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An altercation between two individuals ends with police coming to intervene in this clip from "2.29.20." #LivePD
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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Kwan Larry
Kwan Larry Hace 2 meses
These Cup videos real and sees Cup videos real
Coach David Salinas Fit Club Boxing
Coach David Salinas Fit Club Boxing Hace 2 meses
THIS WAS THE MOST BORING EPISODE EVER 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Benedica A Tutti
Benedica A Tutti Hace 2 meses
Disco ball light 2007 They are from the future, but they haven’t been able to get really far into the future. I hope they will work on that so I can make some money in the stock market.
Flack 2020
Flack 2020 Hace 2 meses
A&E Thaink you for this episode I hope 🤞 you have a great 👍 day God bless you I love ❤️ all of your live episodes man lol 😂
Disco ball light 2007
Disco ball light 2007 Hace 2 meses
Why does it say 22 hours ago????
Tom Allen
Tom Allen Hace 4 días
What's being from Boston got anything to do with anything? I know plenty of people from Boston (where I'm also from...) who own guns. In fact... the original residents of Boston were avid gun rights advocates. Go to Canada!
Saph Cloud
Saph Cloud Hace 6 días
*heres the kicker*
{ saturn's rings }
{ saturn's rings } Hace 7 días
omg why did he even bother buttoning up the middle buttons if he's gonna still leave the top and bottom halves completely open......LMFAOOOO
Your Right
Your Right Hace 7 días
I’m sure they have multiple uses for their 👊
Sydney Broich
Sydney Broich Hace 8 días
his belly button is just like 👁👄👁
Lauren Huggins
Lauren Huggins Hace 9 días
Who needs a law degree when you've seen miss congeniality 2
Lauren Huggins
Lauren Huggins Hace 9 días
The only thing lying was the size tag on that sweater
Alexa Gomez
Alexa Gomez Hace 9 días
What is that one guy wearing 🤣
Jazz Hace 10 días
I just can't stop thinking about how weird that dudes red shirt is...
Gavin Buskirk
Gavin Buskirk Hace 11 días
Here’s the kicker
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts Hace 13 días
3:36 I'm sorry...but you haven't seen Miss Congeniality? Come on Burks, be better.
nerf_me! Hace 13 días
bruh i need words for that dude XD
WREDWOOD 650 Hace 13 días
90% of the comments are about bros shirt
Timmy s
Timmy s Hace 15 días
maybe it's just a bad case of laundry day lol
Jose Quintana San Juan
Jose Quintana San Juan Hace 17 días
“On record not gonna blow your head off”
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis Hace 18 días
New fashion statement showing my abdomen through my red sweater. A new village person lol.
James trucking
James trucking Hace 19 días
Hahahah we dont use guns we use our fist's.
DontCareWhatYouThink Hace 22 días
In Ontario, it used to be that if you write your own eviction notice, you literally null and void any and all future conviction proceedings, not sure if its still that way but we have a tribunal that will mediate all of this
Bryan Raiz
Bryan Raiz Hace 22 días
What is that hanging out of the sweater?
katie wheeler
katie wheeler Hace 22 días
Hes right tho we fight with our fist hea in boston ... lmao that made my day
Draiborn99 Hace 24 días
If your asleep it doesn’t matter if he as a gun dumbass lmao
ripperduck Hace 25 días
I guess they don't wear clothes that fit in Boston...
XxxYoung Red1xxX
XxxYoung Red1xxX Hace 25 días
Lavwren Beeh
Lavwren Beeh Hace 26 días
I'm sorry. I couldn't hear anything with that red woman's sweater screaming!
Lilly Hace 26 días
where can i get that shirt
Brenden Copeland
Brenden Copeland Hace 26 días
He says Vile not violent
Thejoemonster O
Thejoemonster O Hace 27 días
Imagine being mad that someone’s owns a gun
Yung Sorrow
Yung Sorrow Hace 28 días
Dude doesn’t even know what state he living in at the time
Nicholas Emerson
Nicholas Emerson Hace 29 días
A man wearing a woman's sweater is exactly the type I would expect to have seen Miss Congeniality 1 and 2. But the cop hadn't (so he says)
Sadie Wray
Sadie Wray Hace un mes
CEO of “here’s the kicker”
Abdilahi Hassan
Abdilahi Hassan Hace un mes
I'm legally blind but I'm 20/20 when it comes.2 that pistol he got gosh dammit!! Lmaoo
ShadeMedia Hace un mes
He might not blow his head off but he might blow something else 😂
Tomas Mendiola
Tomas Mendiola Hace un mes
There’s always that one extra big girl who decides to wear size small
deluxe simer129
deluxe simer129 Hace un mes
I mean it’s not my birthday but 🎂🎂🎂
James Clark
James Clark Hace un mes
As a man from Boston I hope that guy stays out of mass. Less idiots to vote for anti-gun idiots.
