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Last One To Fall Asleep WINS $10,000! CHALLENGE
family friendly pg content

last to live underwaterlast to breathelast to wins24 hour challenge

Syeira Ramroop
Syeira Ramroop Hace 7 horas
How can Paul play on his phone?
Miray Legend
Miray Legend Hace 13 horas
7:10 guys this is totally easy im just gonna eat my tic tacks *gets underwater * my tic tacks my hat this is harder than i expected
Stormie Fossett
Stormie Fossett Hace 13 horas
Prayers that you won't get sick
coco catty
coco catty Hace un día
This is how many times they say you know what?! I I
Hilda Sanchez
Hilda Sanchez Hace un día
Hey man
Wallace Smith
Wallace Smith Hace un día
Is Goomba a boy
Wallace Smith
Wallace Smith Hace un día
You guys should stay there for a month
Owen Wegner
Owen Wegner Hace un día
She said fucking after her exersises
Christie Chapman
Christie Chapman Hace un día
Paul you can’t bring a phone in pool
Grand Slimez
Grand Slimez Hace un día
The bed is lava! In 5 4 3 2 1 Did you move? No I didn’t think so...
Jake2much Drip
Jake2much Drip Hace un día
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez Hace un día
The money of all the challenges is fake if you think it is fake like
Federico Landeros
Federico Landeros Hace un día
If you see Closely you can see ameerah she is not wearing Merch
Adilen garcia
Adilen garcia Hace un día
Jeddah on the sack challenge she said she used to be a mermaid now what :)
De Haifa
De Haifa Hace un día
The way Jeddah says Tik tak
Giao Bui
Giao Bui Hace 2 días
Paul you are not The only one who love pasta I love pasta and noodles too
ToyVisionTv Hace 2 días
Your mom is annoying home poul
Nadi Abad
Nadi Abad Hace 2 días
Oooohhh Jeddah said the F word oooooohhgh she in trouble
shukriyaw Hace 2 días
This is how many times they did $10,000 dollor challenges I I I I I I I
Obdulio Lopez
Obdulio Lopez Hace un día
shukriyaw K 3 times?
Michael YT
Michael YT Hace 2 días
So money is worth more than life
Areli Valenzuela
Areli Valenzuela Hace 2 días
4:23 VAT19
ion CS
ion CS Hace 2 días
you should do a last to leave the house
Lori Petryk
Lori Petryk Hace 2 días
She said ticktock
- AESTHETIC * TURKEY - Hace 3 días
Seeing this makes me feel like I can’t breathe
cnma7470 Hace 3 días
Mermaids are real Paul there ugly thow
Karla Prado
Karla Prado Hace 3 días
The money is fake
Jasmine Zachary
Jasmine Zachary Hace 3 días
Is Paul’s eating fake
YAN22 channel
YAN22 channel Hace 3 días
Laura Campos
Laura Campos Hace 4 días
Laura Campos
Laura Campos Hace 4 días
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee Hace 4 días
They should have gotten a snorkel....
Shannon Gordon
Shannon Gordon Hace 4 días
12345 Paul: I all most drowned!
Monkey_Lover_ Xx
Monkey_Lover_ Xx Hace 4 días
I live underwater what’s the big deal
Monkey_Lover_ Xx
Monkey_Lover_ Xx Hace un día
GachaLifeAva 1 it’s called a joke girl
GachaLifeAva 1
GachaLifeAva 1 Hace 2 días
Monkey_Lover_ Xx ....I’m pretty sure u don’t. And don’t say your a mermaid because they don’t exist..
