Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As presidential candidates continue to discuss Medicare for All, John Oliver explores how much it might cost, what it will change, and who it will help.
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tlpNZ Hace 2 horas
Surprise! ONE TRILLION dollars can be found when needed. BUT as both the UK, & Australian governments have said (there may be more they are the news sites I follow) this is/maybe going to last at least six months. ONE TRILLION is only the start. NZ is estimating $12 Billion cost and has one of the most harsh lock downs in the western world ~$2,500/person the USA is/has/will currently spend ~$3/person. I know which country I would rather live in, but I'm stuck in Australia which is nearly as good and know this is going to cost a LOT MORE than already budgeted for.
Antony Wagner
Antony Wagner Hace 9 horas
well over here in the uk the NHS is over worked, with trouble we have. I remeber when my dad was going to hospital each week. we would call the 101 he go the hospital then comes out. taking about the cost the parking realy bad I ended having pay out £3.50p each time. we never had alot but I still remember how well the NHS treated him. I have had to have my tooth out now that was costly of £35 in total. but then it was not as if needed that bad so I payed the extra. not I will need to go to and have my teeth seen again. I am very much support the NHS. you have a choice of no heath or waiting a little time for it???
Dan Something
Dan Something Hace 9 horas
1:40 is objectively a lie
Happydrunkgamer Hace 10 horas
The issue with waiting in lines? What all of these twats are saying is - I have a job, I have money, I dont want to wait in line so some poor person can get more urgent surgery before my none emergency surgery. If thats how it worked in the UK I would be dead. I had my appendix out in Jan 2018 due to appendicitis, it would have burst and could have killed me, cost me nothing apart from a few days holiday (small employer, only basic sick pay), in the US the average cost of an appendix removal is $33K, one 20yo in 2012 was charged $55K, his insurance covered a good amount of it but he was still left with over $11k to pay. Its a simple fact, is universal health care perfect? No, but is it fair? Yes. The rich should be able to buy nicer cars, they should be able to buy nicer houses, most work hard for it, but the rich shouldn't get the privilege to live over the poor. END OF FUCKING DISCUSSION.
Dogiparthi Srinivasa Rao
Dogiparthi Srinivasa Rao Hace 11 horas
Medicare is NOT the solution. This guy seems to not understand economics. If everyone gets access to good heath care, there will be long queues and not sustainable for hospitals.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
Dogiparthi Srinivasa Rao The Lancet had a rpeot on how Me all would have saved over 60,000 extra lives and saved half a trillion dollars if it was implemented in 2017. Neoliberalism and the Chicago school isn't 100% economics, a lie that has taken over the US.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
Dogiparthi Srinivasa Rao No, Australia is doing great with Medicare. The problem is method of payment which is controlled by crappy insurance companies.
Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel
Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel Hace 16 horas
I'd take one choice of healthcare I can afford, over a choice between healthcare I can't afford and getting worse.
Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel
Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel Hace 16 horas
After the TRILLION dollar corporate bailout for Coronavirus, I don't want to hear ANYONE say “We can't afford Medicare for All”. Because they can. They don't want to.
Joyous One
Joyous One Hace un día
I'm so lucky to be a Brit the NHS saved my life when I was four years old I had two kidneys removed (don't worry I was born with three, I still have one going strong) plus a bit of my bladder, have no idea how much those operations must have cost never mind my aftercare etc. I'm so grateful it didn't put my family into debt, we owe the NHS so much.
Thezaret Hace un día
*laughs in Danish*
Thezaret Hace 4 horas
@Ricardo Barahona well Even if that was literal i could get i removed for free
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
Thezaret Potato in throat laughing?
David Spector
David Spector Hace un día
I don't think that Oliver discussed the most important reason and advantage for single-payer healthcare: the fact that the tiny pools of insured people, one for each employer, are replaced by one large pool of all citizens. Instead of paying the separate administrative expenses for 20 million or so employer-related pools, there would just be one large pool to administer. Economy of scale applies. Even more important is the sharing of risk. The risk that an employment pool contains more individuals with high healthcare expenses than one national pool would contain is large, so the insurance expense is large. It would cost far less from an insurance point of view to have one national pool containing all healthy and ill citizens, because healthcare costs would only be accrued for the citizens who are actually ill at any time, instead of treating the entire population as insurance holders.
