Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ALBUM REVIEW

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Confessions is far and away Logic's worst rap album.
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


Hugh Honey
Hugh Honey Hace un día
This album is by no means as bad as people are saying but it also definitely isn’t his best work......
David Aston
David Aston Hace 2 días
Fantano’s Logic Ratings: The Incredible True Story: Decent 6 Under Pressure: Decent 6 Bobby Tarantino: Strong 5 YSIV: Strong 5 Everybody: Light 5 Bobby Tarantino 2: Light 5 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: Strong 1 Young Sinatra III: No Rating, Unfavorable Supermarket: NOT GOOD
Juhász Peti
Juhász Peti Hace 3 días
2012: yoo this dude is so underrated 2013: man you gotta listen to logic hes fire 2014: under pressure is my favorite album of all time 2015: okay this is very good, nice story and well kept together 2016: its different but i guess he nailed it 2017: eh some songs are catchy and 1800 has a great message 2018(first half): okay this is fire he mastered this style 2018(second half): bruh its not how this ys should have ended. Disappointing 2019: bro you tried something different thats nice but its trash, and this album. Trash 2020: its your last chance, you gotta make a batter album than wtf or tits
Cuz really said Sadthony on grove street.
Pu Kapa
Pu Kapa Hace 4 días
How on earth could you say Supermarket is bad.
Mother Coconuts
Mother Coconuts Hace 4 días
Max Hayward
Max Hayward Hace 6 días
To be honest though, he is better than most mumble rappers, because he actually has lyrical skilled, and doesn’t just rap about having money and fancy cars, like lil pump.
dysper. Hace un día
1. compare lil baby’s new single to icy, homicide, keanu reeves, still ballin and commando and tell me who had more to rap about. 2. he has lyrical talent but chooses to absolutely abandon it across entire albums. and that to me is worse. i have infinitely more respect for an artist that aims for a 10 and walks away with a 6 because they couldn’t do any better than one that could make a 9 whenever they pleased and aimed for a 5, but got the 6 by sheer luck.
the stuff you see while you close your eyes
the stuff you see while you close your eyes Hace 2 días
ikr dude like dude he rapps fast too dude like i dont have no idea what hes saying but dude he raps fast so hes good dude
JLJ 02
JLJ 02 Hace 6 días
Logic's logic: If someone criticizes you, they're a hater.
i have autism
i have autism Hace 8 días
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy Hace 11 días
Tran. Sition have you given this album a listen Damn my boy melon only said two bars and it was better than Logics entire album
ujju 15
ujju 15 Hace 13 días
Logic is so humble. He gave his own album a 1/10
Ronan Gallagher
Ronan Gallagher Hace 13 días
Confession of a lazy Artist
Tyler Gregory
Tyler Gregory Hace 15 días
9:31 god damn it just when I think he’s not gonna use the voice
Aidan Hammond
Aidan Hammond Hace 15 días
giving it a 5/10 because he is half white isn't a fair review
A1 Alex
A1 Alex Hace 16 días
Who else misses when you could say “Play some Logic” and not get laughed at
Jaden Brown
Jaden Brown Hace 11 días
Me but I think it goes to show that most people just heard a couple biracial memes and never listened to him from 2011-2016
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81 Hace 17 días
As a Logic fan, this album is terrible. I’m still surprised though that Fantano doesn’t consider Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (the track) one of, if not the best song on the album. For a 1/10 rating, with 16 songs, that would have to mean there are only like 2 songs that are good. Mama/show love, CoaDM, Homicide generally, and Lost in Translation are all good songs. Terrible album, but it shouldn’t be a 1/10. I understand the rating if it isn’t about song to song, but about how the album can just piss you off out of disappointment that Logic did this.
imMatthewDG Hace 19 días
why is he reviewing his own album?
