Marvel Creators Attack Fans As Comic Shops Close

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Marvel and DC comics employees continue to attack potential paying comic shop customers at the worst possible time. As if the shops didn't have enough to deal with. They can't go to work, they can't receive product. Meanwhile Marvel, DC, and Diamond have yet to respond with a real plan. The clock is ticking on this industry, but you wouldn't know that based on the behavior of some of the 'creatives" in the industry. Is this how Comic Book retailing ends?
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JC Denton
JC Denton Hace un día
It's crazy how even the left is getting sick and tired of the left's bullshit now, yet they'll keep denouncing Trump. I'd like to remind everybody that a vote for Sloppy Joe Biden is a vote for crazy far-left wackiness! Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Aussie Chunda
Aussie Chunda Hace 8 días
Why did marvel let alphabet people kill the comics?
Robert Beale
Robert Beale Hace 9 días
Marvel just has a very bad case of the Disneyitus.
xxxYYZxxx Hace 13 días
Congratulations comic fans, you've been Globalized.
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat Hace 14 días
Bad guys can laugh at these modern heroes
b Hace 15 días
If we want true change, we all need to respond with our wallets and time. Don't buy their products and don't watch their political and social agenda garbage!
t803586 Hace 15 días
Welcome to the 1st day of the netflixs of paper based entertainment beter get another subscription free ready. There wont be any need to jump on the pirate bay as everything will be crap.
t803586 Hace 15 días
I spent 1000s over the years on comics that I liked. And zero on comics I didnt like. Just vote with you $. As soon as you stop buying marvel/star wars/whatever they wont make them, they wint be able to. The market will fix itself. But that's just my 2 thoughts.
Sandy Degener
Sandy Degener Hace 17 días
"Silent Bob"...SPEAKS!
Ana Davis
Ana Davis Hace 17 días
this is what happened to your comic books when it got cool. The left ruined it. Thank them clowns like kibblebits and that psycho she hulk writer.
cdog719 Hace 17 días
Marvel has Disney money backing them. They will just go digital and keep pushing their own agenda for years until new generations know nothing of comics of the past and only know Disney’s vision
MrJeffrey316 Hace 19 días
Comics are just.._about.._done.
Michael Katirtzoglou
Michael Katirtzoglou Hace 20 días
Imagine if ESwomen existed in the 60s and low-key right wing clickwh*res like Nerdrotic complained that the X-MEN (a metaphor for gay rights) are part of the SJW agenda and Marvel is "attacking customers" by calling out bigots.
Hazelmarie B
Hazelmarie B Hace 23 días
This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died.
James Joseph
James Joseph Hace 24 días
DC and Marvel are committing suicide by going digital and they don't even realize it. Why would I ever pay for a digital comic, when I can download it for free? The entire reason comics work is because it's a collectible. The second you cut the collector out of your marketing strategy, you stop being relevant.
[This Happens] God: I knew this would happen, sorry Stan Stan Lee: Why didn't you tell me? God: well, all good things must come to a end Stan: oh, I see God: but don't worry, Mavel will become great again, I saw it Stan: ok, thank you
JackieFuckingChan Hace 24 días
I would still support my local comic book shop IF i still had a job and these businesses were open. Maybe Marvel and Disney should use their influence to help small businesses in a meaningful way, instead of blaming the fans.
Duh Ni
Duh Ni Hace 24 días
Oh, and comic book retailers, don't worry, no one really want's to read comics in digital form, it just isn't the same, they doesn't manage to emit the story or art the same way, not even near. This is why even digital books have not succeeded ever and newer will. There is something about being able to the smell, being able to touch it, switch pages, actually owning it and putting it in display and be happy about owning it that digital form can newer compete against. If DC and Marvel goes digital, that is just dead fish making it's last slaps on the shore.
Duh Ni
Duh Ni Hace 24 días
Actually now that i think of it, there could be marriage between actually good writers, artists and cb stores. Cb stores could form fusion with each others to fund the work of writers and artists to create comics that are actually good, then sell those. Skip the idiots completely.
