Limahl - Never Ending Story (Official Music Video)

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You're watching the official music video for Limahl - "Never Ending Story" from 1984 and recently featured on the soundtrack for Stranger Things Season 3. The Giorgio Moroder produced track was originally recorded as the theme song for the 1984 film 'The NeverEnding Story' and later released on the former Kajagoogoo frontman's debut solo album 'Don't Suppose'.
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Luciano Bandeira
Luciano Bandeira Hace 8 horas
As músicas de antigamente tinha alma... Essa é de ontem, hoje e sempre! Salve, Limah e Bete Andersonl!!!
Jared Olson
Jared Olson Hace 12 horas
I'm here because some giant turtle sneezed a bunch of snot on me while making me fall out of a tree.
Evan Gregory
Evan Gregory Hace un día
Born in the 80s.....
Adreson Cunha
Adreson Cunha Hace un día
Lembranças 1984 voltarei la un diaaaaaaaa
Mark Zane
Mark Zane Hace un día
This is not the official video but it's okay. 👍
capy. Hace un día
Who is not from Stranger Things? childhood memories😊😓
preetham ramesh
preetham ramesh Hace un día
Who is here after stranger things 3 because I am the one ☺☺😍
arumidumiluckysushi :D
arumidumiluckysushi :D Hace un día
*Who's here because Dustin met Suzie*
Max-Olivier Michel
Max-Olivier Michel Hace un día
u r an fegit
u r an fegit Hace 2 días
What are these assholes talking about lol?
Manuel Sanchez
Manuel Sanchez Hace 2 días
I loved this movie as a kid especially valcor
Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith Hace 3 días
Tell the truth if you’re here because of stranger things don’t lie ‘U~U’
giwta kats
giwta kats Hace 3 días
+1 If you are here from stranger things 😂❤️(2019)
Tom H
Tom H Hace 3 días
Love the melody.
호히 Hace 4 días
부활 노래 찾다가 잘못 들어왔누 ㅋㅋ
jeremia sebastian
jeremia sebastian Hace 4 días
Wtf!! It's that real!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nelson Ricardo
Nelson Ricardo Hace 4 días
False advertising. It's only 3 1/2 minutes long.
victorygreen Hace 4 días
I'm here because of Atreu, Falcor and Bastian.
Bëllã Bird
Bëllã Bird Hace 3 días
Trialinyx Hace 4 días
When you're actually here from Slimecicle and not the movie or Stranger Things...
G E M I N I Hace 5 días
I know this song because of the movie The Neverending Story, I grew up in the early 2000s and watched it on an old Magnavox and VHS, those were good times.
Eugenia Syro
Eugenia Syro Hace 5 días
God, she is ugly.
DetroitLove4U Hace 5 días
The best childhood fantasy film ever with the most dope theme song for such a film ever!!! The 80's was and is The Neverending Story! I was 6 years of age when this film was released and it never fades - timeless cinematic piece!!!
Isaac Joseph Baker
Isaac Joseph Baker Hace 5 días
So Stranger Things ripped off NeverEnding Story? Typical.
TRU MAN Hace 5 días
This guy is as gay as it gets. I can't stand flamboyant men. You gay, ok. But don't act like a chic. Your not a women.
Rudo Bam
Rudo Bam Hace 5 días
que cancion mas bonita llevo enamorada de ellas desde el 84. viva los 80!
Luvly_bunny_ aesthetics
Luvly_bunny_ aesthetics Hace 6 días
I’m here because I was playing the stranger things one and my dads like this ones better!
agus 831
agus 831 Hace 6 días
that's the Limahl girl
arav the boi
arav the boi Hace 6 días
I'm because of that freakean Dustin
Joseph Lamontagne
Joseph Lamontagne Hace 6 días
Bet no one is here from DDR
Unikitty Cat
Unikitty Cat Hace 6 días
This is so stupid compared to stranger things !
The Nudist Report
The Nudist Report Hace 6 días
Omg such Nostalgia! 😍 never ending story!!!! 😊 Omg and I never seen the video it’s so sweet!
The Nudist Report
The Nudist Report Hace 6 días
Omg such Nostalgia! 😍 never ending story!!!! 😊
Kauã lira Kauã lira
Kauã lira Kauã lira Hace 6 días
Dustin e suzie
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Hace 6 días
The bitch looks like shes has more testosterone then the "guy" its like a lesbian duet.