Charlie Hace 21 un día
the only good song on confessions of a dangerous mind was confessions of a dangerous mind
GhostySweep Hace 22 días
Under Pressure is the only good album from Logic
Le Epic gamer
Le Epic gamer Hace 22 días
The incredible true story?
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian Hace 24 días
*S A D T H O N Y F A C E T A N O*
Connor D
Connor D Hace 27 días
Should have eaten the bigmac
Diego Govea
Diego Govea Hace 28 días
The fact that UP may be one of my favorite albums of all time and Logic has fallen off so bad makes me want to cry
Descartes' Apparition
Descartes' Apparition Hace 28 días
Damn that intro was scathing.
Refo Ilmiya
Refo Ilmiya Hace 29 días
I love the album, can anyone elaborate to me why it got a lot of hate?
cactus ed
cactus ed Hace 29 días
1/10 is about right
Hazzy P
Hazzy P Hace 29 días
Confessions of a dangerous melon
Blind Hace un mes
coadm goes harddddddddd wtf you talking about
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
Blind I’d rather eat my dad’s foreskin than listen to the whole album through again. While something like under pressure is phenomenal, this is not it. There are 3 good songs on this album, and the rest are so mediocre or downright terrible that they get stuck in your head in a negative way. For instance, icy. that song got stuck in my head because of logics dumb vocals
Max Hace un mes
you can say what you want about the album as a whole but god damn homicide is a fuckin banger
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
Max Eminem goes hard but logic not too much
Nathanael Livingston
Nathanael Livingston Hace un mes
I think supermarket is overhated but this is awful
Le Cringe
Le Cringe Hace un mes
Logic reviewing his album
50 50
50 50 Hace un mes
Woah Logic rates his own album a one
Tomer Gazit
Tomer Gazit Hace un mes
does anyone know what is that album on the right with the bird?
Alex Burton
Alex Burton Hace un mes
Isn’t logic that one dude who used to rap
SirChopSticks Hace un mes
I know everyone has their own opinion so to me it’s not accurate but u know u do u
__-Ali-__ Hace un mes
Shut the fuck up. COADM was shit yes, YSIV was ok, Supermarket was shit, Everybody was Ok. But you still took your time to hate on this man when he was in his prime. Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story were amazing and imo one of the best hip hop albums. You took your time to hate on this man since then.
Le Epic gamer
Le Epic gamer Hace 22 días
Ba’ath 1287 it’s hardly positive, he basically just said logic stole other rappers flows on those albums, which I can’t see btw
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
__-Ali-__ when did he hate on those albums? He said that he was on a downward spiral since TITS, but that doesn’t mean that he thinks it’s a bad album. He gave both under pressure and TITS a 6 I think, which is positive.
khalil alla
khalil alla Hace un mes
"one of the best hip hop albums" ??!! Bruh HELL NAH !!
zicari101 Hace un mes
At least the album is basically saying "fuck cancel culture"
Aaron Montgomery
Aaron Montgomery Hace 25 días
Cancel culture isn't real
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
zicari101 cancel culture is annoying as fuck, so I guess that’s a positive point.
MasterOfNothing Hace un mes
It feels like everyone wanted logic to be good and I think that’s why he is so hated on top of his terrible music
Hudson Ikens
Hudson Ikens Hace un mes
I listened to this album the day it came out, I’d probably give it a 4/10 solely based on the features and the second verse in confessions of a dangerous mind.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
Well, I don’t think it’s fair to rate the album based on only those two factors, and not the rest of this shitty ass album.
Reesh Reddy
Reesh Reddy Hace un mes
i dont wanna be racist, but Anthony looks like logic.
SirOliveOil Hace un mes
I used to like logic and I feel that he could improve, but god he’s so corny, he overused the biracial card, and just doesn’t try enough
Lightswitch Hace un mes
So much unnecessary criticism honestly and you don't seem to care to see things from his perspective. Please make a rap song better than any logic song and I'll believe you
mank0 Hace 8 días
Lightswitch we obviously don’t hate logic as a person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hate on his music that he drops, you separate critique of art from the artist, quit bitching you sound like a child.