Duh Ni
Duh Ni Hace 24 días
Well, give it few years and all the classic comics are gone, no buyers no company. This gives room for good writers to shine and start companies of their own, i bet they have been preparing for this past years since you can't find them working anymore. No one dismisses their passion just because they can't write in DC or Marvel for example. It is our job to support them when they come out =) Maybe in time they will buy licenses for DC and Marvel and bring back classics while they are at it =)
MrDementedninja Hace 25 días
You know, I'd be disappointed, but there hasn't really been shit worth reading anymore. Even my favorite Miles Moral has been going to hell.
OddDude21 Hace 25 días
So I'm seeing now may be the perfect opportunity for a new publisher to come in and take over the comics market... Hmmm
feral Hace 25 días
I stopped consuming marvel products 3 years ago. I only watched endgame to have some sort of closure. But no more. PD and no, I don't have a problem with diversity, I'm tired that they politicized diversity to push a political agenda.
Danie Bello
Danie Bello Hace 25 días
Please stop calling LGBT, “alphabet”. Comes off very demeaning. It’s 4 or 5 letters, not 26
Tiocfaidh ár lá
Tiocfaidh ár lá Hace 25 días
If you want to make lbgtq-whatever sjw books do it on its own platform. Imagine if they rewrote Dr suess and the cat in the hat was a illegal, Latino, trans immigrant and the lorax was a black, gay guy who loves trees because they're wood that's hard. Green eggs and ham would be non binary breakfast story.
Andra Pratomo
Andra Pratomo Hace 26 días
"You will still read comics". Yes, but not yours. Manga seems way less annoying than western comics.
Steve Plett
Steve Plett Hace 27 días
There's no way I'm ever buying digital!!! No way! We spend too much time looking at our stupid screens. Being able to turn it off and look at a piece of paper is very refreshing! No to digital!
William Heideman
William Heideman Hace 27 días
Long time coming...glad it’s finally here...Marvel deserves worse.
ctastrophe Hace 28 días
That Donny Cates guy called the LGBTQ people "LQBTQ" twice. He must be an anti-G bigot!
Charles Rider
Charles Rider Hace 28 días
Screaming Dean
Screaming Dean Hace 29 días
What are preFD's?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell Hace 29 días
When the comics go digital, that's when I will finally leave. I doubt think I'll come back again.
PHX-Sisko Hace 29 días
I'm fine with the majority of comics going digital. It's the future, just like I don't really need a blacksmith to make me armor. If it helps the industry to survive and is eco-friendly - all good. The physical stores will need to compete online instead if they want to stay in business. I will miss physical locations, but just like book stores, they will become more and more niche. That being said, calling the LGBTQ community the alphabet name is really in poor taste for a group that is consistently marginalized within society. Feels like I am watching a Quarter Pounder video (not a compliment).
metimoteo Hace 29 días
I like this guy! He's smart, probably too smart for the internet.
Alexander B
Alexander B Hace 29 días
Came here randomly. See Amish beard, Woody Allen glasses and Backstreet Boys hair cut. Well, what else did I expect from channel with this name :)
Rick Quick
Rick Quick Hace un mes
I understand the fear of comic book shop owners but I'm not sure if I should care. Lots of business fade away because of changes in the market place or technology. Its just like when the cab companies complain because of Uber and Lyft. People that made music CD's lost jobs when iTunes and Napster came out. Kodak went bankrupt because of digital cameras and lots of digital cameras faded away because of cameras in phones. Newspapers across the country are in similar situations. Sorry but I love getting my comics while sitting at home. I do miss the comradery of those Wednesday but if I want to talk to any of them there is Facebook or Twitter or whatever. It's sad what's happening to comic shops but every industry will face this in the next 20 years including utilities, car makers, and all media companies. So what is the big deal.
Tardis Hace un mes
What company allows employees to aggressively damage their brand without consequence? What is Marvel's gameplan?
