Marvel's Avengers: A-Day Trailer E3 2019

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Marvel UK

Marvel UK

Hace 8 meses

A-Day changed everything. But that's not where this story ends. Together with Square Enix, we’re excited to unveil Marvel's Avengers!

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Evette Williams
Evette Williams Hace 22 días
Where is hawkeye
ILDW K Hace 3 meses
that is the reason why I need to byy play station
Just Felix
Just Felix Hace 4 meses
Clint Barton left the chat.
Ruzzy Ruzby
Ruzzy Ruzby Hace 4 meses
Telling me they couldn't get the faces any better, or anyone who can do their voice-impressions on point? yea no
shaun clarke
shaun clarke Hace 5 meses
I hadn’t heard of A-day until I saw this
【 GHOST 】 Hace 6 meses
Where's hawkeye he's apart of the avengers
steve .21
steve .21 Hace 6 meses
they all look like they rode the shortbus
Subham Das
Subham Das Hace 6 meses
2018 : Infinity War 2019 : Endgame 2020 : A Day
Hex Entertainment
Hex Entertainment Hace 6 meses
Thank you Squenix for agreeing that Hawkeye is the most useless avenger
DiamondTV Hace 6 meses
Im so excited for the space suit iron man part
Norbert Őszi
Norbert Őszi Hace 6 meses
I am amazed how good is the graphics in mobile games nowadays!Wait.You say this is on next gen consoles?Ooooooh.I hope They will remember You.
Edilson Silva
Edilson Silva Hace 7 meses
If the Cap becomes the Taskmaster in this game...
Tosse_ _GamingDK
Tosse_ _GamingDK Hace 7 meses
Captain America looks wrong
Scheids Hace 7 meses
2:08 Congratulations, you just played yourself.
Dailey_ Hockey
Dailey_ Hockey Hace 7 meses
Where is hawkeye
ProjectSeed WorldTree
ProjectSeed WorldTree Hace 7 meses
Black window doesn't look sexy at ALL, thor look too old, iron man too hairy, because of character design i shall not support and will not be playing it, please change your character design team, it is not living up to the standards.
Nerd Man
Nerd Man Hace 7 meses
All we need is an X-men and fantastic four games and this universe of Marvel gaming universe is complete
Joey I
Joey I Hace 7 meses
The character faces can diff look waaaaay better than that come on now we 2019 soon 2020!
SDraike Draws
SDraike Draws Hace 7 meses
What if cap was actually alive and he becomes winter soilder
Edilson Silva
Edilson Silva Hace 7 meses
Or he is the Taskmaster...
BoxieBoomkin Hace 7 meses
The character models look fairly rushed, not much like the characters they represent. More like stunt doubles or recycles assets. Looks like a very linear game too. When will we ever get an open world Avengers game that's actually good? Come on game developers, listen to the wants of the players! (Like Spiderman)
BoxieBoomkin Hace 7 meses
@Christopher O Donoghue I hope it's going to get better. Though it seems rather backwards to show a trailer for a half-finished game, particularly if the models won't reflect the final product. It can put players off purchasing the moment they view the trailer in this state.
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 7 meses
You do realise this isn't the final product right??? They will look better on release and its partially open world with explorable areas but not as big as spidey ps4
Sock Outlet
Sock Outlet Hace 7 meses
Wait a minute the narrator ..... Thats kamala khan.... Thats ms Marvel!!
Mon Hunterz
Mon Hunterz Hace 7 meses
Would have liked this 10 years ago, but better late then never I guess
dont_I_know Hace 7 meses
Jesus square you just cant stop making one game after another like the final fantasy remake isnt out yet and kingdom hearts was out only like 6 months ago
Amazing Lemon
Amazing Lemon Hace 7 meses
The gameplay looks amazing but the cut scenes look like ass
Pp Poopooman
Pp Poopooman Hace 7 meses
Iron man dies
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 7 meses
That's only in the mcu dumbass
Angie Taylor
Angie Taylor Hace 7 meses
"The avengers were everything I imagined" Me: so.. not the avengers?...hun I dont know who you met cos they ain't the avengers
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 7 meses
They are the Avengers just not the movies versioms
Yasin Gündüz
Yasin Gündüz Hace 7 meses
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker Hace 7 meses
Scuffed Avengers
russiatoday12 Hace 7 meses
Why captain amarica is so fat
이리와 배구배구
이리와 배구배구 Hace 8 meses
are you securing the bridge? or breaking the bridge?
M.K.M. Hace 8 meses
The story begins at A-Day, where the Avengers are unveiling a hi-tech Headquarters in San Francisco - including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in the massive devastation of the city and supposedly kills Captain America. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all superheroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
