LIVE: From Ground Zero of Dallas Riot Destruction! | Good Morning #Mugclub

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Hace un mes

Steven Crowder takes to the streets of Dallas to survey the damage cause by recent riots and discuss the media misinformation over the past days.

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StevenCrowder Hace un mes
What do you think is the best way to respond to these ongoing riots? And how can we counter the MSM's refusal to actually report on the facts?
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen Hace 14 días
That man is Unbelievably ignorant and racist
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy Hace 14 días
J Shin lol says the toolbox. Go worship Lenin with your moronic sjw friends. But by the love of god do it in some other country. You do not deserve the freedom that was earned on your behalf.
Umbasa Hace 14 días
Thread full of smooth brains
J Shin
J Shin Hace 14 días
wow you are such a tool
Roki Goose
Roki Goose Hace 14 días
@Pepe Silvia This is a accurate description of Crowder and I don't consider him a conservative. Just like I don't consider Don Lemon, the CNN, MSNBC to be leftist media. Weather you're conservative or a leftist, you should be solving problems of people in this society that we live in. Neither Crowder nor CNN are doing it. They play people's emotions for a view or a click. That's how they make money and that's their motivation. So, as a leftist, I agree with you. Steven Crowder is a dick and so are the fake leftists at CNN and MSNBC.
PeteMonUno Customs
PeteMonUno Customs Hace 9 minutos
That black guy is racist.
George Ednie
George Ednie Hace un hora
40:29 ...whatever you think of what you're seeing here, that's fucking hilarious. Read for filth Mr. Crowder.
George Ednie
George Ednie Hace un hora
also, "'its summer time and you wearing a thermal shirt. you don't make no sense'' ...valid observation
devilson14321 Hace un hora
Crowded is kind of a pussy
Pubzies Hace 4 horas
Loses debate and threatens to call the cops lost some respect to steven after that
Heidi V
Heidi V Hace 8 horas
It is so sad to see someone so lost in their own darkness. God bless that man and wake him up to the truth
LVRaiders 1
LVRaiders 1 Hace 8 horas
What a lie this man has never paid taxes 😆
devonjstewart Hace 8 horas
This is the most convincing video I’ve ever seen for proof of white privilege. That was one of the rudest encounters I’ve ever seen. He interrupts this artist, physically and verbally, refuses to leave when he’s asked, and acts like a whiny child. I can’t believe anyone takes him seriously anymore. Steven Coward!!!
unfathomablebo Hace 9 horas
"When you white people go home and your friends say stuff about us tell them to stop being racist because your people love us and buy our music and our art and y'all need to stop being racist coz when you call the police you need to stop sayin' that a black man is here because us black people have to take responsibility but when its a white man its just a man so you people need to take accountability when you up in your fancy apartments because this country was built on us and y'all holding us down and..." These ideologues just have completely disjointed talking points that they string together, and when you actually try and decipher what they are saying, they just get angry.
Don Hace 10 horas
Steven ‘Karen’ crowder
Don Hace 10 horas
Steven ‘Karen’ crowder
Seki Tekken
Seki Tekken Hace 10 horas
I wiLL cAlL tHe pOliCe
Metro Mole
Metro Mole Hace 11 horas
I like how hes just walking around with a mic but not even talking into it 😂
Big Easy
Big Easy Hace 12 horas
Attention white people stop buying rap music etc and then see how much money they make
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson Hace 12 horas
Why is he only bothered about a murder when it's a white person or the police involved,What about all the black on black murders,He is just racist it's as simple as that
Glenn Danner
Glenn Danner Hace 12 horas
Rising up seems like it's just making every place a hood 😅
Carlos Cerati
Carlos Cerati Hace 14 horas
Btw I don't want act like a bkack person and I definitely don't listen to rap so stfu crackhead.
Slobodan Jevtovic
Slobodan Jevtovic Hace 16 horas
You look like a wanna be Wu-Tang lol
TurnupTugboat Hace 17 horas
I'm black and I hate my own race. Specifically, the ones born in America. They blame everything on white people. I'm about to go back to my country.
Misfits Wolfgang
Misfits Wolfgang Hace 18 horas
karen crowder emberrassed himself he should stick to debating with sjw on colleges
Trevor Kramer
Trevor Kramer Hace 19 horas
Vandalism, theft, rioting, violence: "right" 😅 fucking hilarious. They commit crimes every day in these protests. They were never peaceful.
