Melanie Martinez - Detention (Snippet)

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melanie martinez

melanie martinez

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Melanie Martinez's creative drive and talents as a visual artist have long distinguished her from other musicians. With her debut album Cry Baby, Melanie introduced the world to her distinctly original vision with hits like “Pity Party”, “Pacify Her”, “Alphabet Boy”, “Carousel” and “Sippy Cup”. Creating unique music videos for each album track, including “Soap/Training Wheels” and “Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies”, Melanie portrays the traumas and insecurities of the album's titular character over a bed of electro pop, alternative and hip-hop. Her latest triumph K-12, an inspired new album and feature film directed by and starring Melanie, brings together a melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro with whimsical, surreal visuals and magical realism to stunning results.
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Mania Kk
Mania Kk Hace 5 horas
Mania Kk
Mania Kk Hace 5 horas
Lily M
Lily M Hace 4 días
2020 any one
moon cam
moon cam Hace 6 días
Still chill UwU
Still chill UwU Hace 13 días
Me watching this after the album came out 👁👄👁
Gacha Mermaid
Gacha Mermaid Hace 19 días
Happy really late birthday 🥳 You’re 1
TatoCat Hace 29 días
a year and a day thats the best imma get
Mialyn Playz
Mialyn Playz Hace un mes
if melanie make a cool song called : school bell it’s either when she gets saved by the school bell 🥺 it’d be a dream hearing how she made it
Grace the idiot
Grace the idiot Hace un mes
I’m just rewatching all the snippets because why not
J U Hace un mes
Is it just me...? Or is it sped up.?
Legendary cry baby for life 56
Legendary cry baby for life 56 Hace un mes
I love these snippets soooooooooo much!
nith mana
nith mana Hace un mes
Maria alejandra Barrios meza
Maria alejandra Barrios meza Hace un mes
Te quiero muchooo melanie 📕📕👍👍👍👍👍👍💗💋
Tara Fraschilla-Velez
Tara Fraschilla-Velez Hace un mes
Everybody: saying it’s coming out in November. Me: chilling knowing every song and watched the movie 10 times B)
Brilyn Cegers
Brilyn Cegers Hace un mes
The Barrios Kids / MrTop5FunkoPops
The Barrios Kids / MrTop5FunkoPops Hace un mes
melanies style is my style
Galactic Noobs the official
Galactic Noobs the official Hace un mes
This is my fav k-12 song Go to the comments to tell me urs Have a nice day :)
xox_Cinnamon Hace 2 meses
My fav songs (in order): 1.Recess 2.Wheels on the bus 3.High school sweethearts 4.Detention 5.Lunchbox friends 6.The principal 7.Class fight 8. Drama club 9. OJ 10.Strawberry shortcake 11. nurses office 12. show and tell I LOVE THIS ALBUM. IT IS LITERALLY MY RELIGON
•ᴄᴇʟᴇꜱᴛɪᴀʟ ᴊᴇʟʟʏ•
•ᴄᴇʟᴇꜱᴛɪᴀʟ ᴊᴇʟʟʏ• Hace 2 meses
Is there a ghost? Why is there floating chalk..?
Tomiko Cedita
Tomiko Cedita Hace 2 meses
Hola melanie martinez
Kali D
Kali D Hace 2 meses
😍😍😍loves iittttt
Coconut The seawing
Coconut The seawing Hace 2 meses
Parents: school is great and super fun! Kids who hate school: * shows the whole album * ¿A r e. Y o u. S u r e. A b o u t. T h a t ?
belen e
belen e Hace 2 meses
Angelita: “teacher take me to detention”
Xx gamergirlxX
Xx gamergirlxX Hace 2 meses
Ilov you
Lily Bolívar
Lily Bolívar Hace 2 meses
Miss soggy Burger :3
Miss soggy Burger :3 Hace 2 meses
Lol lit
Amy MacDonald
Amy MacDonald Hace 2 meses
When the snippet is better then the actual song 😬😶
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Hace 3 meses
I like how right as she said “ is detention” they finished writing detention on the bored 😂
Casey Hayes
Casey Hayes Hace 3 meses
This song is really underated.
Josh Juarez
Josh Juarez Hace 3 meses
ً Hace 3 meses
happy birthday melll
xoxo Fernesha
xoxo Fernesha Hace 3 meses
fuck so much nostagola 😭😭😊♥️😚
Miss Teddy bear
Miss Teddy bear Hace 3 meses
