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Check out some of the most viewed moments from the Lafayette, Louisiana Police Department, including one missing person who was also missing his keys and phone, and one man who had to change a tire to avoid arrest. #LivePD
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77MISTERSHARK Hace un día
I like Live PD, though being an illegal alien working as carpenter in DC, even sometimes to Cops.
AUDE SAPERE Hace 6 días
*_Shame about the last dude caught with all the weed. Dude goes from starring in 'The Green Mile' to acting the fool in the hood. SMH...P.S. Dont they ever watch any real cop shows. The 1st thing THEY ALL SAY is, "That aint mine. I swear on my kids life i didn't know there was a crack pipe in my drawers"...My guy, find something original to say next time._*
Dakota Lewis
Dakota Lewis Hace 9 días
No I only watch so I know my real rights and from watching this I don’t have any
Debi Bel
Debi Bel Hace 10 días
Love Hustle
Love Hustle Hace 17 días
Officer Morgan colla so beautiful and thick.....11:56
JonR311 Hace 3 horas
Best advice given to me by my family lawyer.. "keep a pilot bottle in the glove box, if you are stopped and questionable drink the bottle when the officer arrives at you window so he can see. They aren't able to prove you operated while under the influence or became intoxicated while parked on side of road. Say nothing and call immediately" your welcome
Louis Leblanc
Louis Leblanc Hace 8 horas
20:36 I foundb Boyle
Matsuo San
Matsuo San Hace 12 horas
The first dude dohhh...
Mike White
Mike White Hace un día
A felony for a plant that’s never killed anyone! Makes me sick that we live in a free country but if we choose To smoke a joint were put in a cage!
mr no humor
mr no humor Hace un día
12:37 that cop a thicky
Musica De Amor
Musica De Amor Hace un día
We don't know why we pulled you over. We don't know if you broke da law. We don't know if you have a warrant. But we'll find out once we get to downtown.
Yung Lean
Yung Lean Hace un día
Bruh I skipped to 9:20 and thought it was a girl and then I had a surprised pikachu face after that
Landy Bob
Landy Bob Hace un día
Drugs are really bad to the government until they figure out how make a large amount of money off it, then there ok for consumption. Retardation
Owen Pustell
Owen Pustell Hace un día
9:49 whatta nice guy
Gavin D.
Gavin D. Hace 2 días
sad seeing people arrested for Marijuana still.
brian6771 Hace 2 días
No ones gonna say anything about the guy at 15:50 pulling over on the dam sidewalk.
{Black Cat}
{Black Cat} Hace 2 días
So my dude . Got the cops called on him cause he wouldn't leave a gas station . Was intoxicated while he was driving . Had a chance to leave . Had a warrant out for his arrest in fricking New Orleans . AND was a missing person he is really getting around 😂
Ezra Pietras
Ezra Pietras Hace 2 días
20:55 now that’s a big dawg💪🏼. Get that man a job as someone’s personal body guard.
Yo Pappy
Yo Pappy Hace 2 días
"The blood's still leakin on my neck man." "It's fine" 😂 14:22
Shae Hebert
Shae Hebert Hace 2 días
C H Hace 3 días
Also, this dude legit had his mom pick up hookers for him. Classy.
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Hace 3 días
seems to be that if criminals could stop driving on suspended licenses, and keep their cars registered, they could easily go undetected by the cops.
Zachary Desrosiers
Zachary Desrosiers Hace 3 días
Man, a fade with just sideburns has got to be one of the weirdest hair do's I've ever seen. Haha
Aspen Willow
Aspen Willow Hace 3 días
My ex got out of a open container charge last week; got pulled. Cop said he was nervous & blah, blah, blah. They asked if they could search, asked him to step out. For some God forsaken reason, he told them there was an open container in passenger seat (I imagine they found an excuse to search so he fessed up). They got another call (shots fired) & cop told him to dump it out & get out of there. Kicker #1 - He had a CC & ALWAYS carries but it had expired & there were several weapons stashed. Kicker #2 - Tags didn't match the vehicle (long story, nothing nefarious, done that morning in emergency to get to work in a loaner from body shop 👈 body guy) Kicker #3 - Pending hit & run charge so this would not have gone over well with his attorney. I mean seriously, who gets that lucky? Plot twist - I know the cop & have ridden with him off duty when he was drunk on many occasions, drinking & driving on a few occasions, used to let me drive after drinking even when I told him I shouldn't; his response, 'Just follow me, you'll be fine' & best of all, used to give me zannies by the handful to help with my anxiety. Did I mention he used to be an undercover narcotics officer? In short, a hypocritical deuche with a knack for stalking, planting, lying & a serious anger mgmt issue but recognized as an upstanding member of the force for 30 some odd years. Go figure. 🤔
Babymadi Hace 3 días
playkickboxer Hace 3 días
-I'm guessing that's not you, huh? That's your twin? -I don't have no twin. Stupido.
Deenan TheKemon I
Deenan TheKemon I Hace 3 días
"Bro, my family member used my car and accidentally left a SOLID POUND of Marijuana in it.. he's forgetful." :P
Dope_boi1 Giron Glodinez
Dope_boi1 Giron Glodinez Hace 4 días
The way the police officer keeps saying uhhh
Michael H
Michael H Hace 4 días
Female cops so useless cant even turn her flashlight on
MeatPopsycle Hace 4 días
Great contact initiation by the cop...
