Listen To Our Hearts - Casting Crowns - with Lyrics

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Video for the song "Listen To Our Hearts" by Casting Crowns. Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore. iTunes pre-order bonus track from the album "Come to the Well."

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Sherri Hillstead
Sherri Hillstead Hace 2 días
This 1st time I heard this song,it is sister to build sign I believe that Jesus Christ is coming Harpazo rupture any nanosecond hallelujah! I am so tired of this world those nothing job for me Jesus Christ is the truth the life and the only way you are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone amen, I am so excited to go home to be with our Lord Savior Jesus Christ Messiah bridegroom he is coming for us for we are his bride in Christ I am so thankful for Jesus Paid the price once and for all on that cross on Calvary nailed to the cross Calvary shed his precious blood for all of our sins past present and future death burial Resurrection on 3rd day God raised him from the dead he sitteth at right hand of God the Father on the throne in the Kingdom of Heaven Hallelujah father Son Holy Spirit in one what's the holy spirit that dwells in US I need for all of our sins past present and future for Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Messiah to have eternity with him in heaven thank you Jesus Hallelujah harpazo Maranatha any nanosecond, hope everyone has a wonderfully safe blessed great day! Shalom God bless too everyone ♡
Kerlande Joseph
Kerlande Joseph Hace 3 días
I used to listen to this song in French. I didn’t know there was an English version of it. I guess it’s the original one. Anyway whether in French or English, it’s a beautiful worship song for our God. May He be praised!
JoAnne Chisholm
JoAnne Chisholm Hace 11 días
Susanne Hille
Susanne Hille Hace 14 días
Thanks cat lady J!! Just what my soul needed right now.😢😢😢💖healing tears flowing!! Thank You my King & Saviour!!
Cléo Evagelista
Cléo Evagelista Hace 17 días
2019!!! ❤
heavenly izzy
heavenly izzy Hace 20 días
I heard this song. I loved it. I could not find it.
Premsing Mushahary
Premsing Mushahary Hace 20 días
Thanks for this wonderful song.. almost every day I listen.. Bangalore India...
Blanca Altamirano
Blanca Altamirano Hace 21 un día
Thank yuo 🇨🇴Colombia 🙏👍
Mary LG
Mary LG Hace 21 un día
Rhonda Mattingly
Rhonda Mattingly Hace 29 días
Continues to be an awesome song! Thank You!!
Allen Bailey
Allen Bailey Hace un mes
Denjei Phom
Denjei Phom Hace un mes
Nice lyric... Like it so much 🥰😘
Meyila Imchen
Meyila Imchen Hace un mes
Always my favorite ... 🤗
Blanca Altamirano
Blanca Altamirano Hace un mes
Colombia?!! 🙏👍♥️😂
Gladys Brown
Gladys Brown Hace un mes
my nephew special needs he fell in love with this song plays drums ..awesome song praise ...God is awesome
Ellia Nvs
Ellia Nvs Hace un mes
God bless you always.
Sweetness Cherie
Sweetness Cherie Hace un mes
Praises to the Lord God. He is so good My heart rejoices
Yvette Martinez
Yvette Martinez Hace un mes
Yes I love this song on repeat thanks to my mother law and father law for singing this song at church and praising God I love it thank you Jesus for saving me and making me new again I thank you Father in Jesus name Amen ❤️🙏
Kathy Nichols
Kathy Nichols Hace un mes
Listen to our hearts Lord!!
Jackylou Doble
Jackylou Doble Hace 2 meses
Nise Dayse
Nise Dayse Hace 2 meses
*_Amo essa música!_* ❣️
Wanshom Konyak Wanshom Konyak
Wanshom Konyak Wanshom Konyak Hace 2 meses
Tq lord 4 everything. .
Darren Bishop
Darren Bishop Hace 2 meses
Awesome song👌
Joanne Blonda
Joanne Blonda Hace 2 meses
I love YOU GOD.
Erika Balceda
Erika Balceda Hace 2 meses
El versículo 1: ¿Cómo se explica, ¿Cómo describe usted, Un amor que va de este a oeste, Y corre y profundo que ancho? Tú conoces todas nuestras esperanzas Señor, tú sabes todos nuestros miedos Y las palabras no pueden expresar el amor que sentimos Pero tenemos mucho tiempo para que escuches Coro: A fin de escuchar a nuestro corazón (oh, Señor, por favor escucha) Escucha nuestros espíritus cantar (y escuchar a cantar) Una canción de alabanza que fluye (una simple canción de alabanza) De los que ha redimido (de los que has redimido) Vamos a utilizar las palabras que conocemos Si te digo lo que es un Dios maravilloso eres Pero las palabras no son suficientes A decir de nuestro amor A fin de escuchar a nuestros corazones Versículo 2: Si las palabras pueden caer como la lluvia A partir de estos labios de mina Y si tuviera mil años Todavía me acaba el tiempo Así que si usted escucha a mi corazón Cada latido decía: Gracias por la vida, gracias por la verdad, gracias por el Camino.
Kathy Hunt
Kathy Hunt Hace 2 meses
wow I love this 💗
Thanks God!
Adam Yangfo
Adam Yangfo Hace 2 meses
I love this song
Thatsanee Khrukrathok
Thatsanee Khrukrathok Hace 2 meses
Uma Rani
Uma Rani Hace 3 meses
WOW ❤️❤️❤️👌
Alan Ericksen
Alan Ericksen Hace 3 meses
Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. Gospel of John 14:6, The Authorized Holy Bible.
Theresa Hace 3 meses
So many times in this life Words really are Not enough! Thank You Lord you read Heart Language. Our Loving Awesome God🙋
Kathy Nichols
Kathy Nichols Hace 4 meses
I love this ❤️ Song!