Elliot Walton
Elliot Walton Hace un mes
to be clear: I WILL continue to read comics, so long as they were published before 2015 (preferably before 1987).
Urmomaho e
Urmomaho e Hace un mes
4:14 as an alphabet person I can confirm that uni am indeed pissed
Ace v
Ace v Hace un mes
Name of outro song?
Anthanese Boissiere
Anthanese Boissiere Hace un mes
Funny how ESwomen keeps deleting my comments. Whenever you point out the destructive homosexual and feminist agenda. ESwomen always protects their right to free speech. But if you have a dissenting view ESwomen censors you. As customers we do not want to hear about homosexual and feminist ideologies. All we want are good stories when buying comic books or veiwing movies. Cramming diversity down our throats for diversity sake is totalitarian. You SJWS don't understand the first rule about business. The number one rule of business is: If it doesn't make dollars at doesn't sense. Again I say to Marvel comics: Do you know how you go out of business? By losing one customer at a time.
Anthanese Boissiere
Anthanese Boissiere Hace un mes
What does ESwomen and the Communist Chinese regime have in common? They both sensor dissenting views and hate free speech.
youtuber Hace un mes
There's NOTHING more stupid in business than to alienate your customers. Nothing.
Virtue of Sunlight
Virtue of Sunlight Hace un mes
Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy
Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy Hace un mes
Just let them Industr. die and be done with it already!
Rick Rollz America
Rick Rollz America Hace un mes
Great Video, lots of fun information ( as a former Diamond employee) Lots of great talking/discussion points. Following!
danumd87 Hace un mes
I'm out of the loop as at this point in my life I can not be considered a part of the comics community, but watching this video was painful. This guy oozes toxicity and intolerance. Is this what the community has fallen to? I watched it because I was curious but it was pretty embarrassing and I was happy when it was over. Is this typical or is he just a very angry far right loser who is not a fair representation of the community?
Adam Schenfeld
Adam Schenfeld Hace un mes
9:08 Twitter is all about mentions about anything and everything, who's the dingdong here. So yeah Comics may go digital, problem is aside from forcing Shops to close, there won't really be anything worth reading.
Xophe A'dethri
Xophe A'dethri Hace un mes
The shitty leaflet equivalent of a comic book is basically dead, the future of comics is in graphic novels. I buy collection books all the time. I haven't bought an individual comic issue since 1998. And all my *actual* comic friends have fully forsaken the monthly-issue model for the yearly collection at most over the last decade. Comic shops gotta stop being *news stands* with toys and become *book stores* with toys.
Leader of Bears
Leader of Bears Hace un mes
Glad to see these shit heads loosing money I hope it all implodes and the licenses are purchased by small companies that actually appreciate these characters and value goodstory telling over being “inclusive” and “different”
birthdaynick80 Hace un mes
Hmm, I thought this was going to be a completely different type of video. This feels like the part 6 of 12 of a comic arc. There's a lot of references and coded words for stuff that I'm not too keen on. I'm almost positive that I know what your Voldemort is but I gave up on this video halfway through. Good luck.
Schlomo Sheckleburg
Schlomo Sheckleburg Hace un mes
I can’t believe after growing up with marvel this is how it would end?! These characters look like they were made for 5 year olds and likely have no character development because that’s the new norm at SJW Marvel... RIP STAN LEE RIP MARVEL
Thomas Caddell
Thomas Caddell Hace un mes
Its the comic book companys fault for hiring SJW'S if they would have told the SJW'S that the moment they tried to force their politics into the comics that have much loved characters who have stood the test of time then they would be fired then things might have gone a little different i dont mind if someone makes a new character and makes it how they wish but dont try to change the back story of much loved characters unless you are doing a one shot in a what if comic to show the fans this is what might have happened kinda like the what if spider mand killed uncle bens murder comic marvel made to explain to fans what might have happened and how it might change peter parker
nero vanguard
nero vanguard Hace un mes
So from being a superhero comics, Marvel became a cesspool for these "woke" SWJ crybabies who call their paying customers bigots if they get criticized. Guess who's the real Snowflake here. Think they need some Safespace And what the hell does that asshole mean by "lose civilian status?"