1917 Hace 4 días
Got really confused by that windows sound
Lily. Hey
Lily. Hey Hace 5 días
19:19 POV:Emily is posed like that for her snap story
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly Hace 5 días
There's a black man laying on the ground and has been shot in the chest and throat and some dumbass asks him if he has any drugs..... Stupid stupid cop. Worried finding drugs then trying to save a life.
Alec Anderson 17
Alec Anderson 17 Hace 5 días
Officer. Peter ford . Whitest name in earth..plot twist he's a big black man 😂😂😂😂
Richard Sneddeker
Richard Sneddeker Hace 6 días
if you’re gonna be rollin around you gots have it legit b
Lisa Pierce
Lisa Pierce Hace 6 días
Love this show normally all episodes r good except this one why is it most viewed lol boring😔
Deondre Edwards
Deondre Edwards Hace 6 días
Officer Morgan Colla, can arrest me any day just sayin.
Joanie French
Joanie French Hace 7 días
This might be a dumb question but is there no CC for this? Can't seem to turn them on on my ps4 or my phone for these videos.
Mike Weef
Mike Weef Hace 8 días
What do you know about the shooter He shot Bro what lmaoo
Federico Olivares
Federico Olivares Hace 8 días
0:44 Saved by the radio
Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk II .303
Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk II .303 Hace 8 días
nobody: LivePD cameraman: Hot Boiled Crawfish!
Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk II .303
Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk II .303 Hace 8 días
nobody: LivePD cameraman: Hot Boiled Crawfish!
kuLLapz28 oDLanra
kuLLapz28 oDLanra Hace 8 días
why they have a symbol of the phillippines flag in there shoulder??
Harry Potter Fandom
Harry Potter Fandom Hace 9 días
I thought the bag of marijuana was a baby at first and i was so confused why they were holding it like that
stephie Hace 9 días
“what you know about the shooter ?” ------- “he shot” 13:16
Tony K
Tony K Hace 9 días
I love seeing officers being nice and cutting honest people a break
Thermal Chill
Thermal Chill Hace 9 días
Propaganda TV . You are NOT illegally obligated to answer ANY Gestapo's questions .
Jungle FC
Jungle FC Hace 10 días
The guy at 3:40 looks like chicken little 🤣
Harlotte O'Scara
Harlotte O'Scara Hace 10 días
Every other person in Louisiana is named Fontenot.
Polo G
Polo G Hace 10 días
Police: "What do yall know bout the shooter" Victim: "He shot" LMFAO
Arty Hace 10 días
Officer Hooks had still got it
Nickarma Hace 10 días
How can u put cuffs on them without telling them what they are being detained for, they didn't even tell them that they were being detained, " put your hands on the car " ----- I am sorry but i'm gonna need to know what i am being arrested for- thanks.
cole wagor
cole wagor Hace 11 días
“you came from home to go home?” “yes sir”
Adam Bees
Adam Bees Hace 11 días
I thought that was a baby the cop was cradling at the end, but it was just a pound of weed. Lol
Bullie Belle
Bullie Belle Hace 11 días
Does that cop car only have one headlight? 8:41
Imagine living on a Planet, where creatures dictate you, not to smoke a natural plant, punish you for doing it, even when 10-30% creatures smoking it anyway. Crazy huh
NCLTM Hace 11 días
*Mom and son are in a predicament with the mother crying Cameraman: hOt bOiLeD cRaWfiSh!
Owen Paddock
Owen Paddock Hace 7 horas
Triston Myles
Triston Myles Hace 11 días
-don’t ask me to fix the tire -cop mr derik can u fix the tire - yes sir 😭
fullmetal25 Hace 12 días
@9:14 😂😂😂😂 MA'AM'S! And @15:01 👀Sig Sauer sp2022 good hand gun very under rated.. now back to the video
Healthy Hoops
Healthy Hoops Hace 12 días
Imagine getting arrested for some mid 🤦
Healthy Hoops
Healthy Hoops Hace 12 días
My favorite thing to watch is when they let the ppl go home ♥️
Whodatgirlali Yolo
Whodatgirlali Yolo Hace 12 días
5:47 me looking at the cops cake: must be nice. 👁👄👁
letsgetlucky Hace 12 días
21:00 can't have my mans walking off with out his Air Jordan 6's lol
letsgetlucky Hace 12 días
17:17 u ok there, bro? windows '95 ain't that serious.
Jay Tee Kay
Jay Tee Kay Hace 12 días
4:11 that qt cop can arrest me any day
jimmyglea Hace 12 días
Watching while rolling a joint. FTP
Tom Cobly
Tom Cobly Hace 12 días
The weight of the green will drop once the police have had their dibs
yfl_ detox
yfl_ detox Hace 12 días
Funny part is I live in Louisiana and the first cop that we seen I've been pulled over by him
KipKip TV
KipKip TV Hace 12 días
What I've learned from binge watching... If you have drugs or guns, follow the traffic rules.
GrizzlyKnightX Hace 12 días
229 for gas, what a deal
Deranged Chicken
Deranged Chicken Hace 12 días
place your hands on the vee - ha - kull. huh? the vee - ha - kull
Ethan Brewster
Ethan Brewster Hace 12 días
“The individual is pretty big” 7ft 350lb lineman
SwayBack Hace 12 días
9:05 Are they men or women or both, I'm not sure
Madison Rose
Madison Rose Hace 12 días
dude ricky the cop kept getting distracted, first another call, then when he was talking to the camera he is like, "oh!"
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