Logic - Homicide ft. Eminem

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"Homicide" available on all streaming services now: logic.lnk.to/Homicide
Music video by Logic performing Homicide. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Álvaro Camelo
Álvaro Camelo Hace 15 horas
MrHinterDir Hace 16 horas
fukk rap hahahahahaha
not clarken
not clarken Hace 17 horas
Me:The song is too slow My mom:what did he say?
deepak sharma
deepak sharma Hace 19 horas
The 62k dislikes are probably from oxygen elements because eminem and logic didn't used them at all
Inggar Aenal Yaqin
Inggar Aenal Yaqin Hace 20 horas
wkwkwkwk 55555555 qqqqqqq chicka chicka chicka
10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge Hace un día
Logic is such a fucking loser
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny Hace un día
Did you peep mgk in the body bag
SerialLckr Hace un día
The original is RUBISH, this remake is ASS!!! A WAIST OF INTERNET SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SerialLckr Hace un día
This is TRASH!!! Give me Michael Trapson... this shit is ass!!!
Martijn de Graaf
Martijn de Graaf Hace un día
Logic: I wanna get Eminem on my video. Mom: We already got an Eminem at home. Eminem at home:
Miss Maggie Anne
Miss Maggie Anne Hace un día
Tried for a bit to find the lyrics but, so far, it looks like nobody can keep up with Logic!! Gonna keep looking though 😅 20 second later update: TURN ON ENGLISH CAPTIONS. It's 99.9% correct 😘
huggieboii Hace un día
Logic you aint black, dont say nigga
Emmanouel Kanellis
Emmanouel Kanellis Hace un día
napkins is the only word i heard
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth Gould Hace un día
Unloaded.....lol xo
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth Gould Hace un día
Yessss!!!!! Lol are you kidding me?!! Lol
Jothibharathi Praveen
Jothibharathi Praveen Hace un día
3:03 he sounds like he said the n-word.
Nathan Abbate
Nathan Abbate Hace un día
this is fire and its running of no oxygen
Laarni Beleno
Laarni Beleno Hace un día
Logic u guys should do nf,you and eminem
Duncie Punkie
Duncie Punkie Hace un día
Ah the ending.. XD
Mr HAM Hace un día
Funny As HELL...
Tierra Corley
Tierra Corley Hace un día
I love how em body dibble is covering up a body lol 😂
cherry blazer
cherry blazer Hace un día
I got bitches i got hoes THE BEST ~~~~~~
Gregory Collins
Gregory Collins Hace un día
Notice this video ties into Godzilla 🙄 "Man Stop. Look What I'm Plannin'"
Vladmir Bein dien
Vladmir Bein dien Hace un día
That Em guy sounds like Mirage in Apex.
Money G
Money G Hace un día
Em signed him..dummys
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer Hace un día
Hope he had the n word pass ,':/
Katy and Jae
Katy and Jae Hace 2 días
I never got into hip-hop/rap but this is the first Logic song I have ever listened to and I already love it all ❤️
Syekh Guevarra
Syekh Guevarra Hace 2 días
i am deaf ,anyone please tell me the lyrics with sign leangue....
Doc tor
Doc tor Hace 2 días
Age or not that means got it my friends!!!!As the crowd 🌋
Doc tor
Doc tor Hace 2 días
Some those hand motions make me feel like I'm tripping some shit!!!!! Just saying🤩
Vito White
Vito White Hace 2 días
I like this lil mixed dude
Checo Flow
Checo Flow Hace 2 días
“Eminem isn’t that good anymore” Eminem: hold my napkins
Ronny y Sus Ocurrencias
Ronny y Sus Ocurrencias Hace 2 días
yo voy a que la xbox series x
Crazy Grandpa
Crazy Grandpa Hace 2 días
He raps so fast I can't even understand what he's even saying
Vodka Vohn
Vodka Vohn Hace 2 días
Sandlot dude
Dee Griff
Dee Griff Hace 2 días
The levels of this video are sooo dope....D'elia totally captured Em...I wonder how many takes this took...it's dope to see both of them put together such an amazing video
Davidsasu Hace 2 días
Preseius Hace 2 días
Sparrow Chillz
Sparrow Chillz Hace 2 días
THIS IS RASICT......................HE SAOD THE N-WORD
Mila Møønwalker
Mila Møønwalker Hace un día
@Sparrow Chillz but hes not. :)
Sparrow Chillz
Sparrow Chillz Hace un día
@Mila Møønwalker he looks like white
Mila Møønwalker
Mila Møønwalker Hace 2 días
Hes black. Lol
Rap Beast
Rap Beast Hace 2 días
Are there any rappers on this comment section, if so please get in touch with me, I'm a rap lyricist, I could write raps for you
Rap Beast
Rap Beast Hace 2 días
Are there any rappers on this comment section, if so please get in touch with me, I'm a rap lyricist, I could write raps for you
Mr. NOBODY Hace 2 días
This was a good idea but the song was ready to completley blow up if they were both on the track missed a good oppurtunity. oh well.
