Marvel's Avengers Game - New Gameplay Coming This Summer?!

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Marvel's Avengers Game - New Gameplay Coming This Summer?! Although we haven't heard much from the upcoming Avengers Project, there seems to be some evidence that a big showcase is coming this summer through a special event hosted by IGN.
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Marvel’s Avengers combines an original story with single-player and co-operative gameplay in the definitive Avengers gaming experience. Assemble into teams of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats. Featuring regular content updates, Marvel’s Avengers will take players on an epic journey delivered over multiple years. This game is what’s next for the Avengers.
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nick Hace 29 días
can't wait to play as iron man. we need a ironman game!
David Jackson Jr.
David Jackson Jr. Hace un mes
I Can I Still Pre-Order The Game Before The Game Comes Out When Is There Is Going To Be Another Game Play
Joel Hardaway
Joel Hardaway Hace un mes
This game and cyber punk are supposed to come out around the same time. Money don't grow on trees. I don't know which one to get first😭
Joshua Rademacher
Joshua Rademacher Hace un mes
KINGPACALYPSE 2033 Hace un mes
Hmm this game looks interesting. Don’t know if I’m gonna get it or not.
NyX Hace un mes
If CD Projekt Red can finish Cyberpunk from home. I expect nothing less from Square enix for *THE AVENGERS*
Mae Bae
Mae Bae Hace un mes
I recon cap faked his death because they wouldn’t spoil it just like that
Mattia Belfiore
Mattia Belfiore Hace un mes
I would like to see attaks in pairs
Mattia Belfiore
Mattia Belfiore Hace un mes
I would like to see spiderman as a playable character in Marvel's Avengers
Necrotic Reaper
Necrotic Reaper Hace un mes
Would of made more sense than randomly Ms Marvel.
XxZain- AxX
XxZain- AxX Hace un mes
100% . I'd love to see a small cameo from him in the game atleast
Jonathon Lang
Jonathon Lang Hace un mes
I'm really excited about this having 4 player coop
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams Hace un mes
Ceo of everything going on in the world
The Awesome Guy
The Awesome Guy Hace un mes
I’ve been put off of this game. Marvels Spider-Man was a FANTASTIC Game it has relatable Characters fantastic Story Line and a Great suit selection Ect. And I’m not trying to sound like a wining idiot but if your going to make a Avengers Game at least make it Open World(Free Rome)
Amr Hassan
Amr Hassan Hace un mes
How this Avengers game doesn't contain Hawkeye as a playable character ??????? How this game is Avengers game ???
THE. Punisher GOD Gamer
THE. Punisher GOD Gamer Hace un mes
I would like to see spiderman and some costumes from avengers infinity war and endgame
vrezity Hace un mes
Ugh they least gotta add black panther
Aswad Suhail
Aswad Suhail Hace un mes
I want loki ,taskmaster, red skull, ultron and many more in this game
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones Hace un mes
I cannot flipping wait for this game! It’s gonna be on next gen right?
EBO Hace un mes
Ethan Jones current gen consoles and next gen
Alan cerda
Alan cerda Hace un mes
Stop asking “is it open world?” They confirmed multiple times that it’s not open world.
cody 101
cody 101 Hace 10 días
@Red Knight that be dope but It needs to be a mode for offline play to be fire fighting along side whoever u pick maybe have 2 up to 4 to fight with and survive
Revenge Hace un mes
Zane Uda if u play destiny then the end game should be like that.
Red Knight
Red Knight Hace un mes
Zane Uda online coop modes I hope there’s a survival mode
Zanerane Hace un mes
Honest question, what is there to do after the main story is finished?
EBO Hace un mes
Alan cerda exactly large regions like destiny
George Oakey
George Oakey Hace un mes
How come your allowed to upload the trailer
Chocolate ice20
Chocolate ice20 Hace un mes
I hope spiderman in it
Zeekvo Hace un mes
When exactly does 'Summer Of Gaming' take place?
King Savage
King Savage Hace un mes
Is cap dead
dawsonhydex Hace un mes
The only marvel combat game on xbox is capcom
Almighty god
Almighty god Hace un mes
Lego Marvel?
