Lil Tjay - Hold On (Official Video)

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Official video for "Hold On" by Lil Tjay.

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Josue Salvadoria
Josue Salvadoria Hace 51 un minuto
Wilson Joey
Wilson Joey Hace 5 horas
i swear on my bro i will like
Chris Chiodo
Chris Chiodo Hace 5 horas
Lil Tjay 🔥🐐
Tray Ritchie
Tray Ritchie Hace 20 horas
You song went from having meaning to just another garbage track about jewelry. Oooooof.
Sharif Ali
Sharif Ali Hace un día
He is a Lengend and a King🔥🔥
X MAFIA X Hace un día
69 trying to kill you
Timothy Casas
Timothy Casas Hace un día
Protect lil Tjay
Timothy Casas
Timothy Casas Hace un día
Best song by lil Tjay
Famous Cryp
Famous Cryp Hace 2 días
0:59 I never understood how you can afford a mic but not a cover 😂
ben higgs
ben higgs Hace 2 días
Tjay: ik just spending hundreds or thousands on jewellery Tjays wife : I’m off to work Like boy u making her work ?
Lilly Ottowa
Lilly Ottowa Hace 3 días
His fucking face at 1:55
griselda Moran
griselda Moran Hace 3 días
The goat
Michael Bahati
Michael Bahati Hace 4 días
My name in roblox apdopme is liltjay
Francine Keezer
Francine Keezer Hace 4 días
My shit
Texea 60hz
Texea 60hz Hace 5 días
Fortnite montage
Martins Reis
Martins Reis Hace 5 días
travbtw Hace 5 días
2:24 when u forget that the ring is meant to go on your finger
MF Ghost
MF Ghost Hace 6 días
I rap too, this video make me wanna work way harder than i do now😖‼️even though i work my ass off already
MF Ghost
MF Ghost Hace un día
MrRonzo Neumann TLM 103
MrRonzo Hace 2 días
Yo what studio microphone do u think is good with quality
Gm7 RMA Hace 6 días
She going to work dressed like that??
king Cas
king Cas Hace 6 días
Gang Gang Lil Tjay
Yusuf .1s
Yusuf .1s Hace 6 días
Banger song for when your high
LIL OMNI VERSE Hace 6 días
Tiktokers when this song is came: 0:54
Kaiss Djingarale
Kaiss Djingarale Hace 6 días
Classement lil tjay ,lil mosey,lil tecca
Kalem O’Rourke
Kalem O’Rourke Hace 7 días
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Evan Jacquez
Evan Jacquez Hace 7 días
I think it's time to shine
luidi castilho
luidi castilho Hace 7 días
Música foda do caralho
Jordan Ramirez
Jordan Ramirez Hace 8 días
who else thinks lil tjay deserves to be in a lyrical lemonade video
yazzzin Hace 7 días
It’s not directet by cole bennet
Naichka simeon
Naichka simeon Hace 8 días
nice good 2020
Happy ninja Boi
Happy ninja Boi Hace 8 días
2020: starts Corona: 0:54
MostHigh_ Shoot
MostHigh_ Shoot Hace 8 días
Like=lil tjay
im obsessesed with jace norman
im obsessesed with jace norman Hace 9 días
w0w one of the best songs ever
Scider Yt
Scider Yt Hace 9 días
Who's on live chat
Odyessey Hailey
Odyessey Hailey Hace 9 días
I’m a big fan
Lorenzo Uchiha
Lorenzo Uchiha Hace 10 días
Why does she need to work they rich asf
delvon gaming
delvon gaming Hace 10 días
Me to
Quinton Quinton
Quinton Quinton Hace 10 días
Samantha Cox
Samantha Cox Hace 10 días
Ciel Luna
Ciel Luna Hace 10 días
Lil tjay in the hood
[Intro] JD On Tha Track Lil Tjay Nagra Yeah [Chorus] I think it's time to shine, I've been waitin' so long Broski servin' time, he been gone for so long And I promise I'ma do this shit for us, just hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on In the telly sippin' Henny and I got my robe on And they know I'm throwin' bullets, tell the opps to go long They weren't ready for that last year, told us, "Hold on" Bro gone, ain't no chill button, we gon' go strong [Verse 1] Hoppin' out, I got a MAC Hit and do the dash, celebrate and laugh (Yeah, yeah, yeah) I ain't want for all this to get physical Don't get left where they gotta come visit you Gang, gang, call 'em out to extort you (Skrrt, skrrt) Little more than one eighty, the Porsche do Tjay shining 'cause I can afford to I'm a stain, so I gotta' move cautious Happy I'm livin' the life I was given Now we ain't shakin', don't think that I'm slippin' I pull up, I'm grippin', still makin' my chicken You mad? My bad, Lil Tjay ain't trippin' And they mad 'cause I'm stackin' my knots And fuckin' they thots, yes, I'm still puttin' on for the block Still on my way to the top And I'm still here to prove, 'cause my hunger ain't never gon' stop