who missed the Livestream of the movie
CloüddyDrägon Hace 3 horas
The first song I heard of Melanie was show and tell then I saw movie in November last year
CloüddyDrägon Hace 3 horas
Gina Matibag
Gina Matibag Hace 3 horas
Hi everyone watching this during quarantine
Angela Shinner
Angela Shinner Hace 3 horas
I can’t believe this hasn’t won an oscar or sth. This discussed the most important social problems that many people don’t even see and it’s such an important piece of art but no one has noticed it.
Ferero 146
Ferero 146 Hace 3 horas
Too much singing me put like more like a movie or show it is
Ferero 146
Ferero 146 Hace 3 horas
Skews you lots of swearing but I love your fashion
Ur Baka
Ur Baka Hace 3 horas
fElIpE dOnT sCaRe mE lIkE tHaT
Raya J
Raya J Hace 3 horas
I love thisssss
HoneyBee Hace 3 horas
6:50 mya is literally in the front seat with a girl on the right side- and then shes on the left side with dan.. 👁👄👁
Sophie Dosa_notdossi
Sophie Dosa_notdossi Hace 3 horas
28:21 that Chinese dude coughed. I think he has corona. This movie is all about predicting the future 😳
putriy impian impian
putriy impian impian Hace 4 horas
Kak!!! Cerite nye bes!!😃😃
random mehs
random mehs Hace 4 horas
Melanie's always rocking my world I love her so much
Cadence Viveros
Cadence Viveros Hace 4 horas
11:45 period
Shringa Nayak
Shringa Nayak Hace 4 horas
She's soo beautiful
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Hace 4 horas
How meny beautiful women do you want in this movie melanie: yes
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Hace 4 horas
If U DoNT PUt tHAt FlO0r sPeGtii DoWn!
Callmeh Olive
Callmeh Olive Hace 4 horas
I’m absolutely obsessed with this
송진이 Hace 4 horas
누가 해석좀 부탁함 🙇🏻‍♀️
Andreas gacha Ice cream
Andreas gacha Ice cream Hace 4 horas
Kim Giwa
Kim Giwa Hace 4 horas
Do we have to buy the movie to see if she makes her choice? I’m so mad that’s where it ended🙁🙁☹️
slurpin malk
slurpin malk Hace 4 horas
I mean nothing makes sense but she makes it make sense and it’s pure talent-
tacocat grace
tacocat grace Hace 4 horas
tacocat grace
tacocat grace Hace 4 horas
Were twins we have the same tooth gap!!!!
Milli Caputo
Milli Caputo Hace 5 horas
Producer: so how many songs are in this? Melanie: yes
Thea Haliani
Thea Haliani Hace 5 horas
The fact that she put this on ESwomen for free 🥺❤️ A true Queen👑
Ignite Break Timer
Ignite Break Timer Hace 5 horas
Her breathe voice is addictive. She has vibe of Ariana Grande, Hailey Stanfield, Halsey, camila cabello, but *she* is herself. If u are reading Melanie, you are not ugly, don't feel like that, your amazing, and this music album film is really good, even the story and theme Hits our heart ❤️. A success! EDIT- Part -2
aesthetics Vlog
aesthetics Vlog Hace 5 horas
4:34 - wheels on the bus 21:00 - the principal 25:00- show and tell 27:01- Nurse Office 35:10- Drama Club 41:00 strawberry shortcake 47:20 LunchBox Friend 51:00 Orange Juice 56:37-detention
Ryan Playz
Ryan Playz Hace 5 horas
Who wants part 2?
Definitely Not Mochirii
Definitely Not Mochirii Hace 5 horas
Plot twist: They didn’t use effects
Julie Ro
Julie Ro Hace 5 horas
Amberle_gachamaster Gacha_is le best
Amberle_gachamaster Gacha_is le best Hace 5 horas
I personally wanna see what’s next but I’m grateful and it’s great
Zori Zorka111
Zori Zorka111 Hace 6 horas
3:47 🙄😟😥 poor Melanie...
Yukiie Hace 6 horas
i'm just a loser............
Yukiie Hace 6 horas
Yukiie Hace 6 horas
thats hard for me if i do that
Åöı Hace 6 horas
No one gonna talk about the TARANTULA was in her CEREAL?
Mare Glez
Mare Glez Hace 6 horas
No entendí ni madres,pero me gusto :)
Its??? - 50k chalange no vid’s
Its??? - 50k chalange no vid’s Hace 6 horas
Melanie: Makes a film and puts it for free with no ad’s on ESwomen Me: Oh my god! This film costed so much and she just puts it on ESwomen for free!? My sis: Wait what? Who are you talkin’ about? Me again: In ESwomen search Melanie Martinez K-12 Sis again: OH MY GOSH I searched it up and I found the real FILM FROM HER! Just did this because I wanted to =/\•_•/\=
GamerHANG GAMER_YEA Hace 6 horas
Omg this best
Sophie Dosa_notdossi
Sophie Dosa_notdossi Hace 6 horas
Anyone in here while blm. That man who said America’s is about “justice and liberty” HE FULL ON GOT DRAGGED FOR SPEAKING TRUTHFULLNESS
Julie Saldaña
Julie Saldaña Hace 2 horas
I cried for that part bc I understood it more
Galaxia Gurl
Galaxia Gurl Hace 4 horas
They predicted the future
Callmeh Olive
Callmeh Olive Hace 4 horas
Honestly that has so much truth now, while rewatching I’m like oh shi-
star :p
star :p Hace 6 horas
2:13 song in back?
ok ?
ok ? Hace 6 horas
I want to know what's after the door!!! Whyyyyyyyyy
xoxokalyxoxo :p
xoxokalyxoxo :p Hace 6 horas
Can u do another one
darkness anime
darkness anime Hace 6 horas
Normal people slamming alarm Crybaby: so you have chosen I will slam you across the room
Galactic Noobs the official
Galactic Noobs the official Hace 6 horas
Melanie do you have a tik tok named littlebodybigheart just want to now 😄
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