Limahl - Never Ending Story (Official Music Video)

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You're watching the official music video for Limahl - "Never Ending Story" from 1984 and recently featured on the soundtrack for Stranger Things Season 3. The Giorgio Moroder produced track was originally recorded as the theme song for the 1984 film 'The NeverEnding Story' and later released on the former Kajagoogoo frontman's debut solo album 'Don't Suppose'.
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What a bop
Frank Lurten
Frank Lurten Hace un hora
Idk... Maybe Dustin did it better?
Ecks Dee
Ecks Dee Hace un hora
Omg I got an ad for smirnoff
•D R E A M•
•D R E A M• Hace un hora
Turn around Look at what you see In her face The mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere Given in the light Written on the pages Is the answer to a never ending story Ah Reach the stars Fly a fantasy Dream a dream And what you see will be Rhymes that keep their secrets Will unfold behind the clouds And there upon a rainbow Is the answer to a never ending story Ah Story Ah Show no fear For she may fade away In your hand The birth of a new day Rhymes that keep their secrets Will unfold behind the clouds And there upon a rainbow Is the answer to a never ending story Ah Never ending story Ah Never ending story Ah Never ending story Ah
Herman Soliz
Herman Soliz Hace 4 horas
This is Alexeis funeral music 😭
Sriracha_Crackers Hace 4 horas
I was told this is where I come to find DEMOGORGON PORN 🌚..
Janna Montejano
Janna Montejano Hace 4 horas
Dustybun and Suziepoo sing it better
Moonbeam Hace 4 horas
I'm here because of the book.
Tay_boo Hace 5 horas
who else is here from stranger things 😀 ?
Anabel _blink
Anabel _blink Hace 5 horas
De aquí sacaron la parte que canta suzi y Dustin
Faby Gee
Faby Gee Hace 5 horas
I like how Dustin & Susie sang it better!
Enrique Diaz
Enrique Diaz Hace 5 horas
Suzie and Dustin sing better
internetuser Hace 6 horas
Always thought it was woman singing
GendiGo Hace 6 horas
No one: Absolutley no one: Not even a peice of dust: Dustin and Suzie: TURN AROUND Hopper, Joice, alexi (in heaven), Steve, Max, Lucas, Mike: STOP SINGING WE ARE ABOUT TO DIE
Amber Green
Amber Green Hace 7 horas
I never knew it was a black chick singing that! 😉😂😜😍
Nicolle Taporco
Nicolle Taporco Hace 7 horas
Dustin and Suzie brought me here! 😅
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham Hace 7 horas
I use to sing this song when I was a little kid I'm a 1980's. Stranger Things Season 3 brought me here
Liløū_Lrÿ Hace 9 horas
Qui pense a Stranger Things avec cette musique 😂
bubbles beaky
bubbles beaky Hace 10 horas
I only know this song bc stranger things
Lola the Rat
Lola the Rat Hace 10 horas
Anyone here from Stranger Things 😂
Tom Burr
Tom Burr Hace 13 horas
The singer looks like a George Lynch stunt double from Dokken's Tooth N Nail album 🤣
osama roum
osama roum Hace 13 horas
as you see in the video Max became a man and Lucas became a woman .
Jimmy Gross
Jimmy Gross Hace 14 horas
I do have the 30th Anniversary Edition of The Neverending Story on Blu Ray
Gianna Frederick
Gianna Frederick Hace 14 horas
The guy looks like Troye Sivan's older brother. 😆
Armin Parekh
Armin Parekh Hace 14 horas
This song is very-good for your health. It's a "Fever-Ending Story."
ciara fitzgerald
ciara fitzgerald Hace 18 horas
Dog: Woof woof Cat: Meow Retards: wHoS heRe bEcaUsE oF sTraNgeR tHinGs
Romie Beech
Romie Beech Hace 21 un hora
DeviousKitten27 Hace un día
Honestly never would’ve heard of this song before if not for Stranger Things and I’m glad that I know of it now I’m happy!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace un día
ngl stranger things ruined this song for me cause now everyone only thinks of stranger things when someone mentions this song
lilmiss2003 Hace un día
Im here for niko, who complains that there are too many people saying “im here for stranger things”
Smiley Hace un día
Im here to get some kid name niko mad
Omg! I didn't know it was an old song..awww😍 Dusty bun and Suzie poo brings me here, their version is also nice and cute💖💖💖💖💖
DXG Snow
DXG Snow Hace un día
This one not good But The stranger things one is good
Helen Reyes
Helen Reyes Hace un día
I love the song, I come back at 80’s
Liz Eugenio
Liz Eugenio Hace un día
I'm here because my daughter who's a big fan of stranger things can't stop singing this song.
