Man hospitalized, 2 Buffalo police officers suspended after protests

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Police say the man was injured when he tripped and fell. However, video from the scene shows the man was pushed by police.


Jess Heyes-Martelli
Jess Heyes-Martelli Hace 12 días
It's that old man's fault was told walk the other way silly old coote
Paul Honor
Paul Honor Hace 28 días
Another news report that doesn't play the sound of his head smacking the pavement. A transparent and lame effort to try to hide the clear brutality of the incident. I'm sincerely amazed the man is alive.
Googoo Giggle
Googoo Giggle Hace 29 días
That bully with a Police helmet in his hand took one hell a stumble from that little push. (Personal foul in basketball) Do POLICE now need to dribble around extremely, or intentionally clumsy BLOCKERS? I do not think that slight shove would make a stable person fall down and bleed. He did go out of his way to block them and now big money is coming his direction$
Chris Phares
Chris Phares Hace 29 días
Ahahahahahahaha good! The guy was trying to jam police communications with that device in his hand. He's an ANTIFA piece of shit and he got what he deserved. Hopefully he's bleeding out of his asshole as well. Fuck him.
Gene Seal
Gene Seal Hace un mes
Not bleeding from top of head. bleeding from side of head or ear.
Podo Ya
Podo Ya Hace un mes
This ain’t get any better🤦🏻
Marcanthony Martinez
Marcanthony Martinez Hace un mes
This is an outrage
Phase One
Phase One Hace un mes
Where are all the protesters? Special mask. What is that in his left hand? A pump? Staged event.
Drumea Gabriel
Drumea Gabriel Hace un mes
democracy ???? :-( FALS - HITLER - TOTALITARISM - HAOS
The Alt Center
The Alt Center Hace un mes
The protestor hits the cop's gun with his cellphone, sparking the retaliation from the three cops. The videos will absolve the cops of wrongdoing because of this single fact that no one is talking about. Trust me on this.
Fleur de Pavot
Fleur de Pavot Hace un mes
This is the rock bottom that america hit. A handsome, nice man, was dealt with mother fucker men who thought they had the power to kill another gentleman. From now on, I will call all police mother fuckers. they should be hanged. let their fathers put the noose on them.
Kathy Victoria
Kathy Victoria Hace un mes
Fake Fake
Samantha Morrison
Samantha Morrison Hace un mes
Question if you been rundown and pushed and I got in your face what would you do if I didn't care to listen to you what would you do just a question I'm wondering and I didn't stop at your job even please leave a comment if you don't agree with where you work and I'll test that theory with my phone camera
LINUX PHONE Hace un mes
The police didn't walk by they helped him, watch the full video. But ESwomen mainly has left wing communist outlets at the top of the search engines.
noman Hace un mes
No one going to comment on the stupidity of the old man? The police were wrong but the old man was stupid to walk up to them when they were clearing the square.
Coba Kingdom Uncensored
Coba Kingdom Uncensored Hace un mes
The police response of all officers quitting to show "solidarity" for the attack of a citizen is a act intended to destabilize the government and sway policy and law through intimidation. All police involved in organizing a destabilization of the police services need to face TERRORISM CHARGES. They are using organized mob action to inflict fear on the government and people and by definition this is a TERRORIST ACT! This is why homeland security was needed in the first place. Time for them to retire the rights they claim, or take on the terrorists. These police have drawn a clear line in the sand with America on the other side. They need to be taken down hard and be made an example of if order is to be maintained. None have an attitude worthy of a peace officer and none seem to care about upholding laws of serving the community. Replace them. Charge them with attempting to destabilize the community.
A Jumpy Jones
A Jumpy Jones Hace un mes
What about all the other ones that just walked by and failed to render aid That should be felony charges .
Eric Hace un mes
This is America. Don't catch you slippin' now.
charlie rodgers
charlie rodgers Hace un mes
Im sorry but you cannot Blame the police 100% on this. It is sad about the old man getting hurt. But come on people common sense, why would he go up to the police in an aggressive way. Think about it If you saw a hoard of police marching towards were you are at would you walk up to them to yell at them in there face? Of course not its not smart. Old man was overzealous and had one of those moments where as he was falling he New He Fucked Up. Was it excessive force ehhh maybe but if they would have pushed a regular person like that I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have ate it like that poor old man. Hopefully he recovers and learns to not get in the way of police.
Van Hace un mes
how's the guy that fell ?? where is he now?
MrSailord Hace un mes
He didn't grab an officer, he was handing an officer a helmet!
Legacy of Free domain
Legacy of Free domain Hace un mes
Killers amongst us 👮☠️👮😱👮
MrTAFSIYNOT Hace un mes
GOONS! Walked by this poor man like he was trash. Fire them, take away pensions, cease their benefits immediately.
Love 1 Another
Love 1 Another Hace un mes
He was actually bleeding out of his ears
G30!! B
G30!! B Hace un mes
Even the news is lying for the police. smh
Tim Minh
Tim Minh Hace un mes
If I have to sell my soul to have a corrupted and non-compassionate job I’d resign after coming to realization.
Free Palestine
Free Palestine Hace un mes
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker Hace un mes
Soooooo sad 😭. Police brutality needs to be stopped. Every Officer needs to be retrained and a discrete background check. All Officers aren't bad. But some are monsters and don't deserve to wear that badge.
AJ Usog
AJ Usog Hace un mes
Always with the suspensions but no action taken, just waiting for time to pass and everyone forgets til these 2 psycho cops are back on the force. Stop covering up for psychos in your department, theyre making the rest of the good cops in the police force look real bad.