Creepy Custard
Creepy Custard Hace un día
In Australia, we have a television show called Ambulance which follows our emergency health service helping people in need. No fines, no cost. If anybody wants to disavow Medicare for all, I challenge them to watch Ambulance, and confidently say that those people didn’t deserve to be saved.
David Toar
David Toar Hace un día
Unfortunately, but true, and I'm very sure that all of you folks agree: this country can't ever provide free Medicare for all. Never will.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
David Toar The Lancet has a report that disagrees.
laboomerang Hace un día
Omg what the fuck are they going to do with Corona virus now? This is going to be a disaster. I would be fucking scared if I lived in the US right now
Daniel Gillespie
Daniel Gillespie Hace un día
Don’t trust this POS. He is a liar and a snake.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
Daniel Gillespie He's not shilling for the insurance industry like most politicians. Wendell Potter exposed these comapnies since he used to create propaganda for Cigna.
Robert King
Robert King Hace un día
You gonna back that statement up with anything or are we just taking your word for it?
Bardo Hace un día
Had this come out a month later you would’ve heard that we have had a national clap for the NHS, because not everything in life is free but the things that are should always be held close
Welfare Queen
Welfare Queen Hace un día
I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona Hace 5 horas
Welfare Queen Murdoch Media loves you. Neoliberals jump in glee.
Welfare Queen
Welfare Queen Hace un día
@avedicTroll??? My name is Welfare Queen. Gracias
avedic Hace un día
Idiot troll. Fuck off.
Chris Stone
Chris Stone Hace 2 días
The only good argument for the American system is that without it we wouldn’t have Breaking Bad.
lato649 Hace 2 días
You Americans need to get on board with Bernie... you're so behind it's crazy, and he can really help you. As a Canadian, with Universal Health Care, trust me, you want this to be fixed. Get it together. :)
John Huxley
John Huxley Hace 2 días
#YAAASSPLEEN hahahaha ilove this guy im from OZ i wish he would do more smashing us its so funny we love he for it....... ugly pom
James Lochridge
James Lochridge Hace 2 días
Englands NHS is fucked by the very government whose job it is to protect it and people are dying because of it being deliberately underfinanced by a Tory government only interested in profit.
Mark A
Mark A Hace 2 días
It started long before Boris and his cronies,even saint tony shit on it,but its there and free at the point of delivery. If your'e not keen on it,head off to the US for your EXPENSIVE treatment! At a time like this,do you think its a good idea to dump on the NHS,you may need it!
Dominic Wong
Dominic Wong Hace 2 días
I can literally walk into any hospital or doctor's office in my province and be seen. I'm not sure why Americans think there is a lack of choice in Canada. It is Americans who can't freely choose their health care providers. Watch Michael Moore's Sicko if you want to see how other countries have figured out health care. Or if you live in the rest of the developed world watch and learn how terrible American health care is for regular people, and what it would be like if we privatized our systems.
Dominic Wong
Dominic Wong Hace un día
@Whistler 3002 True. They probably can technically choose any provider, but only some are covered by their insurance.
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
I don't think Canadians lack choice. They have about the same choice US folks have. What Canada does have, is the feeling of more choice, because your bank balance is not involved in the decision making process.
Antoine Eric
Antoine Eric Hace 2 días
9:15 Why are so many people ill informed people speaking on US TV? Do they have to look like they know something?
Cate Skye
Cate Skye Hace 2 días
I have to disagree with you on one of your last points about not having both the public and private options. We have it in Australia and I would say the system is working reasonably well. Obviously it's not perfect, but I would say its still a huge step up than the current conditions in the USA.
Dark Souls1
Dark Souls1 Hace 2 días
Medicare for all is terrible idea. The end.
