Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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Мирусик Укусик
Мирусик Укусик Hace un hora
О Хоппер Фанаты осд поймут :)
Christopher Colvin
Christopher Colvin Hace 7 horas
This is why I wish a lot more supervillains didn’t get killed off.... I feel like crossbones would’ve been an awesome addition to this movie helping taskmaster train the recruits
K C Hace 10 horas
They should have come out with this instead of captain Marvel. Which was irrelevant
Octavia Halstead 2
Octavia Halstead 2 Hace 10 horas
Somehow this doesn’t really seem like a prequel... 😏😏
Eba Erco
Eba Erco Hace 12 horas
Avoid evil
Vladut Frasincar
Vladut Frasincar Hace 12 horas
Who is here after the movie got delayed to november 6
Animal Abhi
Animal Abhi Hace 12 horas
*Go Corona go*
IcicleSteve Hace 18 horas
Juana Galvan
Juana Galvan Hace 18 horas
We are gods by Audiomachine is the soundtrack to this trailer in case you guys are wondering (:
Carmi Voges
Carmi Voges Hace 20 horas
Search will iron man return then google says this:Tony Stark is set to make one more appearance in the MCU according to a recent report. Fresh off of saying his farewells in Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr.'s character is apparently coming back in the Black Widow movie - though don't expect it to be a full return.
Marvel Boy
Marvel Boy Hace 22 horas
Bruh kill me i m done with my life after endgame 😔
random piano
random piano Hace 22 horas
How Black widow won taskmaster
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin Hace 23 horas
Who's back to remember a time when everything was normal?
Kims Bee
Kims Bee Hace un día
I need doctor strange 2... Please please please 😩😩
Jeyaram Sathees
Jeyaram Sathees Hace un día
BTW, it’s delayed to November 06
Natisk Hace un día
yeah, we dont need 4k....
cjay 97
cjay 97 Hace un día
Not only this film, but also the rest of the future MCU films that was also delayed. Nice try, COVID-19! 😥😥😥
guccibagel Hace un día
this summer more like this fall
x PGTV Hace un día
Must this movie be released because in Endgame she was dead?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War, is a prequel. Plus they kinda owe us an origin story of her.
Jacob Broadwell
Jacob Broadwell Hace 2 días
Wait this is before endgame time wise right? Because she dies in endgame by sacrificing herself to get the soul stone.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
Yep, after Civil War and before Infinity War, a prequel.
Moustapha Diane
Moustapha Diane Hace 2 días
Why not release the movie on Disney plus 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
That'll make them lose a lot of money.
Tanequa Woodson
Tanequa Woodson Hace 2 días
Yes I Believe the Black Widow lived after Avengers endgame End so yes Black Widow yes is she is still alive
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
This movie is confirmed to be set *after Civil War and before Infinity War.* A prequel.
Víctor López
Víctor López Hace 2 días
6 noviembre 2020 black widow
DAEBAB Hace 2 días
This movie comes out in November😞
Ege Maaring
Ege Maaring Hace 2 días
Watch Black Widow November 6
Ezzz Azzz
Ezzz Azzz Hace 2 días
01:44 OMGGGGG never see her smile like this and being soo cute..... So precious scene ever 😭😭😭😭
Erik Jun Bai
Erik Jun Bai Hace 2 días
I was so sad when black window sacrificed herself for the soul stone in end game. I’m definitely going to see this movie because she is such a great character.
anika budd
anika budd Hace 2 días
so nobody gonna talk about shepherd being in this movie?
Obscene Vegetable Matter
Obscene Vegetable Matter Hace 2 días
I love, love, love the music in this trailer!
Veljko23 Hace 2 días
Where is Tony Stark?????????????
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
This ain't his movie. He's just a cameo that is just footage of a deleted scene of Civil War.
Redha A Rachman
Redha A Rachman Hace 3 días
*Marvel : 1st May 2020* *Corona : Hold my beer* *Marvel : 6th November 2020*
Ava Mahoney
Ava Mahoney Hace 3 días
It's weird because they put black widow dead in the last avengers movie in 2019 but its 2020 the black widow movie comes out and she still alive like if I'm not going crazy and this not just a dream
Ava Mahoney
Ava Mahoney Hace 2 días
@Obscene Vegetable Matter oh now I get it :O
Obscene Vegetable Matter
Obscene Vegetable Matter Hace 2 días
It takes place between Civil War and Infinity War.
Alexon Zosa
Alexon Zosa Hace 3 días
Yes!...only a clint left
See You Then?
See You Then? Hace 3 días
shreyaas patil
shreyaas patil Hace 3 días
They pushed the release date in November ;(
Fikrey Yoon
Fikrey Yoon Hace 3 días
Right, i’m so excited for next month, but they cancelled and bring forward in November..but for Eternal how..? No trailer or information about that movie..hurmm...Its should be 12 February..but hurmm
Terrill Goodwine Jr
Terrill Goodwine Jr Hace 3 días
It’s coming out November 6 Coronvirus
Thacos Hace 3 días
1:57 ben ten Marvel cross over confirmed
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
The Black Widow spider hourglass logo has been used way before Ben 10.
Brandon Bernardo
Brandon Bernardo Hace 3 días
*Black Widow delayed to November 6th, 2020*
Aşkın Gündüz
Aşkın Gündüz Hace 4 días
well i bet the sister will die
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 3 días
I mean why else Nat would dyed her hair blonde and use the green vest she used?
