Lauren Daigle - Rescue (Official Lyric Video)

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Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

Hace 6 meses

The official lyric video for Lauren Daigle's "Rescue" from her album, Look Up Child, out now!
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You are not hidden
There’s never been a moment
You were forgotten
You are not hopeless
Though you have been broken
Your innocence stolen
I hear you whisper underneath your breath
I hear your SOS, your SOS
I will send out an army
To find you in the middle of darkest night
It’s true
I will rescue you
There is no distance
That cannot be covered
Over and over
You’re not defenseless
I’ll be your shelter
I’ll be your armor
I hear you whisper underneath your breath
I hear your SOS, your SOS
I will send out an army
To find you in the middle of darkest night
It’s true
I will rescue you
I will never stop marching
To reach you in the middle of the hardest fight
It’s true
I will rescue you
I hear the whisper underneath your breath
I hear you whisper you have nothing left

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emma Hace 15 horas
Makes me cry everytime. Thank you God for rescuing me.
Francesca Dunn
Francesca Dunn Hace 17 horas
when we had to put my dog down i didn't want to he has been in my whole life but god helped me through it and now i am living with no pet but i'm OK still
Joan Nerner
Joan Nerner Hace un día
This song (among a few choice songs by other servants God sent my way) helped me through some DEEPLY painful times last year. Thank you for being of service in His kingdom
Ryan GoFett24
Ryan GoFett24 Hace un día
720 people need to be rescued
Sarah Alvarez
Sarah Alvarez Hace un día
Thank you so much but sometimes I just can’t read the words clearly enough. I can read some of it. I appreciate it very much though.
zoe Espy
zoe Espy Hace un día
Absolutely Beautiful... Thank you...
DID you fly to Iceland to make this video?
Francesca Dunn
Francesca Dunn Hace 2 días
this song is so good i cry when i hear it
Malcom Jackson
Malcom Jackson Hace 3 días
I first heard this song at my job, I really didn't get the meaning of the song at first. But one night it came on and it was blasting in the kitchen. The only thing I did was cry and everyone was asking me was I ok. I told them I was good. But all I could do was say Thank you Jesus for all you do for us.
Brandee Saltesz
Brandee Saltesz Hace 4 días
WoW * Thank You Jesus *
Tina Torres
Tina Torres Hace 4 días
Every vampire diaries, the originals and legacies fan videos always has this song and it’s just so beautiful
Aaron Bayot- Padilla
Aaron Bayot- Padilla Hace 4 días
NCFA Bible Week 2020: Grade 9- Jephtah S.Y. 2019-2020 ❤💞
ASHLEY Thenelle
ASHLEY Thenelle Hace 6 días
This goes out to the people who are going throughout heart break in silence
Lisa Walter
Lisa Walter Hace 6 días
Beautiful! Heals the brokenness!!!
tearful.ly说话的人- Hace 7 días
I'm 16 yrs old, and i m struggling with so much and feel like giving up everyday. i wanna keep going, but in every way i feel like im lacking..and i have so much self hatred for myself. this song helps me understand that i may feel alone but i am not. i just pray my mentality gets stronger.
InJesusLove1 Hace 6 días
InJesusLove1 Hace 6 días
God creates all of us wonderfully and awesomely with His purposes for our life. Your beauty is in your heart. You are beautiful in the sight of God Who made you just The Way He wanted you to be. You are not the problem. The problem is made up by the evil ones who messed you up with lies. Forgive yourself. Your success is not determined by the people in the world. It's determined by God. It depends on how much you lean on Him to lead you to fulfill His purposes on you. The devil, his evil spirits and his slaves are thieves coming to distract you and steal your focus on listening to God Who gives you Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. Remember, those evil voices are lies. They are fake and have no truth about you. If you obey God to love, you have everything that you need to overcome the darkness world. Always ask God, spend times talk to Him as Father and child, worship God, read the Bible to know His Will. Shield off the evil voices, negative words and negative emotions by commanding them to leave you in The Lord Jesus Christ's Name. Have compassion on those who hurt you, forgive them from your heart because they don't know what they are doing and are being used by the devil to destroy the loving ones like you. Instead of angry with them, feel sorry for them. God is with you. He is all you need. You are a child of God. The World cannot earn. You might not succeed on one thing but you will succeed on another thing. So, don't be discouraged! Trust in God. Keep praying and keep working hard on it. God has something better for you than you expect. May God's Grace, Mercy, Love, Joy and Peace be with you in Our Lord Jesus Christ's Holy Name, Amen! God, I want to see that Heaven rejoices to celebrate Your being glorified everyday.
drashti patel
drashti patel Hace 7 días
The first few lyrics scream Klaus protecting Hope. From The Originals.
