Marlon Wayans Gets Played By Justina Valentine 😂 | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

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Wild 'N Out

Wild 'N Out

Hace 7 meses

Marlon Wayans first time on Wild ‘N Out came with a few jabs at Nick, but Justina stepped to the front of the line to show Marlon how the queen of Wildstyle gets down 🔥
#Wildstyle #WildNOut
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.

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Taneakqua Brewington
Taneakqua Brewington Hace un día
Hey bae was the way to tell you what I mean about what you doin was about to go with you I love you and you mean I love you 💕❤️😘 is the way to have some time for you to go out and I look forward for your day and you can tell me what you doin mean and what do you do with the rest I love 💕 I’m not
Barrack Bananas
Barrack Bananas Hace 7 días
Clips came with that 🔥 for real
Yxung flex
Yxung flex Hace 11 días
No one : Marlon:You look like u fell in some...
Rachelle Rutherford
Rachelle Rutherford Hace 13 días
Emmanuel is stupid (gonna hand B. Simone a piece of cake)😂😂😂
The b&c Godsisters
The b&c Godsisters Hace 18 días
We luv dis show
Tha ProdiJay
Tha ProdiJay Hace 19 días
I had to come back to this murder scene
Fernando Sancho
Fernando Sancho Hace 19 días
Every bdy swagg
Monica Busick
Monica Busick Hace 22 días
Clips be out here in the thumbnail lookin' hangry as fuck😂😂😂
Flush Poker
Flush Poker Hace 22 días
Red hair girl is yummy want taste her
Gabriel Philbrook
Gabriel Philbrook Hace 23 días
Wtf is on nicks face
MrsButtersworth82 Hace 26 días
They had to stop Clips 😂
NaturalBlessing Hace 26 días
Clips really can rap off the top of his head
amazingabby25 Hace 27 días
He is shaped like a pizza spatula tho
v.chanel84 Hace 27 días
Clips 🗣 HE JUST A BOY!!!! 😂🤣🤣
# ShoMovs
# ShoMovs Hace 27 días
Nick knew Charlie was gone get his ass when he said "go for it" poor king just tryna fit in😭😭😭
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Hace 29 días
Nobody ever talks about it but does anyone else think Clips looks like Ice Cube?
Bloxburg_master_33 Hace un mes
Why is everyone judging the guy by his weight I get it it’s the point but it’s kinda sad
KingTot757 Hace un mes
Oh hold on hold on 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Luz Galan
Luz Galan Hace un mes
I thought Justina was the hard one here... 😂
Icey Hace un mes
Clips reacted like he was about to eat the whole sqaud
tay tra
tay tra Hace un mes
goldenrackz Hace un mes
And lets talk sbout your pants lookin skinny Dont make me roll up on u wit the semi If this is south park im bout to kill yo whole squad like they kimmy Ill pull on dude bloc- n do a drive by in the hemi? Nick shouda let him finish 🔥
Danielle Valero
Danielle Valero Hace un mes
Chico Bean killed it lmao 😂
Tolulope Marcus
Tolulope Marcus Hace un mes
I was just looking at danileigh the whole show 😍
Ar'kyla Fountain
Ar'kyla Fountain Hace un mes
Justina got Marlon so good
Khaleel Martin
Khaleel Martin Hace un mes
Little do people know King was about to get the same treatment that Loaded Lux got😭
Derrick Franklin
Derrick Franklin Hace un mes
Charlie is a battle rapper and he got bars, but even on the show he was hit with some pretty offensive jokes especially about his weight and all he did was laughed it off, I don’t agree with him being so angry at nicks brother I mean dudes line didn’t even hit that hard
Fros T Arcane
Fros T Arcane Hace un mes
...and who is that guy with no shirt that got that "dog terrified of human" expression on his face?😅
Fros T Arcane
Fros T Arcane Hace un mes
Clips was about throw down some gamma rays, but got stopped by a bunch of sunglasses. He was going IN! 🔥
polostokeley Hace un mes
animefavoriteedits edits
animefavoriteedits edits Hace 2 meses
Im rollin through the ba😂🤣😭😂🤣😭😂🤣😭🤣🤣😂🤣 ha ha ha ha
Ciara Johnson
Ciara Johnson Hace 2 meses
Marlon wasn't even funny 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Renato Galusic
Renato Galusic Hace 2 meses
Yo tbh Justina need to stop so fuckin annoying
Keelolo V
Keelolo V Hace 2 meses