Quốc Vỹ Trương
Quốc Vỹ Trương Hace 2 días
u got no brain. the end
Zero Hace 2 días
2020 election will be interesting. Have Americans gained a greater fear of A) Mexicans and Muslims so we need a wall and a ban. Or B) The medical system that is literally letting your family members die due to years of lack of funding and gutting ACA/Obamacare and because republicans refuse to spend money of necessities like healthcare. If you prioritized Healthcare on the same level as military, there would be plenty of ventilators, ICUs, doctors and nurses for Covid-19 patients.
Zero Hace 2 días
I have no sympathy for people who oppose universal healthcare that works so well in other countries, then live through Covid-19 crisis with a medical system that will decide whether you live or die based on how many ventilators your underfunded and overwhelmed system can get, and THEN turn around a vote Trump in 2020. Republicans have literally stated at this point, they would rather the economy do well than prevent deaths.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 días
Finally something i comment on, \(Oo)/ hi john i feel like there is one thing you seem to have forgotten about...... As an english-man do you remember the word children were taught when there parents didnt want them to use the word Fart😏 love the you tube clips sadly cant watch the shows when you air but i watch the youtube clips regardless of what they're aired.
choongkeat Hace 2 días
tlpNZ Hace 3 días
If you are outside the USA and missing John try this:-
Tessa Rossa
Tessa Rossa Hace 3 días
Wondering why the MSM "Neoliberal" networks (MSNBC, CNN, various affiliates...) went all-in for Biden over Bernie Sanders? LOOK WHO PAYS THEIR BILLS!!!!!! An alphabetical list of drugs from Abilify to Zoloft. And Americans? SO STUPID THEY JUST GO ZOMBIE WALK RIGHT TO THE POLLS AND DO AS THEY"RE TOLD!
Eric B
Eric B Hace 3 días
No shit Sherlock!
feebeejeebees Hace 3 días
Too many Americans cannot differentiate between socialism and communism. You all claim to love your country and your fellow citizens, but you won't pay fuck all to help them out. Any true patriot should help his/her brother/sister in their time of need.
Travelling Spud
Travelling Spud Hace 3 días
Give us healthcare or we will infect you. ninja edit: $50 to anyone who can photoshop a picture of a disgruntled warehouse man biting Jeff Bezos
Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman Hace 3 días
Thank God I live in the UK (smug? Hell yeah)
Michaël Stumpf
Michaël Stumpf Hace 3 días
Great well researched analysis! I love John Oliver!!!
Pat Savard
Pat Savard Hace 3 días
Do you not see how the Government has mismanaged our money in the past. Would you really want them now to take over our Healthcare. They want to reduce Social Security and all other programs that we paid into over the years. Medicare will not be free, they will increase our taxes to cover what they say is "FREE". Don't drink the Cool Aid. t drink the Cool Aid.
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Private Corporations, in cahoots with some in the Government (mostly Repugs, some Dems), are the ones messing things up. Anything, anything at all, for more profit. Used to be a corporation also tried to support the community, and the employees (or pretended to), now there is no pretense- just more profit, no matter what. No Matter What. The money is not being mis-managed, it is being managed exactly as the corporations want to manage things. Which means no benefits for workers, and no redundancy. Even hospitals are managed as if money is the most important thing. management is just fine. I see National Health as less of Socialism and more of centralized billing.
dirtcom7 Hace 3 días
Good old Christian values. Fuck the poor let them die or go bankrupt for getting cancer. Luke 4:66
rbfreitas Hace 3 días
Great video!
Zahir Datoo
Zahir Datoo Hace 3 días
I do like that Americans suffer. Makes my day better.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders Hace 3 días
How about you fuck off
Melchior von Sternberg
Melchior von Sternberg Hace 3 días
Now, we see... I hope you will do a show about this fuck, after the pandemic event. And you should compare the european systems, with the US. And btw... Remind your new compatriots that there are no damned kingdoms that have socialist social systems in any way. As a Brit, you know only too well what I'm talking about! Greetings from Germany
tlpNZ Hace 3 días
So reading the NZ and Australian news today the biggest question is when the USA becomes the major source of infection do we keep them out of our countries for months? Example:-
TE BE Hace 4 días
Sophie Teresa
Sophie Teresa Hace 4 días
I'm from the UK. Sure, the NHS isn't perfect: there's wait times. But paying through taxes? I consider it free. And that makes up for everything. I can't comprehend the idea that it is good or normal for someone to have to consider arguments against their health. Oh, and I think the way these anti-medicare for all politicians are talking about socialism is rude and disrespectful.
