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The God Who Stays
I would’ve given up on me by now
I would’ve labeled me a lost cause Cause I feel just like a lost cause
If I were you
I would’ve turned around and walked away I would’ve labeled me beyond repair
Cause I feel like I’m beyond repair
But somehow you don’t see me like I do Somehow you’re still here
You’re the God who stays
You’re the God who stays
You’re the one who runs in my direction
When the whole world walks away
You’re the God who stands
With wide open arms
And you tell me nothing I have ever done can separate my heart
From the God who stays
I used to hide
Every time I thought I let you down
I always thought I had to earn my way but I’m learning you don’t work that way
Somehow you don’t see me like I do Somehow you’re still here
My shame can’t separate My guilt can’t separate My past can’t separate I’m yours forever
My sin can’t separate
My scars can’t separate My failures can’t separate I’m yours forever
No enemy can separate
No power of hell can take away Your love for me will never change I’m yours forever

Music by Matthew West performing “The God Who Stays” (Official Music Video). (C) 2019 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Debbie Leads
Debbie Leads Hace 2 horas
Can't wait to see you on October 20, Matthew! I love you! Your songs speak to me like no other.
Cassandra Cabrera
Cassandra Cabrera Hace 9 horas
We seek numbness when we don't know how else to get rid of the suffering. Thank YOU JESUS for coming into my life and SAVING me from condemnation... I'm so FREE from satan's bondage's and been sober 4 years of all my addictions. I thank YOU for showing me there is a better way of life and that with the HOLY SPIRIT we can do all things through CHRIST WHO give us strength. I know good and well that these things don't happen over night, but with hard work, determination, and looking up and ahead HE WILL wash us clean. I BELIEVE! Praise the LORD Hallelujah!!!
Isaiah Fry
Isaiah Fry Hace 10 horas
The first time I heard this song it just touches me cause there were days where I thought my god wasnt there and he always there no matter what. Thank you so much Mr.Mathew West God bless you.
Ennovy Cortez
Ennovy Cortez Hace un día
This song is just moves me to tears ever since I heard it the first time and every time since then. And now seeing the video I can't control the tears. It is so wonderful to have a God that stays, who shows us grace and unconditional love.
Dawn Madigan
Dawn Madigan Hace un día
Thanks Matt for this wonderful reminder 👍
Jacob Gladieux
Jacob Gladieux Hace 2 días
I come from a family of substance abuse. I father is an alcoholic and my 2 oldest brothers use to abuse drugs (cocaine and painkillers) I use to abuse painkillers and alcohol when I was a teenager. The Lord put some friends in my life that helped me quit. I haven't smoked or taken pills in over 4 years and I can control my alcohol intake. The guilt still beats me down sometimes, but this song is a great reminder that the Lord is still here and He is helping. We are so blessed to have such a loving God. My life should have amounted to nothing, but He never quits.
Kyle Stemm
Kyle Stemm Hace 3 días
I wish I had more time to talk to him when he was in Spokane. I am bipolar, generalized anxiety, manic depression and have Borderline Personality Disorder-the most dangerous mental health disorder. 8 out of 10 will attempt suicide. This is yet another song from Matthew that has saved my life. Probably the most powerful ever! Was thinking for the last two days of ending it all. Still want to actually.
Gitonga Meeme
Gitonga Meeme Hace 3 días
I think am blessed so much with your lyrics....Sure! Your the GOD who stays!
Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer Hace 4 días
There have been times when I thought I was all alone , I am there is a God that stays no matter what.
iorek byrnison
iorek byrnison Hace 5 días
God is an alien astral parasite being with servants known as archons from Sirius. It splits itself into dark versus false light and pretends to fight to herd souls. Jesus and Satan play on the same team. God is so incredibly evil and must be prosecuted
Rylee Northway
Rylee Northway Hace 5 días
Love this song😍
D Sand Emcee SQuad
D Sand Emcee SQuad Hace 5 días
Nice song
Queen .Abigail
Queen .Abigail Hace 5 días
Lots of love from Africa😊
Paul Leonardo
Paul Leonardo Hace 5 días
I absolutely love you music Matthew. HE is the one who runs toward us when others run away. God knows he should have run away from me a long, long time ago. Peace out my fellow Christians....
Mukanya Lubuyi Erick
Mukanya Lubuyi Erick Hace 5 días
Amen amen
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown Hace 5 días
So blessed by Matt!
sunsets21 Hace 5 días
Love the song
Kayla Ellis
Kayla Ellis Hace 6 días
Well I just cried this morning ;0; That was definitely the best Christian music video I've ever seen. Hallelujah how powerful is our God!! 😭🙌🏼
Joe B
Joe B Hace 7 días
Thank You Jesus #TheGodWhoStays
English Rose UK
English Rose UK Hace 7 días
Wait forever 🐰
Eva Hace 7 días
Very true bro..awesome one..He is the God who stays stayed and will stay by his is beyond our human knowledge..thanq for beautiful song..Praise the Lord..Glory to God alone
Erik Eriksen
Erik Eriksen Hace 8 días
I’m in a bad place right now and don’t know how to get we’re I need to be
CK EJ Hace 9 días
Ryan Jasso
Ryan Jasso Hace 9 días
my email is if you guys need help. I suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression so we all need to help each other and we need to remind ourselves that GOd is the one who stays
isabella stens
isabella stens Hace 9 días
Just now woke up in a cold sweat at 3 am I prayed and God steard me to this thank you Jesus!!
christian280189 Hace 10 días
This song is LIGHT in the darkness... Thank you!! 🌞🌟
Trevor L.
