Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Missoula County, Montana - Part 2 | A&E

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Check out the top 7 moments from the Missoula County, Montana Sheriff's Office, including one man who harassed a 12-year-old boy on the street, and one man who had an attitude with an officer after he was pulled over. #LivePD
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PicklyRickly Hace 2 minutos
Are you serious?
William Ramirez
William Ramirez Hace 13 minutos
Billy is white privileged
Brandon Luck
Brandon Luck Hace un hora
This video have me “Fargo” vibes
Darrick Thomas
Darrick Thomas Hace un hora
First cop is a Wookiee ! Hahahah!
DiligentchronicluciusLslice Hace 3 horas
Wait so you’re being serious?
AdelaideSky Hace 4 horas
No victim no crime This is nothing more than gov propaganda to teach the sheep how to behave. Is that cop telling him its illegal to swear, don't you have freedom of speech in the U.S
The cop in the unmarked cars are not legal to pull anyone over they are only allowed to help after they are pulled over
Chris 7
Chris 7 Hace 5 horas
My dad has pulled over so many people in his unmarked car. It’s a good idea cuz it showes what people actually do while driving. When most people see cop cars they drive perfectly
McKenna W
McKenna W Hace 5 horas
I want more Officer Koppes content!! That voice!😍
Corbin Scheel
Corbin Scheel Hace 5 horas
The first guy sounds like a Mountie
Madalyn Mull
Madalyn Mull Hace 6 horas
If ESwomen cancels these clips, Im starting a petition.
Clark Ordmandy
Clark Ordmandy Hace 6 horas
Thank you for the job you do. My family stands behind the blue line
AdelaideSky Hace 4 horas
Bahahahaha that's hilariously dumb
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran Hace 7 horas
That guy with the corvette was scared Bc of illegal mods 😭😭
Groovy Hace 8 horas
These Missoula cops are not getting enough love. This is what a police force should be. Not out looking for every excuse to give someone a ticket, but actually serving the community. Good on ya, Missoula law enforcement!
TheBonelessBanana Hace 8 horas
The first cop sounds like he would fit in a muppets movie
Why Me
Why Me Hace 10 horas
I know where the next bass singer for the barbershop quartet is coming from.
Charles Gerety
Charles Gerety Hace 10 horas
The Drunk guy asked 5 times..."Is this some kind of a joke?" No drunkard it's serious.
Noire Hace 11 horas
A&E: cancels Live PD Me, an intellectual: Are you serious?
John Browne
John Browne Hace 3 horas
I'm Canadian and Live PD was my favourite show. It was cancelled because there were too many blacks being arrested. Everyone knows that.
AdelaideSky Hace 4 horas
An intellectual wouldn't watch this propaganda
Clay Taylor
Clay Taylor Hace 11 horas
105MPH!!!! WTF!
Victor Seanez
Victor Seanez Hace 11 horas
This cop cannot be serious, right?
Jimmy Key
Jimmy Key Hace 11 horas
I'm not making fun of the officer but is it me or does he sound like Kermitt the frog.
Brandon Hurst
Brandon Hurst Hace 13 horas
Bring back LIVE PD!!!!!!
Firez Hace 15 horas
Everyone forgot about the deer
03milwee Hace 15 horas
I’m with the guy on their lights being way too bright. There are certain times when you visible can’t see past their car and if you slow down too much you run the risk of getting hit from behind.
James Tompkins
James Tompkins Hace 15 horas
Nah im good, No need to make police officers stars...I have nothing against them, But one thing I know for a fact is THEY ARE ALL ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR in front of cameras... And you guys want people to see the transparency. LOL that's what body cameras and citizens with camera phones are for. Any cop that knows he's being filmed for national tv isn't going to do his job like he does where theres no cameras around. NOT A CHANCE. Good show tho, But you guys need to stop making every thing about views and money. So, I'm good. A&E knows what they're doing. They aint gonna sacrifice their network for some police officers.
June DiMond
June DiMond Hace 16 horas
Another channel needs to pick up live PD . One of the top shows most watched , A &E takes off because of BLM and too much violence! Well , if you do wrong and have drugs , no drivers license and hit the gas - cops are there for a reason ! Maybe A & E will show a new show of puppy dogs ? I will not watch A & E anymore ..,( my opinion - you don’t like it - ohhh well ! )
thorbjørn mann
thorbjørn mann Hace 18 horas
cop stops lady... lady "let me light my cigarette .. "no" ok let me call my husband "no" ... do you want us to put on a video and give you foot massage too while i write you a ticket mam?
