Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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wydjc -
wydjc - Hace un hora
My grandson: grandpa, who are the avengers? Are they real? Me: *tears up* Eart-- *clears throat* The Universe's Mightiest Heroes
gayathri suresh
gayathri suresh Hace 7 horas
The real hero isn't Iron Man.... It's the man inside the suit of armour.... Tony Stark is the real hero......and we miss him
Aashish Dinesh
Aashish Dinesh Hace 7 horas
Gosh I am still watching the trailer RIP TONY STARK 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
incognito kd
incognito kd Hace 7 horas
I watched this movie 3000 times
Ahmad Masood
Ahmad Masood Hace 8 horas
'You could not live with the movie What did that bring you? Back to trailers '
Vikas Suthar
Vikas Suthar Hace 8 horas
Check out my sketch of Captain America
Hater Hace 8 horas
Was fine!
_Kurt Hace 11 horas
1:44 Whatever it takes
Noodle Bagz3k
Noodle Bagz3k Hace 15 horas
*Whatever it takes*
Thaneindra Naidu
Thaneindra Naidu Hace 17 horas
Watch Avengers "What if this storm ends" cover, you wont regret it
Nitin Daga
Nitin Daga Hace 18 horas
Gooooooooseflash and tears in my eyes enev watching this now😭❤️ we miss you iron man.. love you 3000💙
yoni the poni
yoni the poni Hace 21 un hora
The thumbnail for this is the most clearest foreshadow from what happened to Tony. *I still miss him 3000*
Velven7 3
Velven7 3 Hace 22 horas
Star Wars or mcu
Amelia Ansay
Amelia Ansay Hace un día
Since everyone keeps watching this, let’s see how much you know this trailer. I’ll start. God it seems like a thousand years ago...
Tyler Hawkins
Tyler Hawkins Hace un día
Whatever it takes
SARA hernandez
SARA hernandez Hace un día
Peggs spoiled it and no one noticed 👀
Dragger Holland
Dragger Holland Hace un día
Ya'll don't watch the movie it has spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eman031 Hace un día
I keep telling everybody “they should move on” Some do, but NOT US.
miguel _
miguel _ Hace un día
I Ned Captain Marvel Part 2
Whatever it takes
ashvanee prabhudial
ashvanee prabhudial Hace un día
Kids - Dad who are the Avengers? & whats the MCU??? Me a grown as man -(tears of joy) Let me tell you the story of legends
King Hace un día
Best ever movie or series of all time. Thanku Marvel for making these epic movies. We love u 3000 😍😍😍😘
Robert Ronquillo Jr
Robert Ronquillo Jr Hace un día
Thank god i live in this era
Optiprimus Animations
Optiprimus Animations Hace un día
Some people will forget but not us
Jehoshuah Caldwell
Jehoshuah Caldwell Hace un día
It's September 2019 and I'm still rewatching this trailer about ten times straight best movie of the mf year..✋✋✋✋
PRO 007 CENTRE Hace un día
If you like ironman like here RDJ
《Galaxy_ DX_2》
《Galaxy_ DX_2》 Hace un día
Iam sad because Tony die in endgame he killed thanos and his army :( he snap with the stones
LiangHuBBB Hace un día
I love marvel, but this movie was very slow paced, lots of story telling and 1 big end fight and thats it. not my kind of movie
ebinem joe
ebinem joe Hace un día
No matter what I keep thinking that the aliens, azgardians, so whatever the beings out there speaks english with a good accent, and then there is black panther..
Damisuru Jayaweera
Damisuru Jayaweera Hace un día
I can watch this all day 😘
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar Hace un día
Person: Watched movie trailer That spoils the movie Me:spoils movie to the same person who watched the trailer Person: Motha f*cker
cc101iscool1 3
cc101iscool1 3 Hace un día
shashwat gupta
shashwat gupta Hace un día
1:58 - 2:05 That theme!!🤩🤩 Born just in time to witness the avengers!!!
Meh Meh
Meh Meh Hace un día
It's been over a year, and this still gives me the I haven't watched it before.
Евгений Старовойтов
Евгений Старовойтов Hace 2 días
Long time ago i watch this film in premiere day... When I see actual MCU moves, i really miss for old MCU (2008-2019)...
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn Hace 2 días
I couldn't be a hero because while their fighting I'd be off to make sure Beyonce wasn't affected by the snap
Don Favio Alvarez
Don Favio Alvarez Hace 2 días
Some people will not watch the Avengers Endgame trailer anymore, but not us!!!
Srijan Sinha
Srijan Sinha Hace 2 días
Watching this trailer again 😍 *Whatever* it takes 😎
Mathis Charon
Mathis Charon Hace 2 días
Did you see the giant man in black at 0:27 ?
Hloniphizwe Mthembu
Hloniphizwe Mthembu Hace 2 días
What about him???
