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Check out the best moments from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, including a routine traffic stop that resulted in recovering multiple weapons and passengers with warrants, and a rollover car accident caused by the driver having a panic attack. #LivePD
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Milo Beall
Milo Beall Hace 26 días
why did you sencer jesus crist
dogma f10
dogma f10 Hace un mes
Damm that way too dengarous for just one officer
Zach Michaelis
Zach Michaelis Hace un mes
How to stop wrong way drivers ......ASK TESLA AUTO PILOT
Summer Lightfeather
Summer Lightfeather Hace un mes
Please open a PLUTO TV CHANNEL and post all old episodes of Live PD
Jonas Beise
Jonas Beise Hace un mes
@E.M.R.G. because most don't
Asa Nelson
Asa Nelson Hace 55 minutos
God bless these police officers.
Jeremy Rubenstein
Jeremy Rubenstein Hace 4 horas
I feel like if there was an AK in the car, everyone would probably know.
Remington Bradley
Remington Bradley Hace 7 horas
A drug recognition expert that doesn't know what a Small Volume Nebulizer is. 9:05
The DaRsh KnigHt
The DaRsh KnigHt Hace 16 horas
dude crashed and could have died and the cop says 7:28 "he was extremely lucky." Why do people think this way?
Jordyn Baker
Jordyn Baker Hace 18 horas
I will never understand one person owns the gun one person brought the gun but everyone single person goes down for the gun....
Jacob Friett
Jacob Friett Hace 20 horas
Move to your right , move to your left. Criss-cross. Now everybody clap your hands
Kiwi Storm
Kiwi Storm Hace 23 horas
Dont be fooled, these are probable hand picks officers, that have been advised and warned they are on camera. Lets see and you can on a number of youtube channels where a cop goes off the range. these maybe fine Police officers but try and tell me that the Police Department did not hand pick them and have full control of the camera footage before going to air.
A.C. Fernandez
A.C. Fernandez Hace un día
What a nightmare!
David Skog
David Skog Hace un día
She has a nebulizer in the car.
Extensive Enterprises
Extensive Enterprises Hace un día
If you are on a cell phone or texting and talking to the police at the same time... you look like a sh*tbag. You might be totally innocent but still - no class.
Isaiah Williamson
Isaiah Williamson Hace un día
I’m confused. At 5:30 he says he doesn’t remember what happened but the he explains the entire thing
Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd Johnson Hace un día
I thought the title said “best of”
krasnayazvezda1 Hace un día
What dont we have here??? METH
heyidiot Hace un día
Why do these videos all say "Earlier in..."? Every video of anything is "earlier"; that's how video works. They're ALL in the past.
Sean S.
Sean S. Hace un día
Anyone caught with dope, that’s heroin to all you potheads out there, and they slowly say they didn’t do anything that day is lying out their buttskin. Only takes 8 hours MAX to get withdrawal symptoms going and she definitely wasn’t in withdrawal one bit.
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW Hace un día
Sure glad the NRA and traitor keep pushing for more guns on the street!
Sean S.
Sean S. Hace un día
Yooo Am I the only one who saw skinny minny cop at 1:23 trying to walk like he’s got muscles like he’s the Incredible Hulk??? Lololol
semensnotbubble Hace 2 días
That's not an assault rifle. A draco (which is what that ak was) is a pistol
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Hace 2 días
"( cops)Any weapons in the car?" (Driver)"No!" (Cop's)" finds an ak 47&pistol!"
Lil Ziggy
Lil Ziggy Hace 2 días
Man just think how much money cops have taken for themselves over the past 50 years... I mean how easy would it be to justify it?. “This criminal is just going to spend it on drugs or guns at least I can put it to good use”. Crazy to really think about.
Ainsley B
Ainsley B Hace 2 días
4:37 really hits me hard. I’m so scared that I’m gonna have a panic attack while I’m driving. It’s so terrifying thinking that that could be me.
IT'S ALLIE XO Hace 2 días
Not “the chick” she is a woman.
Chowkiebenene ————
Chowkiebenene ———— Hace 9 horas
NoT “tHe DudE” hE iS a MaN.
Jim The EDC Guy
Jim The EDC Guy Hace 2 días
They’re not weapons officer, they’re gats!!!
P. F.
P. F. Hace 2 días
Just reading the comment section is making my day! Hilarious!
stancexpunks Hace 2 días
Don’t really feel bad for the dead wrong way driver...
the couple with ak47 was crazy.
MoonFlux Hace 2 días
But an AK is not an "Assault Rifle"... you would think a cop knows this.
Jeremy Rubenstein
Jeremy Rubenstein Hace 4 horas
In reality yes, but according to the military and police, no. But yes I get what you are saying and personally agree.
MoonFlux Hace 4 horas
@Jeremy Rubenstein There is no such thing as an "Assault rifle" unless its used to assault someone. At that point, its just a "rifle".
Jeremy Rubenstein
Jeremy Rubenstein Hace 4 horas
Maybe not according to the law, but an AK, especially configured like that, is in reality, an Assault Rifle, at least by military standards.
