Last New Yandere Simulator Build Before Osana

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Kubz Scouts

Kubz Scouts

Hace un mes

Everyone always asking Where's Osana, Where's Osana?! Nobody ever asking How's Osana...
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Simplex twitch
Simplex twitch Hace 6 horas
when source gets leaked and its just if statements
TheGreator Hace 7 horas
Hey Kubz Scouts, we want to hear what do you think about the latest YandereDev drama and the new revamped game, since you are one of the game main streamers (although most people never mention your name) but I like your videos more and you've been playing the game since the early days. Just want to hear your thoughts about it.
Chrisupergamer Hace 12 horas
I wonder what Jay thinks of the Yandere Dev drama 🤔
ML Productions
ML Productions Hace 16 horas
Apparently by the time of how Osana is made, the full game would be final by the end by 2064.
Tina Walker
Tina Walker Hace 17 horas
The way Yandere simulator grew over the years is incredible
Carlo Animations
Carlo Animations Hace 23 horas
I have a challenge Try and kill everyone BUT the catch is there should be no blood
Aidan Stacey
Aidan Stacey Hace un día
Jay, I wanted to say that whenever i don't feel the best or i just feel sad, when i watch your videos it makes me happier and i get in a better mood, thanks you
Dilan Singh
Dilan Singh Hace un día
do you guys think there will be a good ending like we’re she dies or doesn’t kill anybody
Messorems_Joker Hace un día
I wonder what happened to yandere dev.
peppermintshine Hace un día
jayyy!! go into the latest yandere simulator build and kill someone random like midori, dont clean up after yourself so you get arrested, from when i played i tried to see what happened if i pressed snap, i ended up snapping but i couldnt see anything but i heard the static and music
Sveti Hace un día
Ok so i got stuck in sick love mode..I xant get out does anybody have some advice??
Anng3ls Hace un día
Press I
Aleya Moore
Aleya Moore Hace un día
Jay I got one Do something to make the delinquents fight you Pull out your camera What will happen
Uraraka Kenji
Uraraka Kenji Hace un día
Nobody: Me listening to the tape: 👁👄👁
Jennifur Hitler
Jennifur Hitler Hace un día
There's actually lore in this game, it's so well done
Jennifur Hitler
Jennifur Hitler Hace un día
Damn the headmaster voice actor was so perfect, like I can hear the emotion of the person, wow just wow
Millk and Cookies
Millk and Cookies Hace un día
J Did u watch delinquent back story yet?
Mįntygachą uvu
Mįntygachą uvu Hace un día
heres a myth; 1. make a leak in the drinking fountain. 2. get a random person to follow you. 3. Get them to walk into the puddle (without you giving them chippus) will they get electrocuted?
Herr Hitler
Herr Hitler Hace 2 días
I would be in jail for murdering Alex Mahan because degenerates like him don't deserve to live.
Aubrey Chavaria
Aubrey Chavaria Hace 2 días
Jay theres a mod with sister location its ballora UwU
Eeveelover133 •
Eeveelover133 • Hace 2 días
Jay, when the game is out beat it twice The 1st time no bloodshed or poison just tell them (GET AWAY FROM MY SENPAI) 2nd time Only kill the rivals ok 😰
hola taco
hola taco Hace 2 días
Thegiganticw Hun
Thegiganticw Hun Hace 2 días
I honestly wouldn't waste my time on yan sim anymore. It dosent deserve the attention it has. Just think about it. He promised osana. And he lied. Dont take this comment the wrong way. Its my own opinion. Im entitled to it.
Joel Poblete
Joel Poblete Hace 2 días
I got one! 1. Get the Michael Jackson gloves 2. Fight a delinquent 3. Take the weapon 4. Kill the delinquent What will the police do.
アリマユArimayuuu Hace 2 días
Tape 3 is basically Yandev's thoughts rn
jay I found out hoe to kill osanas best friend! 1. Get a mindslave 2.get a weapon for the mindslave 3. Get yourself a weapon 4. When the mind slave trys to stab her get your weapon out and there is gonna be a button called stab!
