Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ALBUM REVIEW

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Confessions is far and away Logic's worst rap album.
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


Bob slaphappy
Bob slaphappy Hace 16 horas
Whats the name of the record behind melon on the shelf??
Isaac Clark
Isaac Clark Hace un día
There's no true meaning of logic behind logic!
Keuronexo Hace un día
Homocide was the only decent song everything else was absolute disappointment
Christopher Sabri
Christopher Sabri Hace un día
As someone who is an insanely big logic fan, he hasn't put out an overall interesting project since The Incredible True Story and COADM is one of the laziest albums I've ever listened to. This man fell off like no other because I think the fame got to him after he blew up on 1-800 and now he puts out a new project every 3 fucking months and it's lazy trash. He straight up used to be one of my favorite rappers, and he's completely lost that title for me since 2015
Depressio Expressio
Depressio Expressio Hace un día
Logic brought his dad on a album, in defense reminds you of a school bully and bringing your father who you think is strong to help you, logic must still be in early middle school?
LucasPelucas Hace un día
Damn I remember a time I actually like Logic. What happened to him
Moe Salamander
Moe Salamander Hace un día
“Suburbanites” is my new favorite word thank you melon unsubscribed
Toney513 Hace un día
This dude gave under pressure a 6 out of 10 so I know this shit getting a 3
Thomas Kuntz
Thomas Kuntz Hace un día
review friend of a friend of a friend by frolicking gentleman
Noughttosixty Hace 2 días
If Eminem sets a bar amongst white rappers it's not wonder white rappers release garbage
Oval Hace un día
Eminem is garbage as well though.
zed Hace un día
So, i heard some of your ''MUSIC"... My ears are now bleeding someone call 911
Noughttosixty Hace 2 días
Like other rappers he's shoved up his own arse
Noughttosixty Hace 2 días
Logic is so average ..
Dwight Hace 3 días
I don't want to hate on an artist, Logic has some good beats and features some good artists, but his lyrics are so weak. He repeats and does annoying little fillers. I don't usually care about lyrics either, but I got so irritated by the vocals that I dropped it from my playlist.
sample text
sample text Hace 5 días
Your rant about how "cotton won't pick itself up" in the middle of the video was expected at this point. But did you really had to include a blackface on the background at 0:39?
Cameron Sanchez
Cameron Sanchez Hace 6 días
Not gonna lie, this guy scares me from making music a little. I just wonder if he ever reviewed my music if he would hate it or love it, I have no clue.
Yourcreditcardnumber Hace 7 días
I’m ellish I’m billie
Prod. By Thadge
Prod. By Thadge Hace 7 días
4:30 how are you gonna disrespect 6ix like that
funnychimpDOTcom Hace 8 días
Why did you rate this album so highly?
Ben Becic
Ben Becic Hace 8 días
Honestly stopped caring about logic the moment he signed to def jam, nasty was the last track I liked by him
Brandon Hace 8 días
I kinda liked supermarket a tad
Volcom R Us
Volcom R Us Hace 8 días
Okay I seriously disagree with you about not having a song just to feel it Man you can have backer and music and stuff you just feel kind of in the background Josh pay much attention too I agree with a lot of things you say on a lot of your videos but like at first I didn't agree with this statement but then after I listen to album like 45 50 times which is probably way more than you have The line made sense Do logics going in on this whole album and he has a lot of personal cuts they go way deeper than you even talk about on any of this review I like almost every single other rap of you that I listen to that you make but this one really irks me the wrong way and like I feel it because the first time I listen to this album just one time it felt kind of weird and then it's the same like with Kendrick to pimp butterfly it felt weird the first time we listened to it and more listen to it if he came like a thing and the whole project made sense on both. I can't believe you give this a low one this is at least a six on your scale you're wild for this writing Maybe you should listen something more than three to four times before you put out a review every album that I'm into I bump on repeat one in my car until I get bored a shitty album last less than one day Jason Aldean last three to five days a good album last two or three weeks and I great great album will last 3 to 5 weeks on repeat one all day every day and how I gauge this is I just get bored of a shitty album and stop listening to it so however long it lasts is It's raining for me thanks for everything you do
Oh No Not Jalen
Oh No Not Jalen Hace 7 días
nigga you gay
Volcom R Us
Volcom R Us Hace 8 días
Wow talk to text had a lot of misspellings but if anyone want to argue this album is at least a six or seven let's get it
Shrike Hace 9 días
3:16 - 3:29 Fuck that’s actually me
Efrain Villa
Efrain Villa Hace 9 días
Um did you forget about everybody
jeff kim
jeff kim Hace 9 días
Im a big logic fan but even coadm, big cringe. So big cringe.