ACCESS DENIED Hace 19 horas
Why do i think the pony digging is cute?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 20 horas
In all fairness unmarked police cars are unconstitutional
Heinrich Barbarossa
Heinrich Barbarossa Hace 21 un hora
How to not get you car searched..have a bunch of large mountain dogs in the back. lol
Christian Stauffiger
Christian Stauffiger Hace 22 horas
Arrest the horse for licking the camera😂😂😂 that's obstruction
Tri Force Tony
Tri Force Tony Hace 22 horas
21:24 This is why we need this show, to show police are not all bad, really sad time in the current stigma of America
David David
David David Hace un día
14:57 did he just call her “sir”?
Big Fat Cock
Big Fat Cock Hace un día
The first guy sounded like nogla and he is also a hairy Irish man
Don Heston
Don Heston Hace un día
R u serious
David Hace un día
Bring live pd back wtf :(
Jocelyn Leclerc
Jocelyn Leclerc Hace un día
Unmarked cars should be illegal
K B Hace un día
Drunk white women vs the Police is the funniest stand off in history lol 😂 and deserves its own show!
K B Hace un día
Why they cancel this show, this was the only time I see Police conduct themselves in a honorable manor. Plus it shows a diverse group of ppl on both sides
K B Hace un día
The guy in the corvette would’ve had a different outcome if the cameras wasn’t rolling
ItsJustKaii Hace un día
First guy seriously needs to get into voice acting like for real. I can see him playing a lanky silly cartoon character. If law enforcement doesnt work out for you make a demo reel my dude!!
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Hace un día
Let’s bring the LIVE PD strictly to social media so whoever wants to subscribe and support can do that
PrayForTheWorld TV
PrayForTheWorld TV Hace un día
Billy had used his white privilege attitude
Peter Bozzo
Peter Bozzo Hace un día
These officers are pretty cool COMPARED to some California officers.
Anthony Williranth
Anthony Williranth Hace un día
This is no joke the exact oposite of florida
C N Hace un día
@7:54, Entitled POS. Pretty disappointed in officer White for taking it so easy on him. Encourages more people to act that way. At a bare minimum, he should've been issued a ticket for driving with no license or registration. I thought that was the law.
Michelle Reyes
Michelle Reyes Hace un día
the first guy sounds like kermit the frog and cookie monster combined
Kelly Nicole
Kelly Nicole Hace un día
I cannot take the first guy seriously 😂😂😂
Ashley Kapoor
Ashley Kapoor Hace un día
Billy, ok billy, billy, billy.
4thGloryMonday Hace un día
12:28 wheres our freedom of speech
RoverOne Hace un día
free speech peruco he can say whatever he wants out his window
Bob Will
Bob Will Hace un día
Billy has been harrassed a few times by police. I react the same way due to frivolous stops for no reason.
LegoMaster42 Hace un día
Notice how fairly they treat white people in situations...but then if it was black man driving 105 smoking a cigarette, he would probably have been aggressively pulled out of the car and thrown onto the floor prob either shot or tazed.
Darrious Coleman
Darrious Coleman Hace un día
Kevin Cangiano
Kevin Cangiano Hace un día
Billy, come on billy!!!! Stawp it billy, ima call Charlie so he can bite you billy!!!!!
Mountain Views
Mountain Views Hace un día
The accident I hope everyone is doing well thumbs up officer's
Mountain Views
Mountain Views Hace un día
I'm extremely Proud of the officers who gave warnings
Mick Hace un día
Does anyone know anything about the copper with the voice? Is it natural or is it due to illness or injury?
Emanuel Gomez
Emanuel Gomez Hace un día
U think cuz a cop ur over the law
MadmanBob67 Hace un día
First guy... what happen to public intoxication’ Different state, different Rules I guess
Chang Vang
Chang Vang Hace un día
These cops are very professional,and cool.
Ban Usury Worldwide
Ban Usury Worldwide Hace un día
Ahh, almost all white Montana. Pretty chill.
tenexotic Hace un día
A&E really went soft and cancelled this show? wow shame on them !
Alvin Oldtalvin
Alvin Oldtalvin Hace 2 días
pa Alvin oldt rock on Dude
Alvin Oldtalvin
Alvin Oldtalvin Hace 2 días
330 powder mill lane apd 8
Mariel Pare
Mariel Pare Hace 2 días
wgpdesign Hace 2 días
its the muppets fozzie bear ...gimmie a like if you know who fozzie is...thnx
Brooklyn Hayes
Brooklyn Hayes Hace 2 días
I can't see with the police lights at night either. That's why i stay shut up and slow down til i pass. Lol
Creole Manya
Creole Manya Hace 2 días
Ok so...... but, are you SERIOUS though....bro
Johnny Hace 2 días
“You’re threatening my legal right. Stay out of my car. Do not, NO! Let’s just go” . Cookie Monster is so calm.
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