"LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtS"

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Planters peanut company decided to piss me off today by filling my mixed nut jars with a lot of peanuts. I don't know if you've ever had this exact sort of problem, but if you have.....sounds about WHIIITE!!! hahaha, just a little joke there XD

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LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtSpeanutsless than 50% peanuts50% peanuts

EdgeLord3000 Hace un hora
That intro didn't age well
odibex Hace 4 horas
you're taking the non-peanuts off of the peanut plate, which means anything smaller than a nut - skins, "leavins", gets left on the peanut plate, and added to the peanuts' weight. so this is bullshit basically. also I have that Uniqlo tee.
OpticalJW Hace 5 horas
Tod Rodger
Tod Rodger Hace 7 horas
I imagine his girlfriend and her boyfriend are in the room next door while hes making these videos and playing with squirrels.
willingmaster101 Hace 15 horas
This is how the Coronavirus started
DukiBoy Hace 15 horas
Lexo Saber
Lexo Saber Hace 17 horas
Come on bro, give us more vydeos.
TheGamerxx08 Hace 17 horas
You gotta be one of the kings of ESwomen to make a video about peanuts and get over 1m views LET ALONE 4m. Dam this guy was living the dream. He didn’t even need “creative” ideas. Everything that’s uploaded on this channel is bound to get the idubbz touch. Over a million
Protato Gamer
Protato Gamer Hace 17 horas
mr_crackhead64 Hace 19 horas
Why the fuck can this man pull 4m viewers of if reviewing penuts
Versace Diaper
Versace Diaper Hace 22 horas
Did you zero out the plate weight
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg Hace 22 horas
Doo doo doo a dooh- straight cuuckin it.
lil Schniddelwutz
lil Schniddelwutz Hace 23 horas
unkl munky
unkl munky Hace 23 horas
My first viewing of idubbbz. Everyone is whining about him being a simp. In the first 3 seconds I could see he has extreme potential to be pussy whipped. My real concern is do they let him vote? Surely not.
no no
no no Hace un día
ChaoticTurtles Productions
ChaoticTurtles Productions Hace un día
0:58 “this is how a virus starts” Conspiracy Theory, Ian started corona
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı Hace un día
Can't wait for those peanuts to make an OnlyFans account
sam marr
sam marr Hace un día
Before idubzz was a simp. Psyche who tf cares what anyone else thinks
I Love DAHYUN Hace un día
Idubbbz started caronavirus
Egg Shells
Egg Shells Hace un día
Everyone’s saying “oh he’s lost his mind” ........ have you SEEN his bad unboxing videos?
Jason Hentges
Jason Hentges Hace un día
Daisy Pita
Daisy Pita Hace un día
The world in crisis iddubz PENUTS!!!!!
ll Jacob ll
ll Jacob ll Hace un día
Everyone gangsta till Ian pulls up with two guns in the back 😳
Louis VAN OOST Hace un día
All we asked for was a content cop :(
blondebAndit Hace un día
Salt my dish, bartender
Max _Vantastic
Max _Vantastic Hace un día
So this is what your channel has come to...
No Life
No Life Hace 2 días
ashraf khan
ashraf khan Hace 2 días
bot thot
bot thot Hace 2 días
Lit Savage
Lit Savage Hace 2 días
Wait he was the real one that started the corona virus 😂
Rage Quit
Rage Quit Hace 2 días
Yo ok i've only just watched this video today 1:52 Literally added that song into my project 4 days ago Remember it being used for GMOD's ravebreaks
Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show Hace 2 días
There's no Brazil nuts in there my dude.
YURTLE X13 Hace 2 días
Samantha Moon
Samantha Moon Hace 2 días
Why am I watching this at 1am?
Kitten Denvi
Kitten Denvi Hace 2 días
I love you idubbbz, but your mustache really bothers me Lol.
Laton Speck
Laton Speck Hace 2 días
I just came from filthy Frank youtube page...
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez Hace 2 días
Wow this guy really got 2 coupons for that wow I should try that
Yimb0 Is Offline
Yimb0 Is Offline Hace 2 días
Idubbs you killed my grandma with that virus Victory royal !!!!
Roberts Mikiasvili
Roberts Mikiasvili Hace 2 días
Huge waste of time. Loved every second of it!
demise ruin
demise ruin Hace 2 días
Vaiserint Hace 3 días
Idubbbz is a simp like to agree
Josh Windes
Josh Windes Hace 3 días
The only thing that doesn’t have nuts is you
