Meeting my Adorable New Foster Kitten, Chickpea!

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Kitten Lady

Kitten Lady

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I meet a lot of kittens,! Chickpea really is somethin' else! This video is just a cute look at our first 9 minutes together. I couldn't get over how adorable she was being! Her first feeding was tricky, but that's common for a new foster kitten--eventually, she latched on and ate perfectly! You can learn how to feed tricky kittens in my video, "10 Tips for Tricky Bottle Babies" right here:
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captain kitty
captain kitty Hace 41 un minuto
Linda M
Linda M Hace un hora
Oh plz pass her thru my screen.. omg!! Toebeans. This kitten is stunning. Way to adorable. Well hello chickpea. Are you looking at me??? Lol. Yummy.. awesome job. 🐾🐾
Damian Boyd
Damian Boyd Hace 4 horas
Damian Boyd
Damian Boyd Hace 4 horas
mattmacd2009 Hace 5 horas
Eddie Murphy "She's got a moustache".....
Layla Abdul
Layla Abdul Hace 8 horas
Chickpea is adorable!
shewolfinubaka Hace 12 horas
Chickpea has my WHOLE heart
Angela Gak
Angela Gak Hace 13 horas
I literally said 'YES!' out loud when she latched on. Hehe.
Ament Rosalita
Ament Rosalita Hace 14 horas
This kitten is ssssssssoooooooo adorable!, showing her belly and being the cutest kitten. U 2 are doing an AWESOME JOB, I'm looking forward in seeing more of the videos of the rescue kittens u 2 do.
༗,¸¸,༗ Hace 22 horas
Chickpea is like :3
Star Scarred
Star Scarred Hace 22 horas
The white mustache is killing me...omg...
Lord Everything
Lord Everything Hace 23 horas
Chickpea is the cutest being ever!
Jeanna Flores
Jeanna Flores Hace 23 horas
I love her omg i just see me with her already
pail v
pail v Hace un día
Chickpea would be a foster fail, she is so cute
Harvard Chickie
Harvard Chickie Hace un día
She’s so special wow... and she was chugging her nummies. Good girl!
Christy Hernandez
Christy Hernandez Hace un día
So adorable.
Here for the Vibe
Here for the Vibe Hace un día
i recently got a kitten and she is actually my other cats neice he treats her like royalty its so cute
A.C. Ramone
A.C. Ramone Hace 2 días
What is this charming music in the background please?? Oh yeah also that kitten is so freakin cute.
Roby Sophia Formazione
Roby Sophia Formazione Hace 2 días
Little Sweetheart ❤
Nixxy The fox
Nixxy The fox Hace 2 días
M cat had a singleton but her kitty was round, like an avocado. My mom didn't think that was normal but I said it was.
Sulekha Nuur
Sulekha Nuur Hace 2 días
I have been subscribed to you for a while now because I am adopting a kitten I am in the waiting list at my local shelter because of COVID-19 but I will be seeing my new furry friend for life soon I can’t wait for this new chapter in my life I feel attached and I don’t have him/her yet
Carol Townsend
Carol Townsend Hace 2 días
Isn't nature beautiful
Carol Townsend
Carol Townsend Hace 2 días
Sunny your beautiful
jikookproof Hace 2 días
I want that kitten, mom. This one.
Brittani Clemens
Brittani Clemens Hace 3 días
hehe she is
Keyoka Hace 3 días
I love how unafraid she is! She looks you right in the eyes!
Family Videos
Family Videos Hace 3 días
Sure is a cutie-pie, for sure. My question is, since she is a foster kitten, does that mean you have her until she is officially adopted by someone? I ask only because my son and his wife had foster dogs and they were able to keep them until someone actually adopted them. Thanks in advance.
Meg Fleming
Meg Fleming Hace 3 días
I wish she could come to my neighborhood and just save all the stray cats there :C I swear there are so many stray cats and like 2 are neutered. :I Just got another litter of kittens a few months ago and they all have really bad infections :C I wish I could save them but they're feral and won't come near me and also I'm probably not qualified for that
Anshuman Shukla
Anshuman Shukla Hace 3 días
Where is she now
Kitten Life
Kitten Life Hace 3 días
*We have a lot of informative videos about cats. Please have a look*
berlian diaz
berlian diaz Hace 3 días
Why would anyone dislike this video, its so ADORABLE