Loko Xoido
Loko Xoido Hace un día
Im retarded because i don t came for stranger things
Keylan Jones-brown
Keylan Jones-brown Hace un día
I love her hair so much
High vision Fishing
High vision Fishing Hace un día
SpaceShank Hace un día
Sweet mullet.
Angela G
Angela G Hace un día
This song is Billy’s and Hopper’s curse
N. A
N. A Hace un día
Dustin from Stranger Things sang it better
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Hace un día
I am here because I need to stop evil Russians and monsters
Hoda Farid
Hoda Farid Hace un día
Dustin and Suzy's cover is better!
Omar cglz
Omar cglz Hace un día
Stranger things?
Kotei Kurohige
Kotei Kurohige Hace un día
i thought suzie is white... hmmm hahaha
deacon nameless
deacon nameless Hace un día
Most 80s thing I've seen and heard for a while lmao
Adama Diatta Dandio Year 07
Adama Diatta Dandio Year 07 Hace un día
We are all here cuz of stranger things 😂
Soundwave 84
Soundwave 84 Hace un día
MCU in a nutshell
supreme brick
supreme brick Hace un día
Wtf is this comment section
Shawn Michael Hartwell
Shawn Michael Hartwell Hace un día
I love this song! Best song ever omg!!
taka 990
taka 990 Hace un día
I need some magnets please
Lady Bugvole
Lady Bugvole Hace un día
Siilence_beast YT
Siilence_beast YT Hace un día
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson Hace un día
Season 3 of Stranger Things has me amped for the remake of The NeverEnding Story
Rockshock Hace un día
This song is really nostalgic for me, the 80s were the time of my life See its not a Stranger things comment, wait shit...
MisstaLocke Hace 2 días
This vibe, this mullet, this fine ass woman, this video exudes greatness
Zahrah Khalid
Zahrah Khalid Hace 2 días
I love how Rhino didn’t care to upload this for decades but as soon as it shows up on Stranger Things, here we are. The other video has 44 million views
YaDankGamerBoi Hace 2 días
Cullen Seago
Cullen Seago Hace 2 días
Falcor and Atreyu approve!!!
ath3na Hace 2 días
i like how this song got popular from stranger things,,,,never ending story was my shit when i was like 5 kinda makes me a lil frusterated-
Courtny E.
Courtny E. Hace 2 días
Stranger Things season 3 brought me here.
Elijah Hace 2 días
I’ve never even seen stranger things 😭
Oral Ogarro
Oral Ogarro Hace 2 días
I love this so beautifull together
Emma Dobbin-Pike
Emma Dobbin-Pike Hace 2 días
Who's here from stranger things 💖👀
pan-8 smasher
pan-8 smasher Hace 2 días
Cheeseus Christ ...
Joe Baron
Joe Baron Hace 2 días
Star Wars. Yes. ET. Yes. Back To The Future. Yes. Terminator. Yes. Alien. Yes ... This song was not supposed to make up part of the emotional construct inside of me that shapes who I am. And yet here I am now, at 41 years old, because it just has. It's a Strange fucking life.👍👌🤣
Lil Willy
Lil Willy Hace 2 días
I’m here because I saw a sluggish thing at the mall 😉
Sean King
Sean King Hace 2 días
I’m here because I need the code
ricey spicey
ricey spicey Hace 2 días
This is the amount of Demogorgons that have escaped the Upside Down: ⬇️⬇️
ricey spicey
ricey spicey Hace 2 días
“NOW! Sing it now, Dustybun!”
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