Slavco Ivan
Slavco Ivan Hace 2 días
Other rappers before rapping: -Hold my beer. Eminem and Logic -Hold my breath.
Adeel Amjid
Adeel Amjid Hace 2 días
Oh damn this is awesome
Miguelito Hace 2 días
Juice wrld and Eminem is good than this
Ali HN
Ali HN Hace 2 días
3:03 did this white boy just say the n-word?
Mila Møønwalker
Mila Møønwalker Hace 2 días
Heeesss *blaackkkk.* Lmao! That's why they call us colored, because we come in all shades. 😎
Sometimes I agree
Sometimes I agree Hace 2 días
Logic said N word 🤭
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez Hace un día
Sometimes I agree ok
AyoOub TV
AyoOub TV Hace 2 días
where is the camera on that phone?
Bryan Mcgill
Bryan Mcgill Hace 2 días
Not even close. Best ever. Biggie would be there
Frosty Hace 3 días
Eminem's verse even PRODUCED better. He always adds these subtle effects when he features
Kain 2Bucks
Kain 2Bucks Hace 3 días
It's weird he wipes his ass from the front tho
Carlos Medellin
Carlos Medellin Hace 3 días
Chris D'elia had a guy in a bodybag rights before impersonating Em because he had just MURDERED SOMEBODY WITH MUSIC (the music can be heard in the backrgound). MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY!!!
SharkyPlayz Hace 3 días
They probably got other people because they couldn’t get eminem 😂
Christopher T Munro
Christopher T Munro Hace 3 días
Peter Stark
Peter Stark Hace 3 días
Those two MFin book worms reviewing handouts before exam
Las Vince
Las Vince Hace 3 días
there's no where to hide, we call this shit genocide
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton Hace 3 días
Jan. 22 was Logic's birthday! Alao insert biracial meme here!
Pa Sm
Pa Sm Hace 3 días
Kennerdy Mozley
Kennerdy Mozley Hace 3 días
Alex Mejia
Alex Mejia Hace 3 días
Was Eminem’s line of “I wipe my a** with 6 mill, a diss to MGK’s net worth?
Rupkatha Bhowmik
Rupkatha Bhowmik Hace 3 días
3:21 get u wit that ddu du ddu du
Alfredo Amaya
Alfredo Amaya Hace 3 días
U using way to many napkins....
Yeet Master
Yeet Master Hace 3 días
Bro what happened to eminem
Muhammad Ahsan Kaleem
Muhammad Ahsan Kaleem Hace 3 días
The song was too fast for the captions to keep up with
khaled loma oficial
khaled loma oficial Hace 4 días
R C Hace 4 días
the 62k dislikes are mumble rapper fans lol
Ye're fond of me lobster ain't ye !?
Ye're fond of me lobster ain't ye !? Hace 4 días
I just have 1 question ..... Who wipes their ass like that !? 5:37
ICE_Gaming Hace 4 días
I'm a total weeb so I'm ngl Everytime he says chikachikachika it totally reminds me of the kaguya-sama song
beaYOUtiful Hace 4 días
Imagine Logic & MGK & Eminem making a song!
ну привет
ну привет Hace 4 días
Есть Русские ?
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