Anne Selin
Anne Selin Hace 4 días
Does jay say my hat is fu#@ing wet at 8:55
XxmoonlightxX Rose
XxmoonlightxX Rose Hace 5 días
Ya cool
Vanessa asmr
Vanessa asmr Hace 5 días
Jada you can just drink the TicTac
Katie Daniel
Katie Daniel Hace 2 días
No, because the pool has chlorine. But if it was clean water, yes
veronica jessa
veronica jessa Hace 6 días
if girls sleep underwater untill the next day they will become mermaids
GachaLifeAva 1
GachaLifeAva 1 Hace 2 días
In your dreams
Homam Al Kassir
Homam Al Kassir Hace 2 días
veronica jessa mermaids are not even real seriously 😒
Kololia Conoboy
Kololia Conoboy Hace 6 días
Jedda=🍨 Ameerah =🥔 Paul =🍝
Carla Miller
Carla Miller Hace 6 días
I am so triggered. Jeddah keeps calling Tic Tacs "tic tocs"
Radiya Mohamed
Radiya Mohamed Hace 6 días
Paul where it your bed
Alex Giron
Alex Giron Hace 6 días
Amerias mom said my fucking hair got wet
Margaret Poole
Margaret Poole Hace 6 días
Margaret Poole
Margaret Poole Hace 6 días
I love you
Cris Del Orbe
Cris Del Orbe Hace 6 días
Why didn’t you guys buy the mask were you breath underwater
Cris Del Orbe
Cris Del Orbe Hace 6 días
Oh it’s a different type of mask you’re intelligent
Ashlyn D.I.Y
Ashlyn D.I.Y Hace 6 días
I love your guys channel!!!!!!
Just Christiana
Just Christiana Hace 6 días
Haha Jeddah tried to exercise under water and she cant
Chanel Richards
Chanel Richards Hace 7 días
Where did they sleep
Marisa Johnson
Marisa Johnson Hace 7 días
Ewww they peed in the pool that means
Lucylue 123
Lucylue 123 Hace 4 días
Ewww they peed in the pool that means
Sasha Yun
Sasha Yun Hace 7 días
Gumbo is so cute
Gabriella Torretto
Gabriella Torretto Hace 7 días
Mermaids are real but they’re scary
Karen Ibrahim
Karen Ibrahim Hace 7 días
Ameerah:*Pulls box out of nowhere * Me:😳😳😳 were did that come from 😳😳😳
Karen Ibrahim
Karen Ibrahim Hace 7 días
Ameerah: it's a life straw Me:* finished video * 😳😳 * realized that Ameerah didn't use her life straw Who else realized she didn't use it like me
Ashlyn D.I.Y
Ashlyn D.I.Y Hace 7 días
Ameerah slime queen👑 Jedda work out women 🙆 Paul cat whisper🐱
YautyBear Hace 2 días
@Jonathan L Lee Yass
Ashlyn D.I.Y
Ashlyn D.I.Y Hace 3 días
Jonathan L Lee your right he is both both of them
Jonathan L Lee
Jonathan L Lee Hace 3 días
Ashlyn D.I.Y no Paul is the noodle king 🍝
Gabbi M
Gabbi M Hace 4 días
Ashlyn D.I.Y your genius
Ss6 the maker
Ss6 the maker Hace 7 días
Wow ameeah's mom is so rude!!
10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge Hace 7 días
How did they use the bathroom? O-o
Christina Lie
Christina Lie Hace 7 días
Paul,ameerah,jeddah! U made challenges and say oh there easy but its hard
Jocelyn's animation's
Jocelyn's animation's Hace 7 días
Arnt Noddles already soggy
Emy Ibanez
Emy Ibanez Hace 7 días
Oh yeah apple is waterproof
itz_ martha campos
itz_ martha campos Hace 8 días
Ileana Gonzalez
Ileana Gonzalez Hace 8 días
Jay said tik toks instead of tik tacs
Lance Alrayes
Lance Alrayes Hace 8 días
Finally someone did not say this is how many times paul failed at making games noodles
Ethan Vlogs
Ethan Vlogs Hace 8 días
Easy just buy a snorkel
Ring Pop
Ring Pop Hace 9 días
"my hat is f*cking wet!"
Ze_ White_Twig
Ze_ White_Twig Hace 9 días
4:54 that's how you can tell he's really unhealthy
Vidya Praveen
Vidya Praveen Hace 9 días
how can you sleep under water
Ava Bassett
Ava Bassett Hace 9 días
How can u guys hold your breath that long JeeZ I can only hold my breath for 13 secs 😅😅😅
Cara and Louise Adventure
Cara and Louise Adventure Hace 9 días
I love you vids
kaleb leak
kaleb leak Hace 10 días
mermaids arnt fat and have a triple chin
Rhonda Smith
Rhonda Smith Hace 10 días
I have a great challenge for Paul ! : Paul to stop eating noodles he wins 10,000 $.
Lich_albino lolbit x Funtime foxy
Lich_albino lolbit x Funtime foxy Hace 10 días
14:18 container casually floating lol
NautiChris Vlogs
NautiChris Vlogs Hace 10 días
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