Idk how Melanie does this
xoxo Fernesha
xoxo Fernesha Hace 3 meses
BillieGrande Com
BillieGrande Com Hace 3 meses
I d8djt like this snippet at first but how I love it
AAGAM Ok boomer
AAGAM Ok boomer Hace 3 meses
this teached how to Finnaly write cursive
Nicolas Grant
Nicolas Grant Hace 3 meses
VV Mashups
VV Mashups Hace 3 meses
llamemelusitaxd Hace 4 meses
This was my fav snippet of all of them and now I've listened to K-12 a lot of times and Detention is still my fave song :)
Egg dog Compilations
Egg dog Compilations Hace 4 meses
Milk and cookies: who are u? Detention: I’m you but better Get it? They’re both like being trapped And also who’s still watching the snippets after k-12? 😅
a n d r e a
a n d r e a Hace 4 meses
i remember when melanie used to have 8 million subscribers and now she almost has 10 m
Rome_lbbh Hace 4 meses
I remember this being the snippet that I didn’t like. Now it’s my favorite song in the album
Fabi Cute uvu
Fabi Cute uvu Hace 4 meses
*Matilda Loves Detention*
Pxnny :P
Pxnny :P Hace 5 meses
La Lucia UwU
La Lucia UwU Hace 5 meses
Matilda, te equivocaste de escuela
Lograremos 100 subs sin subir un vídeo?
Lograremos 100 subs sin subir un vídeo? Hace 6 meses
Lilisbeth Gomez
Lilisbeth Gomez Hace 6 meses
Love this!
Milkytears Hace 6 meses
Ik This Was 6 Months Ago And The Album Was Released, But I'm Guessing No ONE NOTICED THE SYRINGE???
Lydiah the serious demon
Lydiah the serious demon Hace 6 meses
Principal's new song from baldi's basics
Giovanna Hace 6 meses
I need a just dance game with all these songs and dances! Love this album so much!
nnss230 OwO
nnss230 OwO Hace 6 meses
me before the k-12 7 days:I need to see the film! after the k-12 film:I need crybaby power🔮💞
MissMacSnack Hace 6 meses
What I think of school without a detention yet everyday:
Radio Rebel
Radio Rebel Hace 7 meses
The snippet honestly hits different
junkoes Hace 7 meses
remember when nobody liked detention? time does fly huh
「GachaPinkガチャピンクコットン」 Hace 7 meses
Melanie I’m seeing you on March 20! I’m so happy!
BILLIE EILISH Hace 7 meses
Copy cat hhhhahhah
ღMoon Kawaiiღ
ღMoon Kawaiiღ Hace 7 meses
I from to Spain just for that i cant see you qwq
Czech Hace 7 meses
When this snippet got released I never expected this would end becoming my fav song of k-12 loool 🤤
Amaia Hernando
Amaia Hernando Hace 7 meses
O no Ghost chalk
mels bus
mels bus Hace 7 meses
📚 Lyric 📚 Baby, can you meet me tonight in detention I could feel your blood pressure rise Fuck detention let me crawl up in to your mind did I mention pretending everything's alright is tention
Nor Syaza Irdina
Nor Syaza Irdina Hace 8 meses
Everybody gangsta till the chalk starts floating
Maria Araújo
Maria Araújo Hace 8 meses
Fuck this tention
YouR VIBEs Hace 8 meses
I love the sinnpets
Milk Club
Milk Club Hace 8 meses
Lolhoo Hace 8 meses
Who else wished that was there hand writing
Coolfox12345 Hace 9 meses
Lyrics: hey, can you meet me tonight in detention? I can feel your blood pressure rise, f this tension Let me crawl up into your mind, did I mention? Pretending everything's alright is detention-
ヒスイ Hace 9 meses
bubble in a thunderstorm
bubble in a thunderstorm Hace 9 meses
Im from the future, the song is good
Zihendrix Hace 9 meses
Little did I know this song will make me feel like a stripper
ツSugar Cookie
ツSugar Cookie Hace 9 meses
What dose it mean by k-12
Rome_lbbh Hace 8 meses
Kindergarten through 12th
meena Hace 9 meses
love you mel
Bruno K.
Bruno K. Hace 9 meses
Gaming Sammy
Gaming Sammy Hace 10 meses
I thought of a stupid thing, what if she based this snippet off of Roald Dahl's Matilda where she picked up the chalk and wrote something on the board. Everyone : You finally make me excited for September Me : So I have my birthday in September and K-12 *Im writing this commenting 3 months later**
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