Los Angeles Police Commission meets in wake of regional unrest

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Watch live: The Los Angeles Police Commission was meeting as protests over George Floyd's death continued in the region. #LAPD #GeorgeFloyd
Story: ktla.com/news/local-news/l-a-police-commission-holds-1st-meeting-since-protests-started-across-the-city/

I will commit scooter ankle
I will commit scooter ankle Hace 7 horas
It looks like a teachers conference that went wrong lmao
Hello Dean
Hello Dean Hace 14 horas
Bruh 08:06:49 💀
meron wheeler
meron wheeler Hace 16 horas
4:06:15 guy is a god
David Jimenez
David Jimenez Hace un día
Is anyone going to do something about that disgusting picture depicting the assassination of Rosie O’Donnell hanging in the LAPD Homeland Security Section?
No One Asked
No One Asked Hace un día
Where’s the I yield my time scene?
DD4L Hace un día
This isn’t know dang Meeting this is a straight up diss track
Any Boiii
Any Boiii Hace 2 días
If you don’t want the LAPD then just get the LSPD
slumshitty Hace 2 días
This one is my favorite 4:47:29 ♡
That Emo Chick
That Emo Chick Hace 2 días
Amya Bell
Amya Bell Hace 2 días
LAPD are snakes
Justin Ascione
Justin Ascione Hace 2 días
8:06:49 is the best😂
mestavros Hace 3 días
8:06:49 is ICONIC
Olivia Hace 3 días
8:06:49 8:16:50 these are fireeeeeee
destiny Hace 3 días
that man at the end popped out tho😭. “and choke on it” 💀💀
Uzi Games
Uzi Games Hace 3 días
yasmin Hace 4 días
Who else came from tiktok 🙋🏽‍♀️
SA Hace 4 días
I put this one before going to sleep. sounds like music to my ears tbh
lubie jezyki
lubie jezyki Hace 4 días
8:16:53 periodt cole sprouse
Leah DeHaan
Leah DeHaan Hace 5 días
I come back to this video whenever I need a little extra serotonin. I love watching these little pigs get absolutely destroyed.
That one kid billy
That one kid billy Hace 5 días
Dogicorn Julie
Dogicorn Julie Hace 5 días
Doodledotzz Hace 5 días
4:06:12 is my hero and I love him
Niviaa.N Hace 5 días
Give this man a crown immediately 8:06:48
robyn rader
robyn rader Hace 6 días
Why does the girl at 4:10:38 sound like the chick from hunger games? Also the people said what needed to be said.
Junerdz Hace 6 días
5:33:38 is my favorite
beth marie
beth marie Hace 7 días
this like porn to me
Raven Rose
Raven Rose Hace 5 días
Reuel Yang
Reuel Yang Hace 7 días
If I catch that bald headed fool with lapcomission background on the street, it’s gon be on sight
píka píka B͛I͛T͛C͛H͛
píka píka B͛I͛T͛C͛H͛ Hace 7 días
Qino Qino
Qino Qino Hace 7 días
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Ace Cerclif
Ace Cerclif Hace 8 días
Love how they so politely say "thank you" for getting roasted so horribly. This is amazing and its great to see how them get just dragged through the mud for 8 hours straight. Love this. They could have at least shown a little compassion though. Like at least try to pretend and if you do try to be good at it
Kailey Sullivan
Kailey Sullivan Hace 8 días
One after one they’re all mad at the LAPD we *LOVE* to hear it ✨💞
AshyyMarieVlogs Hace 8 días
bad muchacho b
bad muchacho b Hace 8 días
8:06:18 is legendary
BlouBear77 Hace 8 días
Pay without work is a vacation. They seem to be having a grand old time.
Skrtskrt 2
Skrtskrt 2 Hace 8 días
Diana Gomez
Diana Gomez Hace 8 días
i love how these callers always start like “hi😀 can you hear me 🤗?? “ and then they go OFF 🥳🥳🥳✨💅 speaking nothing but facts at these pigs’ faces.