Justina’s face when Clips was going in 😂😂😂😂😂
bob smith
bob smith Hace 2 meses
Nicks brother been trash to every appearance 😂😂😂😂
Taylor Fam flips
Taylor Fam flips Hace 2 meses
Clips was on a serious mode
IShitOnTheWorld420 Hace 2 meses
Justina kinda messed up haha. Damon is the only talented Wayons brother
Zaria Bryant
Zaria Bryant Hace 2 meses
“That’s his relative” 😂😂😂😂
Depressed Blazers Fan
Depressed Blazers Fan Hace 2 meses
Damn Clips was boutta decimate the whole black squad but they took the mic from him smh
Mawuli George
Mawuli George Hace 2 meses
good old clips
Nick Jones
Nick Jones Hace 2 meses
Clips got a good sense of humor, ole boy struck a nerve to set him off like that
yarimiss miranda
yarimiss miranda Hace 2 meses
Zone he used good under his July run by day and a as or run each to by day and or he the red we by he Ru you you you you for he to good John run to day and by some TT to day the red
NT & TH Toussaint
NT & TH Toussaint Hace 2 meses
Charlie clips forgot it was a family show Lol
Kezia Jolicoeur
Kezia Jolicoeur Hace 2 meses
wait was marlon souppose to do it that long
Lucky Mwabi
Lucky Mwabi Hace 2 meses
Wait is that Stanley
Wilma Ellis
Wilma Ellis Hace 2 meses
Good work😍😍😍😍
Khalid Kadim
Khalid Kadim Hace 2 meses
Clips was about to eat Nik canon bro 😂😂😂
Z A Y Hace 2 meses
Bean holding Nick shoe has my rolling the whole time😭
Jeanna duhh
Jeanna duhh Hace 2 meses
Marlon Wayne is the funniest 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Abdi Samad
Abdi Samad Hace 2 meses
Clips sounds like ice cube
Itz Nayem
Itz Nayem Hace 2 meses
Don’t fuck with Charlie
wm young
wm young Hace 2 meses
Clips started rapping real life bars. They were like ooooo, this is comedy bro!
Cee Gee
Cee Gee Hace 2 meses
tdmtv Hace 2 meses
Ayo I didn't know Nick Cannon had a brother and this is how I get introduced to him. With Charlie flamin' him lol
Liah Henry
Liah Henry Hace 2 meses
Shawn’s the more talented brother, but Marlon making more moves than him....oh okay
Nasir215NorthPhilly Hace 2 meses
Clips was snappin
Nita Wilson
Nita Wilson Hace 2 meses
Why he got Nick shoe🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angel G
Angel G Hace 2 meses
“Oh hold on...hold on Jesus Christ. Wait a minute, that’s his relative.” 💀💀💀
Kreeda Panda
Kreeda Panda Hace 2 meses
I love Con. ♥
Kreeda Panda
Kreeda Panda Hace 2 meses
Clips was goin at it. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 damn
MLOB96 Hace 2 meses
“That’s his relative” 😂
Tori Collins
Tori Collins Hace 2 meses
“That’s his relative!”😂🤣
Victor Gillerson
Victor Gillerson Hace 3 meses
Charlie is a straight savage. Nick was like... "Kill my whole fam?"
Tink3rbella100 Hace 3 meses
"that's his relative" I diedddd 😂😂😂😂😂
Anastasia James
Anastasia James Hace 3 meses
Charlie Clips Went In Like A Muthafucka Didnt He The Man Got Hella Barz And Even Tho Its Nicks Real Brother Thats The Price Yo Ass Pays When You Come On This Show It Is What It Is Nobodys And Nothing Is Off Limits EVERYBODY CAN GET IT God Damnit And Charlie Clips Slaughtered Nicks Brother And The Black Point Blank Periodt Shit Charlie Clips Went Hard As Hell Charlie Clips Is The Real Damn Deal Dead Ass The Is The Main Reason Why I Like Charlie Clips🔥🔥🔥🔥And My Girl Justina Did The Damn Thang As Well As She Always Does If Nick Were To Ever Get Rid Of Alot Of The Veterans I Would Stop Watching Real Talk Them OGS KICK ASS Them Newbies Are Ok But The VETERANS Of This Show Are Always Gonna Be My Favs Aint No If Ands Or Buts About It.
Chris Canty
Chris Canty Hace 3 meses
Charlie Clips was like “Boy do not know who I am😡”
Tonian Clarke
Tonian Clarke Hace 3 meses
Why he holding nicks shoe lol
Tonian Clarke
Tonian Clarke Hace 3 meses
Why he holding nicks shoe lol
Ms. Lady
Ms. Lady Hace 3 meses
DC and Justina are my favorites. I'm getting tired of little man with cut the beat. It's old...….
Fashionista mvp
Fashionista mvp Hace 3 meses
I feel bad for Marlon.. he was the most funniest and talented out of everyone on stage. And they didn't show him any respect. His usual happy spark seemed dim.
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