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VIIIH Hace 10 minutos
SunnyPx3ches Hace 11 minutos
I watch this too much😂😂😂😂❤️
Rylie Nehring
Rylie Nehring Hace 14 minutos
I love your move 🤑😂🙀👍👌
Mimi sassy girl
Mimi sassy girl Hace 19 minutos
I don’t understand how she still even likes that boy when he pushed her for no reason
Madison Bishel
Madison Bishel Hace 21 un minuto
honestly i think if anybody else did this it would suck Melanie is the only one who can pull this off like she did even make us pay to see this and im happy cause like its amazing
Taya Guillaume
Taya Guillaume Hace 27 minutos
omg melanie and her friends had powers and they where my fav also fuck every one else i loved the girl who came through the door too melanie I LOVE YOU :3
laura Soriano
laura Soriano Hace 30 minutos
Midnight_doggo 222
Midnight_doggo 222 Hace 43 minutos
I got sad at the end cause she didn’t go with the others but what a beautiful film 🎞 she deserves something like this I love you 😘 Mel I wish u read this comment because this film means so much for me and i wish u were my friend and 😘
Ashley Plays
Ashley Plays Hace 45 minutos
Teacher-are u deaf ? Sit ur asses down Melanie and her friend - sorry ms deaf Me-her last names deaf ? Also me- I guess she’s deaf to 🤣
Sammy Forbes
Sammy Forbes Hace 47 minutos
This is amazing.I love this so much.Melanie is so creative. (:
Alana Garcia
Alana Garcia Hace un hora
brandons charecter changed throughout the movie look at his face see the diffrence
Mircea Vladu
Mircea Vladu Hace un hora
Crybaby: Blows spit bubble Angelita: PiNCh mE I’m DReAmInG Magnolia: Yeets Angelita a pinch Angelita: OWWWWWWWW
Bts Jung Cooky
Bts Jung Cooky Hace un hora
The video: *Flamingo fans* Felipe what are you doing in there? Me: EEEEEEEEEEEEE
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
I love that in lunchbox friends, no one gives a fuck that shes standing on the tables and dancing in the middle of no where
RV likes milk
RV likes milk Hace un hora
Ngl the name fèlipe for a Spider is cute af!!! The spider is cute too!! Not being silly tho I’m being serious SO CUTE AAAA
__ GoldenWolfSunrise __
__ GoldenWolfSunrise __ Hace un hora
Recess: *A whole new meaning to “Dance til your dead”*
Joao Miguel
Joao Miguel Hace un hora
Joao Miguel
Joao Miguel Hace un hora
Best movie forever
Margie Hadley
Margie Hadley Hace un hora
She has a bodysuit on the naked part
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
@Smile family fake fan ewwww
Smile family
Smile family Hace un hora
Margie Hadley DISGUSTING>: (
Alana Garcia
Alana Garcia Hace un hora
have u noticed that the door in the beggining says 1rst grade and in show in tell it says 3rd grade on the chalk board
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
Pachia Vang
Pachia Vang Hace un hora
Noooooo!!! I need a part 2 ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!×!!!!!!!
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
Be patient She spent so long just to make 1 movie and she spent lots of money to put it for free w/ no ads
boba milki
boba milki Hace un hora
For some reason, it's feels like is a 1995 life for me right now-
Alyssa Hicks
Alyssa Hicks Hace 2 horas
Elizabeth Castillo
Elizabeth Castillo Hace 2 horas
Your so talented!
um pouco de tudo e mais um pouco
um pouco de tudo e mais um pouco Hace 2 horas
Cadê os brasileiroooosss, ainda bem q tem legenda em português meu Deeeeeeeus😍
Sherrese Harrison
Sherrese Harrison Hace 2 horas
If Melanie is your fav likes l l l
Carolina_gacha _games_br
Carolina_gacha _games_br Hace 2 horas
I have no words to say Melanie It's amazing i love It you are the best I LOVE YOU MELANIE! YOU ARE THE BEST i love your clips I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
- αηgєl
- αηgєl Hace 2 horas
M E L A N I E M A R T I N E Z 💜
Melissa Arruda
Melissa Arruda Hace 2 horas
Coisa de burro
Coisa de burro Hace 2 horas
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
Whut the..?
linee :'3
linee :'3 Hace 2 horas
vc e perfeitaa
Puppichino Hace 2 horas
U can see the one guy’s soul slowly exiting his body when crybaby said yes to the principals son.
Obsidiots333 Gacha
Obsidiots333 Gacha Hace 2 horas
Nobody: Nobody at all: The teacher: Must. Snort. EVERYTHING
cristiane Batista
cristiane Batista Hace 2 horas
Adventure gacha potato. 200
Adventure gacha potato. 200 Hace 3 horas
We need part 2 ٩ʕ◕౪◕ʔو
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
Be patient gurllll
Jazzberry Jam
Jazzberry Jam Hace 3 horas
Anyone notice that the people wearing wigs are wearing the same ones in mrs potato head?
Erika_ cats
Erika_ cats Hace un hora
Rlly?? Coool
Neiah Alves
Neiah Alves Hace 3 horas
Eu ameiiii quero morar nesse filme 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
rongbin Hace 3 horas
this is a masterpiece ♥️
Arely Wølfchan_2
Arely Wølfchan_2 Hace 3 horas
Boyo-Shook Hace 3 horas
This is John Waters level camp, I love it.