Don't You Dare
Don't You Dare Hace 2 días
Well, it’s July and still no Osana. Let’s be honest we knew that this was gonna happen
casey morton
casey morton Hace 2 días
Hey Jay I have a myth 1(kill all the teacher's) 2(let a teacher's pet see the body of the teacher's) what will they do?
Rori Loye
Rori Loye Hace 2 días
*Ahahaaaaaa like hell shes gonna release lmao* 🤡
yynty lie
yynty lie Hace 2 días
jay this is my mother account but di you know nemines chan is acually hanako yamada/senpai sisyer you van see it on google
sam Maan
sam Maan Hace 2 días
That's fake info, she has ponytails. It was proven fake.. she is very polite and sweet.
CameraCupcakeYT Hace 2 días
I got one. 1. Kill Muesume (before helping Kokona) 2. Over hear Kokona's conversation on the roof 3. Offer to help her. Can you help her? Or can you not because Mesumue's dead?
Kat Unique
Kat Unique Hace 2 días
If you get a teacher to chase you .try to frame them for killing a student can you actually kill a student when the teacher is chasing you and frame them will you get away with it. And by the way (YOUR THAT DUDE).
Lamont Builds
Lamont Builds Hace 2 días
What’s the best way I could get your phone back to your mom to FaceTime you when I get back I just don’t see what’s the phone you can send me your password I can get you to send you my password I sent you the last email 📧 I don’t see wat you know how I want it I can get it to you I just your ou was the day
Staan Kim Seokjin
Staan Kim Seokjin Hace 2 días
I have a question 1. Kill a student 2. Make sure the police are called 3. Pick up the student and walk off the map. What happens when the timer runs out
help meee
help meee Hace 3 días
Do a dead alive glitch, and end the day. (Bleh) Can you still normally use town or house or basement thingies??
SOVIET_RUSSIA_gaming Hace 3 días
One boi: makes massive game within a year One anime boi: takes 50 years just to make demo
Sinnie_Salm0n Hace 3 días
The title aged poorly
gamot814 Hace 2 días
glad it does
Eva Ruiz
Eva Ruiz Hace 3 días
It's been so long since I watched his channel...
Tsukishima Kei
Tsukishima Kei Hace 3 días
k so I've got 3 myths (btw I used the July 2nd build) first myth is a dead alive glitch 1)go to the supply closet next to the occult club where the that dude glasses are 2)put on the 2nd crush outfit 3)go to senpai's aura and get heartbroken 4)now you can move around 2nd myth 1)do the same thing you did for the 1st myth 2)move up to senpai's aura 3)press snap while still being in senpai's aura 4)no go kill the other students you have superpowers now 3rd myth 1)use the life note and kill Miyuji Shan by burning her 2)grab the circular saw and dismember her 3)have fun ;)
Lingna Hang
Lingna Hang Hace 3 días
"Last new Yandere Simulator Build before Osana" Yan dev: Just Kidding! :D
YuiVlogs Hace 3 días
Head master : *"DCUASGHSSJSJ!!?!"* *He a mad hoe*
• Kailua •
• Kailua • Hace 4 días
If your still doing myths Jay then I have one! 1. Lower senpai’s rep 2. See if he gets bullied 3. Kill the bullies in front of him Will he react like he always does or will he love the sight of the bullies death like everyone else?
Random person
Random person Hace 4 días
0:05: so that was a lie
Storm Feather
Storm Feather Hace 4 días
I have an idea about the spider girl in the demon dimension thing. I think the answer is spider eyes. The girl says: We are one: Eyes see a whole picture not two pictures put together We are many: Spiders have multiple eyes We are nothing: Many spiders are blind so eyes are nothing to those spiders I don’t know how it would work but it’s just an idea.
Akane Toriyasu
Akane Toriyasu Hace 4 días
Pepper spay u for NO reason
Kirsten Avy C. Duero
Kirsten Avy C. Duero Hace 4 días
Jay i have 1 1.Kill every body even the teachers like i mean EVERY BODY IN THE SCHOOL then fast forward to the end of school. Who is going to see the dead body's when every body is dead? And is the police going to come to school and is the cameras and the metal detectors going to be there?
