Marvel's Avengers | Gameplay Watch-Along!

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Hace 29 días

Earth's Mightiest Heroes must defend San Francisco from a mysterious attack! Watch our hosts react to the full "Marvel's Avengers" prologue PS4 gameplay footage from Gamescom. #Reassemble
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Crystal Shannon
Crystal Shannon Hace 10 días
Cannot wait for this game
Conn Benn
Conn Benn Hace 12 días
Dear muricans, can you please stop saying fuckin ‘fie-ur’ unironically?.. you’re not very good at slang or cursing and it’s honestly just so cringy
PEPE DA FROG BOI Hace 17 días
11:31 Now tha Ts americas a$$
Stringer Hace 18 días
When you try watch the gameplay but these fgts are talking non stop
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark Hace 20 días
Thor with that Sweet Chin Music.
King Coman 29
King Coman 29 Hace 21 un día
Poor grafik
AC GAMER Hace 21 un día
The more the see this game the more I'm pleased with it. I'm still a little concerned about some of it. But it does look fun. I'm really hoping they improve on Iron Man. I want to see more of him. We barely get to see him. And he's my fave!
Kenstiel Hace 23 días
A lot of budget in the game development was used for these two commentators I guess.
The Spider-Man
The Spider-Man Hace 24 días
Where's Hawkeye?
Jonny A
Jonny A Hace 24 días
Both of you are incredibly annoying
Mr. Ditkovitch
Mr. Ditkovitch Hace 26 días
This is just cringe
Oscar 1605
Oscar 1605 Hace 26 días
Hawkeye was amazing
callmecash __
callmecash __ Hace 27 días
Wish these fools would shut up so we can hear smh
Aditya Bhattacharjee
Aditya Bhattacharjee Hace 27 días
I don't know why, but I cried, is that natural?
Loot Lads'
Loot Lads' Hace 27 días
"Thors is all like hammer and brutality and Iron man is all like...Repulsers and Tech!" Well....yeah. Thats how iron man works good job!
Hossin Raed
Hossin Raed Hace 27 días
Nobody: Marvel reacting to their game: OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS INSANE!!!
Caitlinlikes Games
Caitlinlikes Games Hace 27 días
Where is frikin hawkeye smh 😥
Silvian Raccoon
Silvian Raccoon Hace 27 días
Ha ha ha fake hype to its finest!
James R
James R Hace 27 días
This looks sick. Disney you need to give square Enix Star Wars . EA is the devil
a Hace 27 días
“All 5 avengers” Hawkeye: 😭
Roger R
Roger R Hace 27 días
Eu sou obrigado a falar...
Red Arrow
Red Arrow Hace 27 días
The game looks good but some characters (thor, iron man, captain america suit) aren't.
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma Hace 27 días
Bring back spiderman.
RazeRuth Hace 27 días
Nobody this matured kids :- push the triangle pUsH tHaT tRiAnGlE. 😯😯😯😯😯ohhhh he did it yoooo!
gage Plaz
gage Plaz Hace 27 días
Question why We don’t need commentary just gameplay because you two are really awkward
Dan Williams
Dan Williams Hace 27 días
This commentary is cringe.
Jordan Claridge
Jordan Claridge Hace 27 días
The game look good but I don't like how repetitive the fighting is I feel like I will get bored very quickly of this game. Have you ever been really excited about a game only to play it and realize the game not fun. I feel like this is one of them
Pedro Augusto
Pedro Augusto Hace 27 días
Hulk running it's funny XD
William Knipe
William Knipe Hace 27 días
Let’s boycott Sony’s Spiderman movies do they have to give it back to Marvel
Gimp408 Hace 27 días
I hate them soo much.
JambicoTv Hace 27 días
*civilians start running. Commentators: YOOOOO OH MY GAWD!!!!! THIS GAMEPLAY HAHA SO MUCH DETAIL!!!
Gimp408 Hace 27 días
The guy on the left is wearing a T-shirt with his name on it 🤦‍♂️ these guys totally ruined what I was excited for
Rocky Mtn Figures
Rocky Mtn Figures Hace 27 días
Such fake reactions smh 😤
Demilade Akintan
Demilade Akintan Hace 27 días
Marvel made this video 20:20. The game's gonna be released 2020. Noice!!
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu Hace 27 días
Marvel please get spidey back in the MCU
Adam Mittlestat
Adam Mittlestat Hace 27 días
We really didn't need the shitty commentary
RobCop 2Play
RobCop 2Play Hace 27 días
it's like they took all the hype commentary from all Marvel Movies and put them into this Video. Why???