BS1 Hace 9 días
The Cop's Mind Set That then Blue Line of The Police...protect that Badge by any means nessasary... Ignore the history of that Badge, Ingnore the present day action of that badge...Just Protect The Badge... The People We Serve Don't matter, for they are not human any way ...all that matters is the Badge... Make Sure the Cop show's on TV and Movies make sure we are seen as hero's at all time.... Create a fake war on drugs and crime...and Rember Protect the Badge @ all Time.... Police Mind Set ... We our the hunters ...they our just predadators.. But please take note the one's that live in the Better Communities leave them alone ...no stop and frisk ...focus only on the ones who don't live in the better communities.... If you our racist or have a concept of how you're America Should be and others don't fit that profile...put them in Jail stack them up like slave ships..and Rember Protect that thin Blue Line... The Badge The Gun Uniform The Gear ...The high you feel when chasing some one... Ya That's all that Matters the action the adventure... Ya That's are high.... There our some good cops...but know there job is to shut up and if they see another officer doing something wrong...say nothing....protect that...thin blue line...We have Badges we are better then you...we don't live in you're Community we are just here to Hunt... Any Officer who breaks the code of Silence is a Traitor to the Badge... If you cross the thin blue line ...We will Kill you... Guilty or Not we decide..... Rember we are the Overseer's no sorry I meant .. Officers. giphy.com/gifs/foxtv-ZbNqquawwwngDl6Dc0
Go Ahead, Make My Day
Go Ahead, Make My Day Hace 9 días
The reason You all came: 8:06:49
Kaycinne Hace 9 días
4:06:12 2:45:46 8:17:27 8:06:47 4:19:41 8:16:53 4:17:32
Haley Stokes
Haley Stokes Hace 9 días
Alexia Kau satz
Alexia Kau satz Hace 9 días
Alexia Kau satz
Alexia Kau satz Hace 9 días
Im so sorry los Angeles
Holowaty Vlogs
Holowaty Vlogs Hace 10 días
8:06:49 is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
Evan Kirchstetter
Evan Kirchstetter Hace 10 días
I yield my time
22CARLOCO22 Hace 10 días
I am Obama
I am Obama Hace 10 días
Best Moments 1:22:36 2:17:26 2:22:05 2:33:20 2:45:40 2:47:51 4:06:12 4:08:47 4:10:33 4:17:33 4:19:41 4:21:47 4:33:33 4:47:28 5:33:38 5:41:45 5:46:30 6:11:25 7:41:35 8:06:49 8:16:50 8:17:21 LEGENDS
Prod. Idek
Prod. Idek Hace 10 días
When do the roasts start cuz that’s what I’m here for
Noah Fine
Noah Fine Hace 11 días
Anyone here for the John Oliver featured clip: 8:06:49
CH Hace 11 días
It is a beautiful thing to see the people coming together like this to voice their sentiments and protest injustices happening right now.
Z e r o t w o
Z e r o t w o Hace 11 días
8:27:21 The best
Icee Yeet
Icee Yeet Hace 12 días
Ok I need help @ 1:50:27 who is that person they seem so cool I wanna follow them on their socials
Mauro Matos
Mauro Matos Hace 12 días
Well done to the people of LA for standing up for what's right.
Moiz Haseeb
Moiz Haseeb Hace 12 días
My man at 8:06:49 really unloaded on the sucker.
papa Musicka
papa Musicka Hace 12 días
This by far 1 out of several videos that I love. Finally people Are Woke!
ÆRo Hace 12 días
The volume in this bus- 👀💅
Lexie Yarar
Lexie Yarar Hace 12 días
Joey Sha
Joey Sha Hace 13 días
Can we all go to 8:06:47
Woooperr Hace 13 días
5:19:30 has me shaking. The tears of a mother speaks volumes about how disgusting this all is.
Nina Nguyen
Nina Nguyen Hace 13 días
8:06:49 ahh my favorite😌
jane park
jane park Hace 13 días
you can hear the pain and passion in their voices. i’m so happy to hear people using their voices. also THE DIVERSITY OF THE SPEAKERS!!! this is a national/universal problem!!!
Reagan Butrum
Reagan Butrum Hace 13 días
"I yield my time" iconic
macy teresa
macy teresa Hace 13 días
The one starting at 4:06.12 is SOOOOO GOOD
Red Tara
Red Tara Hace 14 días
They had like, nothing to say to defend there actions. They kept on saying "ok, thank you. We have ___ followed by ____"
what am i doing with my life
what am i doing with my life Hace 14 días
8:06:49 one of my favorites, im mad aswell, and dissapointed that people cant get it through their thick skulls that it is not okay to kill black people, their skin is something they can not change, youre not born a police officer, youre not born racist, youre taught it. And red lives matter because firefighter have done more to help than cops ever will. Black lives matter, black trans lives matter. Acab
ADE_ADE 101 Hace 14 días
8:06:49 Was the greatest
Lovings Hace 14 días
Gen z is just y e s
Faith XO
Faith XO Hace 15 días
Shoutout to the lady sayin thank u to mfs yelling at her for NINE HOURS LMAOOO
zoe Daflower
zoe Daflower Hace 15 días
What a glorious beat down. But those millionaire don't care police is a business.
D-PARIBA URS Hace 15 días
Policy force should represent the rate of race of their community. If 30% is white than the force jas ta be maximun 30% white.
tiredsleepydrowsy Hace 15 días
I have this on my sleep playlist bc it soothes me💅🏼💕☺️
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