Azairé ἄθεος Albertine
Azairé ἄθεος Albertine Hace 4 días
_"...Ruth Bader Ginsbergs inevitable successor..."_ Well that's the most terrifying thing I've ever heard.
Stephen Leyden
Stephen Leyden Hace 4 días
As joel rothmam notes below, if Australia spends 9% of GDP on healthcare with a medicare system, why cant america afford medicare when it spends 18% of its GDP on healthcare. I think i smell rightwing BULLSHIT.
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Are Aussies getting tested more than USA for Covid19? That is our failing here in the USA, we cannot get any tests.
Stephen Leyden
Stephen Leyden Hace 4 días
All of the negative comments about MEDICARE, came from PAID INDUSTRY LIARS. Anyone who lives in a country with MEDICARE will tell you they would never give up medicare for an insurance system that rips them off. The American MSM is full of lying assholes who are paid by the medical medical insurance industry to LIE. MEDICARE will set you free.
Kasia Hace 4 días
18:35 - try being a Eastern European immigrant working in England using the NHS, you might get some new experiences. Just don't be surprised if you go to a doctor with a cold and end up fighting the officers trying to take your newborn child away from you (possibly more than once) because you happen to be a single mother working your ass off to support it and according to them you do not give it enough care and attention. Or that you temporarily do not work to support it because you need to provide it with all of your care and attention. Technically for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Which is still a reason enough. At least in case of the non-Anglo-Saxon individuals and their offspring.
Bhán Jawn
Bhán Jawn Hace 4 días
John makes one error that irks me. Universal Health Care (UHC) doesn’t equal Medicare For All. Medicare For All is one type of UHC, and most nations with UHC don’t use a Single Payer system. My biggest concern wasn’t the top 3, it was this attitude that many M4A proponents have that tossing out the current system, which equals 1/6 the US economy & does employ millions, many of whom will lose their job, is easy to do. It’s not. Throw too many people onto unemployment while also just eliminating huge companies will harm our economy is a way that won’t be limited to those unemployed health insurance workers. A better idea is to look at other nations that achieved UHC without a completely single payer system, and see what would work best with our economy. Or, cherry pick ideas from different nations is no single nation is close enough to our economy to mimic their system. Or, simply change incrementally. Take the ACA & do with it as Obama planned to after getting it passed. First pass laws that get rid of the flaws ACA proved to have after being rolled out, make the Medicaid expansion mandatory, add the public option, and then move towards M4A. If we go with M4A, we will need to do so incrementally. Even Bernie had to admit that it couldn’t be immediate, his bill says a 4 year roll out, longer than his original plan, but most say there is no way it could practically happen in 4 years. I support moving IMMEDIATELY towards Universal Health Care, and I want a serious plan to do that, and since people’s lives are on the line, I think rolling out M4A in a way that would work within our economy, without causing a recession or worse for instance because all those large companies are just gone & people’s jobs with them, which hurts real people by the way (“You have M4A, get all the health care you want, but you have no job, good luck paying for your mortgage, utilities, etc” makes no sense) isn’t possible. I think if we decide M4A is the way to go, we’re going to have to institute a lot of the things a non-M4A UHC plan would have in it anyway. I really don’t understand this insistence that the US MUST get UHC ONLY through M4A. Bernie supporters never use the phrase UHC, only M4A, and it’s maddening, because the goal isn’t M4A for its own sake, the goal is to make sure every person has health care. I’m not opposed to socialism the way those fools on Fox News are, they don’t understand it. However, a lot of Americans are opposed to socialism, either because they emigrated here from socialist counties poorly run usually by dictators, they falsely equate socialism and communism and still remember how scary the Cold War was, or other reasons; you will not get those people behind M4A anymore then you will convince them to stop voting Republican. The first step towards any kind of UHC, including M4A, would be for Bernie supporters to stop bashing the Dem Party & start electing Dems. Dems are skeptical about passing M4A not only for the 3 reasons John talked about, but because in the 1990s, Hillary Clinton wrote a non-M4A UHC bill that would have covered all Americans & it couldn’t pass. Big reason, too many Repubs in Congress. Stop helping Repubs by bashing Dems because you’re primary candidate didn’t win, and the people that would vote yes for M4A would actually hold the power. Otherwise, the path towards any UHC plan will be is many slowly passed incremental steps. We need a Dem House, a Dem Senate, and a Dem in the WH.