Trevor L. Hace 11 días
In 2018, I spent a week where every day, I’d put at least one cut in my legs. I thought I was too far gone. Your music, as well as music from For King & Country, Casting Crowns, and many others, helped me to recover. The scars are still there, and life still sucks, but it’s amazing to know that God will never leave my side.
Tunge Hace 11 días
Hallelujah!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel Hace 11 días
Really wish Christian singers would stop making these cheesy music videos. SIGH!
Lynn F
Lynn F Hace 11 días
You think praising God is cheesy SHAME ON YOU
Phiba Ckhynez
Phiba Ckhynez Hace 11 días
God thank you for never giving up on me... I disobeyed n hurt you many times Jesus...but u chose to stay with me..
Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds Hace 12 días
Debbie Leads
Debbie Leads Hace 13 días
I like where he says, "You're the one who runs in my direction, when the whole world walks away." Beautiful song!
Patricia Hock
Patricia Hock Hace 13 días
Matthew West 2019
The I_f_williams Point
The I_f_williams Point Hace 14 días
For a moment I felt so lost and filled with so many regrets but this song took me somewhere reminded me of who God is and what he’s done and what more he can do Thankyou Matthew for serving Christ cause through you we are encouraged
Skyler Raith
Skyler Raith Hace 14 días
Jonathan Byrd
Jonathan Byrd Hace 15 días
I like it
Claudinchen Hace 15 días
Daddy, I am so in love with you.
Mohd Sufian/ZUONE/ bin abd wahab
Mohd Sufian/ZUONE/ bin abd wahab Hace 15 días
You stay with visible or people person like you too?
JandDsmom2008 Hace 16 días
I posted on his FB page under this video, that this song literally to save my life. We'd lost our father 12 years ago when we both were barely 30 and then our mother 2 years and 2 months before last Christmas (2018). Four days before that Christmas, my little sister OD'd. I didn't handle it well at all, I was so lost in the dark, and felt so alone....I literally tried to kill myself, but God intervened in the most beloved way. A few months later, those feelings were still with me when I walked into my old church, a place I hadn't been in 20 years and started GriefShare. We were at the part, where it talks about returning to church, and I didn't feel like I should even be there. All the years of my neglected relationship with my heavenly father, the things family members said to me the day of my little sister's was all there, still holding on. I sat in church and cried at the sermon. It was perfect for what I needed at that moment. I went home that night and told the picture of my little sister and her youngest I keep on my phone before my prayers and remembered that the woman who runs that grief group, who knew how much I was struggling told me to put my Christian music back on those scarey, lost moments. I opened Spotify and there was this "suggested song" by Matthew West, whom I honestly didn't really know much about. I thought, what the heck, and I put it on, before my prayers and broke down in tears. It was everything that I had needed to hear. I prayed that night, the way I haven't in decades. I finally watched the was the story of my sister and I down to the T - except in the video there was a happy ending. Which again, made me cry but, not in sadness - it gave me hope, and I've not gone one single day without listening to this song. It has helped me through so much more than I have ever told anyone, and even though I still grieve her loss, I no longer grieve like someone "with no hope", and this song made me realize how much I'm loved - no matter what I've done intentionally or unintentionally. It inspired and still inspires me every day. So, much so, that I asked to be baptized at this month's baptism session. My first since shortly after birth, and while I wish this was the song they will play when they make the post video, or even before the service for it, they probably won't. It will still be the song playing in my head and heart that day. So, I wanted to say to anyone who reads this long post - never give up, listen to this song with your heart. I'm so glad he released this song. I'm so thankful I found it by accident - or really because someone upstairs was giving me a nudge to listen.
agape Roy
agape Roy Hace 16 días
You're the GOD who stays I used to hide everytime I thought I let u down always thought I had to earn my way but I'm learning that u don't work that way ...!!!!!❤ He's the GOD who stays... ☝😇💯❤ What can separate us from the love of GOD...!!!?
Darren Hutto
Darren Hutto Hace 17 días
This song really hit me I battle porn addiction for years and a lot of pain and hurt there a shame and guilt over it really hurts me and this song really helps me
Vic Sanchez
Vic Sanchez Hace 18 días
I can reflect on this song 100% I was left behind in jail by my family for something that wasn't mine. God knows It wasn't mine nor did I had any connection with it. 96 days. But God manage to get me out.