Nicholas Shaw
Nicholas Shaw Hace 10 días
Logic's fans get a ton of hate and I understand why, but a lot of people only know Logic by his albums. Logic's albums are trash compared to his Young Sinatra Mixtapes. Young Sinatra, Undeniable and Welcome to Forever were all incredible. Logic was so determined for success and truly had bars and a sound that paid homage to the greats while staying in his own lane (also do not group Young Sinatra 4 with the rest, that album was booty). Somewhere along the way Logic got paid and realized that also long as he still maintains his technically proficient flow that he can just release uninspired project after project and will make a ton of money doing so. Don't get me wrong I still listen to whatever new stuff he releases because I'm such a fan of his mixtapes I'll always give him a chance, yet time after time I am just reaffirmed that the Logic who released the Young Sinatra tapes is long gone.
Oval Hace un día
Nicholas Shaw He has released absolutely nothing “incredible”. Ever.
King AK
King AK Hace 10 días
You Literally Don't Understand Or Feel Music Just Delete Your Channel
King AK
King AK Hace un día
@I’m Right, You’re Wrong So don’t R/woosh me Make Me
King AK
King AK Hace un día
@Oh No Not Jalen I'm Not White
I’m Right, You’re Wrong So don’t R/woosh me
I’m Right, You’re Wrong So don’t R/woosh me Hace 3 días
King AK shut the fuck up
Oh No Not Jalen
Oh No Not Jalen Hace 7 días
and the award for whitest man alive is
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace 10 días
Russ > Logic
Gary Vega
Gary Vega Hace 8 días
Michael Scott more like the other way around
E T Hace 11 días
Let’s see how Ultra 85 goes?
Julian Hace 11 días
This feels like Logic's No. 6 Collaboration Project
Magucci13 Hace 11 días
If logic came out of nowhere and this was his first album, this guy would have gave it a fucking 8/10. He gave lil pump a fucking great score and we all know that's bullshit. People hate because they love to live in the past and in the feeling. (Also lastly this guy said he grabbed generic beats off the internet proves he's just a fucking retard)
Magucci13 Hace 7 días
Nah only one person has. Here I'll like it myself
Oh No Not Jalen
Oh No Not Jalen Hace 7 días
ye buddy like your own comment thatll get em started
Sweaty Chaw
Sweaty Chaw Hace 12 días
Idk it hits my nostalgia for early logic with the like updated 90’s vibe. Imo it’s more fun to listen too than it is good which is kind of the logics niche for me
kefkapalazzo1 Hace 12 días
3:19 and here is Eminem’s fan base in a nutshell
kefkapalazzo1 Hace 12 días
1:43 goddamn that hurt my soul and I do t even know what logic sounds like
kefkapalazzo1 Hace 12 días
Haven’t been watching as much but cal is always here now. Missed him
DarkSpoork Hace 12 días
bottom line: logic used to be good but now he is just getting worse and worse
Kamau Miller
Kamau Miller Hace 12 días
Logics mixtapes were good and his first 2 albums. But Under Pressure is a copy cat version of Kendrick’s GKMC and The Incredible True Story is a copy cat version of Kanye’s 808s and heart breaks. Logic was never a great rapper but he was pretty good at one point. Unfortunately his lyrics no longer have meaning or substance and the only thing he’s still good at is rapping fast over trap beats.
Chaz Burgxk
Chaz Burgxk Hace 13 días
I've always felt that way about logic. Too worried about haters to see his fans and it's annoying. I've tried many of times to like this guy. He makes it very very hard
IDidn'tSignUpForThis Hace 13 días
This whole channel's comment section is just boring circle jerk. I'm not going to say Logic's new albums are good, they don't have the same feel as before. But this man criticized Logic years ago for too much genre hopping and yet he congratulates him here for versatility. This man contradicts himself time and time even in other areas. Mainstream media enjoys the music whether or not Anthony hates it.
Err0r Hace 13 días
Thought the songs where decent definitely not amazing or "good" but I disagree with the score.
mhxy beats
mhxy beats Hace 13 días
lmao if i was logic i would’ve cried after watching the first 2 minutes melon dismantled the guy
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Hace 13 días
Hayden is an idiot
Hayden is an idiot Hace 13 días
I would rate this album a light 4
M Puci
M Puci Hace 14 días
Honestly, I think Fantano is deadass too biased with his own opinions of Logic. He is nitpicking far too much.
Jackiskcaj Hace 13 días
M Puci Ah yes a bias that is produced by what? he only knows him for his music and has nothing else to influence his opinion, if he feels like the person detracts from his enjoyment of a project it does lower the score as his score is based off enjoyment, but he doesnt judge more harshly for that reason.