Brian Redfield
Brian Redfield Hace 3 días
Being a tow operator, it infuriates me when people want to stop and look. If you want to stick your nose in the business, then apply, otherwise mind your own fu$%ing business
MrPillowpants91 Hace 3 días
If you wrong way drive you deserve to die. that’s my slogan anyway...
rascally rabbit
rascally rabbit Hace 3 días
that tinted out car had all the crimes
Legendary Master Victor
Legendary Master Victor Hace 3 días
What if they put wrong way spikes on specific highway entrances where wrong way can occur?!
Parker Russell
Parker Russell Hace 4 días
eh the NFA considers that a pistol
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal Hace 4 días
12:10 Wow, he slipped his vest on while driving, which impaired his vision for a moment. 😲😲 They would've arrested someone for a stunt like that. 😡
ED SMITH Hace 4 días
That first guy was a little dramatic 😂
Erick Bonilla
Erick Bonilla Hace 4 días
Calls in tan suburban when it’s actually a tan jeep
Mr. Bongs BurgH
Mr. Bongs BurgH Hace 4 días
It has been proven drug recognition dont work
Meredith Inserra
Meredith Inserra Hace 4 días
"I didn't know I was sitting on a machine gun"
ethan vrfrvvr
ethan vrfrvvr Hace 4 días
crack heads
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal Hace 4 días
Lookie-loo's annoy me *so Bad!*
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal Hace 4 días
Seriously, he's *blessed* to be alive from that first arrest. 😲😲
Lora Harris
Lora Harris Hace 4 días
You are so lucky, God was with you. Bless you.
Kuzenbo Hace 4 días
Cop: "As a drug recognition expert..." Nobody: "Okay, you just made up that word and so far all you done is that finger thing and it didnt look right lmao"
Antonio G
Antonio G Hace 4 días
i can't believe they censor "Jesus Christ" that's crazy
puma lyn
puma lyn Hace 4 días
Disgusting, SHAMELESS Females! Their mamas must be very proud of them! It's their mamas fault for opening her legs even though the male couldn't afford a condom! They don't care about the child, they only want the child support money!🤮🤬😡
puma lyn
puma lyn Hace 4 días
2:35 Why am I not surprised?! I didn't know! But I have a gun in my purse!🤔 Prostitution?!🤮 Guns, drugs, cash and a prostitute! Drug addicts, pushers and prostitutes should just OD and die before they get others addicted too!🤮🤬😡 MURDERERS! She may have HIV/AIDS!
bobrien1108 Hace 4 días
Is this real ?
Sara Upton
Sara Upton Hace 5 días
That's not an assault rifle lol. It's an assault toy. Good luck shooting anything beyond 20 feet with that pistol grip pos.
Dustin Hutchison
Dustin Hutchison Hace 5 días
Going through Phoenix I almost hit a wrong way driver myself
AnEvilBigfoot Hace 5 días
Geez they started this video off with a bang, doesn’t get much worse
Stroker Ace
Stroker Ace Hace 5 días
You’re going to risk going to prison by carjacking and hitting them with a pistol over one of the ugliest POS cars?
ChiTownRaised Hace 5 días
"Assault rifle" "machine gun" lmfao
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson Hace 5 días
Arizona definitely has a problem with wrong way drivers and it’s not just on the freeways.
Philip Caddick
Philip Caddick Hace 5 días
sks??? that's a 22 !!! hey, these people are drama enough, don't need to overhype it.
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez Hace 5 días
May the wrong way driver R.I.P 🙏🏽
x Cread
x Cread Hace 5 días
Wasn't the AK just a semi auto draco?
Cracc Baby
Cracc Baby Hace 5 días
You should do a “best of bald officers”
RedNasty7 Hace 5 días
Glad I don’t live down in the valley. Too many idiots, weirdos, drugs and accidents etc
Guitargreat Hace 5 días
Black guys always just live right here or it’s their cousins car
Luis R
Luis R Hace 5 días
6:17 I hate when People slow down or stop to look at an accident or crash, slowing down traffic. Just to watch. I swear some people are really dumb & stupid. Whats the point of watching? 1 day it will happen to you. Mind your own business and keep it moving....
Sander Valpey
Sander Valpey Hace 5 días
Looked like an airsoft gun lol
LTPF Hace 6 días
paint a bunch of giant arrows pointing which way traffic is coming on each 1 way at every single entrance/exit to that one way.
Shalexia Davis
Shalexia Davis Hace 6 días
I guess her fat butt couldn't feel an assault weapon under her big behind!
Paul D
Paul D Hace 6 días
Like I always say. My legal guns are not for deer hunting.
Ahmarnie Stanley
Ahmarnie Stanley Hace 6 días
That poor person in the last car, RIP
Ronald Clute
Ronald Clute Hace 6 días
That cop would load up his pants in Texas. He is a true scary cat
Hail Satan
Hail Satan Hace 6 días
The first one put a big ole smile on my face!
Justin Spiguzza
Justin Spiguzza Hace 6 días
It isn't an sks. It is a ak-74.
Jay G
Jay G Hace 6 días
I’m a DRE...... you mean CHUMP
Mike Ermentrout
Mike Ermentrout Hace 7 días
If Alex Jones was a cop
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