Marvel's Avengers - A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage | PS4

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Lightning strikes, repulsor blasts, ground pounds, shield throws, and spy tech make our heroes quite the team in Marvel's Avengers. In this tutorial level, the Avengers must defend San Francisco after a mysterious attack threatens the safety of the city.
Play the Beta first on PS4. Pre-Order for Beta Access.
#EmbraceYourPowers #Reassemble

HulkBruce BannerBlack WidowIron Man

Benny Ibarra
Benny Ibarra Hace 2 horas
Marvel’s Avengers PS4 Cast Steve Rogers / Jeff Schine Tony Stark / Nolan North Thor / Travis Willingham Bruce Banner / Troy Baker Natasha / Laura Bailey
Benny Ibarra
Benny Ibarra Hace un día
It would’ve been better if they had the actual actors to play their characters in the game!!
Matt Kirkland
Matt Kirkland Hace 2 días
@6:45 that soldier just got Loki'd
Walkthrough King
Walkthrough King Hace 2 días
Hulk smash.
80s to 90s vibes
80s to 90s vibes Hace 3 días
3:00 puddles
Gonzalo F. R .
Gonzalo F. R . Hace 3 días
The physics feel strange in the video
Shaikh Asif
Shaikh Asif Hace 4 días
Hulk is best
Nabil Abd El Momen
Nabil Abd El Momen Hace 4 días
Bello e un gioco multiplayer
Harrison Starling
Harrison Starling Hace 5 días
I wanted a game like Spider-Man PS4 but you played as Thor’ iron or ‘ hulk but isomic you read my mind
Harrison Starling
Harrison Starling Hace 5 días
Adis Nukic
Adis Nukic Hace 7 días
looks interesting
Zap Gwalla
Zap Gwalla Hace 7 días
It’s not that bad guys. Definitely room for improvement
10.000 subs with no Vids
10.000 subs with no Vids Hace 8 días
This game isn’t even close of how cool Spider-Man was
Xgaming125 g
Xgaming125 g Hace 5 días
@10.000 subs with no Vids np
10.000 subs with no Vids
10.000 subs with no Vids Hace 5 días
Xgaming125 g ow thx I didn’t now that
Xgaming125 g
Xgaming125 g Hace 6 días
Remember, this is just a demo, they can always change stuff around if they wanted to!!
Robo Gamer117
Robo Gamer117 Hace 8 días
I wish hawkeye was in this
sachin Hace 9 días
Wow it's amazing
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian Hace 11 días
You know I m really starting to warm up to this game, just needs some polish that's all.
Bilivio Hace 11 días
Imagine if there was an avengers game in which we could play the whole marvel studios movie storylines. And endgame too.
Alfie Hace 12 días
Captain America looks like a slightly older agent Coulson.
Harshit Rakhiani
Harshit Rakhiani Hace 12 días
Why it's sounding staraaaasssss at 9:13...?? 😜😜😜
ICECONE Hace 12 días
I do agree the graphics are low key ugly but the gameplay looks fun
Eilmar Assur Sliwa
Eilmar Assur Sliwa Hace 13 días
Hulk is strong
Ramanan Unboxing
Ramanan Unboxing Hace 15 días
Lol ,I think cap was in quarantine 😂😂😂
TheGreenScreen Hace 15 días
I don’t know what everyone really expected. Like seriously, someone tell me how this is different for your expectations
Cesar Castañeda
Cesar Castañeda Hace 15 días
Miss Marvel is not avenger!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace 17 días
Quicktime events, you serious?
Jillybob 95
Jillybob 95 Hace 17 días
Playstation is such a show off
unknown person123
unknown person123 Hace 17 días
They need to get rid of those hit animations... Eg when hulk hits it's green They also need to improve the sounds because it isn't satisfying enough
unknown person123
unknown person123 Hace 17 días
Imagine having Thor gameplay like kratos and with him Hawkeye to act like atreus
unknown person123
unknown person123 Hace 17 días
Thor should feel somewhat like kratos...
Future Trunks
Future Trunks Hace 17 días
Buying this on my bday
CUBIX_playz Hace 18 días
They look like action figures
KayBeeChannel 2k20
KayBeeChannel 2k20 Hace 19 días
The hulk got a little chunky lol
UZIxCARTI-CODM Hace 19 días
I feel like they should add a Hawkeye DLC tbh
mayu rush
mayu rush Hace 20 días
This feels like a PS2 game remastered
Lucas Sonny
Lucas Sonny Hace 20 días
I'm gonna puke.
Mahmoud Amine
Mahmoud Amine Hace 20 días
The animations are too stiff, to much snapping and the 30 fps doesn't help either, I don't think this game will be ready by September 2020. This should've been handled by Insomniac and Sucker Punch studios.
THE FLASH BG Hace 20 días
I wish the originals were the voice actors
LB Films
LB Films Hace 21 un día
For iron man I see Nathan drake in iron man armor
Noah Bunnel