downunderdog Hace un mes
heres the kicker, that dude needs to go up a few sizes on that shirt
Raze 7777
Raze 7777 Hace un mes
“Here’s the kicker”
Eric Ibe
Eric Ibe Hace un mes
I’m sorry but that shirt 😭😭😭😭
hunter horn
hunter horn Hace un mes
That black cop talks like Dave Chappelle's white guy character
Patriots Nation 4 life
Patriots Nation 4 life Hace un mes
Im from Boston too and we certainly use guns just as much as fists Especially during the time he was probably in Boston The 80s and 90s in Boston was a real bad place to be
Cole O'Brien
Cole O'Brien Hace un mes
Uplifted Hace un mes
That cop looks so bored with his job lol
Peachy Peppa
Peachy Peppa Hace un mes
*looks at camera:* on record, not gonna blow his head off
Infectedstyles_Chris Hace un mes
This guy has never spent any time in Dorchester...
Eva Clark
Eva Clark Hace un mes
thats a grandma sweayer
Sketchy Zxch
Sketchy Zxch Hace un mes
I think he said, “vile liar”
Drew F
Drew F Hace un mes
That red sweater could cause serious bodily harm if the guy was to take a deep breath and exhale buttons would fly everywhere like bird shot.That's the real crime taking place...
Ziotic Hace un mes
Bruh said hes from Boston and they use fists. I just looked up shootings in Boston and it said there was 17 in the last 5 days....
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming Hace un mes
Wait wait wait that dude is from Boston. The place that during the American revolution was big about rights such as guns. That is illusion 100 right there
Christina Saali
Christina Saali Hace un mes
Thats why there are so many murders there in tulsa
Jude Dimatteo
Jude Dimatteo Hace un mes
Here's the kicker what up with the red shirt
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Hace un mes
Has the guy in the red shirt heard of the 2nd amendment?
No Manches
No Manches Hace un mes
So whats the kicker?
shara30000 Hace un mes
when you wanna dress up like popeye for halloween but accidentally end up dressing up as olive
CantFeelMe Hace un mes
How long have you lived in this great state of Oklahoma? A day.... Well reality check, welcome to Oklahoma where everyone owns a gun!
Rich Foreign
Rich Foreign Hace un mes
That other dude should be calling stacey and Clinton from TLC...
Mark Stasz
Mark Stasz Hace un mes
I thought flamers had good fashion sense. Oh wait, didn't he say he was legally blind??? That could explain things. I wish he'd fix the buttons on that shirt so he could put his belly away.
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis Hace un mes
Guy: "I'm from Boston, we use our fists." Officer: Everyone in Oklahoma has guns. Guy: Time to move back to Boston. "Everyone in America has guns." Guy: Time to leave America.
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria Hace un mes
GOD and JESUS loves you
bella yanez
bella yanez Hace un mes
That guys red sweater looks like something that brandy Melville would sell.
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie Hace un mes
Lol did he say people from Boston don't use guns they use fists? Lol partially true... I'm currently staring at my husbands gun mounted on the wall.. hello from Boston! 😂
Lauren Arnold
Lauren Arnold Hace un mes
"I'm quoting Miss Congeniality 2" "Well I haven't seen that one... Or the first one" ☠️
ackamack101 Hace un mes
Irate queen...
Clay Bounds
Clay Bounds Hace un mes
Here's the kicker, he stole my copy of Miss Congeniality 2
S SN QN Hace un mes
The bald guy is mentally ill. Nobody in Boston wants you around.
beasty cod gaming
beasty cod gaming Hace un mes
joel needs a promotion
KatChat14 Hace un mes
Just for the record, his movie quote is from the FIRST Miss Congeniality. 😁👍
Vishion Carter
Vishion Carter Hace un mes
my uncle works with that cop
my new profile ig
my new profile ig Hace un mes
Everyone's calling it a sweater that's a womens blouse dude knew the police were coming😭 I guess he was too busy writing up that paper lol
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