Amber Olney
Amber Olney Hace 3 horas
I. LOVED IT! :00
Dead Vsco
Dead Vsco Hace 3 horas
I wish every boy was like ben so bice and sweet for going back for mel
Pizza Monday
Pizza Monday Hace 3 horas
This is so amazing like it shows everything bad that happens at schools
Yeiliz Guzman
Yeiliz Guzman Hace 3 horas
in lunch box friends does not or even want to do that hand shake with there bff?
Gwendolyn Drayton
Gwendolyn Drayton Hace 3 horas
After class fight: Melanie: she's just projecting her insecurities onto me. Secretly says: I would have killed her if the teacher didn't come. Kelly: Ugh. She didn't even leave a mark on me I BROKE skin! Secretly says: maybe I wanted to die ugh! Why is she so nice?!
Mangle Hace 3 horas
My mom:Perfection doesn't exist Me:*Shows her Melanie and the movie* My mom:Scary... Me: YOU ARE DEAD TO ME She is lovely,Unique as her voice Intelligent,Original,Creative... You just can't understand perfection •~•
EtherealFey Reynolds
EtherealFey Reynolds Hace 3 horas
1 answer i need... why is it called k-12 if it has 13 songs or why is it call that? thanks for 1 like
Jay B Wy
Jay B Wy Hace 3 horas
K-12 represents the school system here in America. Not sure how it is in other countries. It goes kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc until 12th. Hence why it's shortened to K-12. I believe she named this album that because it is all mostly portrayed in a school setting. If I'm wrong please correct me but that's how I perceived it.
Eimy Pastel
Eimy Pastel Hace 3 horas
bruna Hace 3 horas
Não sei lidar c esse final sem final.
Josie Alexander
Josie Alexander Hace 4 horas
this means so much ❤️
Josie Alexander
Josie Alexander Hace 4 horas
I'm crying I love you so much Melanie 😭❤️
Tea strike
Tea strike Hace 4 horas
Mr.Beast: lets make this the most viewed video on ESwomen! Melanie Martinez: I’m about to end this mans whole career
SushiiFaux Playz
SushiiFaux Playz Hace 4 horas
I have no idea if this is linked to it, but I connected each song to a different grade from kindergarten to 12th grade. I was bored so that's what I did lol
Chloe Kowalska
Chloe Kowalska Hace 4 horas
people who think this is bad are not true crybaby’s 🍼🧸
Gocha demo from heaven Xxx
Gocha demo from heaven Xxx Hace 4 horas
Y dUsE tHe ShOw AnD tElL tEaChEr LoOk LiKe A cReEp Me Be LiKe:StOp LoOkInG LiKe A cReEp TeTcHeR bE lIkE:😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Burnt Kawaii Cinnamon Roll 45
Burnt Kawaii Cinnamon Roll 45 Hace 4 horas
First time I watched this, I didn't even know who Melanie Martinez was - this was just in my recommendations. Now watching it, I get all the messages. Deep.
Raphael Hace 3 horas
@Burnt Kawaii Cinnamon Roll 45 Ok.. I know my question was off topic, sorry for that. Thank you for answering !
Burnt Kawaii Cinnamon Roll 45
Burnt Kawaii Cinnamon Roll 45 Hace 3 horas
@Raphael I only saw it at the beginning where she shook the cereal box
Raphael Hace 4 horas
Please can you tell me if the spider can be seen throughout the movie? It's dumb but I really can't watch the movie if I don't know when the spider comes, I have a phobia.
Sam Arredondo
Sam Arredondo Hace 4 horas
her best friend near the end "ow"
Ambria Cotton
Ambria Cotton Hace 5 horas
Hold on I got a gap
Baby Rose
Baby Rose Hace 5 horas
See my problem is I listen to her album on Spotify and then i want to watch the movie 🎥 this is like my 3rd time this week she really is doing something to me and i love it
spacey Hace 5 horas
My mom HATES musicals, but when I was watching this she got interested and really liked it! THE POWER that melanie martinez holds 💖
Lukeybikerace 8
Lukeybikerace 8 Hace 5 horas
Why is the class crazy at show and tell :/
Tinky Hace 5 horas
who's still watching this in 2020
Sinan Taurus
Sinan Taurus Hace 5 horas
Guys do you know fire drill release date?
MelanieMartinez FAN
MelanieMartinez FAN Hace 5 horas
Tbh This Is The Only Song I Accept With A Song Every Second :p
MelanieMartinez FAN
MelanieMartinez FAN Hace 5 horas
Fit Interior
Fit Interior Hace 5 horas
she is going viral internationaly
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana Hace 5 horas
Director Melanie: So how many times should me make people cry? Melanie: *y* *e* *s*
Saúl Cunningham
Saúl Cunningham Hace 5 horas
I'm here to listen to fire drill again haha
Dog :u
Dog :u Hace 5 horas
i've saw this like three times, and i'm not tired, this is amazing
Pili Colina
Pili Colina Hace 5 horas
omg i love it
Dead Vsco
Dead Vsco Hace 5 horas
Finally I can watch it again for free at first I bought it now I don’t have to keep buying it ahhhh I love this so much she did such an amazing job on this she always does a good job but this is my favorite
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