Noah Bunnel Hace 21 un día
Il a l’aire nul
Eddy Blehoy
Eddy Blehoy Hace 22 días
Grafik udah bagus tapi Kenapa muka nya gak pake scan faces aktor aslinya...jadi kurang terasa real nya.
Chris C.
Chris C. Hace 22 días
I don't know what set such high standards for video games. This looks amazing.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Hace 24 días
Im only buying this game if they upgrade the faces....
clemgmd1808 Hace 24 días
Kinda disappointed 🥺 the faces, the voices and graphics. I mean really ? This after masterpiece Endgame ? 😢
drtirtha das
drtirtha das Hace 25 días
hope square enix shows some more gameplay footage in the upcoming summer gamingfest
Megasaurus Rex
Megasaurus Rex Hace 25 días
This looks cool
johan reji
johan reji Hace 25 días
im sorry but this game looks last gen , the combat is really unimpressive and the character design feel really basic .... hope the actual game will be much better
Yummy w
Yummy w Hace 26 días
why Thor looks like he came from greek mythology not norse
Aina Mardhiah
Aina Mardhiah Hace 27 días
Im sure this will be a great game but Im also very sure that it cannot beat Marvel Spider-Man by insomniac games
valt aoi vt
valt aoi vt Hace 28 días
i love bananas
Chokaa Junior
Chokaa Junior Hace 29 días
i preffer the batmans games
the movie
the movie Hace 29 días
The gameplay look like spider man gameplay
Andrew Bates
Andrew Bates Hace 29 días
it's like they fail every single time hawkeye is not around
Super Charge Gaming
Super Charge Gaming Hace un mes
Dont take me wrong i have got a feeling this game would be a flop
Mike Molloy
Mike Molloy Hace un mes
Looks boring hard pass
GuyLopz Hace un mes
When the user is playing it is noticeable that the characters do not move their mouths although they can be heard speaking.
gaudence milanzi
gaudence milanzi Hace un mes
Thor is literally killing people, those guys are flying 🤣🤣🤣 and does any one else feel that mjilnor is way to strong and powerful a weapon to use on some simple soldier like disposable henchmen 🤷‍♂️
Christian West
Christian West Hace un mes
May we please have an 2008 hulk or a 2003 hulk skin and is he able to leap around in the woods or anywhere?
call me gary
call me gary Hace un mes
i promise they will add all that
It's a me Tex!
It's a me Tex! Hace un mes
Where is Hawkey??????
John Lung
John Lung Hace un mes
Visually, this game doesn't seem half bad, but what's going to stop me from shelling out money for this is the audio. The voice actors sound very dull when speaking and the sound effects are simply awful. Take 17:20 for example. There was no emotion behind any of the lines and Hulk's "roar" made me physically ill. The fighting and background noises were also not satisfying in the slightest. I didn't hear any punches landing. On top of this, the gameplay seems slow and not exhilarating or adrenaline-pumping. The entire thing just seemed to flow through the motions and not create any waves. Was honestly excited for this, but there's no way I would pay over $10 for it.
Scott Mcteg
Scott Mcteg Hace un mes
Ant man will demolish the machine
Daksh Doshi
Daksh Doshi Hace un mes
Very excited for this one
Lydia Cordero
Lydia Cordero Hace un mes
This game just looks pretty plain
Johnny MONTÉGU Hace un mes
Where is the most important Avenger? Scarlet Witch, where are you? Aren’t you coming in the game?
GHØSTLY Hace un mes
I wish the voice actors were the real deal
Hugo Nieves
Hugo Nieves Hace un mes
Brian Intahar (Insomniac Spider-Man's head of development) should've made this game...
Sesameme Street
Sesameme Street Hace un mes
i really hope they collab with insomniac
Taha Yaagoubi
Taha Yaagoubi Hace un mes
My 10yr old self would absolutely love this game. Current self, would def enjoy, but not LOVE. Doesn't look bad at all, there just something about it... But still, this isn't bad at all. It actually impressed me more than it disappointed from these few gameplay videos.
Jillybob 95
Jillybob 95 Hace un mes
This person is a show off
Samuel Dudley
Samuel Dudley Hace un mes
The fighting looks kinda slow.
Ggg vV
Ggg vV Hace un mes
Gabriel Gil valentin
Gabriel Gil valentin Hace un mes
A muy bien espero que no sea otro juego con 4 supervillanos y miles de hombres disfrazados rollo spiderman que en jugabilidad estaba bien pero faltan supervillanos y con ellos las supertbatallas espero que merezca la pena
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