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Roombas are almost as troublesome as real babies. Almost. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:
Audio from: Always Open #89
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Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky
Animated by: Gabriel Silva and Quinn Weston
About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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RustyFable Hace 27 días
Right, crazy idea; Baby Roomba plushies.
LilRooky2k18 Hace un mes
All girls night and they talk about cleaning
Planet Caravan
Planet Caravan Hace un mes
This is the 420th of RT Animated
imm29thegamer Hace un mes
1:05 i look over to watch my roomba start eating my xbox remote chord
THAT DUDE THAT Hace un mes
This can be said about setting up VR
Xochi S
Xochi S Hace un mes
Rezdan 01
Rezdan 01 Hace un mes
Los subtítulos de Rwby en español están atrasados, disculpen las molestías
Geeann Gee
Geeann Gee Hace un mes
I enjoyed watching . new friend
Sunflowers Hace un mes
“Best Of The Week” Rooster Teeth Playlist 1/62 videos
charl X
charl X Hace un mes
Oof that is a mood Roosterteeth has too much stuff to watch everything anymore, no longer can i be a super fan who watches it all
Cooku Catchoo Rosales
Cooku Catchoo Rosales Hace un mes
I'm a simple poor ladd. I use a vacuum
Noble Taco
Noble Taco Hace un mes
My roomba has googley eyes
doom slayer
doom slayer Hace un mes
Realise claymore roomba
Devyx Hace un mes
420th video.
Pumaxcs Hace un mes
That's why Neato is better
Baylee8D Hace un mes
My roomba is named Scooter and i love her. She might get trapped in the bathroom, eat all the cat toys, and drag anything to the ground that's connected to a wire... BUT I LOVE HER.
Dud3 itsj3ff
Dud3 itsj3ff Hace un mes
Roomba is just a lil baby robot... it’s trying it’s best damnit!
Yeah No
Yeah No Hace un mes
I love how the animated adventures have gotten way more detailed and fluid over the years, and yet they keep the same crappy title card 😂
Jennifer Adkison
Jennifer Adkison Hace un mes
admiral blu
admiral blu Hace un mes
aw i love you and miss you too
Einherier1994 Hace un mes
that that katy morton? O.o
Jules Black
Jules Black Hace un mes
Poor Mariel, I'm sick too :[ Edit: and I live in Texas, so something's going around 😕
goldenapple saga
goldenapple saga Hace un mes
*Make Roomba*
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Hace un mes
Anyone else remember when these animated adventure videos used to get several million views? What happened?
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
over a course of... well, more than a *day.* so nothing. literally nothing happened.
Mario Khoury
Mario Khoury Hace un mes
Is it weird to think Mariel sounds like, 43% cooler sick then she did previously?
Bryce Richardson
Bryce Richardson Hace un mes
ThomasTheSpecter Hace un mes
No joke, I tried to explain what “smart house” was to my girlfriend and she looked at me like I was stroking out. Glad I’m not crazy 😅
I_am_me Hace un mes
Fun fact! People get so attached to their Roomba like they would with a pet that they offer free servicing cause people can’t bear to replace them
J.A. Matlock
J.A. Matlock Hace un mes
Meanwhile Geoff tapes knives to a couple of roombas and forces them to fight to the death. Good times.
Mike Balla Jr
Mike Balla Jr Hace un mes
My parents have a Roomba, and this is so accurate. Ours gets caught on this anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen, which is about a 1/2 inch thick with sloped sides. Drives right up the sloped side, then gets stuck because it detects the edge of the mat where it slopes down as a 'cliff'.
valon striker
valon striker Hace un mes
those girls are so pretty... when they are quiet.
Becca Fett
Becca Fett Hace un mes
Shoshannah Kramer
Shoshannah Kramer Hace un mes
do not bulli roomba :(
godmaster20 Hace un mes
Ohhh. “Pathetic.”
Matthew Bermudez
Matthew Bermudez Hace un mes
My Rosie always gets caught under the couch at least a few times a week. -_-
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Hace un mes
Matthew Bermudez What other animation channels do you like? Would you take a look at my animation channel.
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger Hace un mes
The most first world of all problems.
Casey Wolf
Casey Wolf Hace un mes
no the most first world is when the days too cloudy and u cant get enough solar to charge your tesla
TC14KID Hace un mes
Kinda crazy I’ve been watching these since I was in 4th grade and now I’m a senior, time flies
David Taylor
David Taylor Hace un mes
I never thought I'd be fortunate enough to be too poor to buy a Roomba because I wouldn't really want one anyway.
