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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Hola Hi
Hola Hi Hace 19 horas
Zion moreno!!!
Στελλα Πεικου
Στελλα Πεικου Hace un día
Many you are Perfect please please κ12 2
•Chérry •
•Chérry • Hace un día
I love you melanie ♡
Toni Amaya
Toni Amaya Hace un día
Omg ima buy the k-12 ekkk
*axqarea *
*axqarea * Hace un día
Can you make a k-12 Without bad words....
The Unknown
The Unknown Hace 2 días
I watched the movie in ESwomen :D
AuroraaLK Hace un día
me too
Lemo_Lemo Hace 3 días
I like how girl can make horror with pastel colors
Neighborhood _brat
Neighborhood _brat Hace 3 días
amina Dyer
amina Dyer Hace 3 días
Oh looks scary jk I watched
Gacha_Wolfie _Girl
Gacha_Wolfie _Girl Hace 4 días
i don't get it ;-;
Gacha_Wolfie _Girl
Gacha_Wolfie _Girl Hace 4 días
Loverouge msp ღ
Loverouge msp ღ Hace 4 días
Zodiacs of Jade
Zodiacs of Jade Hace 5 días
Does anyone else wish that she did another movie?
shushles Hace 4 días
she is actually working on a new movie! it's named afterschool and I'm pretty excited for it
moonlight melodies
moonlight melodies Hace 5 días
all i can think about in the beginning is doja cat talking about how wet melanie’s mouth sounds when she says “k-12 a film by melanie martinez”
CKlegion7272 Hace 5 días
Ow crap...this movie is not for everybody, not for me anyway. It's...really bad, no wonder it was online for free. Stopped it at about 10-15 minutes, the pink and singing made me sick. That's just me, maybe some one does like this stuff. Greetings from Netherland
oO0fF Ff
oO0fF Ff Hace 5 días
oO0fF Ff
oO0fF Ff Hace 5 días
Im waiting for 12-18 😔👌
Akemi Hace 6 días
manas por favor alguem cancela a melody, nao aguento mais ela cantando essas coisas, helloooooooo migaaa ACORDAAAAA o brega funk domina bb, para com isso enquanto tem tempo, #queremosmelodynobregafunk me ajudem manas, jumtas somos mais fortes.. deixe seu like se ama deus
Akemi Hace 6 días
se n der like sua mae morre
Andy-Chan Art 芸術
Andy-Chan Art 芸術 Hace 6 días
La verdad está muy buena la película, yo la veo a cada rato, es un poco fuerte pero es completamente recomendable
Alexloves gachalife
Alexloves gachalife Hace 6 días
*-*Crybaby's Milk*-*
*-*Crybaby's Milk*-* Hace 6 días
I swear to god if I see another comment about Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez I'm actually going to scream
B E V E R L Y xd
B E V E R L Y xd Hace 7 días
s t i l l_ e s m e’
s t i l l_ e s m e’ Hace 8 días
I kinda sorta watched this AFTER I watched the film..
Nick Nick
Nick Nick Hace 9 días
0:51 i came back to the trailer for this
LegitXOofXGod skeet
LegitXOofXGod skeet Hace 10 días
Movie editors: “how weird do you want it to be?” Melanie Martinez: “yes”
belen e
belen e Hace 11 días
Miracélia Hace 11 días
it s a 💯,not a 1000🥰💖!!!...
Miracélia Hace 11 días
Claude Tawan
Claude Tawan Hace 12 días
i really think this would've made a hell of a series. one song per episode meaning that she can potray and give the songs more meaning than how she did in the movie. i love this movie tho but cant stop thinking how i would LOVEEE this series.
Kiara underhilxxx
Kiara underhilxxx Hace 12 días
melanie needs to keep on making movies
Kiara underhilxxx
Kiara underhilxxx Hace 5 días
@goldkawaiikitten YASSSSSS
goldkawaiikitten Hace 5 días
She said she is.
wesh la comu
wesh la comu Hace 12 días
billie: dark and creepy melanie: cute Pink and creepy
Breezy Leppioja
Breezy Leppioja Hace 13 días
This sucks your so weird like get a life you creepy weirdo why would you Even Post this. Disgusting.
Violet McGuire
Violet McGuire Hace 13 días
Breezy Leppioja why are you watching this then? Get a life
valeria lima
valeria lima Hace 14 días
esse dia foi top
AuroraaLK Hace un día
siim kkj
Ur Boi Ali
Ur Boi Ali Hace 14 días
Nobody: Melanie Martinez fans: OmG wHo CaMe HeRe AfTeR wAtChInG tHe MoViE
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox Hace 15 días
When the film comes out. Me: 1:04
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox Hace 13 días
I also love the background music. 0:51
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox
Briana cutekitty1x7 Roblox Hace 14 días
Btw who else knew k-12 is actually going to kindergarten to 12th grade?