Brian Hace un mes
Being honest, I gave up on the comic industry almost 20 years ago as a teen. I moved on to manga and anime. Sure, these kinds of people have attempted to make inroads in Japanese culture, but the Japanese don't take as kindly to them. Really wish comics hadn't become so politically motivated. Nowadays I wish I could see manga stories like the comics stores. Ordering online or going to Barnes & Noble is so unfulfilling n
What comic book fans fail to realize that the industry heads are not losing sleep over the loss of the old paper printed form of our beloved comics when It's clear that they are fazing that out in favor of the new digital format. The characters that we know and love will not die they will be reborn on the big screen or in some form of a digital version for us to still enjoy. I will never forget growing up as a kid in the 1970's collecting and reading classic issues of Marvel Comics such as Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man. Comic Books RIP!
Jan M
Jan M Hace un mes
I like the plus sized heroine, I believe her name is Trailmix
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris Hace un mes
Get woke Go broke.
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Hace un mes
you are watching American comic publishers basically giving the market to Japanese publishers.
Nova626 Hace un mes
Safe space, Trail Blazer, & Snowflake ? We can only hope that Deadpool will kill them. Please somebody; release the Kraken.
MovieHeretic Hace un mes
Sorry they have a character called Snowflake .... they really don't get irony
Nothing-but- Milk
Nothing-but- Milk Hace un mes
Dam can't wait to see snowflake in the new avengers movie am i right guys lol?...they need to go read some manga and learn how to write a good original story...all these guys look like ben ten rip off characters.
Kris Dunlap
Kris Dunlap Hace un mes
I do still like the sensation of a physical book or trade though.
Larry Wolf
Larry Wolf Hace un mes
I pirate. I admit it. I pirate ever since the industry has become shit. Marvel and DC have fallen so far down the shitter, it's not funny, so no, I'm not walking into a store and blindly picking a book off the rack and paying for it like I did as a teenager in the '90s. If I find a book I like, I _DO_ go to the store to buy it, but anymore that is an extreme rarity anymore... So much trash anymore.
Will G
Will G Hace un mes
The problem with comics is that they've strayed too far from the basic, simple stories they were when they started. Comic books used to have basic elements that were in harmony with traditional social values: 1 The roles of the sexes were traditional. Men were strong and were either defenders and providers, or aggressors and crooked. Weak men were never portrayed in a good light. 2 females were portrayed as feminine, dependent on men, they desired masculinity and they looked down on weak men. 3. The nature of the characters was never ambiguous. They were either good guys or bad guys. Comics are now totally degenerate. They do not offer clear role models. They portray female characters as male aggressors defenders and male characters as dependent and weak.
Craig Olsen
Craig Olsen Hace un mes
Duggan is penning Savage Avengers NOT Savage Dragon.
SimpleMan.45 Hace un mes
I don’t even care about Marvel anymore. After EndGame I don’t have any desire to see, or read any new stuff from them, especially sense its been taken over by the social dictators of our world.
Chris Forthenberry
Chris Forthenberry Hace un mes
is there a reason why he refuses to sat the lgbtq. like he's mocking the community.....
Mr Fred
Mr Fred Hace un mes
I hope so. Mocking them I mean.
Mega Zell
Mega Zell Hace un mes
Valiant, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and Boom or GTFO.
M Adnan
M Adnan Hace un mes
"trailblazer get a magic backpack from her grandfather" "screentime got infected from grandfather's internet gas" what is it with them and their grandfathers lol
Friday Movies
Friday Movies Hace un mes
I love the idea of non-binary heroes! I just wish it was executed competently by creatives that actually had something to say on that topic 💁🏻‍♂️ And unfortunately due to this uproar, it might be a lot longer now before we see competently written non-binary supers 😕
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