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Lil Peep

Lil Peep

Hace 12 días

“Peep wanted this video to bring people up into the clouds, into the fantastical world of his mind. Making it now, alongside Makonnen, is our way of visiting him again.” - SUS BOY

Lil Peep & ILoveMakonnen feat. Fall Out Boy “I’ve Been Waiting" Out Now:

Concept and Creative Direction: SUS BOY
Directed by: Andrew Donoho
Produced by: Ian Blair
DP: Benjamin Kitchens
Editor: Taylor Brusky
Production Designer: Tyler Jenson
Stylist: Christina Flannery
Visual Effects By: MFX
VFX Producer: Corey Milne
VFX Lead Artist: Jesse Toves
VFX Senior Flame Artist: Rick Cortes
VFX Artist: Chris Zapara
VFX Artist: Deane Boeka
Vfx Artist: Ben Kadie
VFX Matte Paintings: Ron Crabb


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#LilPeep #IveBeenWaiting

TheSalsaCat Hace 10 minutos
Too good to even have a green screen behind this
Min Yeri
Min Yeri Hace 30 minutos
L𝑜v𝑒 p𝑒𝑒p
Sean Callahan
Sean Callahan Hace 37 minutos
I heard this song on my top 40 pop station this morning. A suprise to be sure but a welcome one.
dFuze Fabbe
dFuze Fabbe Hace 39 minutos
the emo is back guys
Account Hace 48 minutos
Who else heard this on the radio?
Liam Cook
Liam Cook Hace 57 minutos
They should make a radio station that has songs from dead people like lil peep or xxx’s songs and stuff like that
EnderP Hace un hora
Why does it seem that most of the song was recorded on a $1000 camera, but when it’s that banquet scene it seems like it was recorded on a phone
Young Suicide- Topic
Young Suicide- Topic Hace 2 horas
Hey guys it would be a dream if you could checkout my youtube channel and listen to my music. I am an upcoming rapper with dreams of making it big in the industry. And with your help by giving me feedback and telling me what i need to fix it will help me alot. Thankyou for your support and time. I love you guys and have a wonderful day!!!!!
Magic Rick
Magic Rick Hace 2 horas
I want die and come to Lil Peep idc if hell or heaven i just want be with lil peep i Will love always😭
Cøñå- Icė
Cøñå- Icė Hace 2 horas
I showed this to my friends and Now they love it...Good Job great music
Crasharas Crasarass
Crasharas Crasarass Hace 2 horas
Lil peep can you come back?????😭😭😭
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 2 horas
Arruinaron a Lil peep se e debe estar revolcándose en su tumba😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
saucypillow Hace 2 horas
1:29 “i’ve been dreaming sounds so good
Amayrani Ramirez
Amayrani Ramirez Hace 2 horas
Like si tú también extrañas a peep :"(
Eliud Rivera
Eliud Rivera Hace 2 horas
Lil peep is the god of all rappers
Ola Kasprzak
Ola Kasprzak Hace 3 horas
This is do good
Da Villy Kids
Da Villy Kids Hace 3 horas
I think makonnen and Peep had something going on on the low
mx410 Hace 3 horas
Love this song
Конопляный Мастер
Конопляный Мастер Hace 3 horas
Not need to speak. Listen...
Unknown Hace 4 horas
i missu lil peep
Ashley Ray
Ashley Ray Hace 4 horas
Patrick stump gets sexier every time he’s in a new video
Pedro Miranda
Pedro Miranda Hace 4 horas
this is so underrated
Jaedon Playz
Jaedon Playz Hace 4 horas
Bruh since when did Patrick get a beard and why does he still look adorable?
Geoff Harrington
Geoff Harrington Hace 4 horas
[ listening apr 22 2019 ]
地獄Rusu Hace 4 horas
Idk but i feel like i heard this a long time ago
Selma Hace 4 horas
Since when Fall Out Boy is just Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump? What about Andy and Joe? :(
kristina Baxter
kristina Baxter Hace 4 horas
I love Patrick so much but with the hair and facial hair he reminds of the dr rose was seeing on the golden girls
Cait Hace 5 horas
I named my baby chick Lil Peep
YEET. Hace 5 horas
i just found out about peep last year I remember like in 2015 I would click the search bar and always see lil peep I always wanted to click but never did until it was to late, rip lil peep