Xx gamergirlxX
Xx gamergirlxX Hace 15 días
Ilov you Melanie Martinez
Ikeez Hace 15 días
Nobody: Me: *Tries to do the trailer*
Magical things Of unknown シ
Magical things Of unknown シ Hace 15 días
I love the whispering at the beginning
endo nium
endo nium Hace 15 días
You like asmr?
Tali K
Tali K Hace 16 días
omg just watched this, it was AMAZING!
Georgie Williams
Georgie Williams Hace 16 días
This reminds me of the de la pride isle game on roblox
Mae A bag of takis
Mae A bag of takis Hace 16 días
Gacha: *silent* Melanie: ok I think we're safe *releases k-12* Gacha: O-O
Mae A bag of takis
Mae A bag of takis Hace 9 días
gracie I'm not saying gacha is bad they just ruined k-12 for me
endo nium
endo nium Hace 15 días
@gracie as you can see I have found a wild gacha in its natural habitat, in melanie martinez comment section
gracie Hace 15 días
Mae liix we just make a music video thing jeez ;-;
Randomidnight :3
Randomidnight :3 Hace 18 días
Please come back please 😭😭😭😭😭😍😍
M Y S E L F Hace 18 días
Waiting for "after school" trailer😍😍
Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler Hace 19 días
No one: Seriously no one: Doja cat: why is the dude blue?!?!?!?
Vivo V5 Vivo V5
Vivo V5 Vivo V5 Hace 19 días
Iam the only one person who excited when the movie come out.....and iam also watch 2 time
Mellygirl 101
Mellygirl 101 Hace 19 días
Who is watching this after when the movie came out? 👇🏻
Vivo V5 Vivo V5
Vivo V5 Vivo V5 Hace 18 días
@VV Mashups oops sorry 😊
VV Mashups
VV Mashups Hace 18 días
@Vivo V5 Vivo V5 xd you didn't press the like buttom
Vivo V5 Vivo V5
Vivo V5 Vivo V5 Hace 19 días
Wiffialex Channel
Wiffialex Channel Hace 20 días
Its pretty good😄
Wiffialex Channel
Wiffialex Channel Hace 20 días
Thats a good trailer
andy reno
andy reno Hace 20 días
this is very aesthetics
David Lee
David Lee Hace 20 días
Kek Koot
Kek Koot Hace 20 días
I watched k_12 the flu. Before the trailer and it was the best
emma Hace 21 un día
I was scared and I was screaming a film by Melanie Martinez idk y 😂
J Carson
J Carson Hace 21 un día
This looked really cool, costumes were great and choreography! Melanie you should do something else maybe with less music and more story.
Minecraft kid
Minecraft kid Hace 22 días
This reminds me of the memories I never had....
Not In My Christian Minecraft Server
Not In My Christian Minecraft Server Hace 22 días
Yes I’m late but people said “I can’t watch it” idk if that changed but here you go
cat gaming play Roblox
cat gaming play Roblox Hace 23 días
I'm buying my melanie martinez merch but it's not coming
Avocalieno Hace 23 días
Hi past me who was super excited to see the movie, it’ll be fucking amazing ❤️✨🥰
Avocalieno Hace 23 días
Remember when this was all we had?
j o h n n a - c h a n
j o h n n a - c h a n Hace 25 días
I'm still confused if this is a horror or not.
Mia Cxntu :•3
Mia Cxntu :•3 Hace 26 días
I hope they do a part 2 🥺
Areesha Khan
Areesha Khan Hace 27 días
Is it a good movie?
Ceskad Hace 28 días
0:50 0:50 0:50 Violin is a bop
Manoela cry baby
Manoela cry baby Hace 28 días
Maryam Azary
Maryam Azary Hace 29 días
This is such a good movie
【•Nënë Yûgī•】
【•Nënë Yûgī•】 Hace un mes
Melanie and Billie would make the collab of the life time lmao
corpse fairy
corpse fairy Hace un mes
1:06 “Show and tell, why can’t you f!cking hear me? .. are you listening yet?” 💕💕
•clxudy skiies•
•clxudy skiies• Hace un mes
Omg I really wanna buy something from your shop but my dad won't let me :(
The Willy Wankanator
The Willy Wankanator Hace un mes
I watched the movie yet I’m still back here watching the trailer 😂
Snowy UwU_gacha
Snowy UwU_gacha Hace un mes
Does it have an age rating if yes what is it :)
Дмитрий Лысенко
Дмитрий Лысенко Hace un mes
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