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 Hace 7 días
Bruh, I got this song for Chorus
ASHLEY Thenelle
ASHLEY Thenelle Hace 8 días
Ruthann Francis
Ruthann Francis Hace 8 días
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett Hace 9 días
In my youth when I was in the Navy I was a Search and Rescue swimmer; I would later police for 17 years; and now I am a Pastoral Counselor. If there was a song that would sum up my life's careers and in the guided hand of God; This would be it. Thank you Lauren for such a beautiful song.
Michael Benson
Michael Benson Hace 9 días
Who are you. For I know of things, I asked and he replied “uncle it is you”.....May I say “I am well and my will is.....I thank you Very much.....Shhh ;) aloha
inside out penis
inside out penis Hace 11 días
God is so great❤
Coranita Webster
Coranita Webster Hace 11 días
Sing it girl sing for god
kherja semaj
kherja semaj Hace 13 días
Love this song to my heart God Almighty bless u always
Golden Crown
Golden Crown Hace 13 días
Love this song😭😭😭
Mr Krabz
Mr Krabz Hace 14 días
i was sexually abused for 7 years by someone i was meant to call ‘dad’. depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self harming etc i still do and think of daily. but i have to put trust in the Lord and he will be faithful, he always has been. i just have to open my heart to him❤️🙌🏼
InJesusLove1 Hace 13 días
If you are not a born again child of God: If you want to be saved and become a child of God, please repent and ask the Son of God Jesus Christ to come to your heart to be your Lord. Everyday worship God, talk to Him as Father and child and read the Bible (good to start from New Testament for your situation) to know God's Will and receive His Peace. 1 John 4:13‭-‬17 This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. 1 John 4:13‭-‬17
InJesusLove1 Hace 13 días
If you want to get healed and have a new life of Peace and Happiness, you need to let go all the hurtful memories, lay them down at the feet of Jesus Christ. Let Him wipe them away from you. Please tell God through Jesus Christ that you are willing to forgive your father and his offenses, willing to cancel his debts owed to you. Forgive him from the heart, not just your mind, knowing that your father made bad choices and fell in the darkness realm, and is being used and tortured by the devil. The Lord Jesus is the Judge. He is Righteous and has His Way for the Justice in His Timing. So, please don't look back! You can't find Peace if you keep going to the darkness realm through thinking about the hurtful experience and not forgiving your father from your heart. In the devil's darkness realm, he can defeat you and capture your heart and soul over there as you accept his temptation to follow him going over there. Whenever the evil voices come (negative thoughts and emotions), by faith to command them to leave you in The Lord Jesus Christ's Name. Run to God's Kingdom through worshipping God, praising God, declaring God's Words, talking to God, reading the Bible. God is your Father Who created you awesomely and wonderfully. You also need to forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself up. You are pure in God's Eyes. You are pure in our eyes. God loves you very much and is always with you. He loves you to talk to Him and Jesus as Father and child everyday. Heavenly Father in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit please come upon this child of You. Please renew her heart, soul, spirit, mind, body and all that is within her. Please embrace her with Your Love, Joy and Peace. Please give her Wisdom and Understanding to know Your Will and to follow Your guidance. Please help her grow up to be a godly loving woman to glorify You. Please bless her abundantly. Thank You God The Father, God The Son Lord Jesus Christ and God The Holy Spirit! To God be The Glory! Hallelujah!
Nancy Irwin
Nancy Irwin Hace 15 días
Your the best singer ever
A Guy
A Guy Hace 15 días
I'm sorry, but this song couldn't be further from the truth. I've cried out for years, where the fuck is my army? Where is my healing? Where is my rescue? If there is a god he doesn't give a SHIT about me, not one!!!