Bhán Jawn
Bhán Jawn Hace 15 horas
Whistler 3002 We do not have to use single payer. We could use a two tier system, which would likely work better within our economy and provide Universal Health Coverage faster that M4A. With M4A, these huge companies aren’t needed, and just having an industry suddenly vanish could have a ripple effect through the economy on it’s own. Then consider the unemployed. Bernie Sanders in 2016 told his supporters M4A could be implemented almost immediately, but his bill has a 4 year roll out that most people say is just unrealistic, including people that support the idea of M4A. For example, I worked for a while as a pharmacy tech at a retail pharmacy. Was getting on the job training, they were going to pay for my taking the classes & the test to become a certified Pharm Tech (job didn’t work out, long story) I learned while I was there that when you call insurance companies to ask why a patient’s Rx refill was denied or to deal with other issues that pop up, you’re talking to a Pharm Tech and they make a lot more than retail Pharm Tech. All of us trainees were going to get certified, work for the pharmacy that trained us for a while for the experience (and for me, because that seemed only fair) and then I was going to start applying to every health insurance company I could (and maybe pharmacies within hospitals.) If we switch to M4A, all those Pharm Techs will lost their jobs & there will not be enough jobs for them in the retail sector. And they will take a HUGE cut in pay. Health care is 1/6 our economy, you can’t just switch to single payer quickly, and people can’t wait. Look up these countries that use a two tier system, I think that’s our path to UHC - Denmark, France, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Israel. Denmark I know has a great system AND they spend a lot less on health care overall. I haven’t yet researched all the differences in those countries approach to a two tier system (I’m in the process of doing some other research for some videos I’m working on, though I suspect I’ll address this topic at some point.)
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Yeah, fairly interchangeable, when they are different things. The first fight is just the idea, to remove United Health Care as a business that works in the USA, and to get all the private profiteers out of medicine. Then we can fight over what kind of national health to have.
Peter Badger
Peter Badger Hace 4 días
I've never been able to understand why Americans are so against the idea of having free healthcare! It just doesn't make any logical sense! Especially considering how much American healthcare costs!!! When people say "It would be too expensive to implement", I say bollocks! The English NHS was set up in 1948, just 3 years after the end of World War 2. Our country was still basically a pile of rubble at that point and virtually bankrupt too, yet we still managed to set up a free healthcare system for everyone! If a country that had nothing and was on its knees can do it, I'm pretty bloody sure America, with all their wealth, can do it as well! The only reason it would be "too expensive" to set up in America is because the pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to run riot and jack up the prices of everything to ridiculous levels! With a nationalized health service, those prices would come down. They would HAVE to. Because the market that they're currently fleecing from would no longer exist, and the government aren't going to be ready to pay those kind of prices either. They would force companies to lower their prices, or they'd go elsewhere for drugs and equipment. It wouldn't remove your 'choice' either. It hasn't in England. I can freely walk into any hospital, anywhere in the country and get seen. If I don't like the treatment I'm getting from one hospital, I can go to another. Also, if you can afford it here, you can choose to go private too. It's not mandatory, it's a choice! We have WAAAAAYYYY more choice than Americans do when it comes to healthcare!