Manase Mutshima
Manase Mutshima Hace 19 días
The god who stays ,bless,
MsGirl4god Hace 19 días
This song had me drop to my knees in tears and WORHIP my GOD for loving me and saving me and NEVER leaving me nor forsaking me when he had ABSOLUTELY no right to do so😊👍🏽😊
Ordinary Person
Ordinary Person Hace 19 días
wow, this evening was the first time, I ever heard this song. It is a powerful song. Glad I came across this song.
2025 Samuel Rusch
2025 Samuel Rusch Hace 19 días
nobody ever thinks who God actually is always there when you go through hard times I'm an introvert when middle school started for me I was like God hello where are you
Tetey Kurz Sailo
Tetey Kurz Sailo Hace 19 días
Found this song when i needed the most. Thanks for this powerful lyrics. May the God who stay bless ya'll
William Kister
William Kister Hace 19 días
Powerful song and video. Great way to show the meaning behind Romans 8: 38-39
Ordinary Person
Ordinary Person Hace 19 días
For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, * nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39 NASB)
dancreb5 Hace 20 días
Vicki Ivory - PMCB
Vicki Ivory - PMCB Hace 20 días
Love this. Love it!
isabel sheila
isabel sheila Hace 20 días
This song totally describes me.Thank you Jesus for loving me for me. Thank you so much for this song, Truly blessed.
Nakisha R. Hicks
Nakisha R. Hicks Hace 20 días
Beautiful. Hallelujah! He is the One who stays. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for loving me, in spite of.
Ryan Ollie
Ryan Ollie Hace 20 días
Please pray for me
BABYGIRL Hace 20 días
One Life
One Life Hace 20 días
I am so greatful to Jesus Christ my Savior.the one and only pure God
Tytan Ronald
Tytan Ronald Hace 21 un día
Great song.
YourWill Notmine
YourWill Notmine Hace 21 un día
I’m crying 😩😩 idk why I’m now just seeing this song ❤️ wow God!!
Rennie Seerattan
Rennie Seerattan Hace 21 un día
This song is absolutely beautiful bless God
Ethel Casper-McGehee
Ethel Casper-McGehee Hace 21 un día
I am a teacher and listening to this during lunch it is so beautiful. Makes me think of my days as a single parent and some of the parents that I work with now.
Maxine A.G. Guess
Maxine A.G. Guess Hace 22 días
Amen! You can always count on God when everything else fails.❤️
Why I Follow God
Why I Follow God Hace 22 días
anne kennedy
anne kennedy Hace 22 días
such powerful lyrics the god who stays never left me when my home was full of fear and darkness with faith you make it such talent
Thought Blessed
Thought Blessed Hace 22 días
This is a testimony of passion
BABYGIRL Hace 22 días
This song, Anything is Possible and Unplanned are my favorites.
Ryan Jasso
Ryan Jasso Hace 23 días
I love this song!
Bernice Ellis
Bernice Ellis Hace 23 días
In my life I have been through a lot, and I have managed to keep going. I can only give God the credit, being I was saved at 13yrs. old. Although I didn’t start serving him until I was in my twenties, when God called me, those years became the most precious time in my life. Because of surgeries that didn’t stop and a marriage that went bad after many yrs., I find myself longing to serve again. I don’t know what he has in store for me, but I’m willing to be used of God again. This song really touched me , once you’re a child of God, He never leaves. He Is “The God that Stays”. Thank you Father for never leaving me.
Bernice Ellis
Bernice Ellis Hace 12 días
@I AM AN OVERCOMER I listened to the song you recommended. I cried thru it, & have listened to it several times since. Matthew 6:33,34 is a very familiar scripture to me and have referred to it many times. I have sought God first in my life because I had no one else to turn to. Psalms 46:1,2 I have turned to many times. I have leaned on Psalms 46:1 and 46:10 because He is my refuge & strengh. Also 46:10 is one of my favorite verses. He has taught me to, be still & listen to Him. I have a tendency to get ahead of Him and when I do He let's me know. I am an overcomer also, I have had to be.
I AM AN OVERCOMER Hace 18 días
Bernice, seek His presence and sit . That's what God has been teaching me to do. It's been a healing time. I've come to see what Matthew 6:33 -34 means Here's another awesome song Whisper by Jason Upton
Antoine Bech
Antoine Bech Hace 23 días
What does God look like?
BABYGIRL Hace 22 días
We'll find out in Heaven
Sales Dept
Sales Dept Hace 23 días
so true. Everyone walks away don't they?
lauren shaye
lauren shaye Hace 25 días
Your the one that stays when everyone walks away. ❤🙏praise God for he is good in the good and bad times.
Summer Guffey
Summer Guffey Hace 26 días
I’m trying to get faster than the fastest person in my class, my dad showed me this and I fell in love
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 26 días
Just behave ...
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