Anthony Smurthwaite
Anthony Smurthwaite Hace 9 días
@LightswitchI never insulted you, I questioned your taste, maybe you misunderstood me, the brushing teeth comment was about your persistent defence of him not a personal attack towards you
Lightswitch Hace 9 días
@Anthony Smurthwaite Whatever dude, you just think it's cool to trashtalk people, you don't have to talk badly about my family to be a dbag. You just used that as an obvious copout to distract from the fact that you were in the wrong for insulting me. You can think whatever you want about Logic, at least he tries to build people up instead of tearing them down. You obviously disrespected me just to feed your own ego, you couldn't resist the temptation. I'm not hurt, I'm disgusted at how many people act the way you do just because you have a screen to hide behind.
Anthony Smurthwaite
Anthony Smurthwaite Hace 9 días
@Lightswitch to you or logic? I debated your poor argument and questioned your taste, I didn't insult your family, and all I said about logic is his album's bad, and that he's unoriginal, which you would be silly to deny, considering how many blatant ripoff are in discography, his writing process is basically just listening to someone else's album
Lightswitch Hace 9 días
@Anthony Smurthwaite how miserable do you have to be to act like a complete dbag to someone you don't even know? Whatever makes you feel better I guess.
Maddy G.
Maddy G. Hace un mes
“Did you know I’m mixed like Obama?”
Rahmen Hace un mes
Lost in Translation makes it a 3/10 for me. without that song i’d agree wholeheartedly.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
That song is really fucking great, but I don’t think it singlehandedly can make it a 3. Maybe it picks it up to a 2.
Bruh momento
Bruh momento Hace un mes
i agree
Shahiq _Z
Shahiq _Z Hace un mes
"Its essentially Rust 2.0". Damn Anthony how many kids did you beat in 1v1s?
Jeremy Reel
Jeremy Reel Hace un mes
He means Russ
bigbadangelos Hace un mes
this is a year old today
Augenda lol
Augenda lol Hace un mes
I wanna be famous, I wanna be famous, why Cant I be famous? I wanna be famous, I wanna be famous, why Cant i be famous?I wanna be famous, I wanna be famous, why Cant i be famous?
CrankDat Hace un mes
This hurt as a Logic fan. COADM sucked bad.
DiX Inc.
DiX Inc. Hace un mes
You can tell the album is gonna be awful just from the name of it. Lol *confessions of a dangerous mind* like wft did Logic do to be a dangerous mind, did he try weed or something?
Travis Scott La flame
Travis Scott La flame Hace un mes
Logic > Kdot
ujju 15
ujju 15 Hace 13 días
Nice joke
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
Logic is the best rapper alive, obviously. With lyrics like, “I don’t give a damn bout lyrics” and “I’d suck a dick just to prove it ain’t that way” how could he not be? HOLY SHIT I LOVE LOGIC. Real talk though, under pressure is an amazing album.
ngizame Hace un mes
Even kendrick knows
Travis Scott La flame
Travis Scott La flame Hace un mes
Pozdrawiam Disa obv
Pozdrawiam Disa
Pozdrawiam Disa Hace un mes
Logic>kendrick lamar, nas, 2pac, biggie, MF doom, Big L, rakim, Eminem, jay z
cal han
cal han Hace un mes
No pressure will be better hopefully
Aaron Montgomery
Aaron Montgomery Hace 25 días
It would be pretty hard to put out a worse album than COADM lol
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 Hace 29 días
Pozdrawiam Disa I pray that you’re right
Pozdrawiam Disa
Pozdrawiam Disa Hace un mes
It cant be worse
Caleb Hace un mes
Anthony, saying that "he isn't black" in different ways for 10 minutes isn't a review
Oleg Perkopskiy
Oleg Perkopskiy Hace 2 meses
Melon looks like Logic’s older brother Knowledge
Wolf K.I.A
Wolf K.I.A Hace 2 meses
"And every time you drop a song, they say that it's wack or it's hot And don't give a damn that it came from the heart They tear it apart like hyenas that's here for the dreamers" Who cares if its good or not lmao
DiX Inc.
