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Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
When police stop a vehicle for having an expired registration, they find an open container of alcohol, drug paraphernalia, and a cute dog who looks worried in this clip from "7.30.19". #LivePD
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Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!
T m0ney
T m0ney Hace un día
The dog cried at the perfect time. Hahaha
ALT Hace un día
the dog was smoking it. that why they're not theirs
Majin Studio
Majin Studio Hace un día
You know the pipe coulda been in the car before they got in it?
Doggo Willinks
Doggo Willinks Hace 2 días
This is a meth pipe. Let me just put it next to this surprisingly cute dog for a minute while I talk.
Paul Hace 2 días
Is the majority of IS citizens on crack?
ChillNikov Hace 5 días
It was the dogs pipe! Look at that guilt 1:56 ! Put that dog to puppy jail pronto! 😂
Duey Jones
Duey Jones Hace 6 días
Poor puppy. Dumbasses!
Corey Nelson
Corey Nelson Hace 8 días
That dog is chill af! Mine would be going nuts!
Dan Butcher
Dan Butcher Hace 9 días
1:12 Drinking alcohol from an insulated plastic cup. Around here we call that a "Grandma Jackie". Named after our homeboys' mother.
its andraa
its andraa Hace 9 días
Why let them search your car when you got meth pipes in your car?! Smh people asking to get caught
Tanasha Brown
Tanasha Brown Hace 9 días
A 🐕 living with addicts 🤦🏾‍♀️
Jamari Robertson
Jamari Robertson Hace 10 días
I want this puppy this please give it to me
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy Hace 11 días
Plot twist: the dog was the one on meth
lililillililil lililillililil
lililillililil lililillililil Hace 12 días
- then whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy consent? - isn't the guy had an open container?
Racer Mantis
Racer Mantis Hace 13 días
This video is just a dog video
Kirk_Kirksman Hace 14 días
1:55 doggo: uhhh.. that meth ain't mine..
snark Hace 14 días
3:15 what an appropriate way to get a dog out of a car. pull it up by the collar
Waldo Hace 14 días
That dog was doing meth
Jamari Robertson
Jamari Robertson Hace 15 días
please don't take this puppy to
brad titt
brad titt Hace 15 días
Thot eliminated
Alisia Lopez
Alisia Lopez Hace 16 días
So you can refuse the search right?
Hope Hace 13 días
Alisia Lopez refuse then they get the drug dogs and if the dog alerts then they have probable cause to search without consent
48waves Hace 16 días
Poor doggy
Jacob coates
Jacob coates Hace 17 días
The dog did it lol
Fonda Proctor
Fonda Proctor Hace 18 días
That is the cutest dog. Poor little thing.
Chillin with Dylan
Chillin with Dylan Hace 18 días
Drugs, just keep ruining people's lives! Thank You Jesus, for saving me from them many years ago! To God be the praise and glory, amen!!! ☝️ 🙏 < ❤
Autumn Reckards
Autumn Reckards Hace 18 días
How dare that man put a meth pipe right next to a pup.
Elizabeth Alphonse
Elizabeth Alphonse Hace 19 días
The meth pipe is where the dog was sitting so is the dog getting charged😂😂😂😂The dog is so disappointed with this situation 🐕
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn Hace 19 días
In all seriousness, that's a nice dog.. Make a good therapy dog if he/she had better parents. Very calm throughout the whole time.
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn Hace 19 días
The dog was pleading the Fifth. Neither of its parents would not take responsibility for the meth so....its the dog's meth!
Nisakldf Brown
Nisakldf Brown Hace 21 un día
Lmao good all Williamson county
Umhahaha Hace 23 días
Atleast dog is happy. he is going to
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 23 días
I hate people that lie in this and I hate people that smoke a cigarette while they are pulled over
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa Hace 24 días
"There we go, there's a meth pipe right there"... cue dramatic music...
J Lee
J Lee Hace 24 días
lmao the "I'm going to jail" last cigarette is a real thing
zigzagbigbag Hace 24 días
I'm shocked the dog didn't get tased or shot.
Zach Zywina
Zach Zywina Hace 24 días
puts the crack pipe down beside the dog lmfaooo
Nicole D
Nicole D Hace 25 días
I think Live PD knows we love these puppy click baits 😁 ...not that they need click bait 😄
Claire Boyle
Claire Boyle Hace 25 días
Is anyone wondering if the Lone Star Kolaches are delicious?