Colin C
Colin C Hace 21 un hora
BLM and left media has set people back to like 92’ la riot era. They create racism by giving guys like the artist/thug a legitimacy making regular American think blk people like this guy. He’s a trash human.
E. Beez
E. Beez Hace 22 horas
🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Oh my gosh...
fpssandwiches Hace un día
next thing you know these retards will say it's sexist to give the sex of the person who commits a crime.
addictedtodrums Hace un día
Try and use logic on a person that can't and won't listen, who's the fool here?
truksrok Hace un día
Couldn't imagine being as ignorant and scatter-brained as Gabriel Thomas. Making up reasons to legitimize being mad and stupid.
Colin A
Colin A Hace un día
That street artist was a jackass
Riley Grogg
Riley Grogg Hace un día
What cigar you smokin there
Garian Troll
Garian Troll Hace un día
Steven Coward!!! Lol, that was hilarious.
Mendall haynes
Mendall haynes Hace un día
That guy is racist as hell lol .
Mercy O
Mercy O Hace un día
Does Steven have any idea how annoying he is? Jesus fucking Christ. Get a life.
Colin C
Colin C Hace 21 un hora
What you mad cause he’s harassing your derelict father spraying graffiti?
Joe Stably
Joe Stably Hace un día
40:08 Steven 😂😂😂😂
Joe Stably
Joe Stably Hace un día
40:32 😂
rexxo Hace un día
When are black people stop with the slavery argument? It´s like 200 years, it´s really time to move on.
Nandini Agrawal
Nandini Agrawal Hace un día
ALL IS SEE IN THESE COMMENTS ARE HATE. EVERYTIME. you know sometimes you have got to listen instead of finding a gotcha. I found this clip on another channel and their views and comments were so different and neutral. Here it is stop shouting I am a black man or woman I donot think like him like WHY CANT YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THIS IS A SERIOUS SITUATION EVERYBODY CAN NOT EVERYTIME REMAIN CALM AND PATIENT, WE ARE HUMANS NOT ROBOTS
trrawww Hace 7 horas
couldn't agree more
Evan Velez
Evan Velez Hace un día
I'm probably the only person that raps to the beats in the first 4-5 minutes
PK and the KiD
PK and the KiD Hace un día
“You gon get sued!!” “Go ahead, I have a half-Asian lawyer Bill Richmond..” *”.. and you a half a fuckin’ asshole!”* 😂😂😂
Mason Lee
Mason Lee Hace un día
That black guy was all over the place, couldn't form a decent sentence, constantly repeating himself. YOU'RE NOT LISTENING! Well you're not really speaking coherently sir.
devonjstewart Hace 9 horas
Mason Lee Yeah, that talented street artist was barely more coherent than Crowder! He had a specific point to make about the release of a specific piece of video evidence, and Crowder kept changing the subject. Crowder does this when he’s losing. He looks into the camera and starts interrupting, gets triggered by something stupid, changes the subject and plays victim. That’s his dodge. Crowder dishes but can’t take it because he’s a beta. See that worried look in his eyes? Wow, and look at the way that Crowder cowers when he invokes the Bible. Lol, Crowder getting alpha’d by a random street artist. Crowder EXPOSED!!! Then threatens to call the cops. Classic Karen. Steven Coward!!! Lolololol, time for the alt right is up!
paulspydar Hace un día
why use a hand mic when they clearly have another mic capturing the sound, is it a prop to create a psychological space between Steven & the interviewee ?
turbojoe2 Hace un día
Man that's how I talk the next day after a few too many. That started to get really heated at the end. Sounds to me like your a bit tired of this shit.
potoker Hace un día
Antifa has been organized in these riot as well but they arnt taking a lead public stance. They are using black lives matter and the people who are angry as cannonfodder as if their lives dont matter, just a means to an end.
Jami Hensley
Jami Hensley Hace un día
Easy steve... friendly fire...
Goiter Jelly
Goiter Jelly Hace un día
47:10 there is the jungle, as always.