Peter Badger
Peter Badger Hace un día
@Whistler 3002 Well, no the NHS is not technically 'free', we do pay for it through our taxes (not that anyone *really* notices that...) and we do have to pay for prescriptions, but they are very cheap (If you're claiming benefits I believe the cost is capped out and you'll only pay a maximum of £7, regardless of how many drugs you need), but the American healthcare system definitely needs to be free at the point of service like the NHS is. No-one should ever have to think about whether or not they can afford the cost of calling for an ambulance. That's unthinkable in England. If we ever need an ambulance, we just call one!
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Not free, just cheaper and better, and free at point of service, so everyone can get taken care of. Not just the rich people.
an person
an person Hace 4 días
Holy shit, just looked it up, a drug which i have to take on a daily basis which costs around $110 AUD (~$65 US) for a 30 day supply here in Australia costs around $350 for the same quantity in America. What the actual fuck America?
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
I have had that experience. Through my CORPORATE provided health care insurance, monthly drug is $490/month. If I go thru all insurance channels, and in-house insurance and in-house pharmacy. If I go to my doctor, ask for something cheaper, then go to a cut-rate grocery store pharmacy, then it is $390/month. If I go to Canada, and a government approved pharmacy that will ship to the USA, and jump thru a bunch of hoops, then it is $55month. Thru spouse's UNION health insurance, it is $30/month. Guess my Corporate Overlords get to save a few bucks, cause I don't use their health system, altho I am forced to sign up and pay for it. What is the difference? Corporation uses United Health Care. And the drug, with all sorts of extra charges for the box, advertising, shipping, overhead, triple the price for profit, etc? Should not cost more than about $18/month.
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog Hace 4 días
As long as money is worth more than human life, we're fucked, it's as simple as that.
Lance May
Lance May Hace 5 días
Yes lets do it, medicare for all.
GrenDuckJay Hace 5 días
Honestly i wish my government took MORE of my money if it meant i didnt have to pay out of pocket for medication, dental and eye care. As a canadian i can say, higher taxes is still cheaper than direct medical bills. We can still pay privately to go through faster, but most people cant afford it 👍
GrenDuckJay Hace un día
@Whistler 3002 absolutely. Honestly its always easier to pay in increments. The biggest complaint is "well i dont use it im healthy so why should i pay?" And its like... at some point everyone wont be healthy, id rather have the money already in the system so when my health inevitably fails in some way im covered, and so is everyone else i know and love. Like give me pharmacare and medicare, I'll take home a little less and get a hell of a lot more from it than out of pocket could ever give me. 🙄
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Truth. You are so right, GrenDuck. Take away my corporate health care, where I don't get to choose which insurance company, the company that chooses my doctor for me, and the price goes up every year, because 'stock holders have to be paid'? Yeah, I could be convinced to somehow give that up. Pay more in taxes, and get free at point of service health care? I would come out ahead with greater taxes, than trying to prop up the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, who seem to make their huge annual profits out of my wallet.
GrenDuckJay Hace 2 días
@JollyOldCanuck here in berta we have both private and public tho some things you cant skip for. Honestly if someone can afford it then sure they can go pay for it but alot of people cant, i know my family could not and my dad whos diabetic still deserves to live
JollyOldCanuck Hace 2 días
Private clinics are heavily restricted in Canada, or at least in Ontario, to force the wealthy to use the same system as everyone else incentivizing them to keep the public system funded.
Alex Klein
Alex Klein Hace 5 días
Well i get every medicine i need and pay 6euro for it ...well also i can go in every hospital i want...without playing for it ..okay 7 Euros a day...and this in one of the best health care Systems in the world..