Alternative1990sGal Camacho
Alternative1990sGal Camacho Hace 6 días
Love this song and video ✨oh yeah and of course The Neverending Story💖
Hope Floyd
Hope Floyd Hace 7 días
Man... he was a touchy... feely... kind of guy in this video... but I'm not complaining.. ruff.. ruff..🐕
Daywalker Hace 7 días
s T r A n G e R t H i N g S
Juanita piedrahita
Juanita piedrahita Hace 7 días
I'm here only just Stranger Things Like If you too 👍🏼
My Days Are Gone
My Days Are Gone Hace 5 días
Juanita piedrahita Stranger Things really. What is it
Lyle Gerard
Lyle Gerard Hace 7 días
Still gives me goosebumps!!!
agus 831
agus 831 Hace 7 días
the original musicians of the song stay on the video
Jana Soriano 2
Jana Soriano 2 Hace 7 días
I came here bc of stranger things 😂 it’s stuck in my head now
Vishal kumar
Vishal kumar Hace 6 días
Mine too
Kyrgyzstan Czechoslovakia
Kyrgyzstan Czechoslovakia Hace 7 días
Planks constant is 6.6-
jaidyn Hace 7 días
ah shit my magnets
camila mongelos
camila mongelos Hace 7 días
this song is from stranger things
David Garris
David Garris Hace 8 días
Chris Hamill is still performing and still has his looks. Unlike most of the drug / booze addled others of his age. Take that Joe Elliot . 😁
Bob Noxious
Bob Noxious Hace 8 días
The cringe is real.
TheSky Game
TheSky Game Hace 8 días
Stranger things!!!!!!!!
not elise zendejas
not elise zendejas Hace 8 días
We all know why we are here dont lie
Josalfas Hace 8 días
Kajagoogoo is dead?
Tjak Ghoenz
Tjak Ghoenz Hace 8 días
my fave childhood song... what a great adventure movie too
lola y amores LOL
lola y amores LOL Hace 8 días
Más fiera está cantando
BirthOfSerpents Hace 9 días
Stefanos_dagod08: twitch streams
Stefanos_dagod08: twitch streams Hace 9 días
Planks Constant is: 6.62607004
Nunya Goddamnbusiness
Nunya Goddamnbusiness Hace 9 días
Sorry, I am not familiar with Stranger Things. On a side note, does anyone know where I can find a luck dragon?
Andres Yepes
Andres Yepes Hace 9 días
Atreyu and Eleven are siblings and u didnt know it
Bastian Cook
Bastian Cook Hace 9 días
That moment where the theme song captures the entire second half of the book in three and a half minutes better than three whole movies...
Stranger Things _Br
Stranger Things _Br Hace 9 días
strangerr Things
iza ._. shan
iza ._. shan Hace 9 días
Stranger things
Dana Hace 10 días
I remember hearing this for the first time in 1984 because I'm an old person
Shaun Fleming
Shaun Fleming Hace 10 días
dusty bun and susie po song
Scott McPhee
Scott McPhee Hace 10 días
I'm here because I was walking down my local main street a few days ago. I spotted a guy who looked just like Limahl.
Shaylan Smith
Shaylan Smith Hace 11 días
O.m.g one of my favorites was this song and The Never Ending Story Movie as well this was my childhood back when i was in middle school 12 13 &14 i used to watch the movies all the time at my grandma's, it's sad though to say that it's hard to find the second and third but, rarely anyone would find it in Target store the movie endless classic I hope to find the 3 in one edition that would be amazing.
Raymond Ortiz
Raymond Ortiz Hace 11 días
This song made the soundtrack to the movie much better!
Piggnatti’s Loot
Piggnatti’s Loot Hace 11 días
Dustin and Susie sang it better
Ozzy Morrison
Ozzy Morrison Hace 11 días
notice this song has no beginning and it has no end . it just is. just like us we are beings with no beginning and no end, we are NEVERENDING
Franco Ruiz
Franco Ruiz Hace 11 días
If i ever see someone about to die .. im going to start singing this song....storyyyyyyy
what0080 Hace 11 días
Who came here after visiting Kashyyyk the 2nd time?
Papa Jack
Papa Jack Hace 11 días
Can you believe there is now a generation who has never heard of the never ending story
Derek Gleason
Derek Gleason Hace 9 días
I'm mean I'm 15 and I watched this movie alot when I was younger and still do and It hits me like a train whenever I hear this but yeah I agree. I kinda feel sad that so many people say that it's from stranger things
Flamingo Girl
Flamingo Girl Hace 11 días
TBH Dustin and Suzie sing it better
Travek Maxwell
Travek Maxwell Hace 11 días
Never Ending story was such a crazy show for me as a kid, also the horse scene in the swamp was heart wrenching. I also was a smart ass and mentioned to my parents the never ending story just ended let's get our money back.
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