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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Saphire Avakin
Saphire Avakin Hace un hora
Atleast i van watch the trailer
gordou miyoni
gordou miyoni Hace 3 horas
What a nice school
Mars Hace 7 horas
maline morintez ewww
•cookiegamer •
•cookiegamer • Hace 8 horas
Why does it cost money now
Claris Florence
Claris Florence Hace 11 horas
I didnt watch the film 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dodero8 Hace 14 horas
what kind of mkultra is this?
Mistress of the Hell
Mistress of the Hell Hace 21 un hora
The watched the movie and then the Trailer Button.
Miguel Hace 21 un hora
Not gonna lie, I was hyped to see this!
Zyon de Vos
Zyon de Vos Hace un día
0:51 That violin music must be published. if anybody knows the name pls tell me im in love with it.
Zyon de Vos
Zyon de Vos Hace 7 horas
@Crybabies Spot omg thank u
Crybabies Spot
Crybabies Spot Hace 13 horas
I have it on my Channel! :D
Asep Syaiful Amin
Asep Syaiful Amin Hace un día
Billie and Melanie seems similar. Billie express the weird-music by theological issue. Melanie express the weird-music by social issue.
Kim Sojung
Kim Sojung Hace un día
Melanie can you back the k to 12 film please😔😔
Cookie _Stealer
Cookie _Stealer Hace un día
I was late before u had to pay it great =-=
detention friends
detention friends Hace un día
Like - Surrealist/ Fantasy Comment - Comedy/ Horror
Collins Faagalo
Collins Faagalo Hace un día
Friend: Did you finally watch K-12 on premium? Me: Yes Friend: What did it cost? Me: *E V E R Y T H I N G*
Layla Da Silva Gomes
Layla Da Silva Gomes Hace un día
Nss,pena q não tem dublado 😭😒🤤♥️
CorDaX Hace un día
I dont ever seen this fucking before this shit
Random ._. K.T
Random ._. K.T Hace un día
Rqin Bxw
Rqin Bxw Hace 2 días
Melanie.... I can't watch the film.... 😭. I really want to watch it so bad
Liang Ying Lim
Liang Ying Lim Hace 2 días
Can someone please give me a summary of the movie cause IM TOO LATE TO WATCH IT
Alisha kot
Alisha kot Hace un día
Liang Ying Lim me too 😭
Ivelina J kawaii
Ivelina J kawaii Hace 2 días
Sería muy cool di hicieran una peli en el cine
Marmoura Morcos
Marmoura Morcos Hace 2 días
This looks more like a movie then a series of song or show.
Isabelle Nguyen
Isabelle Nguyen Hace 23 horas
that's cause it is a movie?
Alexa Gonzalez
Alexa Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Under Painter
Under Painter Hace 2 días
Toronto squad where you at?
The fierce Lion uwu
The fierce Lion uwu Hace 2 días
Melanie: *gone for a lifetime* Also melanie: *makes a movie* how ‘bout a front row seat?
Keira xox8117
Keira xox8117 Hace 2 días
For some reason this reminds me of Alice o wonderland but scarier
Noe Lia
Noe Lia Hace 2 días
Meowstin.C :3
Meowstin.C :3 Hace 3 días
Me when mom doesn't get me robux: 0:45 Mom: 0:47
Dallas Ratt
Dallas Ratt Hace 3 días
I remember my hype for this movie
Julian Augustin
Julian Augustin Hace 3 días
0:30 where was that scene in the movie?
esmeraldz Hace 3 días
I wanna go to this school
Fresh Rat Playz
Fresh Rat Playz Hace 4 días
*_Petition for this to be a netflix movie_*
My Waves
My Waves Hace 4 días
0:13 The guy on the front desk has the slowest head.
ღᗩutumn’s ᗩffirmationsღ
ღᗩutumn’s ᗩffirmationsღ Hace 4 días
Where did the movie go? She used to have it on her channel but I can’t find
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
ღᗩutumn’s ᗩffirmationsღ it costs money to watch it now
Ioana Tirca
Ioana Tirca Hace 4 días
When does it apear again?
Isabelle Nguyen
Isabelle Nguyen Hace 23 horas
when you buy it .-.
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna Hace 4 días
Rose Red
Rose Red Hace 4 días
This is like a movie plz make this in to a movie
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 4 días
It is a movie '-'
Isabella santiago
Isabella santiago Hace 4 días
does anyone know where you can watch this now???