Cory English
Cory English Hace 5 días
Nevyn of OZ 1973
Nevyn of OZ 1973 Hace 5 días
Tom Hanks and his wife got tested well before any of the NBA guys managed to get tested even though they had infected people touching every microphone in the room why was that oh they were in Australia that has universal healthcare
Mary Kariuki
Mary Kariuki Hace 5 días
I am Kenyan and I consider myself lucky compared to Americans who cannot afford insurance
bubbleboy468 Hace 5 días
Three years ago I suffered a stroke like episode. Was living remote in a town with a small Hospital with no resident Doctor. Spoke to a Duty Doctor on the Telemedicine system. Was RFDS Air Ambulance flown four hours later to regional hospital for MRI with the hot shot. It was inconclusive. So road Ambulance back to the Airport next day and another RFDS Air Ambulance flight to Perth, oh about two thousand kilometres I suppose, then another Ambulance to major hospital for PET scans two Spinal Taps, air bubble ultrasound of heart, multiple medications and nine day stay in that hospital. Let out all patched up. Signed my exit form and was flown home. Not one penny required to be paid by me. I was of course very appreciative for the best care my country provides. Australian Medicare. Enough said...
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Hope you are feeling better. I have heard similar stories from Canadians, who get sick on a trip to Florida. Canada would rather fly them back to Canada, with doctor and nurse and EMT and a pilot, rather than pay a US hospital. Even the personal jet with a full staff is cheaper than a US hospital stay.
tlpNZ Hace 3 días
@Nevyn of OZ 1973 Having lived in the UK, NZ and now Aus. there is no way on earth I would live in the USA with their totally f**ed up system. Have I ever got back the "money I've paid in" of course not (and I will probably never will in UK not been back there in 20 years), but I'm only 60 so that may change in the future. Will I ever get my money back no idea and hope I don't, it's like any other system where we share the costs, it's insurance, I may never need it, but it's there when/if I do. With CoVID-19 around I know where I would rather be right now.
Nevyn of OZ 1973
Nevyn of OZ 1973 Hace 5 días
Rfds for those wondering is the Royal Flying Doctor Service because Australians pay to get random people in rural areas where it's really difficult to get to hospital so we've got a plane or two with doctors and some sort of equipment obviously the original poster there's more about that aspect I just pay taxes that helped them. Do I care about my taxes go to him? Yes I am glad to pay for it. Because his taxes help me when I am sick.
Kieran Calder
Kieran Calder Hace 5 días
Im not sure I understand the whole choice thing. I live in Canada and I can go to any hospital I want with the same coverage.
stinger15au Hace 5 días
Cost of a emergency appendix removal in australia, for anyone at any time at any hospital by any doctor.....$0. Total cost on my taxes for medicare, about 2%, worth every dollar for never having to worry
Brianna Hawley
Brianna Hawley Hace 5 días
I live in Canada, wait times are really not that bad.... you go to the emergency room and you get assessed right away (unless you are literally bleeding out then you will be rushed away). Then you get put on a list based on your severity. The nurses go around and asses you always to make sure your conditions don’t change. If I’m coming in with a rash on my leg that won’t go away and some child comes in throwing up and crying, I would prefer that child be seen first. Yes you sometimes have to wait like 6 hours if it’s slammed in there but really you will be seen based on your condition. It’s not like you will be shoved at the back of the line if you are having a heart attack. Long wait times only happen to people that go to the emergency for no reason. If they would have just waited to go to a clinic instead you will wait like half an hour, or if you go at a peak time you wait like an hour or so. Again not even that bad...
EdenObviously Hace 5 días
The thing with wait times is comparing the proposed system to the uk's saying wait times would be insane doesn't work, the uk's wait times are long because our shitty tory government is trying to undermine, underfund and destroy the nhs system to cut it up and sell it off to american companies
O223 Hace 3 días
Same thing with the liberals in Australia, because of the liberals after you turn 31 your private health insurance premiums increase every year by 2% for a maximum of 70% which means if you take out insurance at 35 a $100 premium turns in to $110 to make people get private heath insurance over paying for Medicare
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle Hace 5 días
There's a bit in the Bible where a dude asks Jesus what he has to do to be saved. Jesus tells him to keep the commandments. The dude says, I do that already. Jesus says, then sell all your stuff and give it to the poor.
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
Camel thru the eye of a needle, and all that.
