Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019

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Heavy Spoilers

Heavy Spoilers

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Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019 by Deffinition. I show all the gameplay for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and how Black Widow Face has been Fixed
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Read The Full Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019 here -
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Welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler man and it looks like we have footage of the entire demo for the upcoming game Marvel’s Avengers.
The reaction to the game has been mixed to say the least but this first look makes it seem incredible and throughout this video I’ll be showing you the full demo footage from San Diego Comic Con and giving my thoughts on the footage at the end. This goes through about 20 minutes of game play and it covers every character and yeah….it just looks amazing.
There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want some of the big element of the games demo ruined for you then I highly suggest that you turn off now.
With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it now with that out the way here’s the full footage of the game.

My Thoughts
Ok so that’s everything we have from San Diego Comic Con for the game. I know after the initial trailers release that there was quite a lot of backlash over the game but I actually think it had a lot of potential and after seeing it play out with all it’s gameplay, needless to say I think it looks outstanding. This is everything that I really want from an avengers game and throughout it really feels like there’s a massive sense of momentum to the entire thing.
Another thing that it beautifully does it that it nails all of the different nuances between the characters. Everyone feels like they have a completely different skill set which I definitely think is needed in a title like this. Iron-Man’s gameplay is a complete opposite to Captain Americas but overall they all kinda gel together so well and make you realise why the Avengers are such a powerful team. They have all the bases covered and I think that this demo really showcases that and yeah I’m very very exicted to see how it plays out. If we get a full game of this I think it’ll be amazing and yeah, I couldn’t be happier with the first look.
Your Thoughts
Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the demo and if you’re excited for the upcoming game. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full breakdown of the deleted scene from Avengers Endgame that showed Thanos killing all of the Avengers in the past before going to 2023 to take on the new team.
I’ll also be covering all of the big news from San Diego Comic Con so make sure you stay locked to the channel for more amazing updates.
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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Hace un mes
So, what do you think of the leaked demo footage and gameplay? Does it make you excited to play the full thing or has this left you disappointed? Comment below and let me know and If you enjoyed this video then please like it and subscribe to the channel for daily breakdowns on all the latest movies, tv shows, games and more! Click Here -
Entertainment Wizard
Entertainment Wizard Hace un mes
@Liana Verwood My original response was to whoever was asking if Spiderman from the new game could be in Avengers and I said that would not be possible without Sony giving the go ahead!
Liana Verwood
Liana Verwood Hace un mes
@Entertainment Wizard sorry you are totally wrong. Sony only has movie rights to Spiderman not even tv rights or game rights all this is marvel and Disney. Marvel commissioned insomniac to make Spiderman ps4 and Sony paid marvel for exclusive rights to their console. Marvel has all the rights to Spiderman gamewise we see that even in the new switch game and I never said we would get the insomniac Spiderman in Avengers but, marvel can add Spiderman any time they want.
Entertainment Wizard
Entertainment Wizard Hace un mes
@Liana Verwood Ah no Sony made a deal for the game rights for the latest Spideman game and Sony has full control over the game so Marvel can't do anything with the Spiderman from this game without Sony giving the go ahead but technically Marvel could put a new Spiderman in Avengers but you won't see the one from the newest game!
Liana Verwood
Liana Verwood Hace un mes
@Entertainment Wizard it's marvels call slash Disney not Sony's at all because this is a game not a movie that they have rights too.
Liana Verwood
Liana Verwood Hace un mes
@9legopro Music they don't have to ask permission to use Spiderman they own him and can put him in any games they like, it's just films they can't without some sort of deal.
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro Hace 26 días
Ps2 game.
Jade Williams
Jade Williams Hace 27 días
I just really hope you can play as scarlet witch on this game tho
Mr.SirTheGentleman YT
Mr.SirTheGentleman YT Hace 27 días
i want it
deltavagen Hace 27 días
that black widow ass looks nice though
FantabulousClips Full HD
FantabulousClips Full HD Hace 27 días
MARVEL'S AVENGERS gameplay breakdown :-
LongShot 101112
LongShot 101112 Hace 28 días
Where's Hawkeye?
jman h
jman h Hace 28 días
I know this is late but is black widows VA the same one who voiced Serena in skyrim or jaina in world of warcraft?
jhizzle244 Hace 28 días
The gameplay looks good, my only problem with it is that all the character look so clunky. Like every move they do is good, but there isn’t any transitions between them.
INCOOM13 Hace 29 días
Cutscene, arena, fight. Fly section, arena fight. Chase scene, cutscene, arena, fight. I will admit it looks great, but I dunno if it’s gonna as good as Spider-Man was on release. It needs more game. I know that doesn’t make sense, but still. It needs more game. Looks great tho.
