Lil Baby - "Out The Mud" ft. Future (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Lil Baby "Out The Mud" feat. Future
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"Baby" ft. DaBaby:
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"Drip Harder"
#LilBaby #OutTheMud #Future
Music video by Lil Baby, Future performing Out The Mud. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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G Gman
G Gman Hace 4 horas
You suckaz bite on anything with a beat...
Jayson Severin
Jayson Severin Hace 6 horas
1:06 who would smash?😂
Dawg58 Hace 8 horas
Yall didnt notice the homie from Snow In Tha Bluff at 0:22 that was there to test the dope. "its a money maker here, straight drop" lmao
Tard Monkey
Tard Monkey Hace 10 horas
Lyrics for song below: Lil baby: I JUSPHT boudht a buss doendn vhshhs to hosppd it upposs Future: Hdhdhehebsisiwkbrlfpshsvejdioehevehsoskeb
MK Music Group NL
MK Music Group NL Hace 15 horas
This shit fire 🔥🔥💯
Big D
Big D Hace 20 horas
908 Youngn
908 Youngn Hace un día
“ this bag make a bad bad bitch call up and quit her job “ Future 🔥🔥🔥
skyhighmuzikkk Hace un día
Future went off on his verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
IRON MAN Hace un día
young thug style
Kyla Davis
Kyla Davis Hace un día
All these perks won’t stay down I keep on throwing up Lmao chilll bro
Jarran Tyler
Jarran Tyler Hace 2 días
Don't "bust down" your watch... it depreciates the value!!!
Micheal Fails
Micheal Fails Hace 2 días
Which one iz older Da Baby or Lil Baby? How r these guys able to run from the police with form fitting jeanz???
x Mentallityy
x Mentallityy Hace 2 días
How the fuck can anyone listen to this shit. Shit ain't even hip hop. It sounds like a 2 year old trying to speak. I thought Kodak was trash. These niggas just took his place
4 KHARI Hace 2 días
Upcoming artist just started making music. check my music out on my page and subscribe if you fuck with it 🎤🙏🏾🖤
co122189 Hace 2 días
any time i see black people in church i cringe...god yall are some pitiful people...
Jose Izquierdo
Jose Izquierdo Hace 2 días
Cool song 👌
Janiece Official Music
Janiece Official Music Hace 2 días
Fire !! Check out my single "Rodeo"
Gregory Glass
Gregory Glass Hace 2 días
Steward ave forever my home too much love swats zone 3
Razz0rSharP Hace 2 días
Fucking shit disgusting fucking ''rapper'' !
John Patrick
John Patrick Hace 2 días
Can you guys be original for once and cut the gang banging shit?
Karuri Wa Mum
Karuri Wa Mum Hace 3 días
Never thought Future had so many tattoos damn
demrise cameron
demrise cameron Hace 3 días
My cat st.louis n tha house,Thinktwice n tha house 50 yrs old n it like 4ever.
Relaxxx Hace 3 días
sick of hearing rappers talking bout throwin up from percs. Prob not even in oxy in it and they are just puking from the acetaminophen. Get some oxys that dont have Tylenol in them. That shit kills ur liver/stoumach and can kill you after a while. Seriously the tylenol in percs is worse for your liver than the oxycodone in them..
Yolanda  Velazquez
Yolanda Velazquez Hace 3 días
0:20 when u got people ready to jump u
InterLina Milian
InterLina Milian Hace 3 días
This song won’t leave my head
WhoIsVenom Hace 3 días
2:22 ayee curtis from snow on tha bluff!
Kalen Coble
Kalen Coble Hace 3 días
┏━━┓┏┓ ┃━┳╋┫┗┳┳┳┳┳━┓ ┃┏┫┃┃┏┫┃┃┏┫┻┫ ┗┛┗━┻━┻━┻┛┗━┛
max brown
max brown Hace 3 días
Future sounds really clear here
Cass LING28
Cass LING28 Hace 3 días
#TeamLitEnergy #Resteruant10 🙏🏽💪💪💪
number 9 large
number 9 large Hace 3 días
lil babys verse is never bad like if u agree
Rap Music
Rap Music Hace 3 días
This shit fye👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Edin 21
Edin 21 Hace 3 días
Eddie the Trap Gawd
Eddie the Trap Gawd Hace 4 días
Everybody gangsta till future summons the wither dragon
Mctoastyham Hace 4 días
hardest song of 2019? prove me wrong
Vinh Blhanco
Vinh Blhanco Hace 4 días
If you Make It Out You A God
Sincere 007
Sincere 007 Hace 4 días
Dam i slept on this banger
chooch tech
chooch tech Hace 4 días
slivrback Hace 4 días
Big big big track #lava 🔥 🙌🏾
InterLina Milian
InterLina Milian Hace 4 días
lil Baby , My Baby ❤️🔥💯💦
Rich Dollars
Rich Dollars Hace 4 días
I’m just here to see if that the fake watch Lil Durk was talking about 😂
Javon Bonnet
Javon Bonnet Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who can hear everything lil baby says
Kyla Davis
Kyla Davis Hace un día
Where the fuck you get that idea from dumbass
Kyla Davis
Kyla Davis Hace un día
Javon Bonnet probably not?