InJesusLove1 Hace 14 días
I quote the following testimony from Alexander Shaw: Alexander Shaw 3 months ago I've been crippled for 6 years and 8 months, and disabled for a total of 8 years after being shot in the right shoulder (I was born a righty) by the police because I attempted to rob a supermarket on Good Friday. The traveling bullet disintegrated my rotary cuff, broke my clavicle in three places, burnt the nerves in my neck to the severest degree known to medicine and hit my spine - where it is still lodged today. The damaging result: I was crippled from the neck down. I couldn't urinate on my own; had a catheter. I couldn't defecate because I have zero bowel movement; have to be taking mineral oil for that. My right eye had a hematoma so I experience cloudy vision and my brain doesn't function the way it once used to. Oh boy I was angry for a long time. I wanted revenge. I used to smoke weed like it was air. I used to be addicted to pornography like it was food. I hated my friends, I hated my enemies, I hated people I did not know; I hated the world, but most of all I hated myself. I hated myself for being dumb enough to be deceived into thinking that my friends would always have my back. I hated myself for being colossally stupid for allowing myself to throw away my values for the respect and admiration of these so called friends, who when the damn broke, had already distanced themselves and were upstream wearing life vests while I was drowning in my own mess. Life has a funny way of revealing to you that things aren't the way you think they are . . Then I met Jesus. After much bickering with Him I got baptized on April 14th, 2018. It is the most peaceful I have ever been. I am told that I am even more miserable now that I am saved - they say "miserable" because I am very particular about obeying the Bible. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I do not watch pornography. I do not swear. I do not hate ... anymore. It is because Jesus Christ saved me. I now pray for my enemies, me!?? That once wanted nothing more but to reign vengance upon everything and everyone who ever betrayed me or scoffed and mocked me. I now understand what Jesus meant by, "forgive them father, they know not what they do." I was once lost but now I am saved. Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory to the Lamb of God 🙌🙏! Amen. May God's richest blessings be poured out on everyone and their families. God's grace and peace be upon you all. God bless 🙏❣️. P.S While I was listening to this song I began walking again without my walking stick!!!!!!!!! 🤯🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 (The song he mentioned is "My Revival" by Lauren Daigle)
Luke Hartman
Luke Hartman Hace 17 días
Love god love god
Queen Cycle 99
Queen Cycle 99 Hace 18 días
I may not believe in God, but that doesn’t make this song any less beautiful..
Rochelle Hall
Rochelle Hall Hace 18 días
Thank you, heavenly Father, for never leaving or forsaking me. Thank you for being my comfort in times of trouble, thank you for reminding me that I'm never alone. What a Mighty God we serve. Amen!
Maya Moon
Maya Moon Hace 18 días
Janet Busener
Janet Busener Hace 18 días
Rescue the victims of trafficing..
Sarah Stanfill
Sarah Stanfill Hace 18 días
I'm doing this song with my schools dance theatre program in our spring concert
Carolyn Barney
Carolyn Barney Hace 19 días
GOD BLESS YOU ALL GOD'S CHILDREN !..❤❤❤👣🕊🗽🌎🌞🥰👏 " S.O.S. "...🥰🌞🕊
Bob Ansah
Bob Ansah Hace 22 días
God is going to rescue us from wars, sicknesses, viruses, darknesses, demons. He will rescue us
Kyla Fuller
Kyla Fuller Hace 23 días
Heard this song in passing. I don’t listen to Christian music but this caught me. Idk what it is but I had to hear it again.
Jette Polinder
Jette Polinder Hace 23 días
Wooow you can sing so beautifully😍😘😚
Matthew Rhea
Matthew Rhea Hace 24 días
this song bring me so much hope and joy
Colleen De Vries
Colleen De Vries Hace 24 días
For all the victims and survivors of human trafficking. My mother never stopped looking for me. And after 5 years I am rescued.
Stolte Family
Stolte Family Hace 25 días
God help the people who hurt themselves. 🙏🏻
Carolyn Barney
Carolyn Barney Hace 25 días
❤❤❤👣🕊🗽🌎🦅👉🥰👈🕊 S.O.S...🌬🧭⚓" JESUS " !!! " ❤ "
alittlestrength enough
alittlestrength enough Hace 28 días
He hears our prayer. You are accepted. You are safe. You are loved.
Fellip Candido Cabral
Fellip Candido Cabral Hace 28 días
Que louvor PODEROSO!!