Mr. Stars
Mr. Stars Hace 29 días
Avengers: Yeah we were busy at San Fransisco, taking out some enemies, you Spidey? Spidey: Oh you know, just saved New York from the Sinister Six, found a cure for a plague, and fought off and put all the raft prisoners back in jail single handedly, not much.
Scott Hibbs
Scott Hibbs Hace 29 días
My opinion they should make it a open world game instead like spider Man
buz power
buz power Hace 29 días
Captain America is an Olympic world class gymnast with superhuman strength...… so why does his dodge rolls make him look like a geriatric old woman with a dislocated hip. seriously they need to change the way he dodges to fit his style cos it just looks stupid and out of place at the minute.
Kolipaka Poonam
Kolipaka Poonam Hace 29 días
This shittt is soo fubbbaaaaaaaaa
Ollie Sproson
Ollie Sproson Hace 29 días
I hope that when hulk rips pieces from the floor it actually leaves a hole unlike other games
Ollie Sproson
Ollie Sproson Hace 29 días
I have high expectations
Ollie Sproson
Ollie Sproson Hace 29 días
This game looks DOPE
Ollie Sproson
Ollie Sproson Hace 29 días
This game looks AMAZING
Ollie Sproson
Ollie Sproson Hace 29 días
Can't wait
Iron Avenger
Iron Avenger Hace un mes
Black widow looks STUNNING 🥴❤️😛
Leviathan GamerHD
Leviathan GamerHD Hace un mes
This game looks awesome feel like I’ll be playing this game with every character 😂
Rukhsana Parveen
Rukhsana Parveen Hace un mes
Spider man would have been done😂
Vantavious Williams
Vantavious Williams Hace un mes
MiketheMan Hace un mes
This game looks amazing...looks very story driven.
kinja_xo Hace un mes
I feel like all the shit hulk was doing should have destroyed the bridge 😂
KING MICHAEL Hace un mes
Yooooooooo the gameplay is nice but where's hawkeye?
Dev Joshi
Dev Joshi Hace 28 días
Mideku Brandio
Mideku Brandio Hace un mes
I'm just surprised those normal thugs are taking multiple hits from mjolnir and not dying after like 2 hits
Bandit Himself Too
Bandit Himself Too Hace un mes
Thor flying without a hammer hehe
Chaos Emerald
Chaos Emerald Hace un mes
Can thor get stormbreaker and is there a story mode?
Sam Schultz
Sam Schultz Hace un mes
Was that Captain Marvel's friends daughter? Like from the movie
ET5920 Hace un mes
Everyone complaining that the characters don't look or sound like they do in the MCU but I didn't see anyone complaining when Tom Holland wasn't in Spider man PS4
- Jellyzwop -
- Jellyzwop - Hace 28 días
@Tony Burwell I'm not sure about the other but Troy Baker is NOT a bad voice actor
Tony Burwell
Tony Burwell Hace 28 días
DarkAngelus 23 Troy Baker and Nolan North are terrible voice actors ? wtf
DarkAngelus 23
DarkAngelus 23 Hace 28 días
First off that's because Yuri Lowenthal did a kickass job. These VO for this game are just terrible.
Sand Gaming
Sand Gaming Hace 29 días
Ikr it’s so annoying people really want to hate this game for no reason. It’s a damn avengers game being made by square enix and regardless of what everyone is saying it looks incredible.
Bean Hace un mes
I love the graphics but there is a problem the voice are not the same that disturb me :/
Ace Hermit
Ace Hermit Hace un mes
The gameplay looks really good. Not sure why they didn't just show this at E3. Thor looks like he's able to control the pace of the fight, Iron Man looks like he's able to be a one man army, Hulk looks like he's able to just tear stuff apart, Captain America looks satisfying to play as, and Black Widow looks like fast paced Tomb raider style fun.
Cat Tro
Cat Tro Hace un mes
Avengers dont kill peop... Hulk: **grabs enemy and breaks all his bones** Riiiggghhhttt...
UserNameDylan Hace 8 días
Everyone on the Avengers kill...
Sam Schultz
Sam Schultz Hace un mes
Bro cap stabbed that guy with his shield
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Hace un mes
This doesn’t look like the new batman game wtf
adol monster
adol monster Hace un mes
Iam sooo excited for the original edition
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman Hace un mes
11:05- I KNEW Kamala Khan was the original game trailer’s narrator. Can’t wait to see Ms. Marvel in the game
Ty Roberts
Ty Roberts Hace un mes
it reminds me of marvel's spider-man a bit
Big Baca
Big Baca Hace un mes
Why is no one else wondering why Hawkeye isn’t there, didn’t they learn after infinity war that they need Hawkeye to win
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace un mes
i think this game is going to be amazing
mcurt9 Hace un mes
i just wanna know if Hawkeye will be a part of this...if NOT i am not getting this game--tks so much gang!