Autistic_Dino Hace 5 horas
Did he not pass away then how did he make songs ? 🤔
vannah contreras yeet
vannah contreras yeet Hace 5 horas
Gyuio Gooff
Gyuio Gooff Hace 5 horas
Из музыканта сделали бренд... Ставлю Диз, хоть и очень люблю творчество Густава, но здесь, его мыслей тупо нету, а значит и нету души
JARzap 00I
JARzap 00I Hace 5 horas
I feel bad for lil peep putting him in this video 😂
andria Hace 6 horas
I just love this. Theres no other words that can describe this other than love.
Pb 15
Pb 15 Hace 6 horas
Can't put in words how much I'm in love with this song, this song makes me happy and sad, makes me wanna cry, scream ugh mix emotions. My psycho spirit is jumping
Life of Battlefield
Life of Battlefield Hace 6 horas
It’s hard to miss your ❤️🙏
mar def
mar def Hace 7 horas
Lil peep ❤
JovaniAbriana Giron
JovaniAbriana Giron Hace 7 horas
This is fire
peeps lovers
peeps lovers Hace 7 horas
Whenever I start to see this video clip I start to cry with peep salvos
Jerzmansky Football.Skills
Jerzmansky Football.Skills Hace 7 horas
Fucking shit
gerard way at the romance disco
gerard way at the romance disco Hace 7 horas
I only came for Patrick but good song
Alesander Cieślak
Alesander Cieślak Hace 8 horas
FOB wrong way go back to emo punk
Korvelijah Geronimo
Korvelijah Geronimo Hace 8 horas
I'm sorrt i don't know lil peep that much but does he have a part of the song (apcific lines in the song that he sang)
Nons ツ
Nons ツ Hace 5 horas
Korvelijah Geronimo no shit it’s his song
ᴘᴀɪɴ Hace 9 horas
pra quem não sabe o peep representa esse libélula obg dnd
Dirty Sprite
Dirty Sprite Hace 9 horas
When they showed Gus’s tattoos I teared up a bit 😢
M mener 90
M mener 90 Hace 11 horas
I miss you Lil peep 💌❤️
Majsan 05
Majsan 05 Hace 11 horas
Gus, I’ll wait for you to come back in the morning...
Mark Gillespie
Mark Gillespie Hace 11 horas
Why does the video have satanic symbols?
PuppyRoss Hace 8 horas
from what i understand, i think those are peep's tattoos
Ugly Segura
Ugly Segura Hace 11 horas
Why dosent this have more than 100M plus views?☹️ atleast
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Hace 11 horas
beta male
CichyWojownik Hace 14 horas
Why I hear Tom Meighan from Kasabian??
Varya Klimchuk
Varya Klimchuk Hace 15 horas
кто тут русский
Prabhleen Reen
Prabhleen Reen Hace 15 horas
i feel some weird nostalgia but ive never heard this song
KingSmithy04 Hace 15 horas
России верные сыны
России верные сыны Hace 15 horas
Лил пир всех наебал
I will always love Patrick and FOB 😍😍😍😍
Harrison Atherton
Harrison Atherton Hace 17 horas
I'm trying to find the original video they made for this song where they were on the beach. Anyone have a link? Please message me!
PuppyRoss Hace 8 horas is this it?
Harrison Atherton
Harrison Atherton Hace 17 horas
Maybe it was another song. It may have been sunlight on your skin. Please message me
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera Hace 17 horas
Wow wow wow wait a minute i just see boy's comments why ? Its weird
WWE Fans MX Hace 17 horas
This has nothing of peep's traditional stuff, expect for the tatts and those parts in which peep goes on this should not be called peep's song
Mike Jacooby
Mike Jacooby Hace 18 horas
Need more new songs with sampled PeeP vocals in the future
Tawnylittlewolf Hace 18 horas
3:55 is that a rusty lake plug at the bottom right with the crow dude
TheBluHusky Hace 18 horas
Some of the craziest magic I have ever seen. A piano that plays like an electric piano!
Y2K Savior
Y2K Savior Hace 19 horas
Great song, shit video tho
EAZY C1APZ Hace 19 horas
Who else crying 😭
Aron YAAH Hace 19 horas
I cant believe that Lil Peep is dead, srsrly i can't.
Ceajhia Gilkes
Ceajhia Gilkes Hace 19 horas