God-Emperor of NPCkind
God-Emperor of NPCkind Hace 3 días
The straws were a cover. That was actually a jar of bat soup.
Warrick Brown
Warrick Brown Hace 3 días
Funny vid, nice work
Vertical Chip
Vertical Chip Hace 3 días
Fucking simps
Ezra Benninger
Ezra Benninger Hace 3 días
My grandma calls cashews nword toes
Skup Media Group
Skup Media Group Hace 3 días
i think you started COVI19
Ruth Graham
Ruth Graham Hace 3 días
And then corona
Sponge Boi
Sponge Boi Hace 3 días
Pre simp
Sponge Boi
Sponge Boi Hace un día
@Mysticwizardboy 101 what why
Mysticwizardboy 101
Mysticwizardboy 101 Hace 2 días
please delete your google account
Mr. cat
Mr. cat Hace 3 días
hey guys you saw the part where he talk about how a virus starts yea just letting you know not like you saw the video yourself right ?
IckyVicky Hace 3 días
your great and you are not a simp 😾😾✊🏾✊🏾
Kitchen Appliance
Kitchen Appliance Hace 3 días
she was nice
Imlacypie Hace 3 días
EdUp StArT CoRoNa
Jaden Richardson
Jaden Richardson Hace 3 días
Bernie for president
Bernie for president Hace 4 días
Joe M.
Joe M. Hace 3 días
lol all hes doing is letting his girlfriend take money away from sad men on the internet for clothed pics.
Oldie Wan Kenobi
Oldie Wan Kenobi Hace 4 días
Idubzzz: You under estimate my Power! The Internet: Don't try it.
Dylan Last Name
Dylan Last Name Hace 4 días
The coronavirus didnt come from china it came from iDubbbz' backyard!!!!!!
Rachel Hopkins
Rachel Hopkins Hace 4 días
I fuckin hate peanuts
Rachel Hopkins
Rachel Hopkins Hace 3 días
CuntLord pretty close buddy, I’m 19
Yutir Hace 4 días
Shut up you 2, fucking people has different opinions ffs
CuntLord Hace 4 días
You look 9 for christ sakes
Realcooldude69 Yeetyeet
Realcooldude69 Yeetyeet Hace 4 días
Shut up smh
Emma Madd
Emma Madd Hace 4 días
Sorry it’s not 1860 and men don’t control women and just stand by them now lmfao y’all the simps for saying your his fans but calling him names when he says one thing you don’t agree with
Oldie Wan Kenobi
Oldie Wan Kenobi Hace 4 días
lol What you think in 1860 women where jumping online to sell nudes to simps? Being a hooker is one of the old jobs in our culture. You are missing the whole point of what people are trying to say here. She is a bad horrible person who is only going to hurt Ian. People are looking out for him you numbskull. She has broken Ian down to almost nothing. She waits for the Simp meme to peak to announce her Porn account. Hahaha. Most of us are just laughing at how sad it is. Others like me know Ian lost the High ground. A few are taking it a bit to far. Then there are people like you who just don't get it.
Imdefnothere Hace 4 días
This is symbolism for idubbbz going nuts
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore Hace 4 días
Mr Kult
Mr Kult Hace 4 días
Corona viruse
Emre Yıldız
Emre Yıldız Hace 4 días
Emre Yıldız
Emre Yıldız Hace 2 días
@Outrageous Ostrich simp supporter
Outrageous Ostrich
Outrageous Ostrich Hace 2 días
Emre Yıldız
Emre Yıldız Hace 3 días
@arhur hage simp fan
Joe M.
Joe M. Hace 3 días
guys im going to say the funny word simp
Oldie Wan Kenobi
Oldie Wan Kenobi Hace 4 días
@arhur hage I think it was very funny! *SIMP*
The chosen gamer
The chosen gamer Hace 4 días
I want another one where he uses the coupons incase this continues we MUST stop planters they have gone TOO far
nser uame
nser uame Hace 4 días
Peanuts more often then others to break in half so if it was on quantity, there would be less than 50% whole peanuts compared to whole almonds, cashews, walnuts, ect
Dogene Hace 4 días
Low-test Sam Hyde accidentally creates supervirus in his backyard
Demi Colbert
Demi Colbert Hace 4 días
0:54 this is actually how coronavirus started
Sir. Terminator
Sir. Terminator Hace 4 días
we need a update on nuts before i go fucking nuts
Moonie Hace 4 días
I’m currently eating Honey Roasted Peanuts while watching this video. They are pretty good. Wish I had something to drink with them. I did have a drink, but I drank it all. The reason I haven’t gotten something else to drink is because I’m not really sure what I would like to drink. I guess you could say that I’m in a nutty situation! 😂🥜🥜🥜
Big Drink
Big Drink Hace 4 días
Next video “ Contains 5% fruit juice “
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