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"At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.” Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1.
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Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar Hace 8 minutos
Greatest of all time.
Twisha Prasad
Twisha Prasad Hace un hora
Come on guys, if the soul stone was returned doesn't Natasha come back then, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSE YOU KNOW!!??? And when Bruce snapped and tried to bring Nat back, who knows maybe, MAYBE, it worked. Oh please marvel don't let her die:(
beril yener
beril yener Hace 2 horas
iron mann
praharshitha ponangi
praharshitha ponangi Hace 3 horas
Alright so the guy who is throwing sheild like captain America is he captain Russia
Universal Gaming
Universal Gaming Hace 4 horas
We knew hopper was in russia but we never knew he’d develop such an accent
I hate black people
I hate black people Hace 5 horas
It's quite sad all theatres closed, I kinda want to watch this
柯偉倫 Hace 5 horas
Josh Knourek
Josh Knourek Hace 6 horas
Man Natasha so cool 😎 she difies the laws of fisics with that sky dive like a snake
Josh Knourek
Josh Knourek Hace 6 horas
I can't wait until it comes out in NOVEMBER 6 2020😭😭
KURØ YAMI Hace 8 horas
Please show what happened in budapest.
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith Hace 8 horas
Why did they ruin Taskmaster's character? Would it hurt for them to use a little color on him?
gunslinger 1904
gunslinger 1904 Hace 8 horas
I heard Taskmaster was the biggest Marvel fan boy ever
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf Hace 10 horas
Red room painted blue to FBI you from behind room.
mahalia crites
mahalia crites Hace 11 horas
This movie is going to be epic
kurt danielson
kurt danielson Hace 12 horas
Could have sworn I saw Black Widow die in Endgame.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 9 horas
This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. A prequel.
Eirini WP
Eirini WP Hace 15 horas
I don't really like Black Widow but this movie doesn't look bad at all.
Ray jungle
Ray jungle Hace 16 horas
In theatres may 1 Coronavirus: think again
Joan Carrington
Joan Carrington Hace 18 horas
i thik tha david harbour as the thing in a "marvel studios fantastic 4" would be better
Jonah Probst
Jonah Probst Hace 19 horas
I’ve made so many theories for this movie sad it was delayed
Aron Arquero
Aron Arquero Hace 19 horas
Plot twist: Hawkeye is Taskmaster HAHAHAHA
bvk k
bvk k Hace 23 horas
We want tony again
bvk k
bvk k Hace 23 horas
Tony ki death kyu hui
endgame pictures
endgame pictures Hace 23 horas
I don't understand avengers she's dead on infinity war AND THEN SHE RETURNED ON ENDGAME but that's ok your movies is great
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Hace un día
BLACK WIDOW: The Russian Accent According to Hollywood
Sadiq Shaik
Sadiq Shaik Hace un día
I request marvel studies to please provide an update about this movie. As a marvel fan, i am waiting for this wonderful news. Thank you.
Lindsthestudent Hace un día
I wonder if Disney will release this on Disney a Plus now that Covid took over.
Elijah Wilcox
Elijah Wilcox Hace un día
Feelings Memori'S
Feelings Memori'S Hace un día
Celine Siewmungal
Celine Siewmungal Hace un día
Is it just me or does taskmaster has long hair like a low ponytail at 1:20 or is it just one of the other widow
Lucky collection Of Drawing
Lucky collection Of Drawing Hace un día
diego souza
diego souza Hace un día
esse filme é muito foda
That review place _
That review place _ Hace un día
Is this based on before she died in endgame
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace 21 un hora
Yes, this movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War.
chad sierda
chad sierda Hace un día
where's hawk Eye And The Other Avengers That Lived Where are they i guess its black widow solo movie
Moon 8888
Moon 8888 Hace un día
Hope to see you soon!
? Hace un día
Well... This is awkward...
Don’t press on my profile Picture
Don’t press on my profile Picture Hace un día
Black widow: I’m done running Next scene: her running
Gazzara5 Hace un día
These "kickass" heroines are all alike. They are able to take out 5 guys in 10 seconds (or is it 10 guys in 5 seconds?). They toss men twice their size out windows and through walls, all without the villains even touching them. But let them face even one woman villain, and they're in a fight that takes a long time and they even get hit a few times. What are they afraid letting even male criminals hit them is going to incite wife-beaters? Sadly, those animals don't need incitement. They have existed since caveman days.