Stalin’s Soviet Frog
Stalin’s Soviet Frog Hace 2 días
There’s only 1 way to defeat thanos on earth: Summon The Soviet Union
Blaze 25
Blaze 25 Hace 2 días
Mcu fans: Watches movie twice in theaters and buys blue-ray disk. Me: Watch Endgame 27 times in the theater. Quit my job at the dollar store and go to school. Later work at hollywood. Make enough money to buy a whole move theater. Watch endgame a couple hundred more times.
Twelfht Band
Twelfht Band Hace 2 días
Ladies and gentlemen We endgamed Thanos boyz
Sam Coldwell
Sam Coldwell Hace 2 días
We all have to thank Star Lord that he punched Thanos, because if not, Avatar would be still the highest crossing movie of all time.
Quyết Nguyễn Quý
Quyết Nguyễn Quý Hace 2 días
Quyết Nguyễn Quý
Quyết Nguyễn Quý Hace 2 días
1 ẳng cố hết sức. H đang bơi.
Quyết Nguyễn Quý
Quyết Nguyễn Quý Hace 2 días
Sau rang troll quả .chấn kinh bách lý.
bagus aryo
bagus aryo Hace 2 días
Bumi langit cinematic universe vs Marvel cinematic universe Gundala vs Ironman Who's win?
FreddyHun 23
FreddyHun 23 Hace 2 días
“I used to think that my life was a tragedy but now i realize it a comedy”
Megha vlog and fun time
Megha vlog and fun time Hace 2 días
Very nice
Nikhil 000
Nikhil 000 Hace 2 días
I cant stop watching this trailer it brings back the nostalgia and the goosebumps man i feel so sad the avengers got over so soon!!! 😭😭 I was seeing this trailer literally everyday before the movies was released
Paul Jasper
Paul Jasper Hace 2 días
There is big mistake in Avengers Endgame movie at 7:08 minute you can see the window of the space ship open
Camal Bruce
Camal Bruce Hace 2 días
i just watched the trailer now i have to watch the movie
Strawberry Berryl
Strawberry Berryl Hace 2 días
What a journey...
Jackson Hace 2 días
Have fun NOT being the most ambitious crossover ever CAUSE WE GOT SANS IN SMASH
prajwal shettigar
prajwal shettigar Hace 2 días
Avatar- I'm the highest grossing movie of all time Endgame after its re-release-lets kill him properly this time Spidey-we won Mr.stark
Aeneas Kokkelmans
Aeneas Kokkelmans Hace 2 días
Who is still here?
super geek
super geek Hace 2 días
Rishang Prashnani
Rishang Prashnani Hace 2 días
Overrated, all the high ratings because of fanboys.
Rishang Prashnani
Rishang Prashnani Hace 17 horas
@Jordan Shepherd there is too much hype for this and because it was emotional for marvel fans, it got overrated. should have similar ratings to avatar
Jordan Shepherd
Jordan Shepherd Hace 18 horas
Ah I see what you mean there’s to much going on?
Rishang Prashnani
Rishang Prashnani Hace 22 horas
@Jordan Shepherd 8/10 is good. but 8.7/10, that's too much for this movie
Jordan Shepherd
Jordan Shepherd Hace un día
Rishang Prashnani nope 👎 wrong there pal and half the world would disagree with you see what I did there?
Ayush OP Gaming
Ayush OP Gaming Hace 2 días
Kids are here for Black Widow Men are here for Iron Man Legends are here for reading comment
Nico Hace 2 días
To the man who started it all. We love you 3000 Mr. Stark.
GodLee Hace 3 días
Who else is here before Joker becomes the best movie of 2019? 🃏
Johnny 500
Johnny 500 Hace 3 días
Who else can remember watching this trailer so hyped, thinking I haven’t got a clue what’s gonna happen, but it’s gonna be amazing and can’t wait!!!!!!!
Adil sikw
Adil sikw Hace 3 días
I love this
Nikola Nahirni
Nikola Nahirni Hace 3 días
Just stop. Disney has surpassed the critical 25% market share.
Be Yourself
Be Yourself Hace 3 días
Still have hope of coming back Spiderman
Satyam Roy
Satyam Roy Hace 3 días
Humans have not done everything bad on earth
Shashank Singh
Shashank Singh Hace 3 días
Now I know the meaning behind the titles 'Endgame' and 'Far From Home'.
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange Hace 3 días
I did it
anuja chaudhary
anuja chaudhary Hace 3 días
Rip mcu Spiderman 2015-2019
Tanveer qureshi
Tanveer qureshi Hace 3 días
love from pakistan
Kacem Hace 3 días
rip iron man
Sir Spork
Sir Spork Hace 3 días
“I keep telling everybody they should move on, some do.... but not us”
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