Faryab Khan
Faryab Khan Hace un mes
I wish the game would have been released in may
Plxsma Gaming
Plxsma Gaming Hace un mes
if this come in Summer i can't buy this lol cause of corona
Shireesha Jula
Shireesha Jula Hace un mes
What is game name
Mohammad kaabi
Mohammad kaabi Hace un mes
The last jedi
Kaneki_v7 Hace un mes
140 days left
King Yami
King Yami Hace un mes
I just realized this game is basically destiny but with 3rd person and marvel characters so YES 😎
Living_ Kings
Living_ Kings Hace un mes
The longer this game delayed The More time they have To Work on it🙃 😀
Jozombies115 Hace un mes
I just hope it doesn't get repetitive, I can play spider man ps4 to this day and still have fun with the open world. This game should aim to be even more replayable than that considering the character variety.
Emerald Phoenix
Emerald Phoenix Hace un mes
I think that before this Game Releases,They should release the Soundtrack before it debuts.
DD Chittick
DD Chittick Hace un mes
I want Dr. Doom as the Main Antagonist in this game.
Skinny Tv124
Skinny Tv124 Hace un mes
DD Chittick I just want thanos as dlc
Kombat Wacky
Kombat Wacky Hace un mes
Me too I would be awesome to see Dr. Doom
DD Chittick
DD Chittick Hace un mes
I hope they add all the suits from all the MCU movies in this game.
Manel Semiz
Manel Semiz Hace un mes
Dlc glatius as you play as him
Games Hero
Games Hero Hace un mes
Nice Game Bro. I am Malaysia Gamer too , Do subscribed my channel me ya.Thanks.
Anthony Rolle
Anthony Rolle Hace un mes
I hope they reveal more heroes a pack like mk11
Rocco Da stoner
Rocco Da stoner Hace un mes
So will it be open world or just story based
God Child.
God Child. Hace un mes
Don't tell me nothing keep it all under wraps. Im just waiting for my Game to come. I need to be surprised since waiting so damn long. 1
Aladdin mclovin
Aladdin mclovin Hace un mes
There promotion for this game is piss poor
James Jones
James Jones Hace un mes
I can’t wait to get this game🔥🔥
Addikted Montage
Addikted Montage Hace un mes
MmD Games
MmD Games Hace un mes
Nice video man
Emperor spektrum
Emperor spektrum Hace un mes
Mark 50 or mark 85 armour please
Games Hero
Games Hero Hace un mes
Nice game Bro. Subscribe me too
klloyd plata
klloyd plata Hace un mes
Woooohoooo! Wow!! Yeeeeessssss!!! I really love and like to see Black Widow, Ms. Marvel gameplays as well as Hawkeye appearance showing up.
Nylons Hace un mes
Would be so much better if the characters looked like they do in the films, they just look like knockoffs especially iron man
Nylons Hace un mes
Zachary Saleh of course it’s not the mcu but in my opinion the characters need to be polished some more, maybe not so they look like they do in the movies but but so they don’t look as tacky as they do
Zachary Saleh
Zachary Saleh Hace un mes
Nylons This is not the MCU dude. This is a an original story game.
Seal Team Ricks
Seal Team Ricks Hace un mes
Nylons it would not be better what?
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Hace un mes
that good news
Bambi Rebel
Bambi Rebel Hace un mes
Not looking forward to this game, it reeks of disappointment
IAH77 Hace un mes
im really exited to see the BRAND NEW aday footage
Tristan Bledsoe
Tristan Bledsoe Hace un mes
I want more playable characters like black panther , chaptin marvel , and falcon
ISingand DoOtherThings
ISingand DoOtherThings Hace un mes
I want to see more of ms marvel's role in the game as well as the co-op gameplay for all the characters specifically Iron Mans flying gameplay
Kyle Sharp
Kyle Sharp Hace un mes
I just hope there’s team specials or combos Thor’s hammer creating sonic waves off cap shield or iron man beams off cap shield
jeebs621 Hace un mes
I remember when this game had so much hype. ☹️
Charlotte A. Cavatica
Charlotte A. Cavatica Hace un mes
Hey, THQ Nordic is gonna be involved, too.