TRAZ 3:16
TRAZ 3:16 Hace un día
This will be worth it :)
Gautam shukla
Gautam shukla Hace un día
In avengers endgame it showed that black widow was dead when Hawkeye and Natasha were fighting Natasha left her hand and she died so how come this movie is coming this should come before infinity war
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
This movie is confirmed to be set after Civil War and before Infinity War.
TRAZ 3:16
TRAZ 3:16 Hace un día
It does :)
wyld_ryde Hace un día
Trailer music?
lamgentle Hace un día
Where are the avengers ?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
Since this movie is set after Civil War, the team is broken, the Pro-Accords team (Tony, Rhodey and Vision) can't do anything until the UN allows them to, whereas the rest are laying low.
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff Hace un día
I feel so bad for Nat and Scarlet Johansson . She’s been in the franchise for like 10 years and when she FINALLY gets her own movie covid comes. We love you black widow!!!
Karolina Ljutova
Karolina Ljutova Hace un día
Who's here after watching the movie? Not me, they delayed it
Rafael Nunes
Rafael Nunes Hace un día
We already know that she won't die
Gourav Mohanty
Gourav Mohanty Hace un día
feels so bad to get a movie after the death of the character widow is one of the most badass characters in marvel and no one could have played it better than scarlett. she deserved a separate movie
シstxtic Hace un día
Black Widow: *Im done running* Next scene: *Her running*
Reckage Gaming
Reckage Gaming Hace un día
I thought Black Widow died during Endgame, maybe this is the past?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
This is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. It's a prequel.
Blackcat Dragon
Blackcat Dragon Hace un día
Whos here and its still not out
柯偉倫 Hace 2 días
柯偉倫 Hace 2 días
gabe prentiss
gabe prentiss Hace 2 días
Im so pissed theres no digital ir Disney plus realise
Schalchen R.
Schalchen R. Hace 2 días
American Superheroes: We have to save the world. Russian Superheroes: Family first. Then Motherland. At least maybe the world.
Salty bee
Salty bee Hace 2 días
They should’ve released it on Disney plus Since we can’t see it in cinema
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Hace un día
They'll lose a lot of money if they do that. That's why they still hope for theather release on November 6.
柯偉倫 Hace 2 días
Bopeek ROYALE Hace 2 días
Let .tony be alive once again
Santis -
Santis - Hace 2 días
Jay Mar Breguera
Jay Mar Breguera Hace 2 días
just watching this trailer is WOW. so action packed. expecting this movie will be great. so sad pandemic prevented it to be released sooner but still so excited for this movie.
Matthew Egan
Matthew Egan Hace 2 días
I hate everyone saying ‘I’m done running’ it’s so cliche just shut up
david juneja
david juneja Hace 2 días
Another one is the world is changing/has changed.
Xcoming.2 Hace 2 días
should have given sif a movie instead.
Omar. Hace 2 días
When will COD launch this lit Ghost skin?
Shehzaad Hace 2 días
Feminists are active in film industry nowadays
Gacha Cherri
Gacha Cherri Hace 2 días
Marvel: Who ever jumps off the cliff gets a solo movie *Black widow beats HawkEye* Marvel: Well the catch is the person who jumps off the cliff gets scripted off the marvel team after the solo movie Black widow: Well Darn
Biriyani Walker
Biriyani Walker Hace 2 días
The return of Jim Hopper
sheena elvee
sheena elvee Hace 2 días
I can’t wait to finally see this in a real theater.... like really....
BADRI NADH Hace 2 días
Missing marvel...release as soon as possible
karthikeyan perumal
karthikeyan perumal Hace 2 días
Remember when in theatres they put the notice "THEATRES CLOSED DUE TO WUHAN VIRUS" I thought ok I'll try next week 😁 Edit:2021 still trying
Spasy Nikolova
Spasy Nikolova Hace 2 días
Erabu kun
Erabu kun Hace 2 días
To people that get angry that Iron Man got 3 films and a funeral while Black Widow didn't. Did you guys forget that from the very beginning she was and ment to be a side character in vast world with lots of unique character that some of the are the main ones (like Irom Man). Alot of those "sidekicks" didn't get as much as screen time as BW got yet nobody talks about it. This movie is pure fanservice and we should embrace it that way (also hope it won't suck like the you know who movie).
garima srivastava
garima srivastava Hace 2 días
She wasn't meant to be a sidekick...actually none from og6 were meant be sidekicks. She was made a sidekick in the presence of her fellow avengers. I think she could have done a lot but do you think they would have let her beat tha bad guy in the presence of tony or Steve?
Mitul Legil
Mitul Legil Hace 2 días
aeysha q
aeysha q Hace 2 días
Ive been waiting for so long and now Corona did this 😭
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