Cedric Burkes
Cedric Burkes Hace 4 días
I can too
CYRUS MUSIC Hace 4 días
C̸H̸E̸C̸K̸O̸U̸T̸ C̸Y̸R̸U̸$ 1s̸t̸ M̸u̸s̸i̸c̸ V̸i̸d̸e̸o̸ H̸e̸l̸l̸ I̸s̸ I̸n̸ M̸y̸ M̸i̸n̸d̸ 🌪🔪🌪🔪‼️‼️‼️‼️ MUCH APPRECIATED Y’all👽💣👽💣👽 #grungemusic #forthedementedminds
Danyel moore
Danyel moore Hace 4 días
Atlanta run shit no cap !!! Georgia shit game over !!!
Keanna Moore
Keanna Moore Hace 4 días
He got a lot cleaning to do
Kgosi Trading
Kgosi Trading Hace 4 días
South Africa Wya?
Jaheem puranda
Jaheem puranda Hace 5 días
im the bald guy
Rosie Rampersad
Rosie Rampersad Hace 5 días
Out The Mud!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Margee Morgan
Margee Morgan Hace 5 días
Baby label gone do whatever to make him comfortable. That nigga a star.!. They don’t won’t lose him. Believe that.
Rohit roy
Rohit roy Hace 5 días
lil baby voice sounds so off here
Eric Fajardo
Eric Fajardo Hace 5 días
Eric Fajardo
Eric Fajardo Hace 5 días
Juice WRLD is fat
drama Birmingham
drama Birmingham Hace 5 días
Looked like ar ab geting lemonade in the car
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas Hace 6 días
“Cook that shit up quay “ gets me hyped like when Wayne used to have the “POLICE, where’d you find this” back in the day when you burnt a mix cd
TayK Hace 6 días
Like if future kill the beat... also lil baby
x Mentallityy
x Mentallityy Hace 2 días
They killed it by ruining the beat. That's the only way they can even kill a beat.
Jesee Kennedy
Jesee Kennedy Hace 6 días
I 👍 this song
Mother Of All Creation
Mother Of All Creation Hace 6 días
My Child is in the middle of the night and our kids are always welcome to come
Mukhtar Ali
Mukhtar Ali Hace 6 días
armando olivares
armando olivares Hace 6 días
I thought i was getting pulled over 😂😂
Jo 358
Jo 358 Hace 6 días
Commercial ass music is great for constipation
GamingWithNael ヅ
GamingWithNael ヅ Hace 7 días
How do these songs even get popular? The only good thing is the beat and the rest is mumble and “brrr brrr skrrt”.
envy Hace 5 días
Fu u bitch. U nt black in we understand every bit. White privilege bitch we work hard and have to get it out the mud bitch. I just bought a bust dwn i cant wait to hold up. U know what that mean? i cant say u might b... All theses blank wnt stay dwn i keep on( i can relate😂😂 ) White ppl wouldnt understand bc its different when u gt it out the mud. Im from Chicago seen my bro leave bc ppl envied out west. Now im college undergrad associate's graduate, cosmologists , barber college, own my own salon, website, hair line. U a target, a God when u make it out the hood. Some go back n help. Nt i they nt gone wack me. Bt God bless the Lil baby thou for helping his Hood. They did Nip wrong yo for helpin his hood, that envy be real. Mines are crabs in a barrel. In i made it to the top while they kept trying to knock us off so we dnt meet our destiny.
David Shellcross
David Shellcross Hace 7 días
No offense but baby sound like he Mumble/whining... No CAPital one
David Shellcross
David Shellcross Hace 7 días
And BTW.. Came for future only
Savvy Savage
Savvy Savage Hace 7 días
lol baby is wack af
IG: TheChosenFun
IG: TheChosenFun Hace 7 días
His all white outfit in the mud is giving me anxiety
Nicole Cooper
Nicole Cooper Hace 7 días
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Hace 7 días
Yep. Tear me down whilst the government kills you one by one..... lol
Henrikas Poršinas
Henrikas Poršinas Hace 7 días
well i think this song is just made by a real baby
Tamika Watts
Tamika Watts Hace 7 días
When dey really in Oakland city doin dis video👌💪💯🔥
ᗷᖇI ᗷᖇI
ᗷᖇI ᗷᖇI Hace 8 días
*this beat is everythinggg*
fortnite tryhard
fortnite tryhard Hace 8 días
Lil baby is the best rapper he is better than migos
slippy111 ssd
slippy111 ssd Hace 8 días
The 1 song future can be heard more clearly then the other rapper...
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