Trauma that's fucked with my mind Ain't wastin' no time, I'm focused on betterin' mine Bullets gon' wet up your spine Throwin' shots from behind, Lil Tjay you one of a kind It's the reason I gotta go off Take your moms out the hood, it don't matter the cost Seventeen, life is short, but I'm rich and a boss (Yeah, yeah) See, the haters is mad 'cause they hate how I floss (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Chorus] I think it's time to shine, I've been waitin' so long Broski servin' time, he been gone for so long And I promise I'ma do this shit for us, just hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on In the telly sippin' Henny and I got my robe on And they know I'm throwin' bullets, tell the opps to go long They weren't ready for that last year, told us, "Hold on" Bro gone, ain't no chill button, we gon' go strong [Verse 2] Bro gone Bodies drop all the time and I'm still finna kill some Run up on me and that steel drummin' All my life I've been hungry, that meal comin' Me and my niggas must get it, no credit We tryna see commas on debit I tell my niggas, "We all gon' be fine, I promise, remember I said it" Hop in the foreign, switch lanes (Switch) I took of the brain for all them nights we went through pain Drippy, I'm makin' it rain Lil Tjay my name, you see what it say on the chain I've been doin' my own thing When it come to that money, I flip it like cocaine She eat up and get protein I just hit it and dump it, no cuffin' her, no games (No games) I be shittin' with no shame And I've been was that nigga 'fore rappin' with no chain Where I come from, they tote thangs Lil' niggas out buckin', they shooting with no aim (No aim) You ain't ever put in no pain How the fuck you gon' tell on your homie? That's so lame (So lame) I don't ever say no names So my goal is to get to the top with the whole gang (Gang, gang, gang)
Jerelin Lara
Jerelin Lara Hace 11 días
I just noticed fivio 😂😂
william t
william t Hace 11 días
How can you flex with foamposites on
Bram Hace 11 días
Shoulda kept Roddy on the track.
Caidyn Harrington
Caidyn Harrington Hace 12 días
But a girl cant hold on to me which is sad
Pxnk Sxnset
Pxnk Sxnset Hace 12 días
Am I the only one who watched this thinking it was a sad song called hold on? ;-; Edit: oh I just saw something..inappropriate..I shouldnt be watching this 😅
Zara Abdullah
Zara Abdullah Hace 12 días
Oop wrong song called hold on
Rconn 77
Rconn 77 Hace 12 días
listened to this song way too many times lmaooo
Simão _
Simão _ Hace 13 días
who is the main girl? someone has her instagram?
the bass baster
the bass baster Hace 13 días
this guy is fucking rocking....lil tjay
Danielle Cardenas
Danielle Cardenas Hace 13 días
Yuhh just never know what makes yuhh hol on for .. 💯
Lukas Janik
Lukas Janik Hace 14 días
I think its time to fart I been waiting soo long
Coop Hace 14 días
This is the worst trash I’ve ever heard
no-faced gamers
no-faced gamers Hace 13 días
fuck u
Cesco Kappa
Cesco Kappa Hace 14 días
GOAT Hace 15 días
*schools are getting rid of police in building* Quiet kid: 0:53
tom brown
tom brown Hace 16 días
When she says “I have to go to work” he literally goes “Ssss” is this a play lmao I can’t not notice that now
en shem haha
en shem haha Hace 16 días
man you god i like your mo
David Lausk
David Lausk Hace 16 días
More fire then the hot ass weather outside
Eli Segura
Eli Segura Hace 16 días
This is the best song
Zyiaire Boykins
Zyiaire Boykins Hace 16 días
lil tjay cool
snipes burg
snipes burg Hace 16 días
Fire vid tjay hop wi dont lose yyou
2 BRO LOL Hace 17 días
Ja Sanchez
Ja Sanchez Hace 17 días
Jaeden Frager
Jaeden Frager Hace 17 días
Jaeden Frager
Jaeden Frager Hace 17 días
אמימאויש אנגדאו
אמימאויש אנגדאו Hace 17 días
Abdou Jobe
Abdou Jobe Hace 17 días
I cant stop listing to this song
Sah Rust
Sah Rust Hace 17 días
bro this could buy my gaming pc setup -=-
RxlFN Hace 18 días
Sorry but tjay better than polo
RHETASOURUS Hace 18 días
all my favorot rappers died like xxxtentacion juice wrld but liltjay didnt he still standing
Team Corrupt
Team Corrupt Hace 18 días
complain II
complain II Hace 18 días
lil tjay to his gyal before she goes to work: “have fun”😂
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