Sizzling Grill
Sizzling Grill Hace 27 días
Now all you have to do is buy Sony so that they stop lying
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Hace 27 días
What astonishingly irritating people.
The only lone wanderer
The only lone wanderer Hace 27 días
I see people complaining about the game potentially not having free roam or an open world experience in general. This is what I hate, people need to be reminded that not every game has to be an open world experience. It'll be a breath of fresh air if this game, and many others, took it back to the linear storyline type of game play for awhile. Games like Resident Evil 2 re-mastered, uncharted, and god of war, showed us that games can still be enjoyable with a sandbox area and a linear story.
NJLGamer Hace 27 días
Keep spiderman in the mcu
Givaldo Soares
Givaldo Soares Hace 27 días
Harshal Shetkar
Harshal Shetkar Hace 27 días
Where's Hawkeye?!!
PiscotV Hace 27 días
I watched it only until Iron Man and I must say it doesn't look all bad, yet it's pretty average. The Iron Man flight section though is really anticlimactic, lack any feeling of speed or anything and it's just a straight boring shooter on rails (yes, you can move up, down, left and right - WOW! such innovation!). The rest I will probably not even watch, because of the annoying overreacting hosts...
Sebin Dias
Sebin Dias Hace 27 días
Where's Hawkeye ?
BroImLeandre Hace 27 días
Their marketing team needs to be fired. All they had to do was just upload gameplay… That’s all; but nooooo “let’s have commentary, people totally want that”. At least upload two separate videos. One with and one without.😒
Shane J. McEntee
Shane J. McEntee Hace 27 días
"Your health bar is on the top!" If this wasn't posted by Marvel I'd be 100% certain it was a paid for post. They get overly excited about every single basic gameplay element likes it's a massive revolution. It's so cringey. Stop. Nobody is buying it and it only makes the game look worse, not better.
Techmaster Hace 27 días
The provisional rating for this game is PEGI 18. Thats the equivalent to ESRB Mature.
Shane J. McEntee
Shane J. McEntee Hace 27 días
Horrendous graphics. PS3 era graphics in 1080p.
John Dash
John Dash Hace 28 días
I think Marvel is now the new master of cringe.
Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs
Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs Hace 28 días
this game is dope.imma buy it for suuuuuree
frozen raccoon studios
frozen raccoon studios Hace 28 días
We’re Hawkeye at
Bryan McLendon Jr
Bryan McLendon Jr Hace 28 días
Is this game connected to the Spider-Man ps4 game? Because there was an Easter egg when he said they were doing something in the west coast. Why does Taskmaster look different?
Dudu_pro 903
Dudu_pro 903 Hace 28 días
Acho que poderiam ter colocado so a gameplay e não os caras falando
Sulochana Behera
Sulochana Behera Hace 28 días
Bring back spiderman 💕🙏🙏😔
Bryan McLendon Jr
Bryan McLendon Jr Hace 28 días
That girl was Kamala Khan. After hearing the narrator in the trailer, I knew that she was in this game.
Charmin Pramodya
Charmin Pramodya Hace 28 días
We should admit Messi is terrible at commentary :3
Nirius Bosc
Nirius Bosc Hace 28 días
Sorry Marvel, but I won't have time to play your game. I will be very busy playing CYBERPUNK 2077.
Ahmed Adel
Ahmed Adel Hace 28 días
You cheap bastards, you didn't get the likeness and the voices over of the actors so you don't pay them 😂😂😂😂
neeru magar
neeru magar Hace 28 días
Did anyone notice that the video is 20.20 long as the game is also releasing on 20 may 2020
Bari. A
Bari. A Hace 28 días
If my controller doesn’t vibrate when I call back Thors hammer mjolnir, this is gonna suck
Cyclik 321
Cyclik 321 Hace 28 días
Benjamin Crawley
Benjamin Crawley Hace 28 días
These 2 are obnoxious as f.
Danny Rand
Danny Rand Hace 28 días
Expand Gameplay......minimize or reduce camera of commentators. Keep in mind, these dudes are getting paid to act hyperbolic, lol
CapturedDarkness Hace 28 días
"Your health bar is on the top" SMH. Marvel, the gameplay doesn't look great even if the health bar is "on top". Just rebuild this from the ground up, I can't believe this is what we get after being teased for years..
Christian Levy
Christian Levy Hace 28 días
Had to stop watching the video because of these guys.. The worst
rai abhisek
rai abhisek Hace 28 días
So fake reactions. Please stop it.
Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell Hace 28 días
I think they should have free roam so like u might be tony stark and u can have suit ups and that would be cool
jauun Hace 28 días
Budget tasty steve and sajam
Dave berryman
Dave berryman Hace 28 días
Yo Black Widow is THICC
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