Dave Bloomberg
Dave Bloomberg Hace un mes
michelle Gomes de Sousa Leite
michelle Gomes de Sousa Leite Hace un mes
Tru2Myself SleepNot
Tru2Myself SleepNot Hace un mes
Yo can't nobody tell me these mfers don't be high up on something, just killing and harming folks. They don't give a shit about age,race, the laws.
Sneakerjuice Hace un mes
man was beelding out his ear , I doubt thats just a concussion, and the man is in a critical condition. what a joke this news reporter is, utter fucking trash.
Ysa muy buena voz
Ysa muy buena voz Hace un mes
All colors matter
Ysa muy buena voz
Ysa muy buena voz Hace un mes
All this a nonsense violent from both sites is instigated by a Chinese government and his agents in this country
chocombo gaming
chocombo gaming Hace un mes
Tripped and fell? HE PUSHED HIM
Jeanne Jackson
Jeanne Jackson Hace un mes
Kimi Generic
Kimi Generic Hace un mes
The thud was his helmet in his hand.
Missy V
Missy V Hace un mes
Mattie Davis
Mattie Davis Hace un mes
Y not fired n charged with assault. 😡😡😡.
H K Hace un mes
Suspend? Fire them n then charge them! Wht the hell! Are lives a joke? Are we trying to g9 thru hell to kp ppl alive in pandemic to only be violently killed over nothing? Whts the point?
Giuliana CR
Giuliana CR Hace un mes
PD: It's ok we suspended them World: Fire them and press charges!
Frederick White
Frederick White Hace un mes
It's not the acts that get police in trouble it's the videos that react making it a problem!!!!!
Life Adventure
Life Adventure Hace un mes
He was returning the helmet to the police but animals did not get the gesture...or respect his age
M K Hace un mes
2 police officers suspended? They should be fired and charges should be pressed against them. End this special treatment for cops that is allowing them to treat people this way! All it takes is 6-9 months to become a police officer, walk around with guns and post threat to the public. 6-9???? This is why we see what we see!
Neutron Alchemist
Neutron Alchemist Hace un mes
Only suspended? And the ones that marched around his inert body like he was trash? It's all ok for them?
James U
James U Hace un mes
Why do they cut the actual crime out of the new report? Seen it elsewhere. So why
One Day
One Day Hace un mes
USA 2020 ? NO Barbaric methods are used in the United States
Mitch Swanson
Mitch Swanson Hace un mes
Only one way to change this. Thru congress, take away their qualified immunity, make all body cams on and stay on then after 72 hours make all video available to public free as we paid already!
GRU dTT Hace un mes
This has become Trump’s America.
Mynya Hace un mes
Suspended. That wtf the police running rapid now. Stop making excuses for them. And they lied and said he tripped and fell before video came out. What kinda leaders we got hiring scum we pay for. He was handing them their helmet. Breaks my heart no respect for shit cops their a disgrace.
Gordon Bateman
Gordon Bateman Hace un mes
KRS Movie
KRS Movie Hace un mes
Americans, who is in charge of training your cops, islamists? How a normal humanbeing could ever push an old grandpa like this?! It could easily be second George Floyd!
Todd Henderson
Todd Henderson Hace un mes
All Lives Matter!!!
Gordon Bateman
Gordon Bateman Hace un mes
Yetimelly57 lor
Yetimelly57 lor Hace un mes
If you're elderly, why are you at a police line protesting? If you can't survive a fall then you shouldn't be protesting.
main1063 Hace un mes
I want to know who in the Buffalo PD put out the “one person was injured when he tripped and fell,” statement. Because that person or the one who ordered it is part of the problem. Covering up each other's misconduct. We don't need new laws and rules, we need the ones we have enforced.
anonamous365 Hace un mes
Vacation for the criminals
ensi80 Hace un mes
Budiarto Budiarto
Budiarto Budiarto Hace un mes
What happened to the old man if there were only police force there, and without any witnesses around?
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams Hace un mes
I just think this is horrible
Lil Mbaye
Lil Mbaye Hace un mes
The cops are not here to protect and serve like for real. The fact that they ignore a person in danger just arrest someone else says a lot about their mindset.
M W Sloat
M W Sloat Hace un mes
a dozen more cops just walked by ...
Fuck the police
macho tony
macho tony Hace un mes
This is the second elderly man I've seen get tossed to the ground at these protests. And that's just what was caught on video.
ally mimi
ally mimi Hace un mes
It's hard to watch and thye all continued marching as if nothing just happened 😥 They hate their job and should all resign nobody forced them to be in police forces. They were looking for employment and they can't perform the work requirements which involves serving with ethics and etc. Its so graphic to watch or even imagine.
Perro Pulgoso
Perro Pulgoso Hace un mes
I swear these zero IQ pigs are nothing but criminal thugs, liars, mobsters, cheats and evil pieces of trash. I hope their mothers, wives and children get treated like that some time in their lives by another one of their gang members.
川普 Hace un mes
China's 1.5 billion people support black American friends in overthrowing the evil government. Greetings from China
5kayonekiller Hace un mes
Don’t be surprised if people escalate this to include cops in their homes with their families.... just sayin
Eli Losper
Eli Losper Hace un mes
Watch the face of the one cop closest to the camera and read his body language after realizing what they just did. Look at him shaking his head, turning around not sure what to do. In his his head, oh shit what did we do. Please people watch it a few times again
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