Hatsume Hunter
Hatsume Hunter Hace un día
All he was saying is to not turn your head when you see people being racist, regardless of if they’re friends, family, or a random person. Not sure how you can’t understand that?
devonjstewart Hace 4 horas
Haiden Geary No, he never said that. Steven Coward asked him what he wanted white people to do, and he said call out other white people when they say and do racist things. Pretty simple. He never actually agreed with violence or looting, he just acknowledged that black people feel like they aren’t getting peace themselves, and he grumbled about white privilege. He was, himself, expressing his pain non-violently through art, but Steven Coward wanted to Karen call the cops about that too. That was the rudest confrontation I’ve ever seen. How embarrassing and indecent! The alt right moment is expiring fast! Hope you guys have fun with what’s left of it before America wakes up from this fascist nightmare.
Haiden Geary
Haiden Geary Hace 6 horas
No, all he was saying is its fine to loot and destroy peoples property. Fuck these losers.
Kyle Mills
Kyle Mills Hace 20 horas
Is it that that's ALL he was saying? Or is it that that's the most relevant thing he was saying, which is totally great, but that he also said a bunch of other shit and said it a distinctly childish shouting tantrum?
Jeremy Adams
Jeremy Adams Hace 2 días
Is this art or graffiti 🙄😂😂😂😂
Buelmore Sinkerstein
Buelmore Sinkerstein Hace 2 días
This guy cares more about businesses than lives...
000 Hace 2 días
DAVID DORN, killed by "your people” …...
000 Hace 2 días
He call Steven a “Boy”, imagine if the dialogue was reversed…...
Oberleutnant Hans Rosicky
Oberleutnant Hans Rosicky Hace 2 días
Imagine beeing racist as this black man
Chaz Irwin
Chaz Irwin Hace 2 días
Steven Crowder great video! I love the poetic justice of the black guy saying you can't even humble yourself to stop talking after the black guy talked the entire time smh lol!
Fraggna Hace 2 días
Anyone got the name of the song at 0:39?
Alex Palafox
Alex Palafox Hace 2 días
Once he said ‘God told me to paint that’ you should’ve just turned around
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Hace 2 días
I live in Polk county and I 100% agree with Sheriff Judd
JanJanNik Hace 2 días
Fake wu tang wannabe + simp vs superman.
Thee Dogg 925
Thee Dogg 925 Hace 2 días
Sorry crowder that you have to go through this but I’m sorry to say as an American white man our days are numbered here if this shit gets normalized
Thee Dogg 925
Thee Dogg 925 Hace 2 días
This is why you guys get arrested trying to normalize thuggery
America Hace 2 días
I got nervous just watching the confrontation idk how you stay so calm in those situations, good work crowder keep it up!
TCG2012 Hace 2 días
toddnmichelle Hace 2 días
Is that an AJ Fernandez “last call?”
Israel Abam
Israel Abam Hace 2 días
America is about to experience a Purge. This video shows it. Wish more black Americans were able to see this an identify that it's not a one sided thing going on in their country. Yes they've suffered but come on, you cant project your hate when it seems convenient. A Purge is coming I tell you. When it happens not if, even other black Americans wont be safe (those in the upper class). Stay tuned
Robert Patrick
Robert Patrick Hace 2 días
BlackLivesMatter , Antifa , ISIS , Hamas , Al Qaeda ,The Taliban-----ALL TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS !
flexmuscle5043 Hace 2 días
What is that amazing music at the beginning?
Apex Apex
Apex Apex Hace 2 días that wasnt Racist from his point of view? So "THEY" cant be racist? When I say "THEY" im not also generalizing.
Henry Guzman
Henry Guzman Hace 2 días
You my friend is someone I could support. You don't back down on what you believe in and you love the best parts of this country.
Brian Hargett
Brian Hargett Hace 2 días
I'mma sue you!!!....for talking to me!
Moose Hace 2 días
"You the same skin tone as the rest of them is."... Racist.
Weird Cat
Weird Cat Hace 2 días
Karen calling on police
Kevin C.
Kevin C. Hace 3 días
BLM is Soros funded
Kaleb Henning
Kaleb Henning Hace 3 días
I would have put my cigar out on him 😂
So Called Black Man
So Called Black Man Hace 2 días
And you would have got your ass kicked
Kaleb Henning
Kaleb Henning Hace 3 días
He hates white people. Racist 🤦🏼‍♂️
Ray Williams
Ray Williams Hace 3 días
So then everyone is white thanks to the Obama-Care act. If you're in poverty you qualify for a free cell phone. Also some kids took a clip of your video, and said that nothing you said matters, because of the insult of the other guy. When the other guy started acting childish, "you got rekt." I'm tired of people my generation supporting that.
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