• Gabbie’s Rose ÙwÚ •
• Gabbie’s Rose ÙwÚ • Hace 4 días
Fun fact: *A lot of his “Most Popular” videos are Yandere Simualtor.*
hot anime girl
hot anime girl Hace 4 días
i think everyone knows that.
Jamie Alinda
Jamie Alinda Hace 4 días
I don't know what they're called either ( About 10 seconds later ) OH YEAH PAMPLETS I think?
Joey Jaw
Joey Jaw Hace 4 días
I got a myth: go into snap mode go to the head master can you kill hI’m or not?
WoahSerex3 Hace 4 días
What's with all the hate for YanDev? I haven't been keeping up with the game since the very beginning
Carton Of Egg
Carton Of Egg Hace 5 días
If we consider the amount of rivals meant to be in this game, then only 54 more years until the game is done!
DGJ Edits
DGJ Edits Hace 5 días
1:33 why your voice sound so deep Jay? You got me feelin some type of way
Anaplayz984 Chan
Anaplayz984 Chan Hace 5 días
Can you burn kokona while she still eats her bento
Anaplayz984 Chan
Anaplayz984 Chan Hace 4 días
But in titian mode
Nina Nan
Nina Nan Hace 5 días
Pudding and Remy!
Pudding and Remy! Hace 5 días
Jay, is anything new going to happen about- is it Inkyu?- one of the Basu sisters ring where at the cherry blossom tree it says “That....ring...”
* Thalia *
* Thalia * Hace 5 días
_Osana will probably be an old lady by the time she’s out_
Zena Gonzalez
Zena Gonzalez Hace 5 días
the principal kinda sounds like the "How it feels to chew 5 Gum...stimulate your senses" guy hahaha
Natasha Aguilar
Natasha Aguilar Hace 5 días
isnt it ironic that the ad that started was about yandere sim. last update coming soon my brain has entered defence mode
Sena V.
Sena V. Hace 5 días
Hey Jay I found a myth that REALLY weird. 1-) Open Easter Egg menu and activate Falcon mode 2-) Press the easter egg button 10 times and activate Falcon mode 3-) Do it 5 times and run You will see something weird 👀👀
Dice Art Studios
Dice Art Studios Hace 6 días
I feel sorry for yandere dev. He is trying to finish the game, he is doing his best to hurry up and get the first rival out and people are hating on him because its taking a while. When they themselves couldn't do any better. People need to calm down and be patient. Or finish developing the game yourself.
APISUN Hace 5 días
I think his slow because he only work alone
Sena V.
Sena V. Hace 6 días
Hey Jay I found something REALLY weird... 1-) Open Easter Egg menu and activate Falcon mode 2-) Press the easter egg button 10 times and activate Falcon mode 3-) Do it 5 times and run You will see something weird 👀👀
Leah forever
Leah forever Hace 6 días
Hey Jay I got one 1: get a mindslave 2: kill kokona 3: tell the mindslave to kill kokona What will the mindslave do?
xGreek_21 Hace 6 días
is he coding, son?
DanniellaNutella Hace 6 días
8:49 exactly my question...
Who ?
Who ? Hace 7 días
“Last Build” just give up on this trash game
Rosalva Corona
Rosalva Corona Hace 7 días
Jay look: When you finish the problem of Kokona´s dad, Ayano said to Kokona to meet her in her house. When Ayano tries to kill Kokona, Kokona said: Saky tell me that she lost her bra, I wonder if she ever found it. If you do Saky tast, will Kokona said the same thing or something esle?
LW_ Daniel
LW_ Daniel Hace 7 días
Myth: what happens when you kill someone in front of a group (one that aprehendes you) and then turn into Ebola mode, do they die or do you still get a game over
Keith Hostetler
Keith Hostetler Hace 7 días
rae .
rae . Hace 7 días
hey i’m i d k ethan i’m from the clan i d k
Иванина Динова
Иванина Динова Hace 7 días
Tape:Innocent?INNOCENT? Innocent my ass! Me:laughts hard lol
Jalaxy Productions
Jalaxy Productions Hace 7 días
4:35 Yo is that the sound of a page turning in the background lol. Probably intentional because I doubt they would have printed and mailed a script to them when they could’ve sent an email
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