Hadiya Khan
Hadiya Khan Hace 3 días
omg she is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Catz
Linda Catz Hace 4 días
How absolutely adorable! The kitten is cute, too!
Dee Ann
Dee Ann Hace 4 días
Thank God you got her. Upper respiratory infection and overbite. So hard on these lovely babies born on the street. She is the cutest kitten ever and she looks right at you. Someone will be lucky to get her. Watching this brings my blood pressure down. Very nice to see so much love.
EVe Sn
EVe Sn Hace 4 días
Would love to see an update.
Queen Existence
Queen Existence Hace 4 días
Claire Kincaid
Claire Kincaid Hace 4 días
Cassandra W.
Cassandra W. Hace 4 días
Shane Hemrich
Shane Hemrich Hace 4 días
Emerson Wallace
Emerson Wallace Hace 4 días
Kitten Lady...I would NOT take that. Look at her defying you with all that cuteness! What an adorable animal! All the best!
Tanya Hawes
Tanya Hawes Hace 5 días
I can’t get over how cute she is!!!
Cookie and CreamZ
Cookie and CreamZ Hace 5 días
Omg I feel so happy inside watching this shes so cute like- I feel so complete in my life
Clover Patch
Clover Patch Hace 5 días
i currently have 6 kittens and ive had 2 before this, and im sorry to say they compete with chickpea
Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez Hace 5 días
It s so cute 💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️
ML Giggleman
ML Giggleman Hace 5 días
Think she's got latching down.
Thanos The Grape
Thanos The Grape Hace 5 días
i know im late but shes so cute, i love her eyes
Chad Norris
Chad Norris Hace 5 días
Lilo: This is your cuteness level. It's unusually high for someone of your size.
Mina Hernández
Mina Hernández Hace 5 días
Muthumanickam V
Muthumanickam V Hace 5 días
Can anyone tell me how many weeks old that kitten would be?
Alyssa Bilal
Alyssa Bilal Hace 5 días
Biscuits ain't gonna make them self's
LooseCannons ATL
LooseCannons ATL Hace 6 días
AHHHHHHHhhhhh 😩😩😩😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 Sooo Tuteeee!!!!!
alphaone101 Hace 6 días
Oh she is precious! Cutest kitten I've ever seen!
Cornelia Riasdita
Cornelia Riasdita Hace 6 días
Aww... She's going to be an "Elgar" cat :') (look at his mustache)
Iris Pena
Iris Pena Hace 6 días
Update on this baby already :(
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Hace 5 días
Check her Instagram, there’s a lot to catch up on.
XxMoonlightFlower xX
XxMoonlightFlower xX Hace 6 días
Im actually disappointed that I cant have this bean in my life. She has so many good qualities heres a list: 1. Shes a baby bean 2. Shes a chef 3. Shes me as a cat 4. Shes a sweet little cuddly baby 5. She loves food, like me 6. She 7. Is 8. My 9. Whole 10. *world.* P.s im going to cry myself to sleep tonight because i cant have her 😥
Carla Bales
Carla Bales Hace 6 días
Where do these precious Foster kitties end up going for adoption?
Tex Hunter
Tex Hunter Hace 6 días
I heard the difference between chickpea and a garbanzo beans is Trump never had garbanzo beans on his face. Too cute kitten!
Ana Gibbert
Ana Gibbert Hace 6 días
There cannot be a cuter video than this on the internet. We have reached maximum cuteness
Teresa Coletta
Teresa Coletta Hace 6 días
J'm still waiting for a new video about this beautiful kitten. PLEASE!!!!!!
Honii B
Honii B Hace 6 días
She is a little angel
Honii B
Honii B Hace 6 días
Do you need a forever mom for her??🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼 please let me know
Honii B
Honii B Hace 6 días
Ooooooohhhh myyyy gooood!!! I want her🥰
Chubby Jamie
Chubby Jamie Hace 6 días
Those eyes... They're so.. mesmerizing..
Jako Gner
Jako Gner Hace 6 días
So I was watching a skyrim playthrough at one... WTF HAPPENED?
Jako Gner
Jako Gner Hace 6 días
I. Want. It
Lynnette Beach
Lynnette Beach Hace 7 días
How is Chickpea? Need an update. 🐯
SuperMarioBros12 Hace 7 días
I want a baby cat just like that
Bibbleswade Wade
Bibbleswade Wade Hace 7 días
Floofy Wooflez
Floofy Wooflez Hace 7 días
Chickpea is a sweetheart
Craftsycat Hace 7 días
This is too cute omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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