Abdulla Rifai
Abdulla Rifai Hace 25 días
He was asking if he claims it can she go home. She straight up said its not mine.
Crow Hace 25 días
Either she forgot there was meth in the car when she allowed the officer to search it or she really didn’t know about the drugs when she rode with the guy. If it was the latter, that kind if sucks to be charged with it. I should really ask all my friends if I can thoroughly search their vehicles if I ever share a ride with them.
Charlotte Gan
Charlotte Gan Hace 26 días
WTH is he doing? get those drugs far away from that doggie pls......
Totally Radical
Totally Radical Hace 26 días
I don't GAF about the people, did the cute 🐕🐕 make it home ok?? 😉🤣
Rain Clarke
Rain Clarke Hace 26 días
The amount of people in these comments calling the dog owners "parents" has got to stop. It's a dog who has owners who do drugs, get over it 🤣
TheDarkKnight Hace 26 días
So this guy has never opened the passenger side door from the driver seat for someone who cant open it from the outside for w.e reason?? Lmao What's next, He cant reach the glove box from there lol If the guy really wanted to take the hit all he had to say was he tucked it there before the stop Haha
carde bowens
carde bowens Hace 26 días
Dang that's a calm dog
Melody Sanchez
Melody Sanchez Hace 26 días
carde bowens love you coming over yeses kissing hugs month miss u you 😘😘😘
Devon Gardella
Devon Gardella Hace 26 días
Yo, I love Lone Star Kolaches, the peach ones and the sausage ones are the best.
Shoegum Hace 27 días
I never understood people consenting to a search if they're riding dirty
Accelr8r Hace 27 días
Clearly that dog stashed the meth pipe under her seat.
Brian Bmo Morgan
Brian Bmo Morgan Hace 27 días
That dog has an obvious problem, letting the owner take the rap, man you see it in the face.
Snowdis Hace 27 días
Why give consent if you have meth in it
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin Hace 27 días
✋ Wait....Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? You found a meth pipe & meth? It's not mine! 😂😂😂😂😂
JJ Anthony
JJ Anthony Hace 27 días
Too bad that sweet dog has worthless meth heads for parents
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez Hace 27 días
Poor baby :(
Melody Sanchez
Melody Sanchez Hace 26 días
Melody Sanchez
Melody Sanchez Hace 26 días
Steven Gonzalez love you coming over yeses kissing hugs month yeses hang music play dance room
mark p
mark p Hace 27 días
Even if he did get his license back, I doubt he could afford the state mandated liability insurance. Probably 10 grand a year or more with DUI and drug convictions. Idiots like him driving around with no insurance or a license cost the rest of us a fortune in increased insurance premiums buying uninsured motorist coveage and medical payment coverage if he causes a crash. You know he can't and won't pay for damages. It's up to our own insurance to cover it with collision or uninsured motorist.
hotbowlofstu !
hotbowlofstu ! Hace 27 días
That dog was like keep that meth pipe away from me
Emily Young
Emily Young Hace 27 días
Such a cute dog aww😩❤️❤️
khasona Tam
khasona Tam Hace 27 días
Oooooo that doga mine
Jpgitters Official
Jpgitters Official Hace 27 días
Plot twist: The meth pipe belong to the dog. These dogs are smuggling drugs into our country!
3rdEye Gnostic
3rdEye Gnostic Hace 28 días
What happened to open container?
Dave Johnsen
Dave Johnsen Hace 28 días
I've noticed that the, it's not mine," routine doesn't seem to work so well?
Mckinley Ritchey
Mckinley Ritchey Hace 28 días
When the dog started whining I was like awwww my heart melted
Jackeline 916
Jackeline 916 Hace 28 días
Anyone else get mad when he pulled the dog out the car by its colar? 😭
Chad Manning
Chad Manning Hace 28 días
It was obviously the dog’s meth you fools! He got off free! If you look at the beginning of the video you can see the dog clearly stash it on the side of the seat! Wow talk about police incompetence and now that poor lady has to take the charge. Ridiculous
Chad Manning
Chad Manning Hace 28 días
What’s up with this cops voice lol
Chad Manning
Chad Manning Hace 28 días
Went and watched the film and the whole 9 yards, now I’m a saint after I watched that there video
Ahov Hace 28 días
Dumbasses consenting to search
WEK SOZ Hace 28 días
Why would she allow a search dumb a**
whatever3210 Hace 28 días
Poor doggy :(
Cableguy818 Hace 28 días
Plot twist: It was the Puppers Crystal Meth the whole time!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha
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