FAIZ COZ Hace 4 días
Glad to see gim hooper
Ivan Valdez
Ivan Valdez Hace 4 días
Soo we are not going to acknowledge that yelena plays guitar hero?!.. 😂🤣 When natasha and her have a gun point stand off you can see yelenas drum set on left side.
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo Hace 3 días
Ivan Valdez 😂😂😂😂
Nikki Christian
Nikki Christian Hace 4 días
Has anyone seen this? Not sure due to the virus
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo Hace 3 días
Nikki Christian no worries! You stay safe too!
Nikki Christian
Nikki Christian Hace 3 días
Ducky MoMo thnx for the info. Stay safe
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo Hace 3 días
Nikki Christian it comes out November 6th is all is well.
Keva S
Keva S Hace 5 días
this kinda reminds me of Artimes and her family in young justice
Aarohi Singh
Aarohi Singh Hace 5 días
Only for true MCU fans Guys check out casting it will blow ur mind i am still in the dilemma 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😵😵😵😲😲😲😲😃😃😇
Yunus Celebi
Yunus Celebi Hace 5 días
Çoksel gibi duruo
Artje DP
Artje DP Hace 5 días
If CoronaVirus doesn’t exist then I could watch the movie😭😢
Ancsi :3
Ancsi :3 Hace 6 días
Labeled F26
Labeled F26 Hace 6 días
I need this music NOW.
ALY Studio
ALY Studio Hace 6 días
spoiler: when this was shown as a sneak peak at 0:02 the captions said BUDAPEST, which means Budapest will probably be shown :P
Your local Hazbin hoe
Your local Hazbin hoe Hace 6 días
When I saw hopper my face went:😵🤯
sterling samspson
sterling samspson Hace 6 días
When this is delayed due to coronavirus 😭😭😭😭
Pratyush Bhagat
Pratyush Bhagat Hace 6 días
I watched stranger things because DAVID HARBOUR is in the movie.
Zeus Zeus
Zeus Zeus Hace 6 días
Its so dope when Taskmaster was copying Ronin 🔥
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 5 días
This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. Hawkeye as Ronin didn't exist until the 5 years later on Endgame.
Delton Killen
Delton Killen Hace 6 días
I have a BIG question. I was viewing the old BBC series The Avengers from 1966 the episode "A Touch of Brimstone". Emma Peele's expressions on screen almost exactly mirrored some of the Black Widow's. Was that on purpose? Just asking..
subhash kalia
subhash kalia Hace 6 días
Black widow looks amazingly fantastic , technically mind blowing movie .... Scarlett looks gorgeous but Rachel Weisz ... Oh , you beauty ....
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney Hace 6 días
I am not a fly
Esteban Hofman
Esteban Hofman Hace 7 días
Didn’t she die?
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo Hace 6 días
Esteban Hofman this takes place after Civil War
AWild LOWLIFE Hace 7 días
The music they got for this trailer is fire
-NIK -
-NIK - Hace 7 días
Рашен комьнити вы тут?
ilhan archy
ilhan archy Hace 8 días
10 years being in this franchise &her action figure was impossible to find & Disney wait after she's dead to give her a movie & Corona virus took over the world. You are just unlucky aren't you Natasha?
palwinder kaur
palwinder kaur Hace 8 días
Think that, If the Captain America had put all the stones on their respective places than why the Natasha didn't come back??? because there was a bargaining life for the life. 2. Bruce banner also said that he tried his best to revive her then she can be back. ????????
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 5 días
They already confirmed that despite returning the stones and all, she's still dead for real.
Share Gee
Share Gee Hace 8 días
Next phase:Wanda
Bronze Riven
Bronze Riven Hace 8 días
zackeriah farris
zackeriah farris Hace 8 días
I'm so pissed this has been out 3 months now
zackeriah farris
zackeriah farris Hace 2 días
@Hobo525 damit
Hobo525 Hace 2 días
zackeriah farris Now we have to wait 7 more
Phong nguyễn hữu
Phong nguyễn hữu Hace 9 días
I very like the Soundtrack
Shaik Shakir
Shaik Shakir Hace 9 días
Avengers will bi return??? Plz we need stark Tony .we want to see iron man and Natasha in new avengers movie plz marvel
General Tyler
General Tyler Hace 3 días
They are dead
Beau Leury
Beau Leury Hace 9 días
Couldn’t the avengers go back in time and save iron man, black widow and all of them
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 9 días
That could screw more the timeline/multiverse, plus come on, they need at least some definitive death in here (Pietro doesn't count).
KING JAY Hace 9 días
Now that they delayed movie i am not going to see it for sure. Not waiting a whole extra year. I can see late summer or fall delay but if it is a year i know i will not support it. Hopefully the eternals comes out on time.
KING JAY Hace 3 días
@General Tyler thanks man and if that update is legit i can deal with it. Its just a year would make me loose al desire in wanting to see the movie
General Tyler
General Tyler Hace 3 días
KING JAY Update, there is a new release date. Black Widow will come in November 6th
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo Hace 9 días
JESSIE BLANDING JR you seriously won’t support a movie because of an unforeseen situation that caused a delay? You’ll be missing a ton of movies! And you don’t want to miss this gem!
Mister twister
Mister twister Hace 9 días
I hope it will have the same style as Cap 2, cause for such a character it is the right one
Mister twister
Mister twister Hace 9 días
Amazing score here!
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