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon Hace un mes
Does the pre order get the full game or just a demo?
Joseph Nbona
Joseph Nbona Hace un mes
When are we gonna get some more MK11 action?
Ollie T
Ollie T Hace un mes
I'm tempted into pre ordering the game but I feel like it's a risk
EBO Hace un mes
im hungry wait until they show more
Baqer Jawad Al-Lawati
Baqer Jawad Al-Lawati Hace un mes
I mean they could. Showcase new gameplay and more cool stuff and then at the end of the footage they would put something like "coming 2020" instead of the actual release date
Trinekrogsgaard Hace un mes
Rip Stan Lee
Diego Teran
Diego Teran Hace un mes
On snap lol
Caboose Hace un mes
Is it really you?! That's awesome if so! Can't wait for this game :)
Perry Starck
Perry Starck Hace un mes
I so hyped for Marvel Avengers Videogame
Salty Biscuit
Salty Biscuit Hace un mes
I have a really bad feeling about this game tbh.
Salty Biscuit
Salty Biscuit Hace un mes
Akamibo Baby yeah myself included, I’ve been waiting for an avengers game forever, and so far it seems pretty grindy and micro-transactiony, like destiny 2 but with much more locked content
Akamibo Baby
Akamibo Baby Hace un mes
Salty Biscuit hopefully it doesn’t flop, it’ll disappoint a lot of fans
Gamer's Blood
Gamer's Blood Hace un mes
I’m going insane because of the quarantine but nice to see that ign are trying to keep me sane
Just.a.regularcowboy Hace un mes
Hype level: still zero... :[
Almighty god
Almighty god Hace un mes
I'm certain Square Enix is gonna hype this game up a lot now considering FF 7 just came out and now their next big game is this game.
MrSafior Hace un mes
Should have a more original design then just copying the MCU.
sting7789 Hace un mes
Call me when they release xmen characters.
Braden G
Braden G Hace un mes
@Zachary Saleh Where did you hear that they have a multi year partnership at?? cuz im curious to know
Zachary Saleh
Zachary Saleh Hace un mes
Donovan Underwood So true. I imagine a Guardians of the Galaxy game to be a mix of Mass Effect and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as those are probably the best Space Opera we can find in video games. I don’t know what an X-Men game would be like tho.
Donovan Underwood
Donovan Underwood Hace un mes
Zachary Saleh and guardians of the galaxy would also totally be a great idea
Donovan Underwood
Donovan Underwood Hace un mes
Zachary Saleh again like I said, Awesome!!😎😎😎
Zachary Saleh
Zachary Saleh Hace un mes
Donovan Underwood Square Enix could still make an X-Men game. Square Enix and Marvel have a Multi-Year, Multi-Game partnership. A Guardians of the Galaxy game is rumored to come out after this game. So the possibility of Square Enix making an X-Men game is possible.
Childish Gaming
Childish Gaming Hace un mes
They need to give us movie skins like how they did with spiderman
Icewallowcome Hace un mes
@Scott if they do, don't worry, all of their dlc is free and all skins can be earned in game
Scott Hace un mes
Childish Gaming idc how much they charge the skins if they have the mcu skins I’m buyin them
action802 Hace un mes
Facts 💯 % facts
Ok so basically im monky
Ok so basically im monky Hace un mes
TheTeleporter101 Hace un mes
So when’s this summer of gaming thing that IGN are doing?
EBO Hace un mes
TheTeleporter101 no sorry they said they will be sharing more in the coming weeks
TheTeleporter101 Hace un mes
Noel Samms thank you kindly, any confirmed dates or is June all we know?
EBO Hace un mes
TheTeleporter101 early june
M1llsy 03
M1llsy 03 Hace un mes
Honestly now till June sometime would be the ideal time to release the beta. While everyone is home.
EBO Hace un mes
M1llsy 03 nah expect the beta late July or mid august
Brandon Leftwich
Brandon Leftwich Hace un mes
I wanna see some MCU costumes from the movies that needs to be in the game
MrSafior Hace un mes
Why? This game is already MCU heavy.
Shadow Spidey
Shadow Spidey Hace un mes
I already pre ordered this thing, I’m excited
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