islam You
islam You Hace 8 meses
hawkeye : am i a joke for you
super man
super man Hace 8 meses
2:08 how realistic
Victor Melin VA
Victor Melin VA Hace 8 meses
At least these character models look better than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's models.
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 7 meses
Minecraft on a game boy has better character designs than marvel vs capcpm Infinite
luifer rice
luifer rice Hace 8 meses
very nice
luifer rice
luifer rice Hace 8 meses
no '
LEGACY of ALL Hace 8 meses
no u
luifer rice
luifer rice Hace 8 meses
no u
LEGACY of ALL Hace 8 meses
no it suck ass
Ranferi Mondragon
Ranferi Mondragon Hace 8 meses
Can Platinum Games make the next Deadpool game? If they do, Ryan Renalds should voice Deadpool, and the main antagonist should be either T-Ray or Evil Deadpool.
Souhayl A Photographer
Souhayl A Photographer Hace 8 meses
top inspiring
sultaa86 Hace 8 meses
Cap looks bored, sounds like a dumb giant and actually looks like he can't take the weight of his suit...oh Marvel..
Ella Brito
Ella Brito Hace 8 meses
Ok what?
Callum Hace 8 meses
This looks and sounds terrible
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 8 meses
How??? This is pre alpha in game footage of course its not gonna loook brilliant yet
Christian Haile
Christian Haile Hace 8 meses
Abomination looks so cool, and he is way muscular, and bigger than the Hulk. (2:55)
guvna Hace 8 meses
There should be an option to change suits and stuff. Like for example when youre iron man you could switch between his suits.
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 8 meses
That's confirmed
NotSoFriendly __
NotSoFriendly __ Hace 8 meses
Nathan drak- I mean tony stark
Unnatural09 Hace 8 meses
Ahhh who's saving the innocents trapped on the bridge
Disappointed that the Characters dont look the same like in the movies imagine you actually playing tony stork as rdj
@Christopher O Donoghue true but still it would make it feel better
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 8 meses
This isn't based on the mcu
Noor Hazizi
Noor Hazizi Hace 8 meses
Where Hawkeye
Sanic Hace 8 meses
Quando vc assiste Avengers em Chernobyl.
____________________________________ Hace 8 meses
They look like stunt doubles
Fort Thanh
Fort Thanh Hace 8 meses
You should do a superhero named captain store and have a Sue and powers like Captain America and Captain Marvel but more powerful and he should be the new E come in the new superhero of the next movie and he should be a superhero from far far away and long long time ago and that would be really cool or you can use it as a veteran and that would be cool I would love to see in a movie or even brought up in a movie or even like a little cut scene of it by the way he is a guy
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 8 meses
Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan Hace 8 meses
This would be better if the Actors voiced them
Christopher O Donoghue
Christopher O Donoghue Hace 8 meses
Not based on the movies
Games World
Games World Hace 8 meses
Eu não curti muito os gráficos
CoolDanielDaniel Hace 8 meses
Come you killed of cap in the first 1 minute of teasing Bruh at least do it at the end and make it unexpected for goodness sake
Zeke Hace 8 meses
What’s the difference between you (captain America) and me? (PS4 Captain America) -I’m not wearing hockey pads
WEABOBOSS Hace 8 meses
make nick fury white then sjw will cry foul
lawrd Hace 8 meses
God I hope this game is at least ok
Francisco Sandoval
Francisco Sandoval Hace 8 meses
DC: injustice = Marvel Avengers a-day
Jonathan Mahoney
Jonathan Mahoney Hace 8 meses
oh my god
Ironluke 2001
Ironluke 2001 Hace 8 meses
Is that Nolan North as Iron Man?
tryannosaurus flex
tryannosaurus flex Hace 8 meses
Hopefully it's not just a beat em up. Like ultimate alliance
Murdochella Hace 8 meses
terrible characters.
cycodude boi
cycodude boi Hace 8 meses
dang this looks awesome.
Luke Hace 8 meses
You have my respect square Enix I hope they remember you...
Kim Alan
Kim Alan Hace 8 meses
Diego Mendeztorres espinosa
Diego Mendeztorres espinosa Hace 8 meses
The play was for xbox?
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju Hace 8 meses
this already looks horrible
KirkeGaming Hace 8 meses
Meh, money grab.
micheal transaction transaction
micheal transaction transaction Hace 8 meses
i like that ironman 2 reference at 0:35
Robert Gray
Robert Gray Hace 8 meses
it that's mobile battleroyale?
Joey Hace 8 meses
All I care about is Black Widow's ass
Rs FacuXx
Rs FacuXx Hace 8 meses
Doubles got his game :D
David Martinez
David Martinez Hace 8 meses
Wait so Cap dies??
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