DiX Inc. Hace un mes
Get gritty Get litty Rick Sanchez Get schwifty
Swag Guffington
Swag Guffington Hace un mes
Wolf K.I.A “Who cares if music sounds good”
Lagomorphen Hace 2 meses
This record is going to age like the finest milk 10-20 years from now lol
I no longer use this account
I no longer use this account Hace 2 meses
Dear god, it took me this long to even dare to click on this review, because the title of the album alone is legit the most cringy pretentious thing I've ever heard. You have a safe mind, Logic. You have a mind-numbingly safe mind.
Lamar Is Not Here
Lamar Is Not Here Hace 2 meses
Bro tf u on about
Cristian Hace 2 meses
When are we getting a Cal/ Logic collab melon?
charmax Hace 2 meses
What makes us take his opinions as fact
Pozdrawiam Disa
Pozdrawiam Disa Hace un mes
No opinion is a fact
Lamar Is Not Here
Lamar Is Not Here Hace 2 meses
We don’t, we shouldn’t our opinions are our opinions. This is just a review of us listening to other peoples opinions.
charmax Hace 2 meses
Wait why do we even listen to him
Cruz Lopez
Cruz Lopez Hace un mes
charmax to heat other people’s takes on music that we have also listened to
Ryan of Alkerath
Ryan of Alkerath Hace 2 meses
Don't Be Afraid to Be Different was the only track on the album I liked
Tai Bannister
Tai Bannister Hace un mes
The beat slaps
L F Hace 2 meses
*RIP LOGIC* 🕺🏿🕺🏿⚰️🕺🏿🕺🏿
Revision Reviewer
Revision Reviewer Hace 2 meses
I really liked everything up to under pressure but everything after that is literally dog shit
YourSpectre Hace 2 meses
From Intervention shots To I don't give a damn bout lyrics
YourSpectre Hace 2 meses
I just really feel bad for Logic cause his mixtapes until TITS was the shit but now COADM is literally shit I just hope he can do a comeback after OCD
Anon Kek
Anon Kek Hace 2 meses
"I used to like Logic. You know, the rapper? But theneedledrop reviews him so poorly, I just don't really care for his music now."
Anon Kek
Anon Kek Hace 22 días
@Le Epic gamer I completely agree with you on that. I was quoting a video called "Just Beyond the Golden Arches". It's just a joke because there are people who actually do let their views be dwindled so easily by reviews.
Le Epic gamer
Le Epic gamer Hace 22 días
You shouldn’t just let theneedledrop’s reviews completely brainwash you on what albums are good or not, it’s just his opinion. I’m this case he’s correct though, this album is trash
deniz Hace 2 meses
compare Under Pressure to Wannabe, it's honestly sad
Nick TRAN Hace 2 meses
Damn. I like Logic :( Guess i have bad taste
w҉h҉e҉e҉l҉z҉ Hace 2 meses
Nah listen to whatever you want
Jurgen Windcaller
Jurgen Windcaller Hace 2 meses
Logic is gay
Jurgen Windcaller
Jurgen Windcaller Hace 2 meses
@William Gomez being a fan of Logic is gayer than being Logic
William Gomez
William Gomez Hace 2 meses
U gay
Only Stuntin
Only Stuntin Hace 2 meses
I hope he watched this lol
Brandon M
Brandon M Hace 2 meses
4:17 If anyone wants a artist like this, Azizi Gibson's A New Life is a good album for this example.
Gundam lover 301
Gundam lover 301 Hace 2 meses
Why is he all wats shiting on logic
antcantcook! Hace 2 meses
'you aint half the nigga I am' sigh
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