TwelfthB055 21
TwelfthB055 21 Hace un mes
Let’s celebrate episode 420
josav09 Hace un mes
My 60 year old aunt had less trouble with her roomba
Amalia Kay
Amalia Kay Hace un mes
Ahh, yes, Rumba get stuck in silly places, for example under the PIG.... no I'm not going to explain, it funnier this way.
None of Your Business
None of Your Business Hace un mes
Honestly, I’ve thought about this so much.
Ryan Ask
Ryan Ask Hace un mes
Is it just me or have these videos gone extremely downhill
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
Woodshadow Hace un mes
I had a roomba like 15 years ago. It was awful for all the reasons listed. Sounds like they are still expensive and just as bad.
Ducky Hace un mes
Mariel always being sick. Stop
Erika myers
Erika myers Hace un mes
I need a smart house
KingDuckGuy Hace un mes
I only have the space at my house in Aroomba.
conkerlive101 Hace un mes
Roomba is for people who belive even cats are too high maintenance
Gruntzy Hace un mes
Or those who can't summon the energy to sweep up.
Kirk Sinon
Kirk Sinon Hace un mes
Went from Chieftan chats about the Abrams to this. Why was this up next?
V1LLAGE_ID10T Hace un mes
The Disney movie in question They are talking about was Directed By Levar Burton (AKA Geordi La Forge from Star Trek) and Starred Katey Sagal (AKA Leela from Futurama) as The Smart House AI PAT.
Fullmeatalvapire Hace un mes
Lucas J
Lucas J Hace un mes
How does Katie's character look so accurate?
daphnelu7 Hace un mes
I have a roomba too and it’s annoying when I gotta move it when it gets stuck some place.
RialVestro Hace un mes
I thought roombas were suppose to automatically change direction whenever they hit something... That's what the commercials said anyway... Say it with me everyone... FALSE ADVERTISING!!!
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
Phoenix1220 Hace un mes
Wasn't the whole point of Smart House that it was a bad idea?
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
Disney Channel movies don't have a point.
Salty Lemon Draws
Salty Lemon Draws Hace un mes
Barbra's roomba tried its best to clean the chair
Hailey B
Hailey B Hace un mes
Back when I had a roomba, I swear I spent more time cleaning pet hair out of its brushes than it would've taken me to just vacuum!
jester man
jester man Hace un mes
LighthawkTenchi Hace un mes
I have no problem just vacuuming my floors myself. A roomba seems like more of a hassle than anything else.
Johnny Light
Johnny Light Hace un mes
We all need Katie Segal in our house
Olivia Edwards
Olivia Edwards Hace un mes
1st time seeing ESwomen channel that has a 💩 load of money and not saying anything about Australia and the bad fires and we have donated money so and so amount to help out all them homeless people and poor animals and here is a link a link in the description if you want to help out also 💁🏻‍♀️
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
Australia's not real.
Letsbe a Bean
Letsbe a Bean Hace un mes
Now I’m just imagining Barbara with a child.
Tony Bower fan page
Tony Bower fan page Hace un mes
What has the channel came to
carl witt
carl witt Hace un mes
Meh... not funny enough for animation.
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
Paul Trappiel
Paul Trappiel Hace un mes
Funniest comments ever.
Connor Amato
Connor Amato Hace un mes
What we need is a Roomba that yells whenever it hits into something
Connor Amato
Connor Amato Hace un mes
@GradientForce I know lol I was referring to that video
GradientForce Hace un mes
check out Michael reeves' video
Jafar Al-Z
Jafar Al-Z Hace un mes
i feel like the rtaas are getting boring...
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
it's okay to feel that way.
Jafar Al-Z
Jafar Al-Z Hace un mes
DontListen ToMe that the quality is going down?
DontHaveTo ListenToMe
DontHaveTo ListenToMe Hace un mes
that's ok.
WYPD Company
WYPD Company Hace un mes
People tend to forget it's the same procedures when YOU are vacuuming aswell, like lifting up wires, checking toys and such. A roomba will do exactly what a vacuum can do.
Chynna Smith
Chynna Smith Hace un mes
Baby roomba is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
GrsViTy Hace un mes
Improvement on the Roomba that screams whenever it runs into things: The Roomba that just begins to cry whenever it gets stuck on things
Master B.A.C.
Master B.A.C. Hace un mes
You have 69 likes..
RE4VER Hace un mes
The comments are funnier than the video. Definitely one of the weakest rtaas
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