I just don’t understand why the fuck is Lil peep a got damn moth I understand that in some cultures moths are for spiritual things but it’s Lil peep out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom a fucking moth ????????
Nons ツ
Nons ツ Hace 5 horas
Ceajhia Gilkes it represents the spirits of loved ones in Chinese culture
Mr noodle S
Mr noodle S Hace 20 horas
rip the best rapper
Gage Kid
Gage Kid Hace 20 horas
Ok its not clean. Im defenitely getting the uncut soundtrack in CD mode.
Manuel Ochoa
Manuel Ochoa Hace 20 horas
Dislique xk no aparec Lil pepazo
Костян Far
Костян Far Hace 21 un hora
Самый хороший клип который я видел но жалко того тот кто умер из-за наркотиков и пускай он покоится с миром с этой музыкой
Rory Williams
Rory Williams Hace 21 un hora
jake tenold
jake tenold Hace 21 un hora
i hate that i like this song
Nons ツ
Nons ツ Hace 5 horas
jake tenold that’s how I felt about awful things in 2017 and now I have a playlist with like 50+ lil peep songs in it
Brandon Flores thola
Brandon Flores thola Hace 21 un hora
Puto el que lo lea 👽
misty vasquez
misty vasquez Hace 22 horas
Rest easy Lil Peep..u gonna keep playing in my playlist as long as i live..for sure💯❤
Trinidad Calderon
Trinidad Calderon Hace 22 horas
Loli Loli
Loli Loli Hace 22 horas
i like barbie
sub to pewdiepie NOW
sub to pewdiepie NOW Hace 22 horas
Shannon Stower
Shannon Stower Hace 22 horas
You will always be missed lil peep ❤❤ missed but never forgotten. R.I.P 💖💖
Javier Goveo
Javier Goveo Hace 23 horas
Que buena cansion
LaVerdaderaPautaTV Hace 23 horas
LIL SOUL Hace 23 horas
more like ILoveMakonnen & Fall Out Boy Ft. Lil Peep
Leonardo Fiallos
Leonardo Fiallos Hace un día
Who’s the third singer?
PuppyRoss Hace 8 horas
The ginger guy with the beard and blue suit? If that's who you're talking about, then he is Patrick Stump, the lead singer for the band Fall Out Boy.
Alberto Jimenez Diaz
Alberto Jimenez Diaz Hace un día
I think people wouldn't have to use someone died's voice to be more famous without that person permission. It's like benefacting to his death...
Alberto Jimenez Diaz
Alberto Jimenez Diaz Hace un día
Why I feel lil peep style has becomed into a so comercial shit since he died? It's like some singers use his voice like the instrumental of their songs and to make them more famous as the way as you use a drum for example... It's so pathetic.
Nons ツ
Nons ツ Hace 5 horas
Alberto Jimenez Diaz it’s his label selling his stuff for money instead of respecting him as a person
B B Hace un día
What's up with the upside down cross assholes
Wesley Monteiro
Wesley Monteiro Hace un día
Cadê os BRASIL !!! Flamenguistas
SLENDER 205 Hace un día
We miss you peep
E Krein
E Krein Hace un día
Ilovemakonnen outdid himself 😜
Polski Janusz
Polski Janusz Hace un día
this song played on Polish radio
Mystic_Apollo Hace un día
Anyone else think our Patrick boy looks like a brits tv salesman or comedian with that beard? Or even ashens XD anyway this song is awesome! Well done on finishing it for peep guys, well done!
AlienWare 2008
AlienWare 2008 Hace un día
3:12 why TF is there a word at this part that says DADDY??
Nons ツ
Nons ツ Hace 5 horas
AlienWare 2008 it’s one of lil peeps tattoos
Chikaru Soiree
Chikaru Soiree Hace un día
Miss u peep :(
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen Hace un día
1:43 fuck me up
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen Hace un día
0:44 Going crazy
mike kern
mike kern Hace un día
RIP li pepe
Sobahn Khan
Sobahn Khan Hace un día
Lil Peep inspired me to start making Music again - I wish I could have made a song with him and help spread his message..
Aden Clark
Aden Clark Hace un día
3:18 *Daddy*
MR. Drop
MR. Drop Hace un día
Its Rare
jishwa dun
jishwa dun Hace un día
young volcanoes on steroids
jishwa dun
jishwa dun Hace un día
but not gruesome
Lucky Hace un día
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