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro Hace un mes
Why is Bruce banner the only one that looks like the real one
Casanova Casanova
Casanova Casanova Hace un mes
Dont talk to much .. just show the clips. U son of a ebola infected whore
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Hace un mes
J.G Hace un mes
This games gonna be good
loafhero Hace un mes
Thor and Hulk fighting very mortal Hydra goons is just so fucking stupid.
GraysonKade Hace un mes
Kind of just looks like a generic smash crap super hero game. Looks kinda shitty honestly hah. Like it'd get boring really fast. The physics are weak too. Hopefully it ends up being more like Spiderman combat and story instead of just another generic crappy superhero game thats lucky to pull a 6 in a review.
Spidey Gaming
Spidey Gaming Hace un mes
11:03 Captain Marvel Confirmed
Ashton Waters
Ashton Waters Hace un mes
This reminds me of a good old PS2 game
Regaming 101
Regaming 101 Hace un mes
Yeah this game looks very awesome to play tho
King Aardvark
King Aardvark Hace un mes
Wow, this does not look great.
TheSSJGod Hace un mes
Stfu about Black Widow you virgins. Look at Thor and Iron Man going nuts. Hulk was smashing everything in sight
steve .21
steve .21 Hace un mes
when ironman shoots it looks like similar to infamous
YewBrokeIt Hace un mes
Somebody’s been playing god of war...👀
Shane DaManee
Shane DaManee Hace un mes
The way Thor plays reminds me of Kratos in “God of War”🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ who agrees?
James Turner
James Turner Hace un mes
Playing wit Thor look like playing wit kratos
Benadrill_ss Msf234
Benadrill_ss Msf234 Hace un mes
11:03 is that a Wonder Woman T-shirt😳
CrazyCougarGaming Hace un mes
Grigory Fazz
Grigory Fazz Hace un mes
Where’s Hawkeye
waiu Hace un mes
gameplay looks cool but the character models and voice acting are disgusting, really distances itself from the mcu which is a horrible idea
MXRRIS Hace un mes
2:00 It’s like God Of War
jerry jjs
jerry jjs Hace un mes
If a gameplay footage of this game ever releases mark my word it would be the most viewed gameplay video on yt
Charmed Hace un mes
I don’t want to bring the MCU films into this, but the upcoming Black Widow movie, Taskmaster is the villain. And I know they fought in the comics too, which is so cool! I love how the movie/ and the comics are going to line up with this video game and we get to see Black widow’s past with Taskmaster, in the film, and how they know each other, and how it’ll line up with the video game
Cookieninja2004 Hace un mes
Travelling looks meh but the combat looks amazing
Hpaan Gamer
Hpaan Gamer Hace un mes
I'm glad they didn't put faces from MCU version. Seeing different things is not totally a bad thing
LeThayle Hace un mes
Pretty badass how Thor could toss his hammer to stick a dude to the wall and beat them up with the fists
ZHRX Gaming
ZHRX Gaming Hace un mes
Y tf is black widow looking like lord farquad and prince charmings son
Regaming 101
Regaming 101 Hace un mes
Wrong video
VocalFry Hace un mes
looks boring
Morgan Spinner
Morgan Spinner Hace un mes
Looks amazing, my only complaints is the cheesy green gamma effect everytime the hulk hits anything, makes it look super lame and like a game for your smart phone. And everyone is stoked on them changing black widow's face which is awesome and all but what about that suburban American girl voice? Can we get natasha with a damn Russian accent for once? Other than that, extremely excited for this game
LNO Like No Other
LNO Like No Other Hace un mes
I can't wait for this game
Dexter Brain
Dexter Brain Hace un mes
If the game comes out in 700gigs we will know Thanos gonna get fucked up.
Max Well
Max Well Hace un mes
Gameplay is basic , looks cool though
Matthews Parker
Matthews Parker Hace un mes
Not a fan of the direction theyre taking this, I was hoping for more of an open world experience. But, I think itll provide a nice, solid story with entertaining combat to say the least i'll be waiting for reviews to roll in before I snag this up.
killabugs32 Hace un mes
Will it be open world like Spiderman
ARYAN WAYNE Hace un mes
I think dc can't make a jl game because there all heroes r op . They r so difficult to be adapted
The Benoit Gamers
The Benoit Gamers Hace un mes
Plz be like Spider-Man PS4 but multiplayer
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