Kathy Nichols
Kathy Nichols Hace 4 meses
You know I am usually a person who doesn't know the words exactly to say this is a wonderful song ❤️
Paula Cunha
Paula Cunha Hace 4 meses
Que linda 😍🙌
Kathy Nichols
Kathy Nichols Hace 4 meses
AMEN listen to my heart!! JESUS
Emmanuel Love
Emmanuel Love Hace 4 meses
Such a spiritual song. M fill with holy presence Amen
Fe Tognaon
Fe Tognaon Hace 4 meses
Lord listen to our hearts 🙏🙏
Nokpho Wangsha
Nokpho Wangsha Hace 4 meses
Thumbs down 👎 are sucks
Dominik Landeka
Dominik Landeka Hace 5 meses
I love this song so much. It is incredible. Thank you for it.
St0we11 Hace 5 meses
Casting Crowns has been one of my 'go to' artists for at least a decade, and like when you read our Lords Holy Bible and discover a golden nugget you didn't read/see/hear before; I just found this beautiful love song to the Lord and have hit replay a dozen times!! Who is the accompanying singer in the harmony of the song? Anybody know?
Sophie Barbé
Sophie Barbé Hace 5 meses
How how beautiful! What wonderful gifts has God given to you! 😍 Such amazing voices, and such wonderful and encouraging words, how sweet and kind as well! I pray God will bless you guys 😊
Jessica Abraham
Jessica Abraham Hace 5 meses
What a beautiful song. I wish I could sing as you do
Power Hace 5 meses
hi guys . can u tell me if the song in '' walk ride rodeo '' when shes drivin the new truk , if is a christian song ? thx . God bless in Jesus name
Debra Meyer
Debra Meyer Hace 5 meses
The Love of Jesus saved not only my soul but saved my body from death 7 times. He is an awesome God
Extraterrestre Tigre RASURADO
Extraterrestre Tigre RASURADO Hace 5 meses
Hermoso, gracias Casting Crowns. God bless.
Awi Soe
Awi Soe Hace 5 meses
Chris r u really our life? which can showing for me I we’ll not still my life I’m every time feeling my life I’m not enough still my life ,u really love me? I want to stilling my heart please u come on my life I’m every time waiting u Chris I’m every time welcome u 😊
Elsie Pedersen
Elsie Pedersen Hace 5 meses
Such beautiful words . God bless you Casting Crowns for the inspiring songs .
s kk
s kk Hace 5 meses
I'm blessed😇
Formsurely Laloo
Formsurely Laloo Hace 5 meses
God bless you. Good song ever and ever.the word of the song is fill my heart.🙏🙏
Pasha Chotai
Pasha Chotai Hace 5 meses
Nita Reyes
Nita Reyes Hace 5 meses
Roger Gambrel
Roger Gambrel Hace 5 meses
Catlady that was an awesome song casting crowns sung..thanks for sharing this with us here on ESwomen.. Loved it
kyunghee Oh
kyunghee Oh Hace 5 meses
Thank you so much again!
J 77
J 77 Hace 6 meses
Irene Chavez Yepez
Irene Chavez Yepez Hace 6 meses
Heavenly Father when your children don't have words to say just 'LISTEN TO THEIR HEARTS❤️
Esther Min
Esther Min Hace 6 meses
Dominggus Ngain
Dominggus Ngain Hace 6 meses
Thanks for songs...Jesus my heart
SavedBYJesus Hace 6 meses
The human heart is wicked beyond belief..
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington Hace 6 meses
Love this song
Banari Khongwar
Banari Khongwar Hace 6 meses
Nice song.
Linda Hansen
Linda Hansen Hace 6 meses
Brooki Lover
Brooki Lover Hace 6 meses
Amazing song
Dindo Chiong
Dindo Chiong Hace 6 meses
Greatly appreciated all The Song/Music,Veryly Blessings,(Originally Title/AMA,America Music Association,Very Special to all in (Religions of Bible Study'n),Staff &, Members of the Band(Congratulation for all Creation about God in Heavenly Laws). Lovable Memorably,Peace be w/You all/And also w/you. Amen. Thanks Like's always.🌎. One Bread one body one People.
Timi Boszormenyi
Timi Boszormenyi Hace 6 meses
Sassy Sarahan
Sassy Sarahan Hace 6 meses
Listen to the heart of a sinner like me, oh Lord.
ELLIOTT MAK Hace 6 meses
Merci pour la vie
ELLIOTT MAK Hace 6 meses
GOD is Good
verna santillan
verna santillan Hace 7 meses
If our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things. 1 John 3:20 We are convinced that God must be so disappointed with us. He must hate our evil tendencies, our lack of faith, lack of compassion, our lustful thoughts, selfishness, harsh judgments, basically ~ all the things we do and say. If our sinful nature is revolting to us, how much more are we revolting to God? It draws us to this one conclusion~ will I ever be good enough and God is always disappointed with me?? ~ Yes, at times I believe that we do disappoint God~ but I know that He has not abandoned us because God's love for us is a perfect love. God does not keep a list of all our sins to remind Him of how bad we have offended Him. As a matter of fact, as soon as we confess our sins they are tossed out as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.( psalm 103:12) So the next time your heart condemns you remember that God's love is perfect and greater than our heart. His love for us is overwhelming and He is always ready to forgive and mend a broken and contrite heart. Sing praise, sing praise, Creat in me a clean heart, O God~ restore me to the joy of Thy salvation. God listen to our hearts
rebel warrior
rebel warrior Hace 7 meses
I just love this song so much.
Khachuan lee
Khachuan lee Hace 7 meses
主我爱你 i trust you lord
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