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
Isabella santiago you can rent it off ESwomen or iTunes
Isabelle Nguyen
Isabelle Nguyen Hace 4 días
Her website buy it off there :>
Official_ Katie
Official_ Katie Hace 4 días
Noooo!! I thought the movie would be free. But no. I wanted to watch this on Halloween. 😭😭
marbo james
marbo james Hace 4 días
Okiedoki Kaiti
Okiedoki Kaiti Hace 4 días
The trailer is a lot more interesting then the actual movie.. i mean i love the whole album but the movie itself wasn't that good.. i was hoping it'd be way more good? the plot itself was great but we didn't really get to know the whole picture, i love her songs!
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
Okiedoki Kaiti I feel like it was a visually stunning film with al of the amazing choreography and set design, but the plot line was rlly weak. I get it tho bc of budget cuts but I’m happy she’s making 2 more (((:
Isabelle Nguyen
Isabelle Nguyen Hace 4 días
that's why we're gettin a SECOND one :> she wanted to show more but it would have costed 11 million and be 3 hours long soooo....
dule lfc
dule lfc Hace 4 días
wow another hollyweird movie filled with non binary shits, so original BARF
lovelynne Hace 3 días
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
what’s wrong with being non binary? **sharpens knife**
Lenise Briggs
Lenise Briggs Hace 5 días
No fair I cant wacth
mariah- gacha
mariah- gacha Hace 5 días
Tem em português
Taeyuna Hace 5 días
wtf why this look so demonic
:v xdxd
:v xdxd Hace 5 días
Es una pelicual de melanie :v?
Angelica Brizuela
Angelica Brizuela Hace 6 días
I wanted to see the movie, i'm sad😢
alixqstrawberi Hace 6 días
poor to people that
Just 1Girl
Just 1Girl Hace 6 días
Awh man Its unavailable now
ItsDasiaThomas Hace 6 días
Where can we see the movie ?
Alisha kot
Alisha kot Hace un día
cry baby 😭😂
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
ItsDasiaThomas you can rent it off ESwomen, rent it off iTunes, buy it off her website -youcanalsowatchitonapiratedmoviewebsite-
Jacie ღ Tuner ღ
Jacie ღ Tuner ღ Hace 6 días
I just see this in live stream! Really love it 💕🙏🏻
5k Subscribers with 0 Videos?
5k Subscribers with 0 Videos? Hace 6 días
At 0:42 imagine if those pills were that candy like the pink and black ones I need to figure out what they are called
Ken Amond
Ken Amond Hace 7 días
aku pen nonton :(
Jack Krauzers
Jack Krauzers Hace 7 días
it is horror and it is pink
Ultimate Pleb
Ultimate Pleb Hace 7 días
I dont know why but this reminds me of A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Alisha kot
Alisha kot Hace un día
Ultimate Pleb me too lol in a way
XxKatie CookiexX
XxKatie CookiexX Hace 7 días
My name is melany too but just spelled differently
anonymous_loki Hace 7 días
This trailer looks like that one Black Widow flashback...
NOV eot
NOV eot Hace 7 días, watvhnow!!
Addie Taylor
Addie Taylor Hace 8 días
Karen Love
Karen Love Hace 8 días
Where can i watchvthe movie
BillieGrande Com
BillieGrande Com Hace 5 días
Morpheus Tv
ella & kylie
ella & kylie Hace 7 días
Karen Love it’s on ESwomen for music premium members, and it’s also on dvd on her official website
Moon Crystal
Moon Crystal Hace 8 días
I swear if ANYBODY~ and i mean anybody else made this it would have deep and dark colours
Olivia OwO
Olivia OwO Hace 8 días
Guys! The K-12 movie is gone! :0
Olivia Hey
Olivia Hey Hace 8 días
Billie and Melanie, now that would be magic
Mj Sisson
Mj Sisson Hace 8 días
She is absolutely brilliant and creative....this entire fiilm touched on so many problems today society ignors
низнакомая анемешница
низнакомая анемешница Hace 8 días
А где можно посмотреть полностью
Osbaldo Becerril
Osbaldo Becerril Hace 8 días
Que chido chido tu desmafte melanie >:3
Not Peridot
Not Peridot Hace 8 días
*S H U T U P*
Nexellin Alpha
Nexellin Alpha Hace 8 días
How much edgy 14yr who cuts herself for attention and thinks she's edgy do you want in this movie? Melanie Martinez - YES
Nexellin Alpha
Nexellin Alpha Hace 3 días
@cry baby Your mother used your head as an ashtray as a baby didnt she?
cry baby
cry baby Hace 3 días
um that’s not the plot at all?
sara potato
sara potato Hace 8 días
Bruh where the fuck is the movie
Rome_lbbh Hace 8 días
sara potato you have to buy it now it’s like 4 dollars on youtube
Soany Moura
Soany Moura Hace 8 días
Eu quero tradução em português desse trailer qwp
* p a s t e l l e * * s l o t h *
* p a s t e l l e * * s l o t h * Hace 8 días
Me crying because I can no longer watch k-12
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