Lil Huddy Responds To DissTrack!! #TeaTok RiceGum Reacts To DissTrack!! TikTok Boy Tape Leaks!!

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Josh Richards

Josh Richards

Hace 2 meses

This is a video of Bryce, Anthony & I making fun of drama and trying to bring light to the situations. Don't take this seriously or just don't watch the video! To the people that have good humor, enjoy the vid!
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your local aubry
your local aubry Hace 19 horas
omg the shoes josh were wearing were from millie bobby browns converse collection lol
King Lazy
King Lazy Hace 21 un hora
Who saw Bryce smoking in the intro
Lucky’s Life
Lucky’s Life Hace 22 horas
Is Anthony actually a virgin?
jasmine telan
jasmine telan Hace un día
anthony is always eating somthing
Helana Daigle
Helana Daigle Hace un día
Nobody: Anthony: I'm still a virgin
Aidyn Fateen
Aidyn Fateen Hace un día
I am sorry but what is bryce doing in the beginning (he smokin)
MEHANAS LIFE!! Hace un día
Kay_Baby _
Kay_Baby _ Hace un día
This Chanel should be called Josh and Bryce shotgun white claws and be crackheads
Sarah Althani
Sarah Althani Hace un día
is it just me or does josh have an accent at 2:35??
Morgan Banfill
Morgan Banfill Hace un día
did no one else see Bryce puff smoke at the very beginning? just me?
hi Hace un día
are we not gonna talk ab at the end of the video when bryce gets up there is a juuullllllllll...
luce stuff
luce stuff Hace 2 días
i stg Bryce drops his dual on the sofa every time lmao
Savannah Yefchak
Savannah Yefchak Hace 2 días
Who else is rewatching old videos?
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson Hace 2 días
Anthony is eating every teatok he’s in
Catelyn Kirkwood
Catelyn Kirkwood Hace 3 días
anthony is always eating lol
Mariona’s Art
Mariona’s Art Hace 3 días
Why does Anthony always has something to eat in tea Tok like the other time he had 🌮 Taco Bell 🛎 and this time pizza 🍕 hahahahahahahaha
Margareta Dijanus
Margareta Dijanus Hace 3 días
I love u Bryceeee🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍
Abraham Gonzalez
Abraham Gonzalez Hace 3 días
What’s the name of the girl in the live
Julianna Xyreen Vivar
Julianna Xyreen Vivar Hace 3 días
2020 anyone? hehe jadens hair tho
Renee Puglisi
Renee Puglisi Hace 3 días
Keira Monaghan
Keira Monaghan Hace 3 días
7:09 I wheezed at this part.
Mille Mollerup
Mille Mollerup Hace 3 días
2:02 it’s corekt
Olivia Price
Olivia Price Hace 4 días
I Stan josh for saying he’s not all the way through puberty he’s brave ✊🏻👑
Amelia Spurr
Amelia Spurr Hace 4 días
Y is Anthony always eating in the vids
Luka Kavcic
Luka Kavcic Hace 4 días
Anyone here after Josh and Jaden just left the sway house?
Living Life
Living Life Hace 4 días
Anthony is eating in every video
xcolax Hace 4 días
Why at 9:35 does Anthony unbutton his jeans then it cuts to him doing them up. Anthony is the best person in any video ahah
Lucia Carneiro nieto
Lucia Carneiro nieto Hace 5 días
Why is Anthony always eating on the videos 😂
Tiffany Joanna
Tiffany Joanna Hace 5 días
i love how they all just go after each other lol, they're truly the realest house/group of people and I love it
manie tourso
manie tourso Hace 5 días
anthony is so cute🥺🥺
Kriselle Correia
Kriselle Correia Hace 5 días
Anthony is legit a mood.. Food before anything😂 Anythony's always eating something in the start of Josh's video!😂😂❤️
This is Mera
This is Mera Hace 6 días
Am I the only one who saw smoke out of Bryce mouth ok only me anyways I already know he vapes
Rian McElhinny
Rian McElhinny Hace 6 días
Love the fact how anthony was just chill the whole time lmao
Marley Cockerham
Marley Cockerham Hace 6 días
did anyone else see the smoke coming out of bryce's mouth at the beginning? nope just me?
Nutmeg FluffyButt
Nutmeg FluffyButt Hace 6 días
your a bully
nikashe1 0
nikashe1 0 Hace 7 días
is it me or is Anthony always eating in videos
Ella Oviawe
Ella Oviawe Hace 7 días
Anthony is always eating and i wanna jump through the screen and steal his pizza😅😂
Emily Stepan-Jackson
Emily Stepan-Jackson Hace 8 días
EVERY video anthony is eating different food
Amayah Madrigal
Amayah Madrigal Hace 8 días