Lucy Rollins
Lucy Rollins Hace 29 días
Too all missing people this song is sung to you on behalf of your family 🤗👆😘😊
sherry hyde
sherry hyde Hace un mes
Beautiful! He will truly do everything for us and has!!!
Brendon Simmons
Brendon Simmons Hace un mes
As God Provided at Massah Meriba he provides rest for the weary Water for the thirsty Hope for the hopeless.
Allen Sabio
Allen Sabio Hace un mes
This song. Lauren’s voice. Makes me cherish all the moments I have with my children, and to be there to catch them and pick them back up again when they are hurting. So good!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Hace un mes
I love this song !! It speaks to my soul. It just looks like what God did for me and still does every day . Thank you Lauren for blessing this world with your God given gift !!
Sad King
Sad King Hace un mes
God bless z🙏🏾
Joshdaboss 18
Joshdaboss 18 Hace un mes
Kiara this song is lowkey 🔥
candy girl
candy girl Hace un mes
I'm crying right now and I found this song and wasn't understanding the lyrics then I went to the comments and now I know. God wanted me to see hear this song💓🙌 Thank you God
Katy Graham
Katy Graham Hace un mes
Thank you so much for this song.... I am in the hardest fight I've ever been in detoxing from Benzos. I have been whispering " i have nothing left " and then i found this song. Thank you for reminding me of all that I had forgotten. I have never been hidden or forgotten and I am not alone. God hears me and fights for me. And there are so many others dealing with depression and addiction. I have to believe that when this is over my testimony will help someone who feels they have nothing left. ❤❤❤
Hailey M
Hailey M Hace un mes
Jesus never fails to make my heart smile💕 :)
Ketan Anand
Ketan Anand Hace un mes
The Originals, Vampire Diaries and now Legacies, all of'em have given me a lot of soulful songs.
Tayla Mitchell
Tayla Mitchell Hace un mes
finn and rachel 😭
Scott Abercrombie
Scott Abercrombie Hace un mes
Amazing , can relate to her songs alot , thank you miss.
Rebecca mom
Rebecca mom Hace un mes
Jack Rhodes
Jack Rhodes Hace un mes
Gigi Baker
Gigi Baker Hace un mes
Abba Father I stand in the gap for my prodigal spouse. Please grab him and wake him up. Keep your hand on my children and heal all wounds
Basic Bitch420
Basic Bitch420 Hace un mes
I’m confused why is everyone talking about Jesus?
Basic Bitch420
Basic Bitch420 Hace un mes
InJesusLove1 ok but like what does this song have to do with Jesus
InJesusLove1 Hace un mes
Because she is united with The Lord Jesus Christ. It's His Purpose for her to deliver God's Words and Love to the world.
new reviews
new reviews Hace un mes
That had to be very cold, especially in that last outfit!
Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video
Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video Hace un mes
The Lord has saved me. Christian songwriters have saved me. Love has saved me. I used to sob from the pain I felt from the hard times in my life, but now I sob listening to God’s words being put into a beautiful melody for me to listen to and feel comfort, from the feeling of overwhelming love coming from God straight into my heart. I used to suffer from uncontrollable and completely insensible fear, fear of imaginary things, but God has saved me. I still suffer from horrible things coming from my outside family, but God has yet again saved me. My sister created countless horrible nights at the dinner table with screaming and yelling and crying because of her anorexia, but God has saved her. He can do unimaginable things, so if you’re going through a rough time, go to Him, talk to Him, ask Him for guidance. He will always answer. Don’t be impatient, your time is coming to be free from all of this brokenness. I love you❤️
Addison Harp
Addison Harp Hace un mes
I love it ❤️❤️
Denise Clark
Denise Clark Hace un mes
Sarah Richards
Sarah Richards Hace un mes
I wrote a letter about my struggles to my teacher and she wrote the title of the song and the artist at the bottom of the page and I just looked it up and this is just beautiful 🥺
JWYT135 Hace un mes
911 Hope Believe you will be saved dedicated to all first responders in the attacks of 9/11
JWYT135 Hace un mes
Hope. Is always possible even in the darkest hours
Rhonda Sloss
Rhonda Sloss Hace un mes
I Love You My Precious Children 💙God is with Us..He is..Our Refuge...🌸💒🌸💒🌸💒🌸
K Jean
K Jean Hace un mes
Beautiful ✨💜
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