Killemall Gg
Killemall Gg Hace 14 días
Man what happened to underpressure logic and welcome to forever and out rapping eminem 😪old logic is better
BigK Hace 14 días
What if Logic is just trolling people with his mediocrity and "bad" decisions?
Daniel Barragues
Daniel Barragues Hace 14 días
I liked the album, I really liked it. This album is special, people love it or hate it, he is insecure about haters, yeah, but everything he talked about is happening, peopke complaining, giving shit for everything, he really spoke from the heart.
YESKAITLYN Hace 14 días
i just think it’s weird that logic tries to do the flexing rap, gets clowned but when others do it’s okay. and i must admit, he’s not too great at it. but what is he to do. ppl call him bland and fake for rapping lyrically, but when he’s having fun with it he’s bad? idk man this album is his worst but mama/show love and lost in translation were highlights imo
Killspyr704 Hace 15 días
lucas George
lucas George Hace 15 días
Balls nigga
Clitarina Uranus
Clitarina Uranus Hace 15 días
Logic always talking about how he’s bi racial.
Jay D.
Jay D. Hace 16 días
The only disagreement I have here is that Homicide was absolute flames, thanks to Eminem.
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great Hace 14 días
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great Hace 14 días
He said it was a good track. Wdym you disagree?
Ezra Przytyk
Ezra Przytyk Hace 16 días
I love imagining the logic Stan's watching this and getting triggered thinking he's better than KENDRICK LAMAR
Ariston Hace 17 días
I feel bad for Chance now
romeo burns
romeo burns Hace 17 días
I think he’s still trying to get over his divorce
Slickshot Kai
Slickshot Kai Hace 17 días
Honestly Logic disappointed me. All this potential gone to waste
D Noriz
D Noriz Hace 18 días
This was funny as fuck!!
Raspberry Juice Entertainment
Raspberry Juice Entertainment Hace 19 días
“But im not defined by the sales of my first week only time i fail is if my verse weak” damn logic failed big time on this
cdrillbeatgames Hace 19 días
Lyrically, he's horrible.
Cpt Iggy
Cpt Iggy Hace 5 días
Recently yes he is, but his first 2 albums were so good in every way. Sucks to see him go down this terrible path
William Ardley
William Ardley Hace 19 días
he has many good songs tbh it wasn’t the best album but he is a great rapper and albums like ys 4 are brilliant prove it
Denis Pepic
Denis Pepic Hace 19 días
Logic would suck dick just not to be a 1
Ruda Badiz
Ruda Badiz Hace 19 días
last time i actually enjoyed a full logic project was "young sinatra: undeniable".. all his albums, includin his debut, have all been sub-par or straight up trash
Cpt Iggy
Cpt Iggy Hace 5 días
Gonna be honest idk how you could say Under Pressure is trash, so many great songs
Yellow Synth
Yellow Synth Hace 20 días
it's because he's biracial lol
Yellow Synth
Yellow Synth Hace 20 días
Logic makes the best Corny music lol
V Hace 20 días
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great Hace 18 días
Nah Supermarket still got a 0 lol.
BradySmif Hace 20 días
You’d think if he gave his last two albums a 1/10 he would try to improve...
YESKAITLYN Hace 14 días
u think all artists care about what anthony is talking about? i promise you not everyone lets this guy dictate their music taste. i like anthony tho don’t take this the wrong way
Roasty Hace 20 días
I heard logic way before I heard cole and i thought j cole was the copycat but then I realised logic is the most unoriginal rapper in the game
Dark Shadows Ultimatum
Dark Shadows Ultimatum Hace 13 días
Logic just seems to have that Drake, Kendrick and J Cole type of vibe in his music. He's not even that unique.
Brady Opp
Brady Opp Hace 20 días
Do a classics review of Jeff Buckley’s Grace
Jenn Anko
Jenn Anko Hace 20 días
React to YBN Cordae’s Album Lost Boy, 🙏🏾
Jenn Anko
Jenn Anko Hace 18 días
Pazuzu Is Great I need to find the video... thnx
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great Hace 18 días
Edwardo Ortiz
Edwardo Ortiz Hace 21 un día
Logic has skill, but he needs to stop playing around with all these different type of other rappers flows, and genres and just stick with his type of music. He has to stop trying to ride the wave
Riley Williams
Riley Williams Hace 21 un día
out of like 16 tracks i liked 5-6 logic is my favourite rapper but i can recognize when he drops smt bad, i didn’t mind this album but not his best
Logic's Supermarket: NOT GOOD
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