ok but WHY IS THE INTRO PART SO FUNNY! first up, we got Josh and Bryce acting like crackheads and then Anthony is doing a whole MUKBANG, and finally, Jaden screaming his ass off saying "aHhh i bRoKe mY aRmMMMMMM"
martina cremona
martina cremona Hace 9 días
josh;im super cute Jaden; someone called me a woman 1 time {Jaden is still d best tho]
sabrina Hace 9 días
nobody anthony: breathes me: KDMKDMKDDKMDKDJND
sabrina Hace 9 días
nobody anthony and josh just laughing so hard 0:17-0:19-0:20-0:21 nobody josh: yEaH hAvE yOu hEaRd aBoUt iT anthony: yEaH wE mAke jOkEs abOut iT bryce: were probably just going to fake laugh it anthony: i'M gOinG tO kEeP iT fOr rEal i'M nOt fAkE lAuGhinG iT josh: hEy aNthOny wEre sHouLd wE tHis tEa tOk viDeo anthony: tHat sOuNdeD uGly josh: asks again "hEy aNthOny wEre sHouLd wE tHis tEa tOk viDeo" anthony: siRi. bryce: farts. anthony: hAHHAHahahaAHAHaA the mom in the video when it shows anthony "aw he's cute" anthony: i am cute doe. bryce: yO gUys tHat wAs fUnnY riGht anthony and josh: AHAHAHAHAHHAHA bryce "im going to go away anthony "iM gOing tO sTaY oN mUuUte bryce: im going to step out for that one anthony: i hAVe tO piSs josh "i'll throw that up somewhere anthony: 16 15 yEaRS oLd gOt a liTtle wEeNer josh: when i was 15 i was playing with legos anthony: im still a virgin 4:59
Del issa
Del issa Hace 9 días
Anthony is always eating 🤣
EVA Hace 10 días
why is anthony always eating during these first he was eating taco bell now it's pizza
Aleksandra Głogowskaa
Aleksandra Głogowskaa Hace 10 días
Kayleigh Nicholls
Kayleigh Nicholls Hace 11 días
ok did nobody else see the juul.
Jenayhea Pascal
Jenayhea Pascal Hace 11 días
I know they taken but they cuteeee
Brittany Michelle
Brittany Michelle Hace 12 días
i love that anthony is just eating pizza the whole time😂😂💕
Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen Hace 12 días
Anyone else see the smoke come out of Bryces mouth at the beginning ??
Angelina Viris
Angelina Viris Hace 12 días
why does bryce smoke no wonder why addison does not want to date him nd doent like him
Mia Fannon
Mia Fannon Hace 13 días
Who else thinks Bryce looked pissed at the start 😂😂
elliott klutts
elliott klutts Hace 13 días
ugh anthony is so cute omgggg
elliott klutts
elliott klutts Hace 13 días
when anthony unbuttoned his pants and then pulled up his zipper and then rebuttoned it ahahahhaaha oh yea and its not like i was looking down there but i just thought it was funny and hes so cute
Lena Brown
Lena Brown Hace 13 días
rice gums a lier ur diss track is my ring tone baby!!
Mia Van Kolver
Mia Van Kolver Hace 14 días
sway boys is my favourite boys they make you tube fun especially when yall loud ❤
Tessa Mxkenzie
Tessa Mxkenzie Hace 14 días
She uset to go to my school
XxsaphireXx Hace 14 días
Nobody is talking about josh pullover?
Ellie daisy
Ellie daisy Hace 15 días
bryce looks buzzed af
Flori P
Flori P Hace 15 días
Did y'all even notice what Josh's hoodie said
Doug Jorgensen
Doug Jorgensen Hace 15 días
is that a vape when bryce gets up at the end
Shaydene Fortuin
Shaydene Fortuin Hace 15 días
I love how the sway house boys ain't scared to say anything
Savannah Kopp
Savannah Kopp Hace 15 días
josh hand motions>
Haylee rae
Haylee rae Hace 15 días
What the heck Bryce is always sits on the right side
Sierra The Crackhead
Sierra The Crackhead Hace 16 días
Bro is it just me or does Anthony eat in all of Josh’s videos😂but it’s a vibe👌🏻
Kady Mcdermott
Kady Mcdermott Hace 16 días
This is live and I have know idea why????
Jada Jackson
Jada Jackson Hace 16 días
Jadens laugh in the back is everything😭
Mia Shepard
Mia Shepard Hace 16 días
bryce vaping in beginning tho🤔
Lexi Laeuffer Wackwitz
Lexi Laeuffer Wackwitz Hace 16 días
Bryce blwon vape or ciggarate smoke at the start he vapes!
Sped Kwen
Sped Kwen Hace 16 días
Bro y every time Anthony is part of these he is stop making me hungry😵😵😢😭😤😂😂
Maria Inês Maurício
Maria Inês Maurício Hace 16 días
0:00 did anyone see smoke coming out of bryces mouth
Ruby Aird
Ruby Aird Hace 16 días
Bryce:I didn’t even loose my virginity till-- Josh:When I was fifteen I was playing with legos Anthony:I’m still a virgin haha haha 😂
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