Dislexdoodlebob Yeet
Dislexdoodlebob Yeet Hace 5 días
I don’t think we should make it free instead why not make it the actual cost of the treatment or operation the hospital did for the person and add a little bit of profit to the hospital so that way the patient gets the same treatment in fact the only reason the price goes u is because of medical insurance
Dislexdoodlebob Yeet
Dislexdoodlebob Yeet Hace un día
Whistler 3002 too long didn’t read
Whistler 3002
Whistler 3002 Hace un día
That is a good idea, except we have For Profit Insurance Companies, and For Profit Hospitals, etc. They will be paid, no matter what. So if you are in a hospital, and get an aspirin from a nurse, you don''t pay for the aspirin, or even the nurse. They tack on the cost of every other procedure, that the For Profits either "Did Not Get Paid" or even "Did Not Get Paid ENOUGH". Patient A has no insurance, so ER visit for car accident, is taken care of. Patient B has some insurance, but at a rate that a corporation negotiated. So they get taken care of and released. Then Patient C, has insurance, and the costs they are charged are their own costs, the costs for Patient A, and part of the cost for Patient B. So....try to tell the Insurance Companies and Hospitals that WORK FOR PROFIT to not do this any more....and they won't. They will just shut down, because if they cannot make a profit, then they will do something else. Take the profits they earned from you and me, and invest in something else. The stockholders have to be paid, doncha know. Remove Profit from the equation. Now you have a plan. Imagine being able to figure out costs.....based on what each person cost! Back to your original idea, but with a big change. Called NATIONAL HEALTH or SINGLE PAYER or MEDICARE FOR ALL.....either way get United Health Care OUT. Now imagine a single payer system, a centralized billing system, so no profit. No longer tied to a corporate job cause you need the health insurance, so able to start your own business. Rural Hospitals, would be subsidized by the big cities, because now resources are based on need and numbers, and not on profit. No more having to hear the whining sob stories because someone can't get some treatment. Let the whole country go back to arguing over the regular stuff, like the environment, and how many vote-polling stations we should have, and trucker regulations and NAFTA, and other good clean political fun. No more fighting about each other's health. Every Child Deserves to be Healthy. Every Senior Deserves to be cared for.
Sean O'reilly
Sean O'reilly Hace 5 días
Free health care right here in Australia. All good mate
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper Hace 5 días
Bosstown Dynamics
Bosstown Dynamics Hace 5 días
I don't get why no Americans look at what Australia has - 2 completely independent systems. We've got a complete top to bottom public system where the government owns and operates (crucially - via doctors and medical experts, not directly) hospitals and such, but if you don't like the public system you can get private insurance and go private. And here's the kicker - even though this is more expensive than the NHS our public system is better, faster, gets fewer complaints (British expats all seem happier here healthcare wise, aside from dental), it's still *far* cheaper than the US. Each Australian tax payer pays less tax towards the public system than each US tax payer, believe it or not, by a substantial margin, because so many profit grubbing steps get cut out when the government owns the hospitals, and if you really want private care and to choose your doctor and so forth you can pay for private, and the total cost of you paying for private and public through your premiums and tax is *far* lower than in the US, because the private system can't say "you need us to live", if they try that you just go public. There are flaws, as in any system but I truly think this is the best of both worlds.
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo Hace 5 días
American eat anything. Stay Healthy.
Hans Rosenlehner
Hans Rosenlehner Hace 5 días
I know our system is flawed, I take no comfort in the pain of our Southern Neighbours. This was comedic but needs attention.
Daniel Bassett
Daniel Bassett Hace 5 días
Australia has medicare for all, but also the option of private insurance cover which enables you to get a discount on your taxes (in layman terms). People like me, young and healthy and not super wealthy have everything we need in the public system, but those with private cover (like my late grandfather) can access their choice of private doctors and institutions as they please, with the lower wait times for non-essential surgeries and procedures. That being said, for life saving treatment, they often go public because the emergency doctors in the public system have all the experience and are truly the top of their field. I think it is a good system as it provides a safety net for all, as well as a choice for those who can